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Kevin Jonas (Almost) Slams Selena Gomez! Watch What Happens HERE!

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kevin jonas selena gomez overrated

Ouch! Selena Gomez just got third degree BURNED!

…and by her ex-boyfriend's brother nonetheless!

Kevin Jonas did everything but say Selener's name when Andy Cohen asked the Jonas Brother who he thinks is the most overrated pop star at the moment on Watch What Happens Live.

At one point Kevin said:

“Did you watch the MTV…no, no, I’m not going there…"

LOLz! Classy moves, Kevin.

We wouldn't want to upset any Selenators, but we all know you weren't talking about the ONLY other MTV Movie Awards performance by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis because it was just TOO epic to bash!

Wonder if Selena's old flame, Nick Jonas, agrees?!

Regardless, we'd definitely suggest Kevin get some extra bodyguards to protect himself from an angsty teen mob!

Ch-ch-check out the deliciously uncomfortable moment…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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90 comments to “Kevin Jonas (Almost) Slams Selena Gomez! Watch What Happens HERE!”

  1. Kai says – reply to this


    i love kevin jonas right now lmao

  2. Lochness says – reply to this


    That wasn't a good thing!! I mean Selena's getting hate from so many people is just not right! It's so sad……. Of course She's really good at acting, but she gets to sing and loves that! In the long run, she'll only be acting, i know that!! But i do like to listen to her songs! They're not bad…. and the performance was alright! Now c'mon she was nervous but I've seen her DWTS performance, and it was really good! Coming something like that from Kevin is ironical being the fact that Pom poms is not even in the Top 100 in itunes. Oh Sorry not in the top 100! To me, Come and get it was a better single than Pom poms! Pom poms is just too kid musically with a pervert-ish touch!

  3. Camilla says – reply to this


    Hahhahaha I think everyone knows that Selena can't sing and I actually don't wont her to stick in to acting cause she sucks at that too. Go Kevin!

  4. abc says – reply to this


    kevin ure an effn a-hole and fyi selena kicks ur effn bands ass anyday

  5. hope says – reply to this


    this is why i love kevin!!!!!!!!!!!!! he realiseds when people are SO overrated!

  6. 6

    hahahah oh kevin you are so right! finally a sense of reality

  7. joesph says – reply to this


    oh boy so true
    well done kevin!

  8. r e s p e c t says – reply to this


    i have new respect for kevin

  9. Dr. Who says – reply to this


    Who cares about these 'has beens'! They just need attention.

  10. hayley says – reply to this


    I wish he would've went there lol…she was TERRIBLE!!!!!! Its true. someone needs to be honest with her, because shes embarassing herself!

  11. vic says – reply to this


    fucku kevin!!!

  12. Leslie says – reply to this


    He is sooooooooooooooo right. I must say the girl has a GREAT PR team to get her as much media attention as she's been getting. She is way overrated for the small amount of talent she has. A cutesy girl who dabbles in acting and singing. If they're not careful they will end up making people hate her. Why don't they focus on getting her some acting lessons, singing lessons and helping her actually gain some skills.

  13. daniela says – reply to this


    kevin what your problem is? … you and your brothers stink

  14. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: vic – Selena was not terrible! She was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So whatever she was amazing deal with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Overrated Brothers says – reply to this



  16. Amanda says – reply to this


    Not nice at all Selena was amazing ok deal with it haters shut up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you Selena good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!selena has talent so deal with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. glenda says – reply to this


    ahhaa sooooo true! FINALLY SOMEONE SAID IT! she's beautiful, can act BUT SHE CANNOT FREAKING SING!! the studio version is ok but she SUCKS live. her songs are catchy but she doesnt even write them, so she should stick to acting.

  18. stop says – reply to this


    selenas fans will never fully understand that she would not be this far if it wasnt for disney. they say she enjoys singing and thats all that matters even though she isnt any good HOW IS IT FAIR THAT SHE EVEN GETS THIS CHANCE? WHY DID HER TEAM NOT STOP HER????

  19. vicky francis says – reply to this


    All will fail in that competition if they have many things to do , the things was not of byhearting and singing in live , i always like her voice , even a little voice i like , selena gomez is a person who has the glden voice in her , down people , selena gomez is princess , if you can stop so stop and show , selena gomez became the number one in face , dressing , and singing , she has the highest fans because she is the number one, that song was only one song now the time is now started , next song starts

  20. anne says – reply to this


    good. the girl has no talent but she gets sooo much media attention. girls like dakota fanning and chloe moretz are the real stars that are around her age. srsly someone needs to slap some sense into selena she thinks shes a goddess

  21. vicky francis says – reply to this


    you tell me what are you? i have never seen your name in number one position , you blames selena gomez who is today's number one star , people don't even know properly but mostly people knows selena gomez because she is worthless , if i advertise myself so even i am in that competition, but selena gomez will never go down , it was awesome performance she did , even when i does a dance at my home so it does not look such good as the videography , but i am the number one dancer , everything fails in live

  22. truth says – reply to this


    Re: Amanda – so selena is up there with singers like beyonce, alicia keys, etc? are u that delusional/deaf? selena is lovely and pretty but thats it. shes just another disney blank canvas.

  23. Amanda says – reply to this


    Re: abc – Selena doesn't suck at anything your just jealous they she has talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. 24

    I agree with Kevin but at the same time the shitty Jonas Brothers didn't get invited to perform at the VMA's.

  25. Mandy says – reply to this


    EXCUSE ME BUT IM NOT DEAF FYI I CAN SPEAK AND HEAR YOU DON'T KNOW ME AT ALL THAT'S FUNNY YOU CALL ME DEAF WHEN YOU DON'T FREAKING KNOW ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Sun says – reply to this


    What a looser … By the way Nick Jonas was really jerk to Selena

  27. 27

    Props to him… Kinda, lol.

  28. Bella says – reply to this


    he's an idiot.

  29. selenator says – reply to this


    Yes I am a Selenator and proud first of all.
    So Selena was in their Burnin' Up video, he could show a little respect at least for that… it's rude tbh.
    And I don't hate The Jonas Brothers, just if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all.

  30. rb says – reply to this


    Selena DWTS choreography dance and singing was tops!!! She also did well on the Ellen show, and will only get better when she is on tour. Kevin only referenced the MTV and not the others because she was hot and getting better!!! Never Say Never!!!

  31. Alicia says – reply to this


    Honestly I don't really think he's talking about Selena. He could be talking about anyone

  32. Joseph says – reply to this


    and they're not overrated? All that promo and their song isn't even in the top 150 on itunes

  33. vicky francis says – reply to this


    i was not even knowing your name but when i came in selena's profile then i came to know your name , audience was too scary , that is why she was thinking something else , selena gomez is the number one singer and beautiful too, audience doesn't come to see voice of her , audience came by her name , selena gomez is too famous , and she gets scared to all , because she is very innocent , she lives where the care is , selena is my everything ,she is so lovable, i saw mtv award show just because of she was in

  34. crazed says – reply to this


    Re: vicky francis – the fuck is wrong with u. its like ur doing some weird chant to ur selena god or something. whats nuts is people like u would probably get tattoos of her name or her face just like people get tattoos of celebs like drake, beyonce, even ashley fucking tisdale. and all they do is sing/act/dance and thats it. they are performing not leading the poor sheesh

  35. 35

    Kevin "I'm gay and I have a small peen…that makes me a BOTTOM"

  36. 36

    Has his BEARD gotten her HUGE JEWISH NOSE fixed yet?

  37. amii says – reply to this


    AHAHAHAHAHA we love youuuu Kevin! You spoke all of our minds :'D

  38. joca says – reply to this


    he is right. her performnace was the worst

  39. SNR says – reply to this


    You know what Kevin Jonas maybe you should shut up. You know why because your a has been who never was anything. I'm pretty sure back when the Jonas Brothers were supposedly famous the favorites that everyone always said was Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas even Frankie Jonas is liked more than you. If anybody could diss Selena Gomez or even try to it would never be you because "YOU ARE A REALITY SHOW FREAK". Plus Selena Gomez is way more famous than you and your brothers. Actress, Singer, Fashion Designer, Ambassador for UNICEF and other things. Your brother Nick Jonas is the one who did not treat Selena fairly while they were dating. Also Joe Jonas is a Man-H**. So next time don't even put Selena's name near your mind or mouth because you are NOTHING! I lose all respect I have in you.

  40. Leslie says – reply to this


    The whole MTV show was really bad. Maybe he was referring to everyone on the show. However, everyone is jumping to the conclusion that he's talking about Selena because her bad performance has been talked about so much all over the Internet.

  41. LALA says – reply to this


    Lmaooo i think i just became a Jonas Fan. Is not that i don't like Selena she seems like a nice girl, but she just CANT sing….

  42. Loveme says – reply to this


    Re: Lochness – Dont compare and if you do DONT ever say she's better than them because she not. 1st Even if Pom Poms was Bad at least THEY WROTE THEIR OWN SONGS, PRODUCE IT ETC.. While Selenita has to take Riahnnas left over. And Pom poms is not in top 100 WELL IT MANAGE TO GET TO #5 ON ITUNES SOMETHING SELENA HASENT AND NEVER WOULD DO.

  43. truthbetold says – reply to this



  44. Donna says – reply to this


    He did that for publicity because he would have gotten way less watches on this video otherwise. It's bad to do it at another persons expense. I actually think he is overrated to be honest. Regardless if Selena is good or not.

  45. lOSERS says – reply to this


    Re: Joseph – PROMO? what promo if their fans are complaing that they did NO promo until today.

  46. Lalalala says – reply to this


    Re: SNR – Are you kidding me???Stulena untalented Gomez trashed talk his younger brothers while he was nothing but nice to her. He practically dumped Miley for that ugly pice of s**t that she is. And "has been" THEY AHVE BEEING ON A 4 YEAR BREAK AND STILL MANAGE TO SELL OUT MORE TOURS THAT SELENA HAS IN HER WHOLE CARRER. SHE ONLY FAMOUS BECAUS EOF JUSTING GET YOUR S**T RIGTH.

  47. loveme says – reply to this



  48. 48

    …So, a member of the JONAS BROTHERS dissed her? Seriously? The Jonas Brothers?

  49. N says – reply to this


    Selena knows that she's not the best with her vocals. she's only singing because she had enough of a base from disney (&I'm not bashing them because I fell for it too and even went to her concert) and she's said that this tour she wants the main focus to be dancing…WHAT ABOUT SINGING/MUSIC?

    She is also VERY famous because she dated 'THE JUSTIN BIEBER" so she is over-rated.

  50. Leigh Anne says – reply to this


    How is this about Selena? I understand that she did the recent MTV Movie Awards, but you guys do realize that the conversation was on Carly Rae Jepsen, who preformed on the MTV European Music Awards last year, right? No one even BOTHERED doing research. Either way, if he was shading Selena (since it "totally couldn't be her" and is "definately not Carly") that is immature in the first place to shade anyone. At LEAST have some class. I respect Kevin and personally, I adore him and his wife, Danielle's reality show because it is so very real, but I don't favor shade from celebrities.

  51. abee says – reply to this


    Re: Camilla – sorry but pom poms did get on top ten on itunes, do your research,FYI selena lip synced on DWTS unlinke on her MTV movie award performance

  52. Tasha says – reply to this


    Kevin was always my least favourite brother…. Nick and Selena were the cutest couple ever!

  53. 53

    first off Kevin, come out the closet and leave your poor beard Dani alone, 2nd the Jonas Girls are overated, none of their solo releases can compare to Selena 3rd Perez you have nerve trying to act nice after you were one of the 1st to bash her 4th, Kevin you queen, LOOKS LIKE U INHERITED YOUR MOMS BITCHY WAYS…what a woman youve become miss thang!

  54. 54

    Re: Lalalala – you are a perfect example of a hater troll…you dont even know miley or the jonas girls and you get all stupid over something years ago that may not even be true..get your life

  55. 55

    looks like the Jonas Brothers just realized no adults are interested in their lame new song about boobs so they're trying to go back to being teen idols. Problem is, to the tween set, they're those old guys who used to hang out with Hannah Montana. Their only hope is to piggyback on another teen idol's fanbase and, since Bieber has that market pretty much locked down, they're trying to get in good with his fans. Everyone knows the best way to get in good with Bieber's fans is to trash Selena.

  56. 56

    Do the Jonas Brothers need to wear every item in their wardrobe at all times? Goddamn those kids over accessorize like a motherfucker. Chanel herself once said before you leave the house, you should look in the mirror and take one accessory off. Take that and apply it, Mr. Jonas.

  57. 57

    Oaktown357 refrain from using the term hater…it makes you sound dumb…people are allowed to not like people…for example, i don't like idiots who use the term hater or jelly when they mean jealous…jelly, 2 syllables…jealous, 2 syllables…I fear for the future of the English language.

  58. Anaya says – reply to this


    Oh so that's the third member of the jonas brothers? Well he needs to get noticed somehow

  59. Destinie says – reply to this


    Re: Leslie – The acting lessons aren't needed. She already great art that, its very natural really.

  60. lara says – reply to this


    Jealousy is a mean thing kevin…she has more success than you or you overrated brothers..I used to be a huge jonas brothers fan when they came out…but not any more what kind of a song is Pom Pom it sucks.. selena is wayyyyyyyyy ahead of you guys..I guess he needs publicity and his brothers so they can have the number one song on iTunes…not gonna happen….and perez you should really shut up you were the first one to bash her talking behind other people's back selena is the best and is going to have a great career

  61. lara says – reply to this


    You or your overrated brothers will not have selena sucess

  62. 62

    What does this guy do?

  63. MC says – reply to this


    The interviewer kept trying to make him criticize Demi and he totally complimented her :D sweet

  64. Fuzzy says – reply to this


    Why were they even interviewed Kevin? Jonas Brothers are so wash-out. Before long, no one will even remember their names. Who the f* care what you or your brothers think!

  65. WTF says – reply to this


    Was he having constipation? He looked so terrible!

  66. Xthestars says – reply to this


    And why is he still talking? I don't care about him and I'm sure some other people don't either. That was not classy of him at all. Grow some balls dude and be a real man. Lost respect for him, I hate when people bash on others. Live your life and let others do what they want.

  67. Miam says – reply to this


    Lol my respect for kevin has skyrocketed!! Sirlena is as overrated as they come and Selenators need to get over it.

  68. taketwo says – reply to this



  69. TheTruthKid says – reply to this


    Re: Lochness

    Considering that she pretty well used the Jonas Brothers back when they were huge, he has every right to say what he wishes. She never talked to him, she met "Taylor Swift" at their concert, if she hadn't gone, they wouldn't have been good friends Taylor & Selena, not only that, she uses every huge band/member/guy she can get her hands on, afterall, where do you think half of her new fans are coming from? Oops, Justin Bieber, and her little "Diss" making "Justin cry" brought her fans up to.

  70. sara says – reply to this


    Why people are mad? He just said what everyone knows. That girl is pretty but she can't sing.

  71. wellwell says – reply to this


    people already hate her.. she loves haters. She should b happy

  72. uhuh says – reply to this


    Re: sara – Pretty don't last

  73. Bobberto says – reply to this


    I predict a strung out alchy and a drug addict in the future here

  74. 74

    Can't stand the Jonas Brothers but he didn't lie. Selena is cute but can't sing to save her life.

  75. 75

    Has anyone heard Taylor Swift sing LIVE? She is terrible—unless she uses a track. People love her so she should sing why hate….who cares ……

  76. yeji says – reply to this


    Re: SNR – what does any of what your saying have to with talent..?

  77. chandarajc says – reply to this


    here's the thing.. selena, as much as she tries, isn't a vocal performer. she is. however an entertainer.. and i'm coming from a loving place.. i am a fan of hers… there are different types of artists out there; vocal performer, entertainer, and musicians, and of course everything in between… i don't think that selena's so much of an overrated popstar because i think the general consensus is that selena is no vocal power house.. she never really was to be blunt… but she can most definitely put on an entertaining set/performance.

  78. Lexie says – reply to this


    Look perez, Kevin can suck it because Selena's single is selling more than their "comeback" single. She may not be the best singer in the world but she goes their and gives it a try. Jonas Brothers were in hiding for 3 years and barely have booked any gigs to promote themselves. Selena's fans appreciate her music even though we know she isn't the best vocalist out there. But her music saves people from worrying about the pain in their lives even if it's for a moment.

    Nonetheless she shouldn't stop music because people are slamming her left right and centre because she's also getting praise for her music from Demi Lovato, Katy Perry, BRITNEY QUEEN SPEARS, Christina Grimme, Bridgit Mendler and Bella Thorne are just some of which have praised Selena publicly.

    Kevin Jonas doesn't mean anything to her. He's out-dated and the brother nobody cares about.

  79. kat says – reply to this


    selena is NOT A SINGER. she is an entertainer. she is a terrible singer i think. but i love her as an actress.

  80. Nai says – reply to this


    Re: Kai – I kno right? Hilarious…😄😄😄

  81. Nai says – reply to this


    Re: abc – Cough cough sike. Jonas brothers were the shit back then. Sorry but no matter what she does she won't be better than them and hey I'm not even a fan of neither of em!

  82. Nat says – reply to this


    Everyone knows she is not the best singer, but they don't have to be so mean about it. People think celebrities have no feelings when in reality they go through shit like all of us do and it hurts them just the same as us when we are dissed or criticized. I think she just loves to sing so much that doesn't realize that her fort is in acting. Nothing wrong with doing what your heart desires.

  83. Truth says – reply to this


    That's pretty rich coming from the least popular member of a has-been boyband. Also doesn't he have a reality show that he uses to exploit his marraige to some nobody? Glasshouses, stones, yada yada.

    All these Disney stars are overrated. From Selena to Demi to Miley to the Jonas Brothers themselves. They shouldn't be calling each other out when all of them are irrelevant.

  84. 84

    RE:Lochness,See I thought the same thing when I saw it too! I was thinking a little creepy, andd child perverted. Sure it wasn't meant to be their intentions.As far as picking on Selena, WGAF! She is heading down that old familiar corner of Hollywood & Vain.Already dressing slutty,acting like a frickin diva,girls like her with the attitude really don't make it far after awhile.All the attention goes to their heads.Already she isn't that cute anymore,she wears her make up and her new way of dressing makes her look like a prostitute.As for Kevin Jonas, he don't have any business saying anything bout anybody.He suxs,his show suxs,& his music suxs.Ya gotta wonder who hires these no talent freaks.What happened to the showbiz industry is a crime.Not to many talented people anymore,there are some but most definely becoming extinct.So Sad But True.

  85. des says – reply to this


    kevin seriously needs to stop himself. she has so much fame and talent that he can only dream about. he's just throwing shade because him and his stupid brothers are washed up.

  86. Fan of Selena..somehow says – reply to this


    Selena CAN'T sing. She's very beautiful and she's a great great great actress but when it comes to singing it's a big no no. Let's be honest here, her studio tracks are amazing and catchy but when it comes to live performances selena sucks.

  87. meme says – reply to this


    Re: Oaktown357

    Exactly what I think of Kevin. I like Danielle though. And Selena isn't a singer in the pure sense of the word, but she's a great entertainer. She doesn't have a great voice but she can work on it and develop what she has. She should work more on her voice if she's going to sing live.

  88. s says – reply to this


    everyone has their opinion and mine would be she would suit acting well! not everyone love selena, miley or even taylor. They do what the do best in life.

  89. John Smith says – reply to this


    Selena is untalented in general. Her acting is horrible. Her singing is less than average. She's only a pretty face and that is actually sad for someone with the amount of fans as her. She simply doesn't know how to sing, and it just is meant for her. And please do not tell me but at least she is "sending a good message". The only single she had with a good message with "Who Says". Her new album is filled with overly produced dance tracks that make my head hurt after ONE listen.

  90. Nikki says – reply to this


    Re: Lochness – If Selena had only had a few bad live performances, then It wouldn't be as bad. But seeing as the majority of Selena's performances are horrible, I don't feel sorry for her. It's not that she can't sing, because I believe she can, but she doesn't have a strong enough voice to pull of her songs. She does these high notes in songs and then runs away from them live. And she doesn't put any extra umph into her live performances to make up for her lack of vocal strength. She definitely should stick to acting.