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Kim Kardashian Could FINALLY Get Her Divorce Settlement — And SOON!

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kris humphries kim kardashian divorce settlement

Thank GAWD!

We're pretty sure we want this mess over with as much as she does!

After what seems like an eon of Kris Humphries dwelling over his failed marriage with Kim Kardashian, insisting the judge should grant an annulment based on his accusations of fraud, there might finally be a settlement in the works.

According to sources close to the situation, Kris is finally opening his eyes to the fact that he and his team have little to no evidence that the marriage was a fraud.

With all the money spent (reportedly $300k each) and with $200k left to spend if they do go to court for the big D, Kris apparently realizes he could lose A MASSIVE amount of cash if he loses.

Nothing is guaranteed to him thanks to the prenup, and he could face the possibility of paying for HER legal fees too! That would majorly suck on his end!

He's already about to get slapped in the face with monetary sanctions for failing to show at the last hearing, so it seems like Kris is getting his reality check just in time!

The sources say the settlement could happen as early as Friday.

But who knows… maybe he was being a genius about it this whole time and dragged it out just so the potential settlement check could be as huge as possible.

Hmmm… nah!

[Image via Ivan Nikolov/WENN.]

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12 comments to “Kim Kardashian Could FINALLY Get Her Divorce Settlement — And SOON!”

  1. 1

    You just posted that he had evidence. Everyone knows she did it for money and attention. I actually think he has a solid case. It makes him look like a fool, but I'm pretty sure everyone else saw how fake it was.

  2. 2

    7th Kardashian post of the day ….. aiming for a record?
    Must not have met your quota for the week yet!

    How's kat Graham doing these days? You used to post about her just as much, but you dropped her like a sack of potatoes, I gather her advertising budget dried up.

  3. 3

    He really never had a chance of winning, how the hell could he actually PROVE it was fraud? Let's be realistic. He's the dumb one who got wrapped up in this mess to begin with, he's going to look like an even bigger azz when he has to pay her legal fees!

  4. 4

    Everyone KNOWS she did it for TV and money, it just sucks for him that he can't really prove it. She's such a money hungry lying whore, I can't wait for the day all her shit catches up to her…..or maybe it already is, where's Kanye? LOL

  5. 5

    She´s a bitch and he just fell on her game, obviously she did ir for money and fame, more of which you like press give her…

  6. yipee says – reply to this


    I think he's going to take the initial 2 million that was offered and go on his merry way. He got the Fame(everyone knows his name) and now he gets a little fortune(aside from the money from the show). She can go on with her life as well as he too can close this chapter.

  7. 7

    it doesn't even matter anymore. everyone is wise to kim and pimp mama

  8. The Matrix says – reply to this


    I think that he exposed the ugly truth about the K-Klan and he should move on at this point, after they cut him a nice check. Kim's career is nearly over, and the gypsy empire wil soon crumble into a pile of rubble.

  9. Naressa says – reply to this


    This is like the third or fourth post Ive seen that says "we are pretty sure we are just as excited as (fill in the blank)…we are pretty sure we want this over as much as she does"…I love you Perez, but you really gotta stop making these posts about you, its really making you seem a little full of yourself.

  10. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Team Kris!
    I seldom comment on stories about this family but she obviously married him for the TV show and ratings (which I did not watch) and the presents (which she did not return).

  11. 11

    pay up kim !!! everyone knows what she is now anyway

  12. judykay says – reply to this


    Hey Kriss give the whore the divorce and then get it annuled thru the church. You lucked out by getting rid of that whore and her whore family, Just think , you will never have to get a DNA test to see if a baby is your because you didnt knock her up. YOu dont have to worry about who she is screwing behind your back and you do not have to deal wiht her tramp pimp mothers and the nasty sisters who have the same morlas..NONE. Find yourself someone who is good and clean because those Kardashians are dirty thru and thru. Just sit abck and feel sorry for thos eJenner girls because the pimp is now busy destroying them too unless the lesbian wanna be father grows some balls and protects his daughters from the drunken pimp.