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Celebrate Hemsgiving! The Month We Give Thanks for Liam and Chris Hemsworth!

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chris hemsworth liam hemsworht november 2013 thor 2 catching fire

This November, forget the turkey … BRING ON THE BEEFCAKES!

Oh, the Hemsworth hotties… Goodness, there sure is some magical potion streaming through their blood, isn't there?

Well, we're going to be EXTRA thankful this Thanksgiving (now penned Hems-giving) as both Chris Hemsworth and Liam Hemsworth will be starring in this year's two biggest blockbusters, Thor: The Dark World and Catching Fire, and our manties are just waiting in anticipation.

Unfortunately, it's still a loooOOooooong time before we get to see the Hemsworth hunks on the big screen, so until then, let's give thanks and appreciate the two handsome gentlemen in the only way we can….

First off, if you haven't seen their trailers, you need to stop what you're doing and WATCH NOW.

Don't worry, we'll wait:

CLICK HERE for Thor: The Dark World (Comes out November 8)

CLICK HERE for Catching Fire (Comes out November 22)

Okay, now let's see the boys in action! The Aussie boys are so different yet so similar. How? Well, let's show you…

Chris is outgoing:

Chris Hemsworth Thor wink

While Liam is a little more shy:

Liam Hemsworth

But, he's certainly not shy when it comes to taking his shirt off.

Liam Hemsworth shirtless

And neither is Chris either, omg look at that body:

Chris Hemsworth shirtless Thor

Wanna see that again? Okay:

Liam Hemsworth shirtless

Chris Hemsworth shirtless Thor

Oh, look how cute they are in black and white:

Chris Hemsworth black and white

Did we mention that Chris, being the older bro, likes to pick on his little bro??

Liam Hemsworth talks about older brother Chris Hemsworth

And for further proof… let's watch this clip of Liam talking about sibling rivalry:

Had enough? No?? Well, here are some parting images before we leave you with. May we always be thankful for the Hemsworth family.

Liam Hemsworth being cute

Liam Hemsworth being cute

Chris Hemsworth being cute

Chris Hemsworth being cute

chris hemsorth liam hemsworth brothers november 2013 thor 2 catching fire

Happy early Hems-giving! Gobble Gobble!

[Image via WENN.]

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