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Justin Bieber Hit The Club Hours After Drugs Were Found On His Bus! But It's Cool, Cause He's NOT Getting In Trouble!

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Oh Biebsy! You silly, young mischief maker!

Even though police found weed and a stun gun on Justin Bieber's tour bus Wednesday evening, it seems the raid did NOT hinder Bieber's swaggin' abilities…

As he was spotted PARTYING at Stockholm's the Rose Club the very same night!

AND, not only was Biebsy thrusting his junk all over the establishment, he was doing it all while wearing a bright red onezie.

But hey! Lucky for Justin, it seems officials are NOT going to prosecute him to the full extent of Swedish law, as one official spokesperson recently stated:

"Justin will not be questioned because no one was on the bus when we searched it. So you don’t know who to press charges against. As far as I know there is no further case."

As per usual, Bieber skates by with no consequences for his actions.

And we were hoping dude would calm down now that his relationship with Selena Gomez seems to be back on…

But we guess (for right now at least) life is a permanent party for Da Beebz and he does NOT want to go home!

And seeing as he's a young lad touring the world with endless pocket money, we can't really blame him… but we CAN be concerned!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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11 comments to “Justin Bieber Hit The Club Hours After Drugs Were Found On His Bus! But It's Cool, Cause He's NOT Getting In Trouble!”

  1. Badnfluenz says – reply to this


    FIrst the Police smell smoke coming from his tour bus, now no one was on the bus? LMFAO someone got PAID

  2. Zombie says – reply to this


    You're such a hypocrite Perez (or really just his lackies). When your darling RiRis tourbus was raided, I don't recall you chastising her. "As per usual, Bieber skates by with no consequences for his actions". Are you fucking serious? Nowhere has it been proven that the stungun and pot were his, hence no legal action. So why should he be accountable for every single person that he tours with?

  3. 3

    As per usual, Bieber skates by with no consequences for his actions.

    Uh… Perez… Tell me, do you have photos of Bieber smoking pot in the bus ?
    You seem willing to be judge and jury right now

  4. 4

    My god, he was not accused of anything. There is even a question of a possible setup in view of inconsistancies in the story. see hollyscoop for more details also gossipteen.com

  5. Matthew Libby says – reply to this


    weed isnt "drugs" god i thought you were going to say like pills or coke or something…

  6. 6

    As my friend Jim says, "He better watch out or he'll crash his car while on drugs and at the hospital, they'll discover that he's Anne Hathaway."

  7. 7

    The stun gun just cracks me up. I can't help thinking they keep it on the bus in case some crazed tweenie somehow makes it onto the bus and they can't pry her off of Bieber. Maybe I'm a horrible person, but I hope that's what it's for.

  8. Rob says – reply to this


    Have you already forgotten the 'best gift ever' he gave your kid? You're the biggest fucken hypocrite ever asshole.

  9. 9

    Don't think he was set up, as he seems to have an attitude problem it could be drug related you never know. We never found out why his girlfirend really left him, we do know that Perez will never post what Kim Kardashian smokes :p

  10. kip says – reply to this


    A onesie lol, ya know the kind of fool you like with a onesie on, especially at a night club….the fashion sense is ludicrous on this man child

  11. breannecaron says – reply to this


    oh justin bieber is just young still let him have fun well he can