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American Idol's Nicki Minaj Tells Mariah Carey To 'Simmer Down' & Angie Miller Sings For Boston!

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Things are getting heated on American Idol as we edge closer to the finale. But the dramz isn’t between the show’s five female contestants. It’s a battle of the Divas.

Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey duked it out last night after a disagreement over Kree Harrison’s performance of The Black CrowesShe Talks To Angels.

Mariah didn’t think the best of Kree’s rendition, while Nicki, ever the opposing one, thought it “was the best performance of the night.” After some back and forth, Nicki even put on a fake British accent and told her rival judge to “simmer down, sir.” Yeah, the claws were out last night!!!

And things got even weirder when Nicki suddenly decided to compliment Mariah on her Whitney Houston When You Believe collaboration — prompted by Candice Glover’s performance:

“I have to say, I remember having nothing and locking myself in my room crying watching that video because I believed every word… That kind of collaboration has never happened since.”

Say WHAAAT?! We’re confused. Could they have a "secret friendship?" Or was it a sudden onslaught of "girl power?"

On a more somber note, Angie Miller took to the stage with The PretendersI’ll Stand By You and dedicated the track to her hometown Boston.

Ch-ch-check out her beautiful, heartfelt performance (above).

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13 comments to “American Idol's Nicki Minaj Tells Mariah Carey To 'Simmer Down' & Angie Miller Sings For Boston!”

  1. bigdawg says – reply to this


    I have to turn the channel when Minaj opens that foul mouth — I'm not kidding. I can't believe she is being paid to do this — I hope they don't renew her contract.. she is RUDE, RUDE, RUDE.. she has gotta go! Even the faces of the contestants says it all. (eye rolls)

  2. sasha says – reply to this


    LoL @ Nikki not with Nikki…what a joke American Idol has become…judges should be able to sing and know music as Mariah randy and the other guy…but a grown black woman pretending to be a barbie doll squeaking her voice wearing blonde hair is such buffoonery ..I swear this clown of a woman is such an embarrassment to classy black woman..and I never hate on my people however when they present a this mess to the public I cant help but cringe at how Ignorant our next generation has become

  3. free says – reply to this


    Nikki Minaj is bipolar….and stupid…and a clown…and a joke.

  4. 4

    I only watched the girls' first song because none of them really impressed me and I got bored. I thought Angie's song was awful, but all the judges thought she was great. Tossing in the Boston comment will garner her lots of votes. I love Candice! As for Nicki, she is very rude and is obviously trying to monopolize the show. You go Sasha!

  5. k says – reply to this


    i like last night show,seems Nicki and Mariah is putting there differences behind each others and is moving along in a positive way.

  6. mirrorsprings says – reply to this


    If you pay attention to it closer you can see that she wasn't telling Mariah to simmer down, she was obviously telling someone off stage that, probably Ryan Seacrest. As you can see both Randy and Keith started chiming in as well a little, you can see them gesturing in the same direction where Nicki is looking when she says that comment. And obviously you can see later on that she had only nice things to say about Mariah later in the show. Looks like these two are putting the feud behind them.

  7. 7

    I infuriates me that Nicki did not stand after that performance…….she simply disgusts me.

  8. realmusicfan says – reply to this


    I can't wait til Mariah bitch slaps that rude no-class clown. Nicki is famous cause she got lucky, talent has NOTHING to do with it cause she has none and no room to critique anyone else for anything

  9. Dan says – reply to this


    People are so fucking stupid. In reply to "bigdawg" Nicki is rude? Okay. What about Mariah? What she did last night wasn't rude? No one interrupts her while she speaks but because Mariah has 200+ million albums sold it's alright for her to interrupt others? In reply to "sasha" Judges should sing? Randy… Simon… America… We all don't sing but we can judge at home, am I not correct? In reply to "Avn14ku" It infuriates you? I didn't stand for that performance. You mad bro? Mariah doesn't stand for every performance either. One does not have to stand for a performance because everyone else does. Gosh. Yes Nicki is a rapper. Yes she's not as experienced but she's an amazing judge. All people have against her is her looks, her voice, and [sometimes] her crazy ass comments. However, she just does that to make the contestants comfortable and the audience laugh. Dammit. Lighten up people. People bring their hate from outside the show into the show and then just blame Nicki for everything when intact certain people on that judge *cough Mariah cough* has a lot of trouble judging. I don't have anything against Mariah, but judging may not be her thing. Lemme leave you off with this, if you were to see Nicki's critiques as a judge online [and just the critiques, not including the crazy shit she says] and you did not know who it was from, would you think that was good advice? Most likely yes, but most people won't admit it. -Sigh-

  10. TeamMariah says – reply to this


    When this season first started Nicki had been all for "entertainment" values, probably over vocal talent and artistry. she critiqued singers on their looks, sometimes more so than their talent. For a while after that she would seem to base a lot of her critiques of off what the other judges were saying prior to her.

    Nicki was horrible at the beginning of the season then got better and now she's trying to do her thing and I have actually found her to be a compliment to the show as of late!

    …I think if the producers could have gotten things right from the get-go Idol probably would have exploded this season…sweeten those DIVAS could have opened a lot of doors to some awesome performances!!!

  11. Dadonroman says – reply to this


    Re: TeamMariah – "I think if the producers could have gotten things right from the get-go Idol probably would have exploded this season" I concur because I felt Idol was trying to make Nicki look like she was hood in a way to regain a few urban fans that she had lost due to her more crossover sound in the last year. It failed and turned people off to her. Now I think it's smoother. Also, Mariah was the one who didn't want another female on the panel

  12. DLOC says – reply to this


    Now that American Idol is ROTATING the order & Nicki is forced to either agree with previous judge's comments or come up with something original, she doesnt stand out too much anymore! It OBVIOUSLY bothers her to agree with Mariah so she creates conflict, then makes up for it with an easy compliment later…
    bi=polar, passive aggressive , loose canon/ sweetheart?
    YOU BET!!

  13. lisa says – reply to this


    Re: TeamMariah – Thank you for your commit about Nicki, I'm so tired of people dissing her because she is a black female who does her thing.