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Justin Bieber's Tour Bus Allegedly CAUGHT WITH POT!

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justin bieber tour bus pot

Oh shizz!! We're not sure Selena's gonna like this!!

According to a Swedish newspaper, police suspected Justin Bieber's tour bus of foul play Wednesday night after smelling a "strong smell" of marijuana following their crowd control procedure outside Justin's hotel.

The cops waited to raid the moving pad once it pulled up to the Stockholm arena where Justin was set to perform, and that's when they allegedly discovered a small amount of what appeared to be pot.

They reportedly found a stun gun as well, which requires a permit!!

No arrests were made and it's unclear whether or not the Biebs was even on the bus or if he had already entered the arena by that time.

AY YI YI, JUSTIN! Tell us it isn't so!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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15 comments to “Justin Bieber's Tour Bus Allegedly CAUGHT WITH POT!”

  1. Casper says – reply to this


    corfirmed by swedish PD's press officer

  2. 2

    Grow the fuck up you stupid homo. Who cares what that spic whore is gonna like? Bieber is an asshole, and he's long past due for his 15 minutes to be up. Gomez is an auto-tuned, lip-syncing slut with mental issues. What is your obsession with these two idiots? Go parent that kid you bought instead of writing this kind of horrible trash.

  3. Tim says – reply to this


    This is not alleged, it's fact.

    Bieber is a complete joke and the poorest role model any kid could have. Selena goes back to this? This will not help Selena's career at all. Every day you still read about this crap Bieber does. So much for the supposed theory that Selena makes him behave.

  4. 4

    Surprise surprise… [sarcasm]

  5. Brooksie1 says – reply to this


    His downward spiral is still in motion. Too much, too soon, too young, too stupid!

  6. Lena Muller says – reply to this


    This whole PR thing of trying to turn this twink in to a man in the eyes of the oublic by being some bad-ass is obvious, boring, and as his handlers are tapping in to all the worst aspects of what a 'man' is - aggressive, moody, arrogant, linked to drugs, the tattoos, the abs - it's going to backfire. Let's face it he is no gangsta - he's a silly little white boy pop singer without a hit and nobody gives a shit. So stop giving him the oxygen of publicity…

  7. Linn says – reply to this


    According to Swedish police no charges will be brought on Justin Bieber. There is no way of knowing he was the one in possession of the illegal drugs and weapons, since there was at least 10 people with access to the bus. Also they feel it is punishment enough just that they apprehended the illegal items. This is written in the Swedish paper Expressen.

  8. Shelbie says – reply to this


    Everybody just needs to shut up. Perez can write whatever articles he wishes to write, and the pot may or may not have been Justin's. so leave him alone.

  9. AnnaW says – reply to this


    Precisely… he gets MORE press. He gets ASSOCIATED with drugs - wow, isn't he gangsta - but of course it wasn't his - if it existed at all. Aren;t we living in an age where the public is as smart as the PR people - BORING! Why not actually write a song people want to hear if you want to stay in the public eye…

  10. 10

    Annoying lesbian looking turd.

  11. Sanela says – reply to this


    Selena is also in sweden, maybe they smoke together..
    This is prof, from a swedish blog, use google translate to translate the text, but picture says it all..

  12. Sanela says – reply to this


    even more prof :)

  13. Brendan says – reply to this


    Re: Pansy Hunter – no one asked about your opinion on selena and your opinion on gays, you need to be better parented before you say other people should be better parented. pathetic homophobic bitch

  14. rb says – reply to this


    Dam! Don’t arrest the Tour Bus!! The Bieb’s needs it for his next venue. Anyway the bus has a sophisticated air filtering system on board, and the last person on board is the captain of his ship “bus driver”!! As for the sleeping pills “narcotics”, everyone needs a good night’s rest. Police usually carry a narcotics kit, so if it was the hard stuff, it would have been detected in the field, and I’m sure arrest would have been made.

  15. 15

    Re: Shelbie – hahahhahaha….oh that was funny!