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110 comments to “Senate Rejects Gun Bill: Hollywood Stars Furiously Respond”

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    The news reports say illegally obtained. I would hope that if they purchased them at a gun show legally or illegally that would be reported. Clearly, the Mass gun laws did not prevent this horrible event. But, as you say, we will wait and see. From my perspective, btw, whether they got them legally or illegally is not the point. There are plenty of cases of people getting guns legally and doing horrific things. And that really is the point….you cannot legislate crazy, anger, hate. Bad people are going to do bad things….whether they come by the guns legally or not.

  2. 102

    Re: truthgal – Bad people do bad things…which is why ALL legal firearm sales should require a criminal background check! To think otherwise is ridiculous.

  3. 103

    Re: blackviolet – Lets just agree to disagree at this point. We are going in circles as I say again, nothing in that bill would have prevented any of this. If you regulate only the legal and not illegal exchange of guns how does that address the problem at all? Bad people intent on doing bad things always find a way. Always. Passing some law is not going to change that. Heck, its against the law to commit murder yet sadly, happens daily across this country. And while I agree that not selling to a criminal is the way to go, not many criminals are going to purchase a gun legally as they are criminals and don't want to be tracked hence the fallacy of the argument that all legal firearm sales should require a criminal background check. I think you and I agree that gun violence is a serious problem. We just disagree on how to address it. I believe its cultural and we need to address societal ills/mental illness etc. Passing yet another law for me is not the answer.

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    PPP poll in conservative South Carolina district released just today 86% think criminal background checks should be required for all gun purchases.

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    Re: truthgal – Honey, when you deny math and argue stubbornly to maintain that just because 1 piece of common sense legislation won't solve the entire multi-faceted gun violence problem -even though 90% of registered voters want it passed- we should just throw up our hands and do nothing, you lost long ago.
    you. are. an. idiot. that is all.

  6. 106

    Hahahah….you are so good at making my point. When all else fails, and you cant deal with the competing views and facts, by all means, resort to playbook name calling. Yep that is the way to go and so predictable. Never said we should do nothing….quite the contrary. And you lost the issue by focusing exclusively on something that makes you feel good but does not accomplish the stated goal. I seriously question whether you read what is said or if you just react based on your position. That would be typical as well.

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  8. Bill says – reply to this


    So when are Liberals going to figure out that 90% of liberals is not 90% of the U.S. If they would have presented the bill as just background checks instead of including a bunch of other crap it probably would have passed. Next time read what they voted on then let them know to stop messing with something and fking it up. Stop trying to slip control measures in with common sense background checks. One other thing, criminals and psychos don't follow the law!

  9. Bill says – reply to this


    There was 4 billion in pork written into that bill.

  10. 110

    Re: Bill – Could not agree more. Well said…..

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