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Lindsay Lohan’s Rehab NOT Selected! Five Locations Still Under Consideration!

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lindsay lohan still choosing rehab location

Guess we were a little premature in thinking Lindsay Lohan was ahead of the game!

While it sounded like LiLo had a rehab all picked out and was just waiting for approval, that isn’t quuuuite the sitch.

LiLo? Not ready? Color us shocked…

Instead, our little Coachella princess still has to look over five rehabs with her attorney, Mark Heller, and FINALLY settle on one!

Mark revealed:

“Lindsay is expected to sit with me this week . . . and then a final approval has to be rendered by the court.”

And just in time, considering she has to check in by May 2nd!

While Seafield Center in Westhampton Beach seems to be her main choice, Betty Ford Clinic in Rancho Mirage is also in the running.

There have been rumors LiLo was picking her rehab location based on whether or not she’d be able to have Adderall there, but Mark insists that isn’t the case as he commented:

“She has not, nor would she be poised to, mandate any type of requirements. Nor has she directed me [to a facility that permits] her to use any types of substances such as Adderall. She has to conform and comply with the [rehab center’s] requirements.”

Guess only time will tell if LiLo manages to pick a rehab and stick with it!

We sure hope the third fourth whatever time is the charm!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

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18 comments to “Lindsay Lohan’s Rehab NOT Selected! Five Locations Still Under Consideration!”

  1. 1

    Lindsay is not addicted to anything…if she was ADDICTED & ALCOHOLIC she would have BEEN ABSOLUTELY WASTED at Coachella…

  2. jimmy d says – reply to this


    i would love to eat her asshole,HEP,a,b,c,d and so on,who cares what you catch,the eatin would be good and by the time you catch anything,Korea would have nuked us

  3. 3

    She's not the one who chooses the rehab, Perez. Stop bullying.

  4. 4

    Wow. She looks about 45.

  5. 5

    Why should she or her attornmey get to choose her rehab place? The court should sy where she is going - no choices. Period.

  6. TO #5 says – reply to this


    the reason why the courts dont pick rehabs for people is because some people think that if courts picked rehabs then the judge would send people to the rehabs the judge "likes" and maybe judge would get "kick-backs" ($$). Lindsay doesnt have a rehab "picked -out" a month now AFTER she agreed to serve her sentence in rehab because no rehab wants lilo. She is shopping for rehabs, she is desperately trying to FIND one that will take her. If one is under the impression that Lindsay Lohan, who has 2 assualts in her legal records, 5 failed rehabs and 6 failed probations. To a rehab administrator lindsay lohan is no movie star, she is an multi-substance drug addict who is violent and non-compliant with generous and simple terms of SIX probation attempts. No quality rehab wants her, and most are telling Heller, "no fucking way, douche." Lindsay sues people over burping in her direction. She threatened Betty Ford will lawsuits, for crap SHE pulled, sneaking out to go drinking, then hitting the BF employee for doing her job.

  7. to POSTER NUMBER UNO says – reply to this


    what is your point? Firstly, despite the lack of a photo w/ lindsay toking on a crack pipe, or a instagram pic showing lindsay with a needle in her arm…. There is no way to prove lindsay was clean/sober @coachella. For cryst sake shes on a lot of pills too. Pills are small and can easily be swallowed without water during the trip to the ladies room. What are you going for here, DINA? Ok, lets all just agree w/ you, lets all say lindsay isnt an addicted alcoholic at all… She never was. Ok? Do you feel better now? So if Linds doesnt have drug/alcohol addictions, that would mean lindsay insane behaviors, her lying and stealing, her complusive cyber-bullying pr tricks, her crappy acting on Liz&Dick, those insane diva antics on the set of the canyons, her drunk drivings and probation violation for testing dirty for coke….all those fuck-ups had nothing to do w/her being an addict….she just chose to be a sociopath, huh? So what ur trying to say is she is not an addict, she is just an asshole? Is that what ur going for DINA? ok, fine…linds isnt an addict, she just a sociopathic ASSHOLE, not because of drugs/alcohol, but because DINA RAISED HER TO BE AN SOCIOPATHIC ASSHOLE.? does that somehow sooth u dina?

  8. karen says – reply to this


    What's messed up is that the DA & judge have done everthing they can to make sure she doesn't go to jail & since he court hearing, she's filmed for tv shows, gone to Brazil & coachella. I didn't think my opinion of the legal system could get any lower.

  9. aint ALL lilos fault. says – reply to this


    Re: karen – if there is anything good about this situation it is how the flaws and inadequacies of the US judical system have been pushed into main-stream media. Lindsays choices sometimes hurt/harm others but the repeat DUI's, including the last wreck, that wasnt officially charged as dui, but courts/judge know there was alcohol on the scene and booze on lilos breath. So, that is what has a lot of parents just ape-shit that Lindsay STILL HAS A VALID DRIVERS LICENSE. Is still hitting booze/drug filled venues and she has a very dishonest, manipulative and unethical lawyer. I am disgusted with what lilo chooses to do during this so publically out-of-control time of her life. However, if she is doing things the law does not prohibit, then it is our courts that are more flawed than this very confused and selfish kid.

  10. 10

    TO HILLARY'S ; Yes I think Lindsay gets a bad rap . Because LL is in the public eye she is never to live down her mistakes which I may add are not much different than most her age . But she is Always reminded by media and even when she may try to clean up the media will always focus on her wrong doings never to let her live it down . No One wants to believe that LL was sober because it is much easier to point fingers , judge , and accept negativity than a positive.
    I call that a darn shame . Stay strong Lindsay !

  11. No victim here says – reply to this


    Re: TAYLORTfair – Lindsay and her PR team are responsible for the flood of media that comes her way. Lindsay plants stories, most of which are known to be falsehoods, or turn out being huge proclamations about things/jobs Lindsay is going to do, that never come true. When Lindsay STOPS CREATING the media SHE, HERSELF manufactures, people will stop responding -in media- to her lies and bullshit media tricks. CNN aint interested in Lilo. Lindsays bad press comes from coverage of her legal issues/crimes, she created. When she goes into rehab, noone will be after her for stories. When she comes out, aint nobody going to want to read about it. Lindsays bad press comes as a result of her PR team trying to create ANY press for her. She is NOT a victim. For you to argue Lindsay is a victim, is for YOU to say that Lindsay is so fucking stupid she cant take care of herself.

  12. to taylor says – reply to this


    OK, like yesterday, ? Lindsay is in Malibu. Lindsay herself was involved in contacting t-z to be interviewed so that Lindsay could CREATE a story about her being sober at coachella. Taylor, nobody really gives a shit if she was sober or not, they are interested in if she violated anyone elses personal space or legal rights. Simply put, the issue isnt whether or not she was sober, the issue is did she gets so fucked-up out of her mind @ coachella that her intoxicated self caused trouble for others? It doesnt matter if she had a drinky or not, it only matters TO LINDSAY that people think shes got her shit together, because she NEEDS a paycheck. These stupid stories never really seem to rise out of lower-end gossip-rag media. There is NO real media pursueing Lindsay. There hasnt been for a long time, w/ the exception of real journalist covering her legal hearings, because that is REAL news. ..BTW:Hillary is Dina, who is trying to get people to believe Lindsay isnt an addict so they'll hire Lindsay. Dina is about to lose her house, again. She is very desperate and has about as many opportunies to find a steady job as lilo right now. That would be, negative ZERO. These two girls put all kinds of new terminology on the map.

  13. Ax says – reply to this


    Theres one on 108

  14. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: to taylor – WOW this is all so sad .

  15. TAYLOR SO FAIR says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – Sweet-pea, it is beyond sooo sad. It is fucking tragic. Lindsay isnt the only kid so screwed up. I will never run out of cases to study. She is very ill; very out of touch with reality. :(

  16. Veronica says – reply to this


    Lindsays brother just got arrested in suff LI NY

  17. to Veronica says – reply to this


    Re: Veronica – I dont understand your post. What does arrested in suff LI mean? I googled 'Lindsay Lohans brother arrested' and did not see any coverage of an arrest on Lindsays brother. could you clarify? thank you.

  18. anonomys says – reply to this


    Somehow I don't think she'll find one. They should just throw her in jail now and get it over with. I heard that she's refusing to go rehab if she can't take Adderal.