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Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez BACK ON?! Spotted KISSING In Norway!

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selena gomez justin kiss

Get ready, guys! Because here we go AGAIN!

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are BACK TOGETHER!

We'd reported that the on-again/off-again couple reunited earlier this week in Norway, where the Biebs is in the middle of three Oslo shows for his Believe World Tour!

Well apparently, even if the Come & Get It singer wasn't trying to re-spark their romance upon her arrival, it quickly escalated there all on its own!

"Selena came to Norway to see Justin. She landed when he was onstage. They met up privately later. She was picked up by a car from Justin's camp. It was a personal visit."

"They were holding hands, hugging and they kissed on the lips. They looked really in love, like no fights ever happened before. It definitely looked like they were back together."

Well, hey!

Distance does tend to make the heart grow fonder, after all!

And these two have been apart for a while now! Perhaps they think they're ready to give it another go!

In which case, we just hope that they've learned from their past mistakes, and history doesn't repeat itself here…AGAIN!

What do U think? Should Justin and Selena get back together?

[Image via WENN.]

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120 comments to “Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez BACK ON?! Spotted KISSING In Norway!”

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  1. 1

    Or maybe they have renewed their 'contract' - Justin really needs some positive pr, and Selena needs more exposure.

  2. llcooljfan says – reply to this


    poor bieber he again fell for this girls bullshit as soon as her new album comes out and tour she will dump him again and make fun of him if it seems like flopping she will be quickly back in his arms, stupid little boy believes she actually loves him

  3. Ryan says – reply to this


    Who the hell gets back with a girl who makes fun of him on national tv and is like laughing at him every time someone mentions him ? he must be madly in love with her if he is about to stand her drama and bullshit again? If I was him I would never get back with that pathetic girl, she is nothing but a user who needs some promotion with him, is he that dumb actually ? Oh no no Bieber

  4. AJ says – reply to this



  5. xxx says – reply to this


    Bieber is an idiot if he takes back that girl in his life, why is she so special? Nothing but a pretty face, she looks 15 to me but is 21 soon lol and acts that way too. She makes fun of him and obviously doesn't love him at all, she was so happy and wanting to show she'll never be back with him few days ago and then suddenly out of nowhere is back with him? I guess her movie flopped she needs him for her new album that will flop as all of her and tour, you don't need her Bieber trust me she will fuck you up bad !!

  6. LillyAnn says – reply to this


    She has another album coming out soon, tour and a movie also. Guess Selena the user is back on messing up with this poor little boys mind. I feel sorry for the kid, he obviously loves her and thinks she loves him too.

  7. Brinny says – reply to this


    Yall sound stupid. What contract? There is no damn contract between them. Theyre young kids in love. Why yall hating on their relationship for? Because yall cant find love like theirs? Or is it because yall just dont have a life? If yall are real beliebers yall would be hapyy for him. If yall not then keep yall stupid and negative comments to yalls selves. They make eachother happy and thats all that matters.

  8. cdainpetrs says – reply to this


    Who the hell does what this girl does? She dumps him and acts all happy without him, makes fun of him disses him on national television says her songs are not about him bla bla bla and out of nowehere comes to see him ? Damn Beaver is stupid as hell this time she will dump again and do it over again and when she sees she is nothing without him and her career is a joke she will be back again! Finally figured out this disney princess, pretty face doesn't mean pretty heart, just because she plays victim all the time doesn't mean she is like that, what a double-faced bitch she is

  9. Samuel says – reply to this


    Aaaaaand she will dump him soon again do the same and then be back with him again lol girl is playing with his mind he ain't even seeing it

  10. lololol says – reply to this


    These fake relationships…or maybe only selena fake ? She was so into that thing ' we are never ever getting back together' and now runs to him ? Weird little girl, can't make her mind

  11. Annonymous says – reply to this


    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Justin Why can't you see she is a fake bitch!? She just wants you back because you are more popular than ever!! She is using you to get more famous that is what she always does! I know you still love her but you can freaking find someone better! You Are Justin Drew Fucking Bieber!!! I don't like Selena…..

  12. justgtfo says – reply to this


    No wonder his fans hate this girl she just keeps playing with him haha very soon she will mess him up he will regret dating her, just wait and see it

  13. victorious says – reply to this


    I almost bought her shit she was selling that she is soooo happy without him. She fakes many things maybe even the whole relationship then, poor dude fell in love with her but she doesn't give a shit about HIM it is his FAME what is making her stay with him no matter what he does, cause she can't do better than him, no real man will want an immature little girl looking 14 and acting that way

  14. puffs says – reply to this


    I just figured out those posts about her taking him back if her movie flops are true. It did, her single is also bad as hell she still sucks live, so ? Take bieber back he will take care for your career lmao smart girl

  15. Anna says – reply to this


    This is their decision. If it's the wrong decision then they will learn from their mistakes and hopefully do better next time. If it's the right decision then all is well. This is not our decision and I don't even know why they let us comment on stuff like this. I also don't know why you are hating on either one of them. You don't know them, their life, or what they may or may not be going through. You have no idea how much negative comments hurt seemingly untouchable people. They can read a hundred comments and feel like they're on top of the world and then read one nasty one and be torn down again. Therefore, do us all a favor and be quiet, PLEASE.

  16. Maia says – reply to this


    Well of course she's back. her porno movie and shitty single both failed.

  17. ilovebieber says – reply to this


    yes ,… cant believe im saying this gut …go jelena!!

  18. beliefs says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – very true!

  19. Belieber says – reply to this


    What the hell is up with all of you? True BELIEBERS shouldn't hate on someone that makes him happy! They make each other happy. Respect that. U guys r just jealous because u don't have love like there's and honestly what's it up to you?? You can't do anything about it. It's his decision and u need to respect it or leave it. I am so happy for him because they are back together and y'all know how much he really wanted that so give him a break!! Honestly if u hate ur a bunch of douches

  20. Emy says – reply to this


    it's unbelievable how some people say she is using him if you dont like her you dont have to be an ass about it. Selena is not that type of girl and plus it seems like she really does love him and he loves her. Cant you just be happy for them but of course haters see happiness and they try to destroy it.

  21. 21

    Wow..people get sooooo into these celeb relationships…even if they are fake or whatever they are…who cares..they are morons and don't know what love is..they are both too young and have no common sense

  22. Selenator says – reply to this


    Not again. -.- I swear, selena seemed a lot more happier without justin, & seemed to have more fun.

  23. danielo90 says – reply to this


    One moment she is dissing him and making fun of him and is happy without him the other moment she is back with him? What the fuck is going on in this girls mind ? She thinks it is ok to just play with people like that ? NO. I might be a bieber hater but I dislike her for her behaviour , she thinks she is better than everyone lol. She is just running to him because her movie flopped and she needs him again, whenever she doesn't need him she dumps him, poor dude is in love with her, no wonder his fans hate this girl

  24. An says – reply to this


    You guys are ridiculous. I've never seen so much hate.

  25. vicky francis says – reply to this


    vicky francis smiles , laughs hahahahaha , get the proof faster dudes , from past one day i am listening the same thing slowly slowly , get some faster guys , well selena gomez i love you darling, aww but my bad luck , money has lot powers , no god then , no god , bye bye guys , my work is over here , peace be with you all :)

  26. daviddd says – reply to this


    Feel sorry for bieber now she is just playing games with him poor boy he is like in love with her, he will lose many many fans if he takes her back after she made fun of him like that, I know if my ex did that shit to me I would never even look at her again, but hey love makes you stupid lol if it is love , I hardly think so, for this girl it is only fame and attention, he doesn't need her at all , wondering why is he taking her back in his life she is just pathetic with all her drama lately

  27. Caitlin says – reply to this


    I just hope that Justin doesn't get hurt again and also I have been sceptical about Selena doing this to get on his good side so that the scenes of her being portrayed in not a good light are not shown in his upcoming movie. I came to think about this after she dissed him on telly and how she keeps going on about how happy she is being single. I just hope that in the end Justin is happy and that she doesn't mess with him because if she does then she really won't get good exposure from fans and others. I do though hope if I am right about her using him that people see that because I just really, really, really don't want Justin to get hurt.

  28. chadni says – reply to this


    If this is true the finally they're back together this is wat ive been waitin 4 wish them both luck! xx

  29. CRISTINA says – reply to this


    FOFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FELICIDADE AO CASAL.

  30. PEACE&LOVE says – reply to this


    You guys act like you know everything that happened between them, are you guys 12 or what? You don't know shit! So, keep your mouth shut! Calling her famewhore is stupid as fuck, she was famous since she was seven years old, she attended important events and winning three emmy awards while Bieber was still posting videos in youtube. Yes, he is more famous than her but she was famous wayyy before him so shut the fuck up. And don't tell me she made fun of him when we all know it was a fucking joke, besides they shaded each other so they are even. Lets face it if you asked a Selena's hater ( which are mostly Beliebers) why they hate her, the first thing they would say is "She stole my man!" "She broke my baby's heart!" "She is dating my husband!" etc… You all are some stupid Beliebers, they were together you hate on her. They broke up and you still hate on her. What the fuck? Grow the fuck up! I'm not even a big fan of them both but i'm tired of stupid 12 years old. Lets face it, he had been a mess since they broke up. I bet they will use this poor girl as a cover, so he will at least try and clean his image because we all know she is never on those kind of scandals. So be quiet and be hush. I don't give a fuck if you start hating on me but this is how i see it.

  31. 31

    All Selena ever does is hurt him. She just needs to leave him alone already

  32. Eve too says – reply to this


    i totally agree with you

  33. chandi says – reply to this


    I'm happy that Justin n Selena are back together but I hope Selena doesn't make more trouble 4 Justin he was slowly getting rid of Selena!

  34. mezmreyes says – reply to this


    Re: Brinny – you REALLY like the word "ya'll". Yeah we get it, you're from the south lol. Most are not commenting on the fact that he loves her. They are concerned about her love for him. She has proven that she is not the type to stick by his side through hard times. Not only not stick by him, but diss him as well. SHE jumped on that Bieber hate band wagon all by herself, which shows what type of person she is.

  35. mezmreyes says – reply to this


    Re: Emy – If she is such a nice girl, how do you explain her laughing at breaking his heart and making fun of him? Please let us know what excuse this "nice" girl has for that sort of behaviour?

  36. OMG girlZZ ;) wat rong says – reply to this


    oh no here comes more drama #fameseeker y dnt she go out with some1 her age or older shes goin out with a 19 year old boy, took his v card at 17 nd i jus kept thinkin shes usin him foe fame attention and da nasties nd isnt tht statutory rape cuz he is 2 yung foe tht. da thing i dnt get is tht after all those things tht she said about him he takes her bac yea she rlly moved on…. i think nt. now all da beliebers r gunna leave him jus cuz he went bac to her nd there also gunna hate on her foe duin those things well u know wat wale says "keeps cumin bac foe more, keeps cumin bac foe more" nd wat she needs to learn oh and him is tht once you break up theres no goin bac nd its called an ex which means not anymore #disgusted #losttrust. :(

  37. Oliver says – reply to this


    Honestly you guys are so annoying about this. It's THEIR relationship not yours. If they want to get back together they can. I honestly love Selena & Justin. Selena doesn't use him she has her own money!! Justin just wants to spend money on her because isn't that what people in a relationship do? I don't understand why people think their opinion on Justin & Selena's realtionship matters.. Why don't you go find someone before half of you single motherfuckers criticize someone else's realtionships. FOR HEAVENS SAKE.

  38. Oliver says – reply to this


    Re: PEACE&LOVE – Thank you someone who understands !!!

  39. mezmreyes says – reply to this


    Re: PEACE&LOVE – you should get our facts straight before you go on a rant like that. When did he "shade" her in public? Never. Please give an example. And if you are calling the comments and dances she made "jokes", then they were mean spirited jokes. Sorry no matter what way you look at it, she was mean.

  40. Vanesaa says – reply to this



  41. ariala says – reply to this


    Sure, why not.

  42. ariala says – reply to this


    Sure, why not, that's their business

  43. Emily says – reply to this


    I really don't think they should get back together because what if she breaks his heart again that will be bad because they already went through a break up and whenever they get back together they wind up fighting they're better off apart and selena said they were never getting back together

  44. Carys says – reply to this



  45. 45

    Young love is crazy love! Give them a break :)

  46. Amy says – reply to this


    I am a belieber, and honestly Justin is so stupid at this point. He is soooooo busy, he should just take a break with relationship and focus on other things, ESPECIALLY when it's Selena! I have lost all respect for her and her little games are getting reallllllyyyy annoying! Justin, don't fall into her trap again!

  47. FDC says – reply to this


    FUCK NO!

  48. rb says – reply to this


    All of you negative people go get a life of your own, and let them live theirs!!! GOD has a journey for all of us that we can't change, so keep praying for your soul for God to keep, and leave them alone!!!

  49. Kat says – reply to this


    Fake. Lmao what's next? Justin bieber punches Selena in the face and they fall back in love? Gosh, the media has nothing to say about them anymore and has to make the oblivious rumors up.

  50. Sabrina says – reply to this


    I need proof. Lol why wOuld a close sOurce tell the press

  51. Bianca says – reply to this


    Are you kidding me?! I am a belieber but I mean comon! Selena is a fake bitch! She first of all makes fun of him infront of the whole tv! I bet her album isn't working so she tries to go back with Justin to have some success but the only thing she'll have is hate! I was a Jelena fan before but I am not anymore because she finally showed her real face to everyone! She doesn't even know how to sing without the amount of autotune she puts in her songs! Why can't Justin see she's a two faced bitch! Yea I know its none of my business but still I am a belieber and I hate seeing Justin suffering because of a fucking bitch! I hope Justin will discover one day how much of a two faced bitch she is! Hate all you want but that's my opinion!

  52. DONALD C.DERNER says – reply to this


    does anybody really give a s–t ?

  53. truthbetold13 says – reply to this


    justin is much better than selena. she can't make it on her own. Justin, let her be "happy" without you.

  54. m lowry says – reply to this


    i am a 79 year old shut in and for me this is very interesting to watch since i have been where i am a 79 yearold shutin and have been where he is now. they are totally in love, it's easy to see but justin needs to clean up his act right away. droopy pants and backward hats need backwards hats and droopy drawers need to be left on the stage and start dressing like what he is a young man who will lose if it falls apart this time and won't come together again. i want them to stay together. i think they belong together but this is his last chance. he needs counciling to help him do the right thing. he has been suffering and i wish i could talk to him but that won't happen. selena has some changing to do also. she has a part in what happened. she doesn't have clean hands either. it will be a shame if they can't stay together. i have been where they are.

  55. SelenaJustinFan says – reply to this


    Re: cdainpetrs – i totally agree with you everyone's just jel cuz they cangt have love like theirs! :)

  56. Toria says – reply to this


    Wow people just hate. I bet Selina dumped Justin when he started making stupid friends and smoking weed. I strongly believe that Justin needs Selina to keep his crumbling reputation in check, he needs a positive influence in his life.

  57. FreeBird says – reply to this


    I don't think you can use him when he needs publicity and leave it when it doesn't need advertising … as a contract …Norway when selena was coming justin was in Denmark,so I don't think it was in Norway

  58. Brandy says – reply to this


    Re: Brinny – She makes fun of him on David Letterman & no telling how many other shows & sorry if you really love someone you would be upset & perhaps crying but not laughing at them.

  59. Kristen says – reply to this


    I'm tired of people saying "She's using him" and "they are on a contract". Stfu, you guys don't know ANYTHING that's happening between them. Quit judging them and assuming things and just let them deal with their shit.

  60. Boil says – reply to this


    Selena felt sorry for him. She's sexy hott!

  61. Bella says – reply to this


    And then she's gonna dump his ass like usual.

  62. Bobbysknight says – reply to this


    Look here! Who all here have broken up and got back with their ex-wife or girlfriend/boyfriend. Yes see how many perfect relationship you guys and gals all have. It must be love why would they keep getting back together. I remember all of you guys and gals used to hate him and now you want to help him out What fuck up are you guys and gals. It seem me right now You are jelous of him and if you are a true fan of him and her she make him happy and he make her happy. They must want to be together because she would have fly around the world just to talk about the relationship. Maybe she had a change of heart when she was on ellen. Maybe ellen brought something out of her that made her think. What in the hell am I doing I could losed the person that respect my parents that makes me laugh and smile. That only make the sense to me and maybe kim kardashing convince her to give it one more go with him because I can see kendall Jenner talk to Kim her mom and tell her to say He won't last on the market you better decided fast. A lot of you so call fans are not even fans of his and shouldn't be tell him how to live his life it his all fans should stay out of and encourage him instead of trying to bring him down think about it.

  63. BLUEJAYS says – reply to this


    I think he told her If you comeback I will get help for my anger I just need you to be their with me and surpport me when I do Selena could they have been talking all long and we Just do not know it. Selena likes to keep her relationship private but Justin doesn't feel it not right to keep something from his fans.

  64. JelenaForever!!!!! says – reply to this


    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! I FREAKING LOVE THEM! Jelena forever!!!!! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D!!!!!

  65. kenrick says – reply to this


    i love selena gomez sh is so so hot i want her

  66. Aqua says – reply to this


    Awww im so happy <3 i love jelena .

  67. unknown says – reply to this


    No because shes just ganna do it again to him and its just ganna be more problems for him and her . With Justin on tour and selena gomez's music they are just ganna go into more problems then they started out with .

  68. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Re: OMG girlZZ ;) wat rong – Please learn to spell or at least use spellcheck.
    I know very little about them other than what I have read online so no strong opinion one way or the other. Just wish them the best however things work out.

  69. londonbieber says – reply to this



  70. selenagomezisabitch says – reply to this


    No. Selena is a bitch.i hate her guts

  71. mikayla says – reply to this


    Re: Ryan – amen!

  72. brooke says – reply to this



  73. Crystal says – reply to this


    Re: cdainpetrs – I agree with you I feel as if she is only using him

  74. bbrianna says – reply to this


    Yes they should jelena back !!

  75. laura says – reply to this



  76. Kaylie says – reply to this


    Re: Maia – Neither failed, so what are you talking about?

  77. Kaylie says – reply to this


    Re: OMG girlZZ ;) wat rong – Before you type, you need to learn to spell.

  78. Jenbug877 says – reply to this


    I love bieber don't get me wrong I'm a belieber but what a damn idiot.you are gonna sit here and tell me tht they are gonna get back together. Like I love selena too but why?? Why?? Is my question. She made fun of him, dissed him, acted like she was fine without and goes crawling back to him. That's redicuolus. He's to stupid to realize that she is comming out with a new album and is probably using him for more publicity. Because let's face it she's dying down a bit. But I would have thought bieber would be over her. It's been like 4 months. Can't hide everything jelena. I'm super done with both of them. No bieber\ selena fan anymore their redicuolus

  79. Rebecca says – reply to this


    this just so stupid him and her but if justin is happy then im happy and support them

  80. broohaha says – reply to this


    she has made many gaffes in the media since breaking up with him thus needs to divert attention away from the bad press/criticism she has recieved. creating some "getting back together with justin beiber" pr is a desperate attempt at distracting away from things such as spring breakers being shit and being called immature, bitter, culturally insensitive, ignorant, offensive and a horrendous live singer. before she was so over him and mocking him, now she's up his ass again.

    My, my, Taylor won't be impressed especially after helping you write that diss song about Justin. Is that a bullseye developing on your face now?…

  81. Lisa says – reply to this


    I think that Selena's the idiot for taking him back. Like no one wants to put up with Justin Beavers bullcrap!

  82. Pujastin says – reply to this


    If JUSTIN's HAPPY I m HAPPY . Hopefully selena wouldn't break his HEART again. I LOVE YOU EVERY SECOND MINUTE HOUR DAY YEAR .bye sweeto…

  83. selfan says – reply to this


    Leave them alone! If there are in love so be it! People go through on and off again relationships.If your a real fan, you'd support them and their decisions!

  84. selfan says – reply to this


    Re: Lisa – yea!

  85. truee belieber says – reply to this


    Re: Brinny – bitch we dnt need to be happy because they are bak together. If we dnt support them let us. Selena is a fuckin bitch. She fuckin laughed at him because he cried for her and shaded him so why da fuq should we support them. I dislike jelena so much nd dnt want them bak together. All she does is hurt him nd doesn't care. I still support Justin nd am a true belieber. So shut yo mouth biatch. -.-

  86. truee belieber says – reply to this


    Re: SelenaJustinFan – no were just tired dat selena keeps on playing him

  87. maddy says – reply to this


    OMG justin i love you so much but i cant believe that your back together with selena after everything that she has said and done to you like seriously i dont want to get between you guys but as far as i no i would deffintly not take back selena after what she has said and done DONT JUDGE :)

  88. Ashley Gerald says – reply to this


    I like Justin and Selena I have no problem with them what's so ever but personal I don't think they should get back together I mean they're both looking for different things, and Selena did say things about justin and she's looks happy but I'm have no place to judge and neither do you.but I don't think they should. But I like them both and whatever dission they make.

  89. Clarian says – reply to this


    Sometimes I just feel like this world is retarted. In case you have forgotten this whole thing is not even worth aguing about. I happen to know a couple that had an on and off relationship and all I did was congratulate them two because they got back together and was happy. Like can everyone just be like that for once. It kind of like when someone smokes let then unless it someone you care about because if their chose to die early then there's nobody to blame but them. Justin or Selena made their chose to get back together, if they happen to break up again in a couple of weeks. Who's to blame?

  90. omg really? says – reply to this


    are you guys seriously defending bieber? the bieber who allegedoly cheated on her twice?
    with a picture to prove one of them. he went on a movie date with a model.
    youre defending the bieber who ¨wanted is girlfriend back¨ but post a drawn picture
    of him with a topless fan? ¨wants selens back¨ but says he ¨loves all the models¨ at the VS show. are you serious?

    & the fact the selena was ¨faking¨ being happy after the breakup is understandable so she didnt look all heartbroken but you can see how sad she is when she spoke about it on the most recent ellen show.

  91. just name. says – reply to this


    Re: xxx – lol u're right! selena told that they will never ever ever getting back together *Taylor Swift voice lol* and then they kissing.. omg. i think selena uses him for fame. just because her new album on sale. lol. and beliebers bought her albums just because of bieber. i think she want him to back, because she scaries of beliebers, that they wouldnt watch her new movie, or buy her new album lol. and she wouldnt be so famous anymore. lool justin really loves her, bc she's his first love. and he was in love with her for a long time.. and selena.. she was famous for this time while they were dating. im out.

  92. Megan says – reply to this


    She obviously needs some promo because her tour is coming up not to mention that her single CAGI debuted at #45 on Billboard Hot 100 and is currently flopping in terms of sales. Anyone with eyes can plainly see that they're only together in favour of their careers. Selena is irrelevant without JB and Justin is a little follish to fall for it

  93. two sides to the story says – reply to this


    Re: omg really? – yea Im thinking thres to sides two the story so people should stop acting like bieber is innocent I mean only they would really know what happened.
    the ones calling selena names are bielibers under 15.
    oh but I think selena wasnt sad cause of bieber on the ellen show
    I think it was when she was giving tickets to her fans ’cause she loves them.

  94. lol says – reply to this


    Re: llcooljfan – thats true.

  95. jayy says – reply to this


    Justin and selena should NOT go back together ! He's Mine !

  96. samsam812 says – reply to this


    what is wrong with you people? Justin's career is going down the drain,he'll probably only last another few years tops. The Bieber Fever is fading and Selena's career is rising what with her new album coming out and Spring Breakers. I'm neither a belieber or a selenator but come on people, she did nothing wrong. The person who dumps is always blamed in the end. Justin needs to get his act together and Selena needs to make up her mind.

  97. fawaziah says – reply to this


    As justin bieber fan (belieber) I'm happy if justin bieber and selena gomez get back together they make a cute couple. Selena gomez please don't break his heart again

  98. Fuzzy says – reply to this


    Why is it that every websites wrote the story with the same wording? Nothing vary, it was like you were cheating in school, copying your classmate's homework or test. No pictures no story period.

  99. fawaziah says – reply to this


    This is there decision can't you all. Be happy for them and what's up with all the nasty comments as justin bieber fan (belieber) I'm happy if they get back together justin bieber and selena gomez make a cute couple and I think no I no they were meant to be together

  100. 100

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