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Selena Gomez's Friends Warn Her And Say Justin Bieber Is No Good For Her!

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selena gomez friends are not happy that she is seeing justin bieber again

It looks like Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber may be back together after splitting four months ago, and while some of us are excited by the news, others are less than enthusiastic!

Apparently, Selenita's friends are NOT Beliebers and have repeatedly warned her too keep away from him!

A source close to the actress says:

"Selena’s friends are furious that she’s giving Justin another chance. They’ve been trying to warn her that he’s no good for her and that she should stay away from him, but she just loves the attention he gives her."

Jeez! Doesn't everyone deserve a second chance??

The rumors of the two rekindling their romance began when the Spring Breakers actress recently flew all the way to Norway just to see the Biebs, and they only escalated when he tweeted and deleted a picture of the two cuties cuddling together!

While the two look awfully chummy in the photo, apparently Selena wasn't too thrilled with it going public and some of her friends think him posting it was a power play:

"Selena didn’t know Justin was going to post that picture on Instagram and squirmed when he did. Posting it was his way of marking his territory again and showing her who wears the pants, but ultimately he just wants to keep her happy so he immediately deleted it."

That seems like a bit of a stretch to us, especially since he deleted it almost immediately!

We're just happy to see Selena with a smile on her face, and some have been quick to point out that the Biebs has been on his best behavior since the two started seeing each other again!

At the end of the day, the two are young and in love and will do what they want regardless of what we or their friends think!

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]

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26 comments to “Selena Gomez's Friends Warn Her And Say Justin Bieber Is No Good For Her!”

  1. 1

    She is getting a lot of publicity by seeing him - therefore he is good for her. I'm sure both their publicists are happy.

  2. Guest says – reply to this


    He really does seem to love her… she on the other hand does not come off as particularly in love with him.
    There are a lot of rumours out there that are BS, but the rumours about her only going back with him, because her career is not booming as much as she had hoped, seem more and more legit now.

  3. lol says – reply to this


    Oh my god!!!!! Justin is not good for Selena? wrong. She's not good enough for him!! All she wants is her new single and movie to become popular, and then she'll break up with him again. lol

    Im not a belieber, neither a selenator.. but this is stupid

  4. 4

    2nd chances? Isn't this like the 5th or 6th one.

  5. 5

    single friends always want you to be single. I was with my GF for twelves years off and on, and people told us not to stay together. F that. We are married now and have never been happier. Do what you gotta do.

  6. 6

    simple as that

  7. Crystal says – reply to this


    Maybe she can get him to kick Lil Twit out of his mansion.

  8. Rose says – reply to this


    I'd be more concerned for Justin. She seems cruel.

  9. NIKKK ROSSAZY says – reply to this



  10. N says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – I agree 100% because he song went from #40 to #23 the night everyone found out about Jelena. She wants him for publicity.

  11. Natalie says – reply to this


    Re: NIKKK ROSSAZY – He did the opposite of bring her down. He made her even more famous. Before him; they never spoke about her on TV (other than disney), every interview she's done since 2010 has mentioned Justin which proves they want her there because she was "Justin Bieber's Girlfriend", her song literally went from #40 to #23 the day after everyone found out about Jelena 'was getting back together', and her net worth even went up 1.5 million since the start of her relationship with him.

  12. ariala says – reply to this


    And how many people who believe they are in love, or
    whatever these two are, listen to warnings???

  13. MaryDtn9 says – reply to this


    In one’s eyes the other can do no wrong.
    In the other’s eyes one can do no right.
    One has no control.
    The other’s a control freak.
    Sounds like a recipe for disaster, still.

  14. Haters gone Hate says – reply to this


    As Long as she loves him & Keeps him out of trouble and his wild ways I'm happy for the two .

  15. Stacie says – reply to this


    They look so cute together. I was at his latest concert and i actually thought i saw Selena among the crowd. I am not sure, what do you think of this photo?

  16. emily says – reply to this


    It should't take another to keep someone on track. How can this ever be expected to grow if he has everyone else doing it for him! Selena wants to move get more adult roles, well this may just do the opposite. She's not ready to grow up. And yes some people survive the transition from young love into marriage. But that rate in Hollywood and their chosen careers paths. But then I thought her and David Henrie (dalena/delena) were something special. Time will tell…..

  17. Tired of dumb people says – reply to this


    Who's the editor for this site? Second paragraph. Who can find the error?

  18. @v@ says – reply to this


    Good friends butt out unless they're asked. Selena should do her own thing when push comes to shove, and merely consider other's advice. She's not a group. She is one woman, and only she knows what is and isn't up currently.

  19. leave her alone says – reply to this


    it's done

  20. kelly says – reply to this


    Selena gomez friends is same like her big time bitches!!! y dont both she and her friends leave justin alone even though he loves him but it will take time 4 him to move on nd he will get nyce innocent gal…nd her friends r wrong she is not right 4 him So spare him!!!!!

  21. Sweetmeek says – reply to this


    Ridiculous, Selena should consider herself lucky. I don't think that Justin should continue to waste his time with someone that is embarrassed to show to the public she is with him and further more what is there to be embarrassed about? He is an adorable, wealthy, young man. If anything he should stay away from her she seems like she might bring him down. If she really does love him more power to this couple. I think it is obvious that he loves her.

  22. Gavin says – reply to this


    Selena is just like Taylor Swift, They use BOYS for publicity, but we always end up feeling sorry for them.

  23. Gavin says – reply to this


    Selena is just like Taylor Swift, They use BOYS for publicity, but we always end up feeling sorry for them. luxfashiontrends.com

  24. 24

    Selena is just like Taylor Swift, They use BOYS for publicity, but we always end up feeling sorry for them.

  25. 25

    Justin can not commit. And she is not ready to settle down. If they want to stay friends that is what will work. But breaking up and getting back together is just stupid. So does he have a kid by one of his girly sex partners? I heard he did.

  26. valeria says – reply to this


    Will all of ya just shut up