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Once Upon A Time Sneak Peek Has Emma Thinking About Heading Home! Watch HERE!

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There's only 4 episodes left of Once Upon A Time until the second season wraps up!

Although we're already trying to find a way to spend our future Sunday nights, we're liking what we see so far from the final episodes!

Ch-ch-check out the sneak peek clip from Lacey (above)!

We knew we were going to get a lot of Rumpbelle in this episode, but we had not idea we were gonna get some Neal/Emma time too!

Yeah, we'll say it — we like them together. And what's more, we like the idea of them going back to the Enchanted Forest together to raise their son and live with their family like they were supposed to.

Maybe they could even get the same deal as Pinocchio — turn back the clock and finally get the childhood they deserve with their parents!

Are we thinking too far ahead? Reaching? Sorry… just excited!

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One comment to “Once Upon A Time Sneak Peek Has Emma Thinking About Heading Home! Watch HERE!”

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    Did you even watch the scene? She says nothing about going home. She asks baby daddy if HE'S considered going home as off to Fairyland. You have got to start getting things right here, boy.

    But it did get me thinking if I were Emma I'd be longing to get out of Storybrooke. Her reason for being there has come and gone. She broke the curse. Now with Henry's dad there, and Henry unlikely to forget (even if he forgave) her lying about him, and Snow and Charming are there to aid in protecting the kid, and frankly while Regina can't 'love' the kid she can provide for him materially. Shit… I'd be gone! Screw all that magic horseshit and get back to being what I was… a bounty hunter. Maybe get me my own reality show!