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DMX Wants To Sue OWN For Drug Interview Tactics!

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DMX had a little bit of a meltdown during a reunion with his son recently… one that was part of an OWN show and involved a self-help guru who was trying to mend the father/son relationship!

The meltdown definitely made the rapper appear as if he was erratic and strung out, but that wasn't the only weird part of the episode! The show, Iyanla: Fix My Life had DMX also answering questions about his drug use (above, near the end) — and the floodgates opened.

The thing is, DMX said he was tricked into situations where he was blindsided, and the erratic nature of his responses had to do with expecting a whole different set of questions! Apparently she was supposed to ask him about his addiction to women, not his drug use. The drug use questions were NOT cleared before hand, according to X!

Here's what he says:

"Iyanla set the whole thing up to make me look bad for ratings. That lady is toxic … My last words to her were that she can suck my d**k and she still can."


We'd be mad too if we watched the playback and saw how we were acting! BUT we'd be mad at ourselves for the reaction, not at what was or wasn't some a sleazy tactic! You could've kept your cool and answered everything with a level head — she didn't make words come out of your mouth!

DMX is now looking at legal options to have the footage removed from the planet! It's just too bad that things never really go away once they hit the internet! LOLz!

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8 comments to “DMX Wants To Sue OWN For Drug Interview Tactics!”

  1. 1

    I hope he gets the help he needs. No one deserves the addiction. He may sue, but he clearly needs someone to help him and asking for help isn't wrong. Maybe he wants to be this tough guy, but he deserves to live a life with out drugs. He hasn't discovered himself yet because of his addiction. He has my prayers and I don't even know him. I wish him the best.

  2. 2

    Lance Armstrong went on OWN and it really helped him right? NOT! I wouldn't go on OWN if they payed me to. They really dig up all your dirt and leave you looking like a lot worse.

  3. kim says – reply to this


    DMX is a crackhead he needs to deal with it. what he should be ashamed of is the fact that his son told him he'd like a relationship with him but only if he was drug free and DMX had a tantrum about it on air for all to see. no one expects an intervention thats the point.

  4. gagah says – reply to this


    High or not DMX is far too intelligent for her!!!every word he spoke made perfect sense it would take 10 of her to try and figure him out!!!X. Stay strong.

  5. 5

    My heart goes out to DMX because he is truly suffering. I have issues with Ilanya show long before this aired. As much as I was happy that she and Oprah had mended their relationship and after losing all her money, Oprah gave her a fresh start.
    But all too often, the show feels manipulative to "make good television". Ilanya can do better than this. And so, I hope that DMX can.

  6. Ali says – reply to this


    I wanted to jump through the tv when Iyanla told the son that he needs to look at him like a poor man who has a disease and be his teacher. Whaaaaaat? This poor son had to endure mental and physical abuse from his dad his whole life and he had to now be his teacher? Maybe his dad needs to be a teacher for once. He doesn't deserve this wonderful young man. Forget your father and learn from him and now you know what not to do and become. God bless.

  7. realtalk says – reply to this


    Really how can someone without a real life like ilanya help anyone? She needs to help herself , can't keep a husband who ever seek her help is hopeless. These are real people with real issue my God us. Not someone trying to get a check!

  8. dmx fan says – reply to this


    I think Yalana or whatever her name is Is wrong for the why she handled x normally she talks about the source of a person issues meaning how they was raise etc etc. and from X own immission his mom did him wrong mentally and I cried when he told his story bcuz I had like the perfect mom in the world like Clare huxtable and to she how his mom did him had me not in tears but crying and I'm a 46 year old man however my point is she refers to a persons root issues like how they grew up and she didn't consider that at all with X it was all his fault and she flat out embarrassed him ok X is straight hood we all know that so we don't expect him to talk like a Doctor but he still has a brand and he still has children that he must take care of so don't destroy whats left of his brand for your punk ass ratings putting up past mug shots you don't know if he was guilty or innocent in each case but yet you put everyone you could fine to demonize him to me I think her approach is clueless ……i'm just saying DMX number one fan