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Every GLEE-Tail: So Light’em Up…

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glee lights out songs

It’s getting about that time…

Now that we know for certain that season five (and season six!) are securely in the bag for our beloved, weekly, musical romp, we can actually start to enjoy these final Glee episodes without having panic attacks about not having Finn and Rachel end up together and Santana and Brittany not having one last fling. Oh, and like we even have to mention Klaine…

Stop it, we’re going to need a paper bag!

Anyway, with the worry behind us, now we can focus on these last three episodes of the season, starting with last night’s fairly erratic, yet overall enjoyable episode. The jumping back and forth between New York and Lima is something we hope Ryan Murphy fleshes out a bit next season, but for now, we’ll just roll with it and break this episode down for you in two parts….


One, Two Step

Yay! Sarah Jessica Parker is back… which means Kurt still works at Vogue.com on his off-NYADA hours. Which means he gets to work the very exclusive, very glamorous New York City Ballet Gala that SJP's in charge of throwing. And as luck would have it, he's allowed to enlist some friends to help, which is good because Rachel needs a distraction from freaking out about her upcoming Funny Girl callback and Santana… well, girl just needs something to do that isn't being a cage dancer/ bouncer/ Coyote Ugly-esque bumpNgrinder. Santana needs a little direction in her life and this gala starts her off on a path that could very well make her the third former Lima Loser enrolled in the NYADA… or not. But at least we know now that she has ambitions to be a dancer. What kind and where, she has time to figure out, but she's got rhythm and she's got music and perhaps next year, we'll see Ms. Lopez losing it and using it on Broadway … or behind Beyonce! Wouldn't that be a kick?! Hemo would so proud!

Baby, When The Lights Go Out

Sometimes, we take issue with Glee in that it will start a storyline and then soon abandon it. No sooner was Quinn in that wheelchair did she find a way out of it, we completely forgot that Kurt’s dad was sick until Carrie Bradshaw asked about his treatments, and can you say, "Acafellas"? But this week, we could’ve rightfully done with two things coming to an end: Ryder’s catfishing storyline … and the damn black out from hell! Seriously, how is the school the only building in town without power?!

Anyway, the power may be out in the school, but two students are enlightened to finally open up about their deep-rooted secrets. During an unplugged jam session, Ryder confesses that he was molested by a babysitter in the shower when he was 11. While his bros think he is overreacting (remember when Artie's character was likable?!), Mr. Schue and the ladies of Glee all take strides to comfort him. But it is Kitty, who shares her own horror story of being molested by a friend's older brother at a sleepover, that finally gets through to him and reminds him what happened wasn't his fault. Still, even though the pair have a connection, Ryder still can't seem to shake his feelings for "Katie," and chooses his catfish over Kitty when she asks him out to dinner.

So. Much. Heavy.

True, its important for these kinds of issues to be brought up — they are ones kids face everyday — but remember when there was a little space between the very special episodes? We just had the shooting like two weeks ago. Remember when Glee's biggest problem was Rachel not getting a solo? We kind of miss that…

Oh, and also, we found out what Sue Sylvester's been up to since leaving McKinley. She's opted to be a personal trainer for Lima's stay-at-home lazies and single losers (that sounds like something she would say, right?) When Becky tries to convince her to come back to the Cheerios, Sue insists she's moved on and that she feels respected now in her new job. Nevertheless, after getting into a word battle with NeNe Leakes, the school's new coach, Becky is sent to the principal's office… and it seems like she is prepared to confess.

And that friends, about wraps it up. Next week… Stevie Wonder, ya'll! Very superstitious! Writing on the waaaaaallllll! And Amber Riley is back! And Harry Shum Jr.!

When the hell is Dianna Agron showing her face again???

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2 comments to “Every GLEE-Tail: So Light’em Up…”

  1. Ian says – reply to this


    Thank you for finally admitting there are some flaws here…Aren't we supposed to be rooting for the protagonists? Then why do I want to punch Artie and Sam in the face. That was so effed, and they didn't even earn a valuable lesson from it. I'm so tired of the After School Specials every week, what the hell happened to this GlEEful show..it's barely recognizable. Can I watch an episode without a giant BOMB like child molestation being dropped on me without warning. Good god. This show has no clue what it's doing. It's quite sad. They need to get it together if they really want to last these next two seasons.

  2. Kit Kat says – reply to this


    "Katie" is Kitty. That final scene with Kitty popping in on Ryder and the "Katie" getting back online when she leaves? I hope some of you agree.