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EXCLUSIVE! Kenya Moore Talks Phaedra, Fitness, And Whose Real Housewives Booty Is BEST!

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Who else is feeling Gone With The Wind FABULOUS this morning?!

PerezHilton.com certainly is, and if you're not, GET READY to be!

We had the distinct pleasure of chatting it up with Real Housewives of Atlanta's very own Kenya Moore recently, who survived all three parts of the DRAMA-filled reunion to chat about her FEROSH new single and fitness DVD Booty Boot Camp, the now-infamous feud with co-star Phaedra Parks, and which fellow Bravo reality starlet has the best derreiere!

Let Kenya tell how how it is on all that and more…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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On Gone With The Wind Fabulous:

"I like to have fun and I don't take myself too seriously."

On why her DVD is better than Phaedra's:

"Well I think that a blind person can see that that's a gimmick and I think by showing that my workout is serious in the way that I have approached the project has always been and from the beginning about being truthful and giving the consumer what they want which is a serious workout that actually works and is beneficial to the consumer. And I think by the show highlighting the silliness of what was happening with the other video, it sort of put things into perspective, that if they just want to laugh and be silly and goof around for an half hour then they would buy her video. And if they want actual results and they want to see a change in their body and live a healthy lifestyle and reap the benefits from working out then they would buy mine. And the sales have proven that and the consumer has spoken. So I'm very happy with the outcome."

On her co-stars who admit to preferring her video:

They've sort of spoken out in some shape, form, or fashion that they would prefer my body and they would prefer my workout video. And I also have this distributor as Bethenny Frankel and as far as Amazon's statistics have shown that my sales have surpassed her sales at least on Amazon.com, so I'm very happy and I think, as I said before the consumers have spoken by supporting my project and I can't really ask for anything more. And I will endeavor to continue to make other workout videos so this won't be my last one.

Fitness tips and secrets:

Well I think number one you have to be focused. I think anything in life you have to be focused on the goal. So if your end result is to tone up your body and maybe lose five or ten pounds or whatever your goal is, you have to be focused on that and you have to be dedicated. So it means that you have to adjust your lifestyle to accommodate exercising on a regular basis and that really pretty much means five to six times a week. So that would be my biggest pointers. And to do workouts that challenge you. It shouldn't be easy. You should start at a level that you feel comfortable and then you grow into more challenging workouts. And that's what's so great about my DVD is that it has three levels. It goes from sort of a beginner level to an intermediate and then a slightly more challenging level than that. And I know people who have done all three and they say that by the time you get to level three you're really feel the pain. But no pain, no gain right?

On her favorite Real Housewives booty:

Well for me you know I'm a curvy girl. I like curves. I don't like sinew looking women necessarily. I think curves should be celebrated as long as you're physically fit and toned. So I'd have to say the first person that comes to mind is Lisa Vanderpump because I like the fact that she's a woman of a certain age but she's got a great body. She's got some curves. And she's fit. And she's sexy so I would probably have to say Lisa.

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