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Kanye West Paying BIG BUCKS To Be With Kim Kardashian For Pregnancy Check-Ups!

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kanye kim dr appointment

He may not have been physically with her for 85 days during her pregnancy, but despite reports that suggest otherwise, it certainly sounds as though Kanye West's number one priority, above all else, is his lady love Kim Kardashian and their child-to-be!

According to new reports, while the rapper has been incredibly busy with work-related obligations over the past few months, he has made it to all of the reality starlet's doctor's appointments…and because he's working in Paris right now, it's costing him a pretty penny to do so!

Yeah. Like $100,000 worth of pennies.

Sources reveal that Yeezy has been so involved in Kim's check-ups, he's even reached out to doctors well in advance to ensure that he can work his schedule around the check-ups!

So far, he's taken THREE SEPARATE trips via private jet from Paris to El Lay to do just that!

Doesn't that just melt your heart a little bit?

Seriously! We ADORE hearing what an attentive daddy-to-be Kanye is!

Between this and the unexpected divorce settlement this week, we think Kim is one seriously lucky lady!

All the best, you guys!

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45 comments to “Kanye West Paying BIG BUCKS To Be With Kim Kardashian For Pregnancy Check-Ups!”

  1. SooooSad says – reply to this


    Lies make Baby Jesus cry.

  2. 2

    OKAY! ENOUGH of these paid advertisements about Kanye and Kim. It makes me want to puke!

  3. Bantall says – reply to this


    Keep Kashing those Kardasian cheques! Fat boy's gotta eat!

  4. Hogwash says – reply to this


    No one believes this Perez. You are just another phoney on the take, and we all see right through you.

  5. Gay Fish says – reply to this


    If she really was Kanye West's number one priority, he would be living in the US. If he wants to work with artists from Paris, he is rich enough to fly them over to the US. This is all bullshit. He ran away from his troubles and we know it.

  6. CelebrityNut.webs.com says – reply to this


    Oh, he's paying for the paternity test? Makes sense…

  7. Fellowship 1 says – reply to this


    The doctor CANNOT talk about Kim's pregnancy with Kanye West because he is NOT the patient! He caould not discuss it even if Kanye was the husband!….so go do some research and you will find the claim from your "source" is bull!

  8. Slutwalk says – reply to this


    Once again Perez Hilton is doing the Kardashians dirty work. I guess his source is Kris or Kim. $$$

  9. 9

    Don't believe, with a many times kim calls to paps to photograph her, surely there would be 1 to 2 pics with kanye out there. I think he is staying far from the whole kartrashian clan and regrets every sticking it to kim. perez quit stealing posts for t…m..z.. word for word, it would be easier for you to just tell everyone to read them for all the crap you are going to post hours later.

  10. Karma says – reply to this


    "Three trips to LA" would not go unnoticed by the media. Not a chance. We would have seen pictures by now. This is all PR lies! The Kardashians should just save their money and stop paying people like Perez to spread lies, because these lies aren't working. If anything, they are hurting their brand.

  11. Barbara says – reply to this


    this is BS…they already said he had only made 2-3 visits with her.

  12. 12

    85 days? who gives a shit! pregnant woman who have military husbands go longer.

  13. Snowbird says – reply to this


    I think the 100K of pennies is what they paid to have this fake article written!

  14. Military Husbands says – reply to this


    Re: SomePeopleAreJust STUPID[/re] …guess u think readers here are stupid too. Guess what, military husband do not have the ability to choose to be with their pregnant wives, or baby-mamas. Kim's sperm donor is a very wealthy man who is not out saving endangered and trapped whales or on a NASA mission way-away in outer-space. His choice to not be with her is just that A CHOICE. Kim is boooorrrriiiing. How many conversations can one have about scented candles and beauty products without feeling a need to find more intelligent conversation? Has he put a wedding ring on it yet? She told Seacrest she'd marry again. She is undoubtedly waiting. When people love one another they MAKE opportunities to be together. Not make excuses as to why two people with tons of money just cant find the time to hook up.

  15. Andrew says – reply to this


    She can give consent for the doctor to discuss anything with whoever she wantsRe: Fellowship 1

  16. shanghai says – reply to this


    Perez WHY do you suck up to this no talent person. She is only out for fame and money and does not seem to care what she does to get it.

  17. Rose says – reply to this


    Reading the comments on this blog brings serious questions about the mental health of the nation.

  18. olivia says – reply to this


    Yes, my heart melts for the man in the private jet.

  19. Stunning says – reply to this


    Re: Rose – Seriously? You hadn't notice that US has a serious mental health issues until you read todays Perez Hilton blog? psssst…US has a real big drug problem, deficit and health care problem too.

  20. Stunning says – reply to this


    Re: Rose – Seriously? You hadn't notice that US has serious mental health issues until you read todays Perez Hilton blog? psssst…US has a real big drug problem, deficit and health care problem too.

  21. Catie Menzie says – reply to this


    Excuse me? "Attentive daddy", my ass! You're all up his butt not because he attended a doctor's visit but because he spent 100 K to do so. Lame Perez! That is not attentive, it's arrogant and obnoxious behavior. Why not put your album on hold to be back in the states? That would be "attentive'.

  22. 22

    Kayne "This Kim Bitch is the biggest mistake of my life; even bigger than me killing mother".

  23. NO KATE THERE! says – reply to this


    Seems Kim has been trying to copy Kate with her big 'royal' wedding and now preggers. Where is making an original life for yourself?

  24. glo says – reply to this


    Do you NOT realize how STUPID your article is. LMBO, Kanye has NOT AT ALL been there for her, IF SOOOOOOOO, WE WOULD HAVE ALREADY SEEN PICS OF BOTH OF THEM if he was ever here to be with her. The only pic that will pop up will be of him and her bcuz of SNL, if THAT, and ONLY cuz he flew in for the show, NOT HER.

  25. Tim says – reply to this


    Her real name is Kim Lardassian.

  26. MichJB says – reply to this


    Perhaps he should first pay for a paternity test to see if the little spawn is even his.

  27. Alan Brickman says – reply to this


    He'll write it off as business expenses..or get his charity to pay for it!!!

  28. BradS says – reply to this


    Re: MichJB – Could be why he went to the dr. with her. He has to take a test too to do the paternity test. Be a fool to get stuck with huge child support payments without getting a test to prove its his kid. He sure isnt making her and this baby a very important part of his life.

  29. 29

    seriously if any people start believing this shit you deserve to be called an idiot.

  30. 30

    I imagine its better for the doctor to know ALL the stds these two must be carrying for the kids sake. if there really is one.

  31. chillax62 says – reply to this


    Re: Fellowship 1 – WRONG! A doctor can talk about pregnancy to the father to be… It's always been the case. So euh, no pun intended, but get your facts right before posting.

  32. 32

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  33. nlg says – reply to this


    are the sources the kardashians?? they want to make people think he is attentive or they want to flaunt his money…

  34. YOU ARE MISTAKEN says – reply to this


    Re: chillax62 – Technically a physician is not allowed to discuss a patients condition/case/treatment/prognosis with ANYONE, unless by a very unusual/rare court order or a written medical release by the patient themself. I would be facinated to know where you got your (alleged) FACTS from that state an (alleged) father has Carte Blanche access to an US citizens medicals records when the father has not even been established. If Kim signs a release that her doc can discuss her case with others, he can. For the doc to give a potential candidate of paternity medical information about a woman who is pregnant WITHOUT her consent is not only unethical it is ILLEGAL. May I suggest you google your facts before you take to media to support them when they seem to come from gossip,wishes or soap operas.

  35. 35

    Bullshit and a cover story to shut the rumors down. We all know he's not around and Kim is just a babymama that he will NEVER marry.

  36. GoToHellKitty says – reply to this


    No, my heart doesn't melt. It might if he actually was physically present for the woman that is carrying his child. But, he's all the way in Paris, far removed from actually being a shoulder to lean on. He should be there. Celebrities rearrange their schedules all the time. He shouldn't have just left her. It's not like he's a soldier on deployment or something.

  37. gosstinwostingdoost says – reply to this


    I'm going to laugh so hard when she's a single mommy. HAHAHAHHAHAH. Its funny already.

  38. My name is Joyce says – reply to this


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  39. jackson says – reply to this


    Perez were you hysterically laughing when you were uploading this garbage. the dude regrets the day he unloaded on that whore. now he is left with the fat cow and is the laughing stock in the industry. thats why he is keeping low. People are laughing at him carting that fat lard around. kris and reggie are the winners here. its quite comical he is desperately hiding. old hag jenna can write what she likes but people know her whore has been dumped. Even the old hag knows kims time is up thats why she is peddling the final two of her breed around hoping to extend her camera time.

  40. 40

    noone beleives that what is is secret trips ?did anyone see him there

  41. BPD says – reply to this


    Re: olivia – - STFU!

  42. 42

    Please make her cover up those huge lumpy ham-hock legs. Bad enough her astoundingly large ass is impossible to hide.

  43. Shaela says – reply to this


    Is it really even necessary to bring the baby's father to every checkup? Why? Aside from my sonograms and to hear the heartbeat, I never brought my husband to my checkups. You pee in a cup, they weight you and give you a quick exam. I never even thought to bring him, and I don't understand the need. If there were a problem or something I could see it. But just a routine checkup? Why?

    As for Kim, I'm not a huge fan. She just seems shallow and vain. But I have felt sorry for her recently. She's pregnant, still married to someone else (her fault), her baby daddy is in another country and every magazine, website and tv show is talking about how fat she is while pregnant. She's annoying as hell, but no pregnant woman should have to be scrutinized for her weight like that.

  44. Elaine says – reply to this


    Do you really believe that. When the paparrazi stalk Kim K. and somehow know her every move. Its real easy to say that he has been to her Dr. appointments. When just last week everyone was wondering where he has been. I don't believe that. Just like her all her stories are fake so she can continue living in her world of deliousions.

  45. Wafiyah Phillips says – reply to this


    Who writes these articles really El lay you gotta b kidding