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Andrew Garfield Supports Marriage Equality!!

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andrew garfield and emma stone leaving spot

Emma Stone’s sensational sweetheart, Andrew Garfield, recently made his feelings clear on the status of marriage equality.

And he’s all for it!!

In 2006, the man we now know and love as Spider-Man played a role in the production of Beautiful Thing, a gay-themed play. This play is being revived in West London, and The Times of London got a chance to talk to our favorite spidey hero about both the play and same-sex marriage.

He summarized his thoughts on marriage equality in a way only a superhero could, saying:

"Of course I'm in favor of marriage equality. Same-sex couples should have the same rights as anybody else. There is no argument against equality. How can anyone argue against compassion and understanding?"

Right!?!?! That’s EXACTLY how WE’VE felt all along!! There is NO argument against equality, equal rights, compassion, OR understanding.

Well put, Andrew!

This shows yet ANOTHER example of a celeb taking a stand and supporting EQUALITY in the battle for equal marriage rights, and we couldn’t be more thrilled!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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4 comments to “Andrew Garfield Supports Marriage Equality!!”

  1. lala says – reply to this


    Well ofc he does, he is under 35 and not brought up by religous fanatics. Not really sure how he is taking a stand though, he was asked a question and shared his views.
    Oh and i really really hate it when you capitalize words to try and emphasize them or make a point, just hurts my head and looks stupid.

  2. 2

    This isn't surprising. I'm glad he voiced his views though. It is always nice to hear support for equal rights. He really can't do anything tho. Most of us can't other than make it known we support equal rights. It's up to government. Having said that, it doesn't seem likely for a while. The US is still religion obsessed.

  3. Drew2PA says – reply to this


    Though the comments from all are nice - and I'm hoping Mr. Garfield supports marriage equality - it's quite obvious the " = " sign is nothing more than a "painting" technique that was placed on a blank red t-shirt using a photoshop-like software program… sorry all.

  4. Jean-Jacques Burlamaqu says – reply to this


    Here are two truths regarding marriage: (1) A man creating a family with another man is not equal to creating a family with a woman, and (2) denying children parents of both genders at home is an objective evil. Kids need and yearn for both.

    Same-sex marriage proponents demand “Marriage Equality”, yet, in return, they offer less-than-equal protection of the child’s happiness than can be afforded through the presence of both biological parents.

    Same-sex proponents profess that it is love which gives the right to join the institution of marriage, yet, in doing so, they selfishly violate the principle loving objective of this noble institution; to protect a child’s Natural Right to be raised by both biological parents.

    In fine, same-sex marriage is an unnatural extravagance which the supporters most ignorantly claim to be a “right”.

    “No one has a right to do that which, if everybody did it, would destroy society.” —Immanuel Kant