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Robert Pattinson Warms Kristen Stewart's Heart ASS With His Hand At Coachella!

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robert pattinson graps kristen stewarts ass coachella

Running from crazed Twihards and avoiding the woman whose marriage your girlfriend ruined must be TIRING, so no wonder Robert Pattinson needed a second to rest…

His hand on Kristen Stewart's derriere!

The couple were snapped acting adorable — ass grab and all — while watching Hot Chip at Coachella (above).

Seems like Robsten really are romantically entangled (literally) once more!

For now, at least.

And R-Patz wasn't the only vampire acting all sexy and sh*t; KStew was ALSO oozing sensuality with that torn-up, backless, bra exposing white tee…

Of course her loverman couldn't keep his hands off her!

Ch-ch-check out some snaps of Robsten wandering around Coachella (below)!

[Image via FAMOUS.]

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12 comments to “Robert Pattinson Warms Kristen Stewart's Heart ASS With His Hand At Coachella!”

  1. none says – reply to this


    Perez I wonder where you get your stories from . Take it from someone that reads a lot of trash online . you should aim to be a credible source of information. It would only make things better.

  2. Nisha says – reply to this


    Stop saying that Kristen Stewart ruined the marriage between Liberty and Rupert. If you have ever been married, you would know that this is not the case. One fling does not break up a marriage. What happened between Rupert and Kristen was nothing more than a barely a fling. She did not sleep with him and I believe her. First of all if Rupert felt married to Liberty on the first place he would never involve himself with anyone else. Kristen is so much younger than him and he took advantage of her and her insecurity that comes with young age. When you are young, you sometimes make mistakes and you don’t even know why. He is way older than her and he should have known better. All I am trying to say here is that Rupert would never involve himself with Kristen if his marriage was not already broken. Kristen made stupid mistake and she paid for it and she is still paying for it because of the articles/comments like this. She loves Rob and Rob loves her and only love can conquer everything and Rob and Kristen have proved that. Also people deserve second chance when they are truly sorry and Kristen was truly sorry and regretful. I am glad Rob gave her second chance because I know she truly loves him…and Rob knows too. :)

  3. Jazz says – reply to this


    Perez, you are sooo jealous you don't have a woman.

  4. Jaime says – reply to this


    @Nisha. JFC. She screwed up, big time. Accept it and move on. Of course the douchebag director did a lot worse because he was married and ole enough to be her daddy, but it doesn't negate the fact that Kristen screwed up. She's not a kid, and while I'm sure he did play her like a violin she should have been smart enough not to fall for it. Yeah, Perez is wrong to say Kristen "ruined the marriage." The director ruined his own marriage. But stop with all the true love la la la BS. Everyone deserves a second chance, and maybe these two will make it in the long run…but their fans mooning on about them sharing some sort of fantasy "true love" is just ridiculous.

  5. surf says – reply to this


    @none I second your comment, but Perez's stories are quite funny and entertaining regardless of merit.

  6. Erika says – reply to this


    Rob didn't have those things on his wrist that day. But he did have that sweater. Sketchy, very sketchy.

  7. AMW says – reply to this


    I said it before but it is astounding to think people actually believe that Kristen ruined that already done marriage. Sanders would have been charged with sexual harassment and fired from most companies in America. This little kiss was nothing more than that. She is a young girl and he was in a position of power not to mention 20 years older. She acted like a young school girl and he took advantage instead of stop whatever it was. That was his responsibility. His wife just uses her as a scapegoat as she parades all over with ner new boyfriends. When people are young they often use poor judgement but that's why there are expectations of bosses and older people to help guide them in the right direction not down the wrong path. Hope Kris and Rob stay together.

  8. 8

    Re: Jazz – erm Im sure he's jealous of many things but having a woman certainly wont be one of them!! not having a man…yes.

  9. 9

    Glad those two are happy because frankly those two deserve each other. THose that keep bringing up the affair need to shut the hell up and get a life. People around here act like they've never made a mistake in their life…please!

  10. M says – reply to this


    Well said, Nisha, they didn't say much when Julia Roberts had an affair, and there are others did worse than Kristen. She made a mistake and dearly paid for it in career and as far as friendship goes. Kristen career will be on track once again she established herself in a good role. So leave Rob and Kristen alone, and let them move on with their lives. They have got bigger fish to fry like getting his family to forgive her which is next two hurdle to overcome. Mostly Rob himself has to fully forgive her before they go to the next level. I hope they do, they are very similar and very opposite at the same time. Its good to see that Rob's hand is on her ass, its the small detail that is so important in the relationship. So its not going to be easy for the next two years for them, like they say, they want to keep their private life private. So far, every body has commented on their relationship, he should dump her whatever. let them work it out. I

  11. leeloo says – reply to this


    If TRUE ! Good for them !

  12. It doesn't matter says – reply to this


    THAT IS NOT ROBERT PATTINSON! The guy in this pic is way too big to be Rob more like kellan Lutz. And to prove it they let one thing slip. Robert Pattinson Wore two braclets on one hand and this guy has one braclet on each hand. Rob left her at Coachella to hang out with Wu Tang Clan . K-Stew is letting some other guy rub her butt. You guys are being DUPED lololol