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Update On Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion: Video Footage & What We Now Know!

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The tragedy in Texas is hardly over and as authorities try to get everything under control, we are getting new information.

After the town of West was hit by a fertilizer plant explosion, miles of property ended up damaged and many people were injured while some are believed to be dead.

It is now being reported that over 160 people suffered injuries in the explosion that started when the plant caught on fire most likely due to industrial reasons although it's still under investigation.

You can see the explosion on the video (above). Warning: it may be difficult to watch.

As of now, it is believed between 5 and 15 people have died although that number could rise after people in the town are accounted for. Some of those who were possibly killed in the accident include five firefighters who went missing during the tragedy.

Waco police Sgt. William Patrick Swanton commented on the current state of the operation:

“They are still getting injured folks out and they are evacuating people from their homes … At some point this will turn into a recovery operation, but at this point, we are still in search and rescue.”

Another concern at this time is the possible exposure to toxins in the air.

ABC Chief Health and Medical Editor Dr. Richard Besser commented:

“What you see with high level ammonia exposure is damage to your eyes, to your throat, to your nose, to your esophagus when you swallow. A blast that’s going in one direction, if you get a change in the wind, it can come to another neighborhood and be affected.”

As if the explosion wasn’t horrible enough!

We hope everyone is evacuated safely and the fire is soon under control.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this tragedy in Texas!

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11 comments to “Update On Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion: Video Footage & What We Now Know!”

  1. Erin says – reply to this


    This is absolutely horrific and should be taken down. With everything going on lately people do not need to see more videos of explosions and hear the horror that goes along with it. Where is the humanity?

  2. marissa says – reply to this


    Wow… I was instantly brought to tears…. so devastating =\

  3. caravaggio_concerned says – reply to this



  4. John says – reply to this


    Erin: If you don't want to watch it, then don't.
    But don't tell other people what they do or don't need. Mind your own business, thanks. You really don't know what could help people understand a situation better and find closure since people are unique and have different processes which they use to understand tragedy.

  5. Erin says – reply to this


    Mind my business on a public website where personal opinions are meant to be posted???
    Hearing pure fear in a CHILD'S voice saying they can't hear and pleading with their parent to get out of there is NOT going to help anyone understand a situation any better.

  6. Sarita says – reply to this


    Not watching doesn't make the tragedy any less.

  7. Marz says – reply to this


    Re: Erin – That's reality, why not be aware of what's going on? You can cover your eyes and pretend as if things like this aren't going on-or educate yourself on situations like this that happen everyday. The world isn't all dandy like you may wish it could be, although I do wish that were the case.

  8. Texas girl says – reply to this


    Please don't turn this post into something its not. Instead of arguing lets all just pray for the recovery of this town. We are talking an entire town in devastation. The video is hard to watch, but the article even told you that.

    Love and Prayers to West!!!

  9. Rita says – reply to this


    Re: Erin – I agree with Marz. As I watched I was rendered speechless, but at the same time, I listened. The child was scared, but right before that it sounded if the parent was using it as a "teaching" experience to show what happens when a building is on fire.
    That could happen anywhere there is an industrial setting. I have seen fire balls go to the ceiling in an industrial plant, and it something you can tell about, but no one truly understands til they see it.
    Now we see it wasn't just a "sudden" explosion, but that the building itself was on fire first, and by the looks of the video, that parent thought they were a safe distance, but has now provided us with a video so we know also.
    You are overly sensitive, and you may very well live in MA or TX, but just know that your feeling are not the only one that should be heard.
    I am glad this video is up, and will show it to my family.

  10. Andy says – reply to this


    The young girl pleading did not need to be in the video. When the explosion happens its dark because the guy was tossed over. It was and still is useless for it to be in the clip. The issue at hand is the plant explosion, after that was shown, the video should have cut off quickly. This is entirely the parents fault for not editing the girl pleading to her father out. It also falls upon anyone who posts it as well to now edit that out. It's entirely useless after the explosion and is something that happened between that guy and his daughter and should not continue to be evaluated or talked about from the public. Everything before that is useful and informational. I agree with Erin and the rest of you, but simply stated, the moment the guy was blown over onto or at his daughter the video should shut off. Its just sadistic and cruel.

  11. Lissa says – reply to this


    Sorry, but if you live near that plant, you know the dangers of fire and fertilizer. one big GIANT bomb. If i heard that the local BOMB was on fire, the first thing i would do would not be to take my kid close enough to see it. Stupid stupid people.