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110 comments to “Senate Rejects Gun Bill: Hollywood Stars Furiously Respond”

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  1. yo says – reply to this


    I honestly think that 90% is a bloated number.

  2. 2

    Perez….90% is a lie and you know it. Saying it over and over does not make it true. Hollywood, who makes money on guns, sex and violence, can shut up about things of which they know nothing about. Boston was bombed….no one is blaming the bombs, just the bomber(s). People are knifed….no one blames the knives, just the individual. Get real and get honest….this is a stupid debate which is all emotion and no facts. Typical left leaning crap. And using the death of children in a dishonest manner is disgusting. Nothing in that bill would have prevented Newtown and you know it.

  3. tempe says – reply to this


    Perez , you make my day when your pink soiled panties are in a bunch.
    Thank you.
    90 per cent ? lol

  4. oh shit says – reply to this


    I am not the 90%…get over it.

  5. 5

    Ha Ha…………………………………..

  6. 6

    The thing these Hollywood people need to do right now….tell DNC that if they ever give Max Baucus, Mark Begich, Heidi Heitkamp or Mark Pryor a dime ever again that will never donate to the DNC.

  7. nationalenquirer says – reply to this


    90 % hate Perez is much more believable …:)

  8. 8

    It was never 90% and you know it, you stupid homo. Maybe now Nobama will stop surrounding himself with children, the Newtown Nazis, and Giffords, who needs to find more to do with her time than be a prop for this dumbass darkie. As for Hollywood stars, there's this: They're paid way too much to pretend. That's what they do. It doesn't make them smarter than anyone else, or their opinions more worthy. They can all go fuck themselves, as they star in movies that exploit violence. Assholes.

  9. AnnieGetYourGun says – reply to this


    90%… LOL dude you're getting sloppy. I'd check my sources if I were you, because now you're starting to sound like the National Enquire… And we all know they print shit…. get your act together again man…

  10. guest says – reply to this


    Hey guess what? I don't agree with these stupid celebrities and I'm HAPPY the legislation got voted down. I'll keep my guns and protect myself from the crazies…not about to give up my 2nd amendment rights because some idiot tells me to.

  11. Lori says – reply to this


    90 %? I guess I am part of the 10% that didnt get asked

  12. Faybabyxoxo says – reply to this


    Perez, as much as I love you the whole "90%" is a load of crap.

    Hollywood, the biggest promoter of gun violence in the world….please, stfu.

  13. ompalooper says – reply to this


    I dont see why having background checks is such a bad thing, if people keep saying its the people with problems then why not weed them out? The sane ones wont lose their guns. Weird country.

  14. 14

    Re: guest

    Um…you do understand what the bill was, right? There was never any threat that your guns would be taken away. The proposed bill was just an expansion on the current background check system that this country already has as law. Currently, 60% of guns are purchased at gun shops. Gun shops are currently required by law to do background checks. The remaining 40% of gun purchases are made online and at gun shows. Online and gun show purchases currently require ZERO background checks. Meaning any lunatic can legally purchase a gun. All this bill proposed was that other 40% (gun show and online) purchases would require a background check. That seems pretty reasonable to me.

  15. Me says – reply to this


    Perez HIlton = Moron.

  16. me says – reply to this


    All these "stars" have no fucking clue. This law…..would have NEVER prevented Sandy Hook. They've already got background checks AND an assault weapon ban in CT.

  17. DJK says – reply to this


    90% of the US can't agree on SHIT. There's so much BULLSHIT in those "STARRRRS" comments and the crap that comes out of Obama/Biden's mouth.

    Use your BRAINS people.

  18. Me says – reply to this


    Re: MeRe: Suzy12345 – You are clueless.

    You CANNOT buy an AR online or at a gun show without a background check. In ANY state. Or a handgun that isn't a Curio/Relic.

  19. 19

    Re: truthgal – Moron, it is not a lie. But then you must be brainwashed by the extreme-right homophobic and racist Republicans.

  20. 20

    I love it when Hollywood is pissed! its great. I care about the Constitution and the 2nd amendment and all the other amendments.

    they haven't trumped our Constitution yet, but they will keep trying.

  21. ASH says – reply to this


    Perez, I can no longer enjoy your site because of articles like this one. You are so mistaken with your stats and percentages. You are so misinformed and brainwashed when it comes to our second amendment rights.
    Just stick to what you know….meaningless/stupid celebrity news.

  22. Mr Pete says – reply to this


    Obama has lost all credibility, and he can never get it back
    He lied so much about Obama Care and what it would cost
    He lied about not raising taxes on the middle class
    He lied about the Sequester
    he closed the White House to tours for school children, and than goes and spends over one million $$$$ on Memphis Night for a very select few
    the man can not be trusted

  23. 23

    Re: ompalooper – background checks exempt mental health issues since this is protected medical information. Therefore, it would not catch people with mental illness. People with a criminal record get guns illegally therefore background checks wouldn't affect them either…the 2 most important types of people who need to be denied guns. The government and justice system need to enforce the laws they have now. Until that can be done the shootings will continue…Tragic

  24. Pansy Hunter suck Cock says – reply to this


    Re: Pansy Hunter – Please go back to fucking your mother like you white trash do.

  25. falicee53 says – reply to this


    Wow. I am pleasantly surprised at how many people who read your site know what they are talking about. 90% is a lie and you KNOW it. Why have gun sales gone THRU the roof since obama starting talking about our gun laws? Anyone with a brain knows this was/is just step one of getting our guns. Study history people. Dictators (hitler ect) took guns first. For their OWN protection of course. And make no mistake about it, obama wants to be a dictator. But he needs to get rid of our guns first. ONE TINY STEP AT A TIME.

  26. Cindy says – reply to this


    Don't you people know what will happen if they get our guns ?We will be helpless and nothing will stop them from taking us over.Do you really think the crimals will say oh guns are outlawed we can't use them .Get real.And what will stop our Goverment from taking us over.Stop letting the Goverment from using your grieve to disarm us .Start using your head.

  27. gene says – reply to this


    Re: Pansy Hunter – you are one sick bigot and exactly the problem with this Country. How do you live with yourself and look yourself in the mirror calling your President a darkie. And the poor innocent families of Newtown Nazis. You are obviously living in your own cesspool of hate and that my friend is the problem with this Country.

  28. ompalooper says – reply to this


    Re: Mickeylee – Thank you for an intelligent and well spoken answer :)

  29. rebecca says – reply to this


    Re: truthgal
    Sadly, you're right truthgal. These 'measures' do nothing to stop violence, they are a waste of time and money.

  30. 30

    FUCK you, them and nobammy. when you can hire armed guards you do not need a gun. Fucking elitist cocksuckers really piss me off.

  31. 31

    to all of you who really believe that 90% number, i am seriously concerned about your ability to pick your nose or wipe your ass. you really cannot be that naive can you. I suppose if you called only the mailing list of the brady anti gun lobby

  32. 32

    Re: overthere – bullshit 90% in a truly random poll is statistically IMPOSSIBLE, the fact that you believe it brings your sanity into serious question.

  33. 33

    the only TRUE 90% result is the fact that more than that posting here disagree with you, as of post #32 two post agree with you two take issue with other posts, all the rest call you an idiot.

  34. 34

    90% of celebrities. Your an idiot Perez. 90% the other way maybe.Celebrities are idiots.

  35. falicee53 says – reply to this


    Dear What's Your Name: A background check was done on Jared Loughner when he purchased the gun used to shoot Gabby Giffords. Did that prevent her from being shot? Nope. A background check was done on Nancy Lanza when she purchased every gun that was in her house, including the very same gun her son used to kill 26 people. Did that prevent the tragedy? Nope. Your move.

  36. Rach says – reply to this


    Why is it not a "Shameful" day when our government allows GMO's to be readily used in the food that the American people consume on a daily basis when there is evidence of all of the illnesses they create. Why do the STARS not get up in arms about that…oh yeah, because they can afford to pay outrageous prices on organic, non GMO food! That's why!

  37. falicee53 says – reply to this


    Re: Rach

    good post. And you are right. They won't take a stand against anything the won supports you know. I think they get their news from his whitehouse daily briefing.

  38. falicee53 says – reply to this


    Washington Post: Majority of americans say guns make homes safer.


  39. 39

    Re: Suzy12345 – Please, educate yourself and read this Washington Times article.

  40. 40

    "A 2001 Justice Department survey found 0.7 percent of state and federal prison inmates bought their weapons at a gun show."

    Read more:

  41. 41

    Re: Jessicalc – Dang it…
    Replace the spaces with a period.
    washingtontimes com/news/2013/jan/30/the-gun-show-loophole-myth/

  42. 42

    "Gun shows aren’t the equivalent of the Wild West. The vast majority of vendors at the shows are fully licensed dealers who must run the FBI check at the time of sale."
    Washington times.

  43. CWH says – reply to this


    Re: truthgal – +1 AGREED!

  44. CWH says – reply to this


    THIS IS FALSE! 90% hahaha. I can GUARANTEE all these "outraged" anti-gun folks didn't read the legislation. We already have background checks people! Try going to a gun show or a Walmart or a gun store and buying a gun. You WILL be background checked! These new laws being proposed were disguised under the name "universal background check" because "Federal Firearms Registry of Law Abiding Purchasers" sounded worse. Nice try. Common sense won. Research the subject before you go spouting off false claims.

  45. 45

    Re: overthere – Your ignorance and name calling is funny and makes me smile:). OK put forth the 90% statistic….cite your source, complete with link and credible sourcing. Come on….don't be afraid. Once you do that and can prove me and others demonstrably wrong, I will debate you. Otherwise, your just spewing lies which of course you cannot back up, which would explain your funny ignorant assumptions:)

  46. 46

    Re: tempe – LMAO!

  47. U R Deluded says – reply to this


    Less then 10% see this as important as there are far to many other matters that need greater attention in the nations capital.

  48. lenny the shampoo says – reply to this


    90%? What the fuck drugs are they on? Thats such a bullshit number LOL. Anyway, just taking Hollywood names to add to the grand anti -american list of stars. I think we need another 1944 Hollywood Blacklist!

  49. caravaggio conceited says – reply to this


    Stars. Stars! LOL You call these people 'Stars'? We don't have Hollywood 'Stars' anymore, only droll children in their 30s who have been all 'grandfathered' into the business! Shame. WE WILL BE HEARD! ThE CONSTITUTIONALISTS WILL BE HEARD YOU MARXIST-GLOBALIST STAR FUCKERS!!!!! GIVE A STAR TO THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND. PUT IT RIGHT ON HER ASS!

  50. 50

    Re: truthgal

    • Washington Post-ABC News poll, April 11-14, 2013: "Would you support or oppose a law requiring background checks on people buying guns at gun shows or online?" Support: 86 percent. Oppose: 13 percent.
    • CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll, April 5-7, 2013: "Some proposals would require a background check on anyone attempting to purchase a gun in order to determine whether the prospective buyer has been convicted of a felony or has a mental health problem. Please tell me whether you would favor or oppose a background check for a prospective gun buyer under each of the following circumstances. … If the buyer is trying to purchase a gun at a gun show." Favor: 83 percent. Oppose: 17 percent.
    • Quinnipiac University poll, March 26-April 1, 2013. "Do you support or oppose requiring background checks for all gun buyers?" Support: 91 percent. Oppose: 8 percent.
    • CBS News poll, March 20-24, 2013. "Would you favor or oppose background checks on all potential gun buyers?" Favor: 90 percent. Oppose: 8 percent.

    In four polls over the prior month, between 83 percent and 91 percent of respondents said they would favor an expansion of the current background check regime. We think any reasonable person would conclude that those percentages qualify as "overwhelming."

  51. jrde says – reply to this


    I don't care what a poll or celebrities say but what the bill says. The reason we have a high debt and deficits is because of putting bills through that are either useless, complete messes with one good thing, or complete pork.

  52. Frankie says – reply to this


    Hi All -
    Why doesn't Sir Obama - listen to the 90% of Americans - who believe they have a right to know what they eat(just like most developed nations) & Lable all GMO FOODS - no , he has decided to appoint Michael Taylor (x- Monsanto) to run the FDA, WTF (another broken promise from his campaign) - no shocker there? & his "wife" asking USA to "eat your greens" wow .. The arrogance of these people.. But no worries Perez - I'm sure you can afford organic ..

  53. ridic says – reply to this


    Re: Rach – Now your being just as reactionary and factually incorrect as perez's ghost writer. Without providing the proof you claim to have regarding adverse effects of gm foods your simply perpetuating misinformation, and attempting to elicite a kneejerk reaction from people based on nothing more than hearsay.

  54. Caisee says – reply to this


    lol, 90%. You believe that? As for "Hollywood", they should just keep their stupid mouths shut and stick to what they're good at… ENTERTAINING… kind of like a clown, or a court jester, only paid way too much. hahaha 90%…. *rolling eyes* Idiots.

  55. free says – reply to this


    These senators obviously don't represent their voters, so they have to be replaced. End of story.

  56. 56

    Re: AttFinch – regardless of these polls findings, one can NOT say that 90% of AMERICANS believe something if 100% of americans not are surveyed. Most americans are not online taking polls. Survey findings can't be translated to speak for the entirety of the population. It's a false statement plain and simple.

  57. kristi says – reply to this


    last I checked Hollywood does not run this country. SO its not relevant if the ACTORS are furious or not!

  58. Danielle says – reply to this


    Re: kristi – agreed!

  59. Triple Lindy says – reply to this


    Anyone who trusts the government is a fool. Don't give them one more inch.

  60. 60

    Re: Suzy12345 – If that's the case, I totally agree. Gun shops, gun shows or online shops should be covered by the same gun-law. Everyone who purchases a gun should have background check. Actually I really am against selling those things online. People should be required to show themselves up in a shop where a proper id and background check could be performed. And this should apply to EVERYONE! Besides, what's a big deal about more thorough background checks? I am sure that they would not be checking on how many time one went on browsing for porn sites ;) I guess they should specify what the background check would involve.That alone would make people be a little less jumpy about the whole thing.

  61. Fools wake up! says – reply to this


    @Suzy12345 - - You are talking to a bunch of uneducated right wing fools. They have no clue what they are talking about. If they had been following this on going debate, they would know it is 90% of the people polled with very reputable polling companies. I pray to GOD the Senators that voted against this bill get voted out office. Even a large number of the NRA members do not have a problem with this bill. They are once again catering to the very rich NRA executives.

  62. guest says – reply to this


    Calling them cowards is absolutely disgusting of you Perez and of these celebrities? I`s simply their opinion that they can have, even if you all don`t like it. You can not change their mind by trying to use peer pressure on them. That´s just laughable

  63. Molly says – reply to this


    Here's the thing…the only people they're going to make it harder for are the people who take the legal route to defend themselves. Criminals aren't suddenly going to stop figuring out a way to get a gun because of a new gun law. "Oh man, they're making it harder for me to get a gun? I'll just stop being a criminal and go to college. You've broken me and my gun getting ways, lawmakers. You rascals!" *sarcasm*

  64. 64

    Re: AttFinch – The polls do not support your argument.. First, just over 1,000 people were sampled, hardly 90%. Second, no information as to the residence or political affiliation sampled. Third, asking a general question is one thing, delving into details and how it is applied is another. That is where this fell apart. Fourth, only 52% support the overall question as to whether stricter gun control is favored,. Finally, the background check was a part of the bill, not its entirety. The politicizing of the supposed 90% in favor of this bill is misleading at best, outright lying at worst. Irrespective of polling (which can be manipulated) there is NOTHING in this bill that would have prevented Newtown. We are left with politicizing an issue that deserves better. And that is what this is about and its disgusting.
    Obama mishandled this from the beginning….pushing way to hard without explaining how this would prevent gun violence, flying in and then parading the families of dead children (only the ones who agreed with him, not the one’s who did not,) to try and shame people into doing what he could not establish would make any difference in any of the gun violence that has happened.

  65. 65

    Re: AttFinch – FinallyI’m all for open debate on gun control, gun violence, mental health issues etc. without all the name calling and demonization. These are serious issues that must be addressed and Obama bullying without giving due consideration to valid competing concerns is not going to solve the serious problems that face this country. It was puff and rightly went up in smoke.

  66. 66

    LOL at those saying the polls are skewed. thats the same thing y'all were saying about the election-turned out just like the polls said it would. how'd that thinking work for you Romney voters who were sure y'all had it in the bag?

  67. 67

    The (extremely conservative) SCOTUS ruled (Columbia vs. Heller) citizens have the right to own hunting rifles and hand guns to protect themselves. nowhere have they ruled anyone anywhere can run around with bushmasters loaded with 100 round drums or that stricter background checks cannot be enforced-ridiculous. most overlooked part in 2nd amendment is the 'well regulated' part.

  68. 68

    Re: truthgal – True there are many things that need to be done concerning gun violence and it will take many years for them to collectively make a difference. mental health is surely one. what do you think republicans solution to that is when they don't believe in any new health care legislation in the 1st place? (remember Reagan?) the problem is most senate republicans and a few democrats are owned by the NRA and purpose to do NOTHING. especially when senate GOP filibuster the majority vote on everything since mid 2009. to say the guns themselves aren't part of the problem when confronting gun violence is absurd.

  69. 69

    Re: AttFinch – Right. also same polls reveal average of NRA members for this legislation is 74% (any questions See politifact Texas for analysis)
    Why should anyone be able to buy guns online or at gun shows no questions asked? (surely the right wingers will suggest racial profiling) lol

  70. 70

    Re: blackviolet – Seriously? You do realize both Republicans and Democrats voted against this correct? Such one-sided thinking is so typical…..this is NOT a one issue problem. It is complex and derserves more than the lip serivce it received from the President. Again, say to yourself NOTHING in the proposed and now defeated leglislation would have prevented Newtown. NOTHING. Once you come to terms with that, you will realize that this leglistation was political only and is being used as such. So sad when there are serious issues at hand.

  71. 71

    Re: blackviolet – Here's a thought….why don't you and others stop looking at this issue as Republican or Democrat. I certainly dont. Why don't you frame an argument that is in the best interest of the American people….irrespective of party affiliation. Divisiveness gets us no where…..as evidenced by this latest legiglation. We the people should be terrified of the violence that has taken hold in this country….and be open to discussion on the myriad of issues that make up that violence. Name calling, demonizing Republicans or Democrats for that matter accomplishes nothing.

  72. mucio says – reply to this


    the worst part about california. is that the hollywood stars have more influence in sacramento than the citizens. sometimes the system works best, when it stops the people in it from doing the wrong thing.

  73. 73

    Re: truthgal – This was a bi partisan bill (Manchin/Toomey) that received 54 senate votes((only 4 republicans voted yes & the 5 Dems that voted no are disgusting NRA whores too who got paid and thus will pay in the next election–mark my words)) and should have passed with 51 majority but for the GOP filibustering- again. since 2009 the senate needs 60 votes to pass anything at all including traditional bipartisan bills. how that for divisiveness …and damaging to the country AND anti constitution while at it?
    90% of americans wanted this to pass…will it solve the problem? NO but it is a baby step in the right direction so why are you so against it? why do you think it's ok for anyone at all to buy a gun at a show or online with no background check when even 74% of NRA members think there should be? because obama was for it too and now it has cooties or something? pffft……
    you say you're willing to discuss then get all huffy when the truth is told LOL!

  74. mucio says – reply to this


    and let's not forget that the nra backed senator reid out of nevada when he was up for re-election.

  75. 75

    Re: blackviolet – You admit the bill would not have fixed the problem so why are you still arguing? You do know that if you purchase online, it gets shipped to a Licensed firearms dealer who conducts a background check right? You do know that purchasing a gun at a gun show from a licensed vendor requires a background check right? You do know that background checks are already the law and that this bill while expanding those would not have addressed Newtown or other incidents of gun violence right? I could care less whether Obama was for or against it…its irrelevant b/c what matters is the American people….not Obama, not the NRA and not the politicians. You are way to invested in your party politics and hate to see this clearly. This issue will be re-visited and it should be. Ditch the hate, ditch the party politics and be open to a discussion on how best to deal gun violence that don't include baby steps that DONT ADDRESS THE PROBLEM.

  76. 76

    Re: truthgal – lol! you know the NRA willfully lied about this bill and you're just repeating their lies.. right? already told you- I am one of the 90% for it because it is a small step in the right direction and 1 of many many things that need to be done about gun violence - unlike you and most of senate GOP who apparently thinks we should do nothing. Its very simple…The 41 republicans and 5 Democrats who blocked this from going through went with the will of the NRA and their lying slime-bag money grubbing lobbyists instead of with the vast majority of Americans. What about that statement is incorrect? I'll wait…

  77. 77

    Re: mucio – Reid is 1 out of 5 Dems to vote no he says for "procedural reasons" He's a coward and NRA whore just like the rest of them and should be voted OUT!

  78. jk says – reply to this


    Another lie by the Obama dictatorship..when did we vote for or against background checks?? I didnt get to vote. They toss out numbers and everyone I know has said bthey think when you go to a store and pruchase a gun that there needs to be a check done but not at gun shows and the reason that this was not voted in is because of other sneakly shit that Obama tried to sneak by the American voters. I couldnt cawre less what these moron movie stars say. They are no better then anbyy other person in the USA yet fdor some sill reaqson people sweem to think these people are smart LOL. These peole live in a make belive world. and more then half have drug and booze problems and mulitple marriages and divorces,kids out of wedlock and on and on..these are the people we look up to?? Not me. Obama needs to stop trying to make this another CUBA and him the lord and master.

  79. ll says – reply to this


    Re: tempe – Thank you for common sense. 90- poercent is a lie that Obamas camp put out and of course these eactors. People worship actors lOL that is why Obamas are sucking up to them and spending milliuons of our dollars giving them big parties at the whitehouse. All this gun control and the govt. buying up all the ammo is a indicative of a civil war . The govt has no 30 years of ammo stored up and is planning to buy more so that people who own guns cannot get it. Obama is trying to disarm the citizens of the USA and I see all these shootings going on by mentally ill people as a set up. Obama made a deal before he was reelceted to DIs arm the USA and he is mamking sure this happens, and when if it does you will see more private group banding to make their opwn military here in the USA. Not everyone makes movies of viloent nature and then protest having guns LOL You people are biuying into a dictator ship and Obama is using your worship of movie stars to make it happen.

  80. 80

    Re: blackviolet – YOU ADMITTED THE BILL WOULD NOT FIX THE PROBLEM. End of story. If the bill won't fix the problem why waste time arguing a moot point? Seriously, think about what you are doing. IT WON"T FIX ANYTHING. Everything else you vent about is irrelevant. So, you can be upset with the NRA and those that voted against it but that does not change the fact that the bill would not fix the problem as you so rightly admitted. And btw, lobbying is done on both sides of the aisle. Do I like it, no. Is it a reality, yes. Get a grip. I did not lie, I am not repeating lies and no one said we should do nothing. Quite the opposite if you are actually reading what I am writing but I get its hard to see and discuss when you are so wetted to a myopic way of thinking.

  81. 81

    Re: truthgal – I think every gun bought should have a name attached to it, senators or farmer Johns'. And this is my main reason for being on the side of the people who vote FOR the tougher gun-laws.

  82. Cindy says – reply to this


    NO ONE has mentioned the REST OF THE BILL!!!! THATS what they voted down.

  83. 83

    Re: truthgal – Hahaha re-read your own comments since everyone else will. You have no facts or data to refute my comments or to back up your own. why is that? Could it be your "news" source? LOL Epic FAIL!

  84. 84

    That 90% was such bullshit. They did a phone poll in a liberal dominated city asking a couple thousand people, do people honestly believe that 90% of Americans support this bill when less than 45% of American adults vote for a president of the united states? LMAO. Most of you don't actually know what the cause of gun violence is. Having a gun or easy access to a gun does not magically make someone want to kill. We have 20,000 laws on the books regarding firearms. Making guns harder to get won't really solve the problem, considering that isn't the problem. It's just the tool used, what you should be questioning is "why" in the first place. It's socioeconomic factors. It's been proven true for every country in the world that poverty = poor education, poverty + poor education = High crime. The war on drugs is also our biggest factor. 75% of our gun violence is gang related violence. 60% is from people who already have criminal records and 20% is from illegally obtained firearms. You have gang bangers shooting other gang bangers of drug turf, to sell their illegal drugs since that is their #1 source of income, allowing them to buy illegally obtained guns.

  85. 85

    Re: NookiesWA – omg in what "liberal city" were all the nationwide polls taken genius? you don't understand how polling works at all do you? haha anytime a rwnj doesn't like the facts and numbers stacked against them they claim numbers are fixed or liberal this or that-so lame. it involves math and science after all so of course you don't believe it lol. 90% of Americans including 74% of NRA members support this legislation so go from there with the rest of your tired gun lobby talking point bs.
    The states with the least gun regulations have the highest number of gun deaths (homicide, suicide and accidental) all but 1 in top 20 are red states…go figure. And just maybe republicans should stop with the conspiracy theories and stop blocking all the president's executive appointments starting with ATF director so existing laws can be more effectively enforced.
    Can't keep doing NOTHING!

  86. 86

    Re: Cindy – What rest of the bill? It was completely watered down and bills are supposed to pass the senate with 51 votes. this one got 54.

  87. 87

    Re: blackviolet – I'm confident in what I have said and the respectful manner in which it was said. The same cannot be said for you. You need to calm down, take a deep breath, and learn to listen and respond without all the hate. Seriously. There are always two sides to every issue. The name calling is so childish and establishes you have nothing to base your argument on. You are all over the board…..you throw out "facts" that you don't link together to make try and make an argument to support your admission that the gun bill would not have fixed the problem. You have no where to go after that.

  88. 88

    Re: truthgal – Oh please cry me a river! what hate? not only am I calm I'm laughing a little and hoping you're not really as daft as your comments suggest. now you're making up stuff when anyone can just go back and read what you, I and others wrote? Seriously? 2 or 3 people on here shot down your bs with irrefutable data and facts and now you mad. lol
    NOBODY thinks this 1 thing or ANY 1 thing will fix the gun violence problem but for the 3rd time…wait for it… IT IS A STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. So again, what part of that do you not get?

  89. 89

    Re: blackviolet – You are too funny. OK, well we could keep this going if you choose to. Look back over the comments…..not many buying what you are selling, but go on ahead. You lost the first round per Obama and will lose again b/c you are missing the bigger point. The bill would not have prevented Newtown nor would it have prevented other gun violence. The issue is so much deeper than that and I don't think that bill was a step in the right direction on its own bc it does not address the problem. All it does is allow gun control advocates like yourself to feel emotionally good that they "did something" when by your own admission you didnt. You cannot escape that. I get that its easier to blame Republicans, the NRA and right wingers when you don't get your way rather than deal with some (not all) of the valid points/concerns being made in opposition. But this, as of yet, is not a dictatorship, American people are concerned about gun rights and gun safety, and that must be taken into account. So take a page from Obama…concede this was not well thought out, regroup and go at it again. Think you can do that?

  90. 90

    Re: Bella2u – Not going to disagree necessarily but what about the ones that are "bought" illegally? What is your proposal for that?

  91. 91

    Re: truthgal – Oh I see you just need to have the last word so you can have it. Still no facts just blah blah blah is all you have to say.
    You wrote this on your 1st post: "Perez 90% is a lie and you know it" Um…no it's not. You were schooled and not only by me so where are all the people who disagree with me? LOL
    Who ever said this bill would have prevented Newtown? You know what would have saved lives there? Extending the assault weapons and high capacity mag ban that was allowed to expire in 2004. This bill would have done 1 thing- close the loophole in the law that allows pawnshops, gun shows and internet to sell firearms to terrorists and felons without a background check. You are on record as being 1 of less than 10% who thinks that is a not a good idea. Have a nice day :)

  92. 92

    Re: blackviolet – Hahahahahaha….the more you talk the more you make my point. Thank you. 90% was disagreed with by many on this site. If 90% were really for this bill where is all the public outrage?? Your arguing a point that you already lost. If the bill would not have prevented Newtown why did O shamelessly trot those families out there and use them to try and pass this bill? Disgusting politization of a very important issue. Do you get that?????? Online and gun shows must conduct background checks. Its the private sellers at these shows in some states that do not have to. An assault weapon was not used in Newtown. Look, if you were actually concerned about this issue and not making irrelevant attacks and blaming everyone you would see that I agree this is an important issue that must be thoughtfully and carefully discussed. I have said that over and over again. I am willing to listen and am open to ideas on how to deal with the horrible affects gun violence has on our culture. How we go about dealing with that is up for discussion (that being the operative word) and I believe that an honest and open discussion on the myriad of societal issues that make up this culture is a necessary first step. Knee jerk reaction and passing yet another bill that does not prevent anything is not the answer. No more to say…..you can have the last word. I'm good:)

  93. 93

    Re: blackviolet – Sorry, one more thing since I ran out of word space. In all honesty, thanks for the good debate! I have no problem being challenged and responding in kind. Look forward to more minus the name calling. Open debate and hearing other perspectives/sides is good for all. I really do hope you have a good day!!:)

  94. 94

    Re: blackviolet – That is incorrect. 3 states with not only the strictest gun control but LOWEST gun ownership rate per capita are on the top 10 list for most gun homicides. It's literally a 50/50 or sometimes a 60/40 split. Some states with a low gun ownership rate has higher crime than states with high gun ownership rates, and vice versa, which basically disproves that whole "more guns = more crime" nonsense.

  95. 95

    Re: blackviolet – You cannot claim that 90% of americans are in favor of something because of less than 10,000 people voting. Let's take sample size, and math out of the equation completely. That poll was still biased and incorrect. You asked a bunch of people on a liberal dominated site (CNN,etc,etc) RIGHT AFTER a shooting in which emotions were high and people were wanting to blame the first thing that came to mind..Skewed, incorrect BS. You honestly expect anyone with more than two braincells to believe 90% of Americans support it, when not even 45% of Americans VOTE FOR OUR PRESIDENT? How many of those people actually UNDERSTAND the bill and law? I don't know how many people i've come across that actually thought an AR-15 was a fully automatic machine gun, which is obviously false.

  96. 96

    Re: NookiesWA – states with the highest death rates are red states full of guns and gun fondlers. these are states that also have the highest poverty, rank lowest in education and are the least healthy as well as having lax gun laws. (with republicans in charge go figure.) the dang link wont post-do i really have to copy/paste the whole list on here with the stats?

  97. 97

    Re: NookiesWA – Take math out of it? LOL! The 90% is the average taken by all top polling institutes and is accurate. the question asked was: Should a strict background check be required for anyone to buy guns in the US" 91% said yes according to Quinnipiac with a margin of error of +/- 2.4. And conservative leaning Rassmussen poll done earlier this month 75% said yes with a 95% level of confidence and the margin of error +/- 3. 75% is down from 86% in January-(I suspect that's because since some conservatives found out Obama was for it. lol ) Rassmussens numbers are consistent with the NRA members polled 74% of which say yes to criminal background checks. again see politifact Texas for analysis.
    I cannot understand why anyone is against this unless of course they themselves cannot pass a criminal background check. so ridiculous really.

  98. 98

    There is a really disturbing video out of Adam Gadahn, an US born Al Quaeda spokesman and wanted terrorist suspect bragging how easy it is to come to the US and get guns. He says in the video "..you can go to a gun show at the local convention center and come away with a fully automatic assault rifle without a background check and most likely without having to show an id card. so what are you waiting for?"
    Anyone who watches this and still insists there should be no background checks needs help!
    Of course teabaggers will insist this is a fake video and just another liberal plot to "take their guns away" or even worse support Gadahn's 2 amendment rights since he was born in the US :\

  99. 99

    FYI: The Boston bombers/terrorists used guns they obtained without permits and illegally. They shot and killed a police officer and severely wounded another. Nothing in the gun leglislation would have prevented them from doing what they did….obtain guns illegally and use them against innocent people. In fact the Mass law would have prevented the younger 19 yr old from obtaining a gun. So big surprise….they usurped the law and illegally got them. No matter how many laws are passed, the criminals are going to be able to get what they want to wreak havoc.

  100. 100

    Re: truthgal – O_o um…all that's known at this point is that the murderers didn't have gun permits. maybe the guns were all stolen or obtained thru illegal trafficking but the authorities have not yet released any information on where the guns came from. so how do YOU know they weren't purchased at a gun show? (rhetorical question) You don't!

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