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31 comments to “Amanda Bynes BLASTS More Journalists; Calls Them UGLY In Twitter Rant!”

  1. 1

    Wow she looks really good in this picture. Love the new look!!

  2. SmokinHippie says – reply to this


    "This is SO not the Amanda we used to know and love!!"….OKAY! because you really ever knew her.

  3. 3

    She could be using 'ugly' to refer to personalities. People can have ugly personalities, too.

  4. 4

    She's gorgeous….I love her playing with the paps…

  5. 5

    you aint worried lol the worse she looks the happier you are. attacking other people for a living? that is kind of ugly, and nobody can go about saying "she doesnt feel attacked" because apparently she does. if yall really cared about her BREAKDOWN? perhaps you wouldnt be breaking her down with article after article..theres a concept

  6. mary says – reply to this


    I actually really like her new hair !

  7. Rose says – reply to this


    There is more to ugly that looks. Check yer soul Perez.

  8. Amanda says – reply to this


    You need to loose weight you fat looking fake dishwasher blonde haired moose

  9. 9

    she is going to blow through all her money on lawyers fees if she actually follows through with any of the lawsuits she is threatening…

  10. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: BriBriBri4 – Soul Eaters can't back down. It's what 'they do'.

  11. 11

    if she really wanted her privacy, she would shut the fuck up and trying to start shit with blogs/magazines/etc…. she obviously likes the attention

  12. Melissa says – reply to this


    I think! Kudos to her for sticking up for herself. Since the press obviously isn't gonna do it!

  13. juiceboxbox says – reply to this


    If she really wanted them to stop writing about her she should stop giving them so much attention. She likes the attention so that is why she is trying to instigate even more comments. No one talked about her until she started eating the fruity loops. It is kind of sad how deprived celebrities feel when they aren't being talked about anymore… drastic times calls for drastic measures and Amanda is doing the absolute right thing about that!

  14. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: bnietzsche – She Wants attention, but nobody wants the attention of sleazy lowlifes.

  15. CDubs says – reply to this


    Love that she calls out US Mag's editor.. she really is an unpleasant troll who thinks she is god's gift to the magazine industry

  16. Aleph says – reply to this


    @ perez
    "Journalists" yeah right…
    You are a bully, not a journalist. And if she really has a break down, then leave her alone. Who treats "mentally ill" people like that. Is that a way to help? Of course not. You are an attention seeker. Get a serious job to pay your bills and leave those girls alone.

  17. Psych says – reply to this


    This girl is clinically delusional.. like, seriously. She needs help, and about 20 more IQ points to reach the average range of intelligence.

  18. Poppa says – reply to this


    There is nothing wrong here. She is just telling people to leave her alone. She could have called them worse than "ugly". People call Perez Hilton ugly multiple times a day. Don't they get a post too?

  19. Fuzzywuzzy says – reply to this


    Why can people not see that she is pulling a Joaquin Phoenix and acting all nutty for attention? I lost any respect I had for him when he did it and now I feel the same way about her. Wake up people and stop giving this spoiled girl attention.

  20. 20

    When she quit the BIZ she meant EVERYTHING…give her some privacy.

  21. Jay says – reply to this


    Perez stop acting like u care and stop posting articles about Amanda. That way there'll be peace on earth.

  22. @v@ says – reply to this


    Her comments towards their careers and being obnoxious about all her money aren't any less ugly. She should think about disengaging from the juvenile wars with the press, and becoming productive and doing her own thing instead.

  23. 23

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  24. PsychWard says – reply to this


    You'd think all that money could buy her a nice padded room somewhere. What a nasty b*tch!

  25. Crazybynes says – reply to this


    She's a hot mess….period.

  26. @v@ says – reply to this


    Somebody has too much time on her hands. Get to work. Not that I'm religious, lol, but that expression 'idleness is the devil's playground' or however that goes has some merit.
    Productivity nourishes self worth.

  27. April A. says – reply to this


    This girl is seriously delusional. Her "new look" is great — for a low-class streetwalker. She looks disgusting, she sounds like an idiot, and it's obvious her childhood years were stolen from her as she talks like a middle school girl, attacking people for their "looks". What a fucking joke.

  28. 28

    I truly believe you care about Amanda, but this new Amanda is not really her ( something is not right in her head)(legit mental breakdown) . There has to be something that someone can do …..RIGHT?! I fear the worse if someone doesn't step in to help her :( Her parents should be working together with her friends to get her diagnosed & find the real problem!!!!

  29. Telllinthetruth says – reply to this


    Looks good??!! Why is half of her face streaked w makeup then???
    This girl needs someone to love her and tell her the TRUTH - truth being that she is unwell and needs some meds to "organize her thoughts"! These meds will help her A TON but I also think she needs to work thru some of her superior complex issues (or egomania) and get back down to PLANET EARTH!
    I wholeheartedly agree w Perez - she judges ppl based only on looks & is OBCESSED W HER OWN! We are all human - who gives a crap what color, shape, national origin, sexual orientation, disabled, etc! The world is a CRUEL PLACE - why make it any worse??? (This is directed toward ppl telling her she's "nuts" and those on other spectrum telling her she's "fine/gorgeous"! This girl needs TRUTH but not cruelty! OR adulation!

  30. the family therapist! says – reply to this


    Agree w you & if ONLY it were that easy to get. Someone like her help! But it's very complicated! 😕 With Britney she had those 2 little ones in her care so she was a danger due to putting THEM in danger! It's much harder w someone over 18, no child or spouse and lives alone! Reality: unless she does something DRASTIC like a suicide attempt or threatens another persons life, there is no taking her "involuntarily"! That leaves only VOLUNTARY commitment but she thinks she's FINE! (I went thru same THG w my lil sis! For 4 mos we waited until it got so bad that she began making paranoid threats! Scary thing is all the NUTJOBS wandering @this country!
    Oh & I agree w you @Perez - I think he GENUINELY cares about Amanda but he is stuck too! Our mental health system needs FIXED! It's sooo bad .. And sad! Alot of ppl end up on the streets! AB is lucky bc she has $$$! Wish she'd come @ and see that ppl want to HELP HER!

  31. cheri says – reply to this


    Re: Melissa

    I agree with you!! What the hell happened to her?? I really liked her but I guess if your called an actress you'll be an actress!!! And if she wasn't like the girl next door 1 second and then looking like your ready for porn maybe they wouldn't be taking any pics or comments about her at all!! As far as her being rich and that makes her gitty everyday?? Does it??? Cause rich ppl r usually lonely ppl and you always look like your alone. How can anyone feel completely happy on money alone??? She obviously isn't gitty cause she's complaining about ppl and because your an actress they'll always be following you taking pics and making comments!!! Good luck being happy cause karma I'm sure you've heard of it and it's a bitch when it comes back on you and comes back 10 times worse!!!!