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Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Tried To Kill Himself Before Arrest?! May Never Speak Again!

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boston bomber college party(2)

While the country sighed a collective sigh of relief after discovering that the second suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, apprehended by authorities injured, yet alive Friday night, it seems less and less hopeful now that he'll ever be able to come clean about why he and his older brother Tamerlan committed such horrific atrocities, as it's become unclear if he'll ever be able to speak again.

According to reports, the 19-year-old college student has a serious wound in his neck and throat, and many are speculating that it was self-inflicted, while he lay bleeding in a Watertown resident's boat, in an last ditch plea to end his life before being apprehended.

Sources explain that due to the suspicious trajectory and location of the bullet wound to his neck, which was fired at close range, investigators have concluded that a suicide attempt is likely.

Furthermore, despite the suspect's serious injuries, insiders are now reporting that he mouthed curse words to the officers standing watch in the ambulance while paramedics treated him on the way to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, where he is currently intubated and breathing with a ventilator.

It's still unclear if any formal charges have been filed against him, or if authorities have managed to interrogate him in any fashion thus far, but for the sake of the injured, dead, and their devastated family, friends, and loved ones, we certainly hope that they do, and quickly.

Stay strong, Boston.

[Image via AP Images.]

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81 comments to “Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Tried To Kill Himself Before Arrest?! May Never Speak Again!”

  1. susan says – reply to this


    Please make the correction…it is NOT incubated…it is INTUBATED.

  2. RC says – reply to this


    He knows how to text. better for things to be in writing.

  3. 3

    Suicide attempt my ass…Someone did not want him to talk.
    Anyone who believes this shit is a complete fucking idiot.
    2 words FALSE FLAG.

  4. Sarah says – reply to this


    Re: Pantera – My thoughts exactly! Suicide attempt would have been him shooting himself in the f!cking head.

  5. Duh says – reply to this


    I can't believe you buy this B.S. story.


  6. 6

    Check out INFOWARS, if you havent already.

  7. lovestruck90 says – reply to this


    Well can't he write? I mean they can ask him questions and he can write the answers on a notepad or something. There has to be a way to hear his side of the story.

  8. 8

    His own mother said he was working with the FBI for years, they set them up…Kill his brother and shoot him in the neck. How convienient. I bet anything he dies and they never get the chance to tell their side of the story.

  9. The Matrix says – reply to this


    He is guilty of domestic terrorism and attempted suicide fearing he would be apprehended. What evidence, if any, do any of you alarmist/conspiracy theorists have to the contrary. If you don't have any evidence just shut-up. You're sounding so stupid with the False Flag B.S.

  10. Spence says – reply to this


    Re: PanteraRe: SarahRe: Duh – You people are ridiculous. He and his brother were both caught on tape at the scene, first carrying the backpacks that held the bombs, then without them. And why is it that they/he is the only one walking away calmly after the explosion, when everyone else is running scared? Do innocent people shoot at the police and throw explosives at them? Doubtful. If the FBI wanted them both dead, why is the younger brother still alive? How does that fit into your stupid theories? And not everyone who attempts suicide is successful. He probably put the gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger, and ended up just blowing a hole in his throat instead of killing himself. It happens a lot more frequently than you might think. Although clearly… the three of you don't seem capable of deep thought. Sickening.

  11. anon says – reply to this


    Re: The Matrix – Oh, you poor fool. What evidence do you have that he DID commit these crimes? Show me the hard evidence, until you can, you're just making yourself look like every other idiotic American who falls for the media's bullshit. Go do your fucking research and stop believing everything they're feeding into your naive little head.

  12. jay says – reply to this


    Re: Pantera – COMPLETELY AGREE! So glad people are starting to see the lies that we are being told!

  13. anon says – reply to this


    Re: Spence – Oh, boy. So, these images and footage show these two men putting the backpacks down? And how do you know they were calm? It's a still image. I read comments like your's and I weep for humanity and how uneducated you sound. But, please, by all means continue listening to the crap you are being fed. Go right ahead, no wonder our society can no longer think for itself…

  14. Spence says – reply to this


    Re: anon – Whatever you say, bud. Weep all you want. Thinking logically has worked well for me so far in life. Maybe it's because I'm not American, and live in a country that doesn't inspire hatred in others, but I don't go through life thinking everything is a conspiracy. My heart goes out to the citizens of Boston, and it goes out to people like you as well. Get out of the basement and get some sunshine. Maybe fresh air will clear your head.

  15. Deeeeeznuts says – reply to this


    \Re: Pantera – Get off Alex Jones' nuts. Infowars is all bullshit. Put your tinfoil hat back on and stfu, you mindless basement dweller.

  16. 16

    Great, America has become a breeding ground for psychotic conspiracy theorists now. There goes the neighborhood! You people are nuts. He had a gun shot wound in his leg as well. The shot in his throat and leg are from the shootout. Perez is the only one I have seen so far having this "source" claiming the neck wound was from up close so sorry for not buying it. I'll believe it when a reliable news source says it.

  17. chipsaredown says – reply to this


    Oh yea l3ets forget about the bomb sniffing dogs and the us military men who also had backpacks PPPFFFTTT WAKE UP… these two kids are scape goats…. nothing more nothing less.. is it any wonder why our world is such a pile of shite when people don't open their eye's to the truth!!

  18. Spence says – reply to this


    Re: anon – Also… in your response to The Matrix, you challenged him to show you hard evidence that he did commit the crime. Does that mean you have hard evidence to prove that the whole thing was a set-up? Or do your theories not require concrete evidence as well?

  19. chipsaredown says – reply to this


    maybe when you realise us *psychotic conspiracy theorists* are right…. it will be a whole different story! got YouTube things…. the evidence is there… it's not too hard to see…. if you open your eyes

  20. lisa says – reply to this


    his backpack was evidence, really? you should check your facts again cause the only backpack i saw that exploded was black. the brothers bags were grey and white. BAM!

  21. jt885 says – reply to this


    If there isn't anyone behind this why would he do that?

  22. 22

    Oh lawd here comes the conspiracists…ARRRRGGGGHHHHH! very easy to spew up fantasy BS when you know you dont have to prove it. Sometimes things really are what they seem so calm the fuck down and control your imagination.

  23. MichJB says – reply to this


    He didn't cut off his hands - he will still be able to write.

  24. chipsaredown says – reply to this


    yea the backpack was evidence… BUT if you go look the guy who HAD the backpack WAS not either of these brothers…. one point the guy with the backpack that is *evidence* in the images first released was wearing a red T-shirt… no hat and he had longer facial hair than the brother who died the other day… in no way was this kid…first time out of the blue i've ever seen a *drill* searching for bombs.. then a bomb goes off ….they planned it or they knew it was going to happen

  25. ROSENBERG says – reply to this


    They should both rot in H. Wake up America. This is pre-Nazi Germany and the extremists are the Nazis. Have no mercy for they want to murder us. Remember the innocent child and young people and those who died and who are without limbs. Remember 911. Have no mercy for they seek a heaven with virgins that do not exist while we want to live only in peace. Rabbi DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG P.S. I AM a clergyman who who will never forgive or forget what the Nazis did when THEY MURDERED MY FAMILY, innocent babies and men and women. I have no mercy on villains.

  26. 26

    Pre 9/11 Americans were walking around in a fog, not any longer. People who have trouble fitting in to American society find sub-cultures that hate America and Americans. Better watch our immigration policies.
    And to those who think these two were framed by the FBI, you have watched too many movies. Would the FBI kill three innocents to frame two innocent men? Grow up people!

  27. KateM says – reply to this


    Re: The Matrix

    Don't forget, he's still a suspect. There has been no proof he's done anything.. Smells like a setup.

  28. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Give him a notebook, you can get one at the 99 cent store and a pen.
    He has been upgraded to serious from critical, so he may be able to be questioned in one way or another next week.

  29. HEATHER says – reply to this


    Re: anon
    You can NOT be serious!!!! These two killed & injured innocent people. I feel sorry for your souls.

  30. 30

    Well I guess he can write then. Just like the American school taugh him.

  31. 31

    Re: The Matrix – yeah, the fbi did the bombing…then made them shoot a cop, dress #1 in a suicide vest and on and on…what a stupid analogy. He can still write just like america taught him.

  32. 32

    Re: michelltRe: michellt – [re=6393722]taught

  33. 33

    Re: michellt – freakin **taught…guess I'll catch hell for that one.

  34. 34

    You conspiracy theorists are batshit crazy. Its scary to think that most of you are armed.

  35. The Matrix says – reply to this


    KateM says

    The Matrix –

    "Don't forget, he's still a suspect. There has been no proof he's done anything.. Smells like a setup."

    Kate, he would not have been arrested without probable cause. They did not just randomly arrest him. Please try to form thoughs and conclusions based on relevant evidence and logic. You're not making any sense. You actually sound pathetic.

  36. Sandi says – reply to this


    He'll never be able to come clean? Excuse Me? Are his hands broken? Did he not learn how to write with his American education?

  37. John says – reply to this


    I do believe the people who say this was a setup to scare the American people so they can pass bills to get more into our privacy like the CISPA bill, reps have already said they need to pass CISPA because of the Boston bombers.. coincidence i think not.

  38. 38

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  40. sadamerican says – reply to this


    what are you a gay genie perez? how the hell do you know he did anything-guilty because they say he did. did you see that one of them was alive and naked and then he was "run over"-this is so musch bullshit.. i bet you still think 9/11 was done by box cutters. this government, fbi and the cia are the real terrorists. america has killed more innocent people than almost all the governments of the world put together. the us military are murderers and obama, bush and clinton the true leaders of the terrorist cell.war crimes and crimes against humanity-:( i feelthat everything that comes out you media personalities are deliberate lies!!!! how much are they paying you dude?

  41. ayeya says – reply to this


    If you see the first picture of him next to the boat he is all right, he looks injured but fine. In the second he has blood on his face and he in on the grown. WTF happend. I think that the FBI beat him and destruyed this guy´s neck. And now he can´t speak. FINE!. BUT HE CAN WRITE. but you know that in the end he is going to die. You´ll see hes going to be blame for this, this is a set up.FALSE FLAG.

  42. 42

    Re: susan – you're kidding right? PERV-ez making a correction!!!

  43. 43

    Yeah I fucking guess 9/11, Sandy Hook and Christopher Dorner (just to name a few) happened the way the "news" said it did…The government controls the media. OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES…ITS CALLED RESEARCH, why dont you fucking try it?? Instead of believing whatever you see on the news. UGH. Have fun on a your one way trip to indefinate detention.

  44. Alexxx says – reply to this


    He is just so frickin cute!!!:)

  45. WillowWynde says – reply to this


    You conspiracy theorists are seriously demented. Whenever there is a gathering of a very large group of people, there has and will continue to be an equally large gathering of security (i.e. the men dressed in black and tan with backpacks a.k.a. Massachusetts National Guard’s Civil Support Team). Also, you obtuse dolts, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar confessed to the owner of the black Mercedes-Benz SUV they carjacked that they were responsible for the bombings. So climb out of Alex Jones’ ass and put the kool-aid down already! And Re: Alexxx – . . . you are one sick ticky to find a guy responsible for murdering 4 people and injuring over 150+ people cute.

  46. Mist says – reply to this


    I don't believe the conspiracy but American Gov. they definitely control the media and they try to scare the American people into passing bills they want to go through,thank god most of us don't fall for it.

  47. Tacotaco says – reply to this


    Good thing he can still write.

  48. Bottled Barbo says – reply to this


    Pantera, you the brain of a 3rd world country. Move to one.

  49. Fre says – reply to this


    Re: The Matrix

    His mother is not exactly a reliable source. Besides, if they were working undercover for the FBI, would they have told her? My mother never knew exactly what I did while I was in the military. Secrets are easy to keep.

  50. Apta says – reply to this


    Does these mean the prison guards won't have to listen to his screams when he makes a new friend?

  51. chipsaredown says – reply to this


    This guy will either Die or his *Hands* are gonna develop Gangrene of the hands……..but you idiots will still not see the truth… if it slapped you in your face with a rotten fish….. ignorance is bliss……. you are just part of that Conspiracy…

  52. sharron says – reply to this


    Remember again folks that you are all beleiving what is told to you by the goddamn news who are told all this stuff by the police who are controlled by the government. When these two guys were in this shootout with the police, no one was there to actually confirm whether or not the older brother was actually wearing a vest with explosives all over it. The only people who "saw this" was the cops and fbi, which means they could practically make up most of it and all you brainwashed ideots are going to beleive them. If there is an actual video of the two suspects placing the bags down and then seen leavin the bags in those places then the public should be allowed to watch it. If there can be photos everywhere of peoples limbs fallen off then why is it such a big deal to see some actual secuirty proof? Hmmm maybe because there is none. All they keep showing is them walking with backpacks with a bunch of other kids behind who also have backpacks on as well. Perhaps these guys were set up and knew they had no choice but to run away which ensued them having to deal with the cops. It doesnt make any sense why the younger one would also attend school after apparently doing all this either. And hes not an ideot who thought he could get away with it either seeing as he was an honours student. The whole thing just seems so fishy.

  53. shannon says – reply to this


    Also, its pretty obvious now that hes going to die and wont be able to speak and there goes all the "answers " the dumb government wanted. Its the fbi who shot him not the suspect himself. How is it that the suspect was able to climb perfectly fine out of the boat but right after hes on the ground in serious condition? Bunch of bullshit, the fbi knew that if he would be able to talk he would argue his case about being innocent so they took any chance of him being able to talk away. And then as far as being able to write if not talk.. well lets see if the government will even allow him to live long enough to write a statement. Americans are the biggest ideots living on this earth. Just refuse to even think rationally for a second. 3 people die from a bombing and its treated like world war 3, yet US drones kill hundreds of innocent people but obviousley to you rednecks there all considered cattle right? Becuase to you americans people from those countries dont love their moms,dads, and children right? Ignorant morons.

  54. Betsybel says – reply to this


    If you lookat the photos, you can see they shot him in the throat while he was on his knees. There's a blast of blood on the side of the boat. They are ruthless.

  55. ONIT says – reply to this


    Re: Sarah – Exactly! A suicide attempt would've been in the head. Claiming everything else is believing the public is stupid enough to believe it. We are not!

  56. 56

    Re: Spence – I'm with you Spence. All these babies crying over how he was wronged make me sick. People are dead, including a child. But of course it has to be a conspiracy! Pathetic.

  57. carroll says – reply to this


    ok i am going to stop reading these comments as i think they are making me stupider by the second. where do you conspiracy people come from, because i want to be far far away from you.

  58. WillowWynde says – reply to this


    Trying to turn him into a victim is absolutely disgusting! This guy is responsible for causing deaths, injuring over 150+ innocent people, and changing peoples lives forever. Those so quick to yell, “Conspiracy!” based on the ramblings of a lunatic (*cough*Alex Jones*cough*) should be ashamed of themselves.

  59. Layla00 says – reply to this


    Well he is intubated and but that doesn't mean he won't pull through nor does it mean he can't write. I also don't believe the coward tried to shoot himself, if so he would have laid in that boat until he died or they killed him. I think he was wounded and realized he had nowhere to go and wanted help. Unlike some of his victims, he'll probably live.

  60. Layla00 says – reply to this


    To the conspiracy theorist, get a grip please! Our Governor has already seen video footage of this maniac leaving the bomb, walking away and ducking from the debris. What are you going to say to that when it's released? Photos of him dropping the bomb behind little Martin have already been released, an eye witness with no legs fingered him out of a lineup of photos the next day, they made eye contact. You people are insane! Stop sticking up for him because he's a cute kid, he's a mindless killing machine just like his dead brother was. For the record, while he was trying to get away on a boat that was docked in someone's backyard the media focused on him, 60 miles away the FBI were quietly arresting his sleeper cell in Boston. Get your facts straight before mouthing off! This is MY city, when it happens to yours and your family have a go at your conspiracy theories, you sound like idiots anyway!

  61. Layla00 says – reply to this


    Re: ONIT – are you insane?! The owner of the boat found blood on it, went out and took a ladder, climbed up and peeked inside and saw him lying there, went calmly into his home and called the police! There was BLOOD ON THE BOAT BEFORE THE POLICE GOT THERE! You people are whacked in the head! I hope the FBI has you on their radar, you're nuts!

  62. Spence says – reply to this


    Re: ONIT – So you're saying that it's absolutely impossible that he put the gun into his mouth and pulled the trigger? People have tried this many times and not succeeded in actually killing themselves. You talk shit about other people, when it seems pretty evident you have shit for brains yourself.

  63. debunker says – reply to this


    Re: Pantera – You're an idiot. He is still alive, so where is the false flag? "Someone didn't want him to talk?" He had the wounds before he was captured. Also, the dude is currently alive and responding in writing. Put on your tin foil hat and go to your corner of stupidity.

  64. debunker says – reply to this


    Re: chipsaredown – Yeah I guess the fact that their house has more weapons and bombs is all part of the giant conspiracy. Idiot.

  65. debunker says – reply to this


    Re: shannon – You sound like the ignorant moron. He is still alive and responding in writing. There goes your stupid point, right in the trash.

  66. christina says – reply to this


    FALSE FLAGS someone did not want him to speak !!

  67. ChicaMami says – reply to this


    Re: Bottled Barbo – There are more smarter people in the 3rd world country,so watch it!

  68. Beware says – reply to this


    I fear for America and the disasters which awaits.The combined countries hating them can wipe them all out.Muslim extremists alone will never stop until US is erased from the map.There will be more of this…until the US govt learn how to mind their own business.

  69. TTSSYF says – reply to this


    Yep FALSE FLAG!!! And Im not a Big conspiracy theorist…but seriously people. Do YOUR research and dont just listen to everything the media says. Dont you know that the FBI and top govt people CONTROL the media. Just saying…so If there ever was a cover up all they have to do is say, "Hey this is the story now go and tell the world" and everyone and their mommas BELIEVE everything w/out ever actually thinking about it or questioning. My heart goes out to all of the victims and I pray for the families but everyone that is so SURE this happened because they SEEN it…c'mon people dont be so foolish. Something is going on with all of these recent events and honestly it's just going to get worse. What happened in Boston while they were doing the "manhunt" is the definition of Martial Law! It's coming sooner than later…so again, dont be ignorant. I respect everyones opinions but for your own sake just do your OWN research and dont believe everything you hear on tv. The media can be used as a puppet and the viewers are sucked in and believe it all.

  70. KAY says – reply to this



  71. 71

    PEREZ! You need to wake up and know what you post…A retired A retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Army weighs in on Boston.

  72. 72

    take out the #s: ##youtu.be/##yWUB4MCLsHg##

  73. 73

    search on youtube:

    A retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Army weighs in on Boston. host: conservitusprime


  74. IE says – reply to this



  75. 75

    I strongly urge you and others to read up on black powder laws and regulations. The bombs used typically have black powder. OBAMA was CLEARLY pissed about none of the gun control laws passing. Hypothetically, a perfect reason for a set up. Since bullets require black powder, regulating it would put a limit on ammo. Such a scenario like the Boston bombing, allowing first responders to be heroes, in a town that had NO GUNS, showing that law enforcement its capable of handling everything without armed citizens, would be a great catalyst for new gun control proposals. And who better to frame than a follower of Islam, legal immigrant. Tamarlen already having been under the microscope and cleared by the FBI. JUST SAYING…Keep your eyes open and see if this comes to the table in the coming months… Be educated and aware…

  76. Nippet says – reply to this


    I am totally with you on this one Spence . I can't believe these people who can't see what is so clear. It is 100% clear that these two brothers were guilty of the most terrible crime we could imagine. They destroyed 100's of lives and killed 3 human beings in the bomb blasts and the MIT Police Officer because they had some kind of unfounded hatred of Americans..I am glad that the oldest brother is dead and I hope that they can get the story out of the now remaining brother as to their reasoning and future intentions where terrorist acts were concerned. Then I hope they fry his f*cking ass after his is found GUILTY in a Federal Court…..

  77. jackie says – reply to this


    Are you fucking kidding me? Please go back to reporting about Justin Bieber's tweets, Reese Witherspoon's mugshot, and Kim Kardashian's babydaddy problems. Try not to get involved in politics that you know nothing about.

  78. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    My hands hurt and I'm running out of Reynolds Aluminum Foil - making all these tin foil hats for the CONSPIRACY THEORISTS! You people are stonecoldfucknuts and batspit crazy.

  79. terryz88 says – reply to this


    there is this thing called writing - it can be done both by hand or by typing on a computer
    to false flag paranoids - if they wanted him dead, he would be dead

  80. Snibs says – reply to this


    This is complete inside job once again. How many incidents will it take for people to open their minds and ask questions? The majority of people globally have been completely brainwashed by mainstream media with lies, corruption and deception.

    Just have a look at this for an alternative view to mainstream reports.

  81. 69 says – reply to this