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Lindsay Lohan Insists Her Coachella Trip Was A Sober One!

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lindsay lohan coachella drugs

Could Lindsay Lohan FINALLY be changing for the better???

Believe it or not, Miss Lohan REALLY was sober during Coachella 2013.

We heard our fave troublemaker (sorry, Justin Bieber) went to sleep EVERY night by 10 pm and not ONE of the the thousands of attendees saw her sippin' on the desert moonshine. But even Lindsay HERSELF pinky promised in Malibu yesterday that she abstained from boozing up at the raging music festival.

When a paparazzi asked the hard partyin' starlet if she TRULY stayed sober the WHOLE weekend, she responded:

Um, yeah!

Like, duh, photog guy!

LiLo even suggested water to curb those big, bad cravings.

Why wouldn't we believe our little angel??! It's not like she hasn't lied before about reckless behavior! HA!!!

If the red headed babe can conquer the drug-filled fest without sniffing or swallowing, than we bet Linds' 90-day rehab stint— starting May 2— will be no sweat!

Here's to you, LL!

[Image via WENN.]

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16 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Insists Her Coachella Trip Was A Sober One!”

  1. beach says – reply to this


    Hope it's true, but keep in mind you can get pretty high without drinking alcohol and who knows what she has in her purse. LOL So naive. Just because someone didn't see her drinking means nothing. really

  2. 2

    Wow PEREZ so nice of you ! One minute you call her a liar the next you say heres to you LL ?
    Really Perez ?

  3. 3

    Hahahaahahhaha..oh that's a good one..ya Lohan sober….and I'm married to Bradley Cooper…lol

  4. 4

    All this BS about Coachella and how much partying Lindsay would do never happened. She hung out with her 3 siblings, and 2 other people and attended no parties. Not a soul that saw her there said she seemed high on anything so why even bring it up? Are you and other Lindsay detractors DISAPPOINTED she didn't party and get drunk there? It sure seems like it.

  5. Girl says – reply to this


    "Then," not, "than." You are a quasi journalist. You should be able to have your grammar down on lock. Just saying.

  6. 6

    Re: Bobodo – I have to agree with you . Lets face it if Lindsay's eyes look tired they will say she was high . Yes I think the haters are very Disappointed .
    You Go Girl Lindsay !

  7. IT'S IRRELEVANT says – reply to this


    It doesnt matter. It changes nothing.

  8. not bad perez says – reply to this


    not bad perez, but you have to be pretty young or pretty stupid to believe just because no photos surfaced that showed her slugging down vodka…and….gag me….Lindsay claims its the truth. .. Well, perez, some drugs are really little, can be swallowed without water and last all day. Still, this story gets an 85 for editorial restraint.

  9. About Perez, says – reply to this


    Dear Taylor, while you are free to jump perezs ass, jumping people when they correct their flaws by comparing their new-improved behaviors to their past errors, - doesnt help. Perez is a human-being who has done his gossip-gig for many years. As creatures of habit and learnings, real change in a human beings behavior is a PROCESS. It takes time, practice & contemplation to change old habits. Lindsay kept her shit together this weekend, but that doesnt mean she has totally changed her ways. Nor does it mean she was sober, clean, or not flying on X ..or whatever. I am not accusing her of being high; my point is WE DONT KNOW. its just as "wrong" for u to assume she was clean as it is for someeone to insist she wasnt based on her history of excessive drug/alcohol abuse. Both perezs and Lindsays "new ways" take time and will included failures. Lindsay being sober for a week-end doesnt erase her crimes. You are a h8tr towards others who dont behave as you wish, u are a h8tr towards people who dont think…like you think…they SHOULD think. Its a total waste of your time.

  10. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: About Perez, – Please I Hate no one . I believe in being Fair and not accusing someone till you know the facts . Perez plays favorites , if his favorite does something wrong Perez will find a way to make light of it . Perez can be a Bully when it comes to Lindsay. Hey if Lindsay was sober that is a start dontcha think. Come on every time LL is seen in a club Perez has her drunk not too fair I would say

  11. To Taylor says – reply to this


    Hi Taylor. Firstly, i didnt say you hate anyone. I was using that cyber-phase h8tr, which i understand is someone who pounces on people who do not please them or sees/agrees w/their point of view. What I meant by h8tr, is someone who is very opposed to something they dont understand, and they h8 on without even trying to understand the source of their h8. Perez aint someone I have a lot of respect for and i have jumped his ass numerous times for his gratuitiously mean-spirited shit-flinging articles on Lindsay. However, he is Hollywood, likes to dish and judge, whip up drama. I think its crappy behavior if we want a nice world. But, it is his choice, taylor. My point wasnt to chastize you for being a h8tr of perez, but to point out that its useless to hold resentments against others because others dont act, think or feel like you do. Yeah, perez is pretty low sometimes. However, he needs time to understand where he is going wrong and what he want to do about it.

  12. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: not bad perez – I find this so interesting . I have Never heard Lindsay slur her words or talk as if she was high . Yet people will see a picture of Lindsay tripping over her high heels and say ohhhhh she was drunk . Funny with all the paps around her not one has yet to prove this . How is that ? Sorry but it is pretty hard to hide if you are intoxicated or high or even buzzed

  13. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: To Taylor – To me a Hater is someone that feels nothing but hate . People on here have gone as far as wishing LL death Now that is pretty hateful . The Vulgar comments of whore , white trash, jizz , blow jobs, shank , LL must stink , bitch , slut only to mention a few the list goes on . Now show me one word in there that does not demonstrate hate . Try calling these words to anyone and see the reaction you will get . Lets call a spade a spade haters hate .

  14. more than hate says – reply to this


    Taylor, I do NOT think you are a hater. I though some of the things u wrote came across as a h8tr. The odd thing is that a h8trs h8 isnt really about what a poster said or who poster is. What i see is the posters on here who accuse OTHERS of being h8trs are people themselves who are full of hate. But the weird thing is they are actually full of anger and h8 AT THE SITUATION, not the poster, not the posters words. H8trs on these boards are vicious people. They are angry and h8ful because they are embarrassed at their own ignorance & powerlessness. So they try to get others to back down from their writings/position by screaming, "ur just a h8tr! " WHY? because just about everyone has been taught, it is wrong to hate. Its desperate & pitiful people who accuse others of being h8ter, -so the accuser doesnt have to communicate w/h8trs…just scream, your a hater, a sinner for hating…then they run away. Pitiful. Weak.

  15. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: more than hate – Well said !

  16. ivankay says – reply to this


    Bed by 10? i have a picture from Saturday last week that says otherwise.