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Jennifer Lopez & Mariah Carey Facing Off In Musical Battle! Releasing New Tunes The Same Week!

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mariah carey jennifer lopez both releasing new single

First we hear rumors that Jennifer Lopez was supposed to REPLACE Mariah Carey mid-season on American Idol, and now this?! We can't imagine MiMi will be too happy about this!

The American Idol judges and DIVAS in pop are JUST about to release the first singles off of their upcoming albums — Mariah's #Beautiful ft. Miguel, and Jennifer's Live It Up ft. Pitbull — but it seems like both ladies are planning to debut their tracks THE SAME WEEK!

The Fantasy queen has already announced that #Beautiful will premiere on May 8th, but news JUST broke that Jen will unleash Live It Up THE DAY BEFORE on May 7!

Could this be a calculated business move perhaps?! Is SOMEONE trying to steal someone else's thunder?!

Well, we guess we shall just have to wait and see who comes out on top of the charts that fateful week in May…

But seeing as MiMi was NOT so Triumphant with her last single, we can't help but feel that Jenny from the Block might just dominate!

[Image via WENN.]

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36 comments to “Jennifer Lopez & Mariah Carey Facing Off In Musical Battle! Releasing New Tunes The Same Week!”

  1. King says – reply to this


    You're information is wrong. MiMi's #Beautiful will premiere on May 6 and JLO's "Live It Up" will premiere on May 8. Also I doubt JLO's song will beat out Mariah & Miguel. People are gonna get tired of hearing the exact same type of song that JLO has done before with Pitbull.

  2. 2

    la Lopez is on fire baby!!!!!

  3. 3

    Mariah only her stuff from the 90's was cool. Her style is so swap meet. She needs a better stylist.

  4. LillyAnn says – reply to this


    Mariah Carey is one of the best selling female artist's of all time, she was awarded with Artist of the Decade and Artist of the Millenium, has 18 #1 and sold over 210 milion albums worldwide, she might have lost her vocals and not sound like she was back then but she was singing for over 20 years now, and also she is Mariah Carey so I think JLO has no chance sorry.

  5. Blunt says – reply to this


    LOL i bet you JLo's song is another mediocore club dance song with autotue in the chorus. I'm sorry I will support Mariah's, because that woman has a 5 octave range, thats some serious vocal abilities. Jennifer is a "Dancer" turned actress, turned wannabe pop star. Give it up lady!

  6. JeffnSD says – reply to this


    Does JLo ever sing song without Pitbull anymore? I know he resurrected her career and all but cut the cord JLo.

  7. fancypants66 says – reply to this


    Neither one will do well, sales-wise. Both artists have had their day but are irrelevant now.

  8. katie says – reply to this


    JLo song with pitbull is going to be a easy hit because its going to be a party anthem, and its going to be summer. people will buy it just for that, even I will. jen does have the upper hand here.

  9. jo says – reply to this


    I am the biggest jlo fan, but I hope for Mariah sake that #Beautiful doesn't flop. her last single was horrible. I have a feeling Miguel will probably help her. he is huge in the R &B WORLD. and i'm excited for jlo song.

  10. 10

    Mariah was surely top charts thru the 90's but I don't buy her music anymore since is sound so bad. I think both ladies would have troubles climbing on the charts … well … we'll see what happen !

  11. Shawn says – reply to this


    Like "King" said in their comment, your info is wrong. At the end of the Mariah teaser it clearly states that her single is coming May 06 not May 08, plus JLO has done "On the Floor" & "Dance Again" with Pitbull & then appeared on his song "Drinks for you"…it's starting to get old. Glad to see Mariah team up with someone new like Miguel.

  12. Pal says – reply to this


    judging by the current climate of the charts, JLO does have to upper hand as her song will undoubtedly be a up-tempo club song. However, Mariah does have the advantage of being on American Idol so she's had a lot of exposure recently and in addition to that, she's madly talented (unless this is another song whereby all she does is whisper). I look forward to listening to both songs, but I'm slightly more excited by Mariahs as I'm less sure of what to expect. Judging by the preview, it sounds sexy mature, almost like Bey's 1+1. Whereas JLOs 'Live It Up'… well the title says it all really. The same message, beat and rhythm of every other song currently out.

  13. pan86 says – reply to this


    Using the hot new guy in music won't help Mariah… JLo knows great feel-good party music and with Pitbull i expect a SUMMER SMASH! Sorry Mimi…

  14. evelyn says – reply to this


    Mariah carey is THE BEST FEMALE SELLING ARTIST OF ALL TIME AND HAS ONE OF THE GREATEST VOICE, but in this day in age, people don't care about the "voice" anymore. I mean look at katy perry, taylor swift, and Rihanna. three of the world biggest popstar, yet they could not sing to save their lives. people buy their music because its catchy and people could sing along. the only reason jlo has been able to stay relevant in the music industry is because of who she is working with. lets be real jen cant sing. but working with pitbull, who a hot rapper right now, is helping Jennifer stay relevant. Mariah is doing the same thing with Miguel. good luck to both ladies.

  15. seje says – reply to this


    I am excited for both song. I think they are both going to do great. love jlo and mc

  16. Derrick says – reply to this


    I am sure both females will do just fine in sales. Both artist have a large fan base and I am sure their fans will come out to support. Dont sleep on JLO cause her last album went platinum and On The Floor has sold more then 8 million copies WW and Dance Again sold 3.8 million WW. Thats pretty awesome. I like them both but I prefer JLO.

  17. TeamMariah says – reply to this


    I can't help but laugh about the recent AI rumors. DUH! Mariah Nicki Keith and Jackson - how could the producers fail so epically in making AI explosive like it's golden day?! …

    Mariah will win with overall sales and chart success unless the JLO's album is actually the Pit feat JLO…even than the Pit can't par with the Goddess that is Mariah Carey.

  18. DLOC says – reply to this


    Benny Medina knows whats going on….SHAME ON YOU!
    AND the Mariah bashing continues…

  19. stardusth2o says – reply to this


    Actually Mariah's song debuts on the SIXTH, not the eighth. And it's hard to say who will have more success. JLO's song is undoubtedly another dance club song which might help it on the charts but if the song is a crappy dance club song then god help her. Mariah is tricky as well. I think a lot of people are waiting for something great from Mariah, all she needs is to put it out and let it happen. I have very strong feelings that this song is going to do well. She seems to be ready to promote it seeing as how she will perform it on GMA, and this trailer which has gotten A LOT of buzz. Not to mention she's got plenty of exposure with Idol. So I feel pretty strongly that if Mariah's song is great, it will most definitely outsell Jennifer's song, even if Jen's song is good as well.

  20. MyComments says – reply to this


    Does anyone even mentioned that JLo cannot sing?!? It doesn't matter what kind of songs she comes out with, she can't sing! I love her style and she is beautiful but baby you can't sing :( Mariah can sing and her voice is beautiful as so is she. But her music is not today's hits anymore. If I had to vote on who, it would be Mariah because she got Miguel to feat and sing on this new song HOPING he will be her savor to help get back up!

  21. Steve says – reply to this


    Over the years of JLo's career JLo has done shit to piss off Mariah too many times. If JLo isn't more careful Mariah will beat her big booty.

  22. Vocalist says – reply to this


    Comparing Mariah a singer who CAN sing with JLo who is a mediocre singer is unnecessary and undebatable.

  23. 23

    JLo all the way!

  24. dudd says – reply to this


    JLO - mediocre singer, Mariah - excellent singer.

  25. Neatherhicole says – reply to this


    Not again! Jlo stole the "firecracker" sample and released it while Mariah was still putting the finishing touches on the track. She had to start from scratch and used "candy" instead. I believe Tommy Mattolla and Jlo sabotaged Mariah on purpose so her movie Glitter would flop. If she had used her original song she wrote it would have been a hit and Tommy knew that

  26. Dylan says – reply to this


    J.Lo didn't just steal Firecracker. She signed the rights to that song beat knowing Mariah already had. Also they took the style of "If We" from glitter from Mariah. And no Pitbull did not revive J.Lo's career. They had one hit song and the album, L.O.V.E? totally bombed worse than ANY album or remix album Mariah has ever made. You can count on Mariah's new cd to deliver. Never has one of her cds not been high quality.

  27. Kunase says – reply to this


    I hope Mariah's Beautiful will perform well on the charts.
    as for jLo' bringing pitbull again on your track is bullshit.

  28. Phillip Pilkerton says – reply to this


    Lets face it JLo and her Louis Vuittons cannot sing. She will never have the musical status Mariah Carey has. All her shit it auto tuned. Jennifer ain't had a hit since I don't know when. She needs to stick to acting and leave the music to Mariah. Lets go for 20 Number ones Mariah.

  29. Jim says – reply to this


    Sorry "blunt" but j.lo is a movie star, music superstar, with sales over 70 million copies, so definately she is a music superstar, mimi is probably a legend, no doubt about that, but her days are off…shes not the same as 15 years ago (she has sold 200 mill. Copies i know) she just got locked in the late 90s , her abilities to sing are nothing but that, abilities, she is not being able to resurrect definately her career and sing as she used to…as a starving pidgeon…, while j.lo is doing it, despite not being very sure of the pitbull and "redone" stuff…

  30. cesar says – reply to this


    Jlo is the best.. she is current and she keeps a vive going .. cant wait to buy this song..i am counting the days..

  31. Ryan says – reply to this


    #Beautiful is out and it's getting GREAT reviews! Top ten on iTunes already, and #1 in 11 countries. It's a great song. I've heard J-Lo's, it sounds just like every other song out there, she even said "I am doing what people expect me to" (what an artist, bleh). J-Lo's song may do well just because that following the formula and relying on a beat sadly works right now. Mariah's song has soul and is sung with talent. She wins in my eyes whatever happens

  32. lus fuentes says – reply to this


    i love jlo new song i not feeling mariah i do like mariah be not that song go jennfier

  33. edjm32 says – reply to this


    Mariah is one of the greatest vocalist of all time and her sales albums can prove that. For Jlo she is nowhere close.

  34. guest says – reply to this


    If jennifer would dominate than just because she peheps more entertaining, that`s all.That would be an entertaining battle, Perez, not not not a musical battle. Did you get that , Perez? No matter who would sell more, Mariah Carey is anyways far more musical of course!!!

  35. Carol says – reply to this


    I love them both honestly… MC more than Jlo. either ways I'd listen to both songs.

  36. Lambily4ever says – reply to this


    Re: katie – Aha Live it up flopped while #Beautiful has went #1 in over 30 countries and almost platinum in the usa. While live it up is no where to be found.