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Lindsay Lohan Ruined Last Year's White House Correspondents' Dinner? Tom Brokaw Thinks So!

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tom brokaw says lindsay lohan ruined white house correspondents dinner

We hope you have your fanciest suits and ties ready, because tomorrow night is the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner, one of the most prestigious gatherings of politicians, celebrities, and press of the year!

Well, at least it used to be that way according to Tom Brokaw!

The NBC news anchor says the once distinguished dinner party has become a bit of a laughingstock, and it's all thanks to Lindsay Lohan!

LiLo attended last years event, and he was NOT thrilled about it, saying:

"For me the breaking point was Lindsay Lohan. She became a big star at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. Give me a break!"

OUCH! For a 73 year-old, Tom still knows how to pack a punch!

But he didn't stop there, as we went on to say:

"There is more dignity at my daughter's junior prom!"

Jeez! Tell us how you really feel!

Conan O'Brien will be hosting this year's event, and we doubt President Barack Obama will let the old man's comments ruin his one night of fun!

We also have sneaking suspicion that Tom's invitation for tomorrow night's dinner was lost in the mail! LOLz!

[Image via FayesVision/Jlnphotography/WENN.]

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75 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Ruined Last Year's White House Correspondents' Dinner? Tom Brokaw Thinks So!”

  1. 1

    Tom is right, but he did not go far enough, the ENTIRE nobamma administration is a horrible un-funny JOKE. An entire white house full of CLOWNS.

  2. @v@ says – reply to this


    I understand what he's saying. They used to do this dinner to cozy up to the press. It seems they don't really need it to do that anymore, lol. Sundance Film Festival now has the same kinds of problems, with people coming just to be seen who aren't really connected to the indie films being represented.

  3. 3

    Yes, Tom, the press in America has become the Palace of Versailles. Not because Lindsay Lohan was invited to a Correspondents' dinner, but because people like you, with speech impediments can earn an ungodly sum of money!

  4. 4


  5. SHE DOESN'T $ TAXES says – reply to this


    She has NO respect for the US Judical system, doesnt pay her taxes and lies to law enforcement. Having her as a GUEST at anything to do with the White House is treason.

  6. 6

    YES I wouldnt even want her at my bday party let alone a official parlimentary dinner what a joke

  7. HOW IGNORANT U R!!! says – reply to this


    Re: Snow Glow – a little resentful, are you, that someone who isnt perfect is still very valueable, powerful, influential and exceptionally wealthy and respected? Suppose if Brokaw's flaws upset you, you probabley think Dr. Stephen Hawking should be wheeled onto an ice flow and shoved out to sea. What a fucking moron you are, snowglow. Team Lindsay, team captain, maybe?

  8. 8

    Re: HOW IGNORANT U R!!! – Why would you bring up Stephen Hawking? I have complete respect for his body of work, he contributes to society, so whatever he earns is fine with me. Yes, I am resentful of newscasters, who basically read the news, and earn fortunes for themselves. Tom Brokaw didn't significantly improve anyone's life, and he was part of a medium (tv) that has enough competition that newsreaders should be attractive and able to speak. Is that asking so much for his millions?

  9. VOICE-OVER ACTOR? says – reply to this


    do you really believe Brokaw does nothing more than READ the news? You seemed to dismiss his accomplishment because you dont like the way he speaks. I figured u would think Hawkins was not worthy of credit because he doesnt look right. How could you possibly know what he's contributed to others? What do you know about him at all, given he's been a newmans forever, and you think he just shows up at the news desk and reads anything someone hand him and tells him to read? Seriously, there are a lot of other journalist out there….lots of competition, and yet, he is still a king. Do your tax dollars pay his salary? Your bitching and whinning about him is just ignorant.seriously….just reads the news, huh?

  10. RESENTFUL? says – reply to this


    Re: Snow Glow – Brokaw has won numerous awards, published books and sat amongst presidents, but you resent him because he's not attractive and doesnt speak in a way you feel is perfect? But Lindsay Lohan who sued E-trade for millions and millions of dollars for using the first, and only name, 'Lindsay' in a commerical with babies talking, that somehow is a respectable way to earn money? How would you know anything about what lives Tom Brokaw has changed or contributed to? You think he does nothing but read other peoples work? Dudes just an air-head who reads someone elses script? Why do you take to media to shoot off your opinon, when you dont even have a damn clue of what you're talking about?

  11. PLEASE GOOGLE says – reply to this


    Re: Snow Glow – If you are already hooked-up to the Internet, Google is free. Please Google TOM BROKAW to educate yourself. You will spare yourself embarrassment if you Google BEFORE you state bullshit about VERY public people. Your post is so ignornant about about a very public person who has achieved numerous honors, awards, hononary degrees and substantial contributions to society and individuals alike. Just because you like Lindsay doesn't mean you get to rewrite history and degrade other peoples reputations and accomplishments the way she compulsively does. You're really out of line coming into media and stating Tom Brokaw shouldnt earn his wages or have a job in TV because he has a speech impediment. What do you think we should ALLOW deaf people to earn? Where she we ALLOW deaf people to work? Shame on you!

  12. 12

    Awwww, Tommy stayed up vewy late last night defending himself! LOL

  13. BEYOND IGNORANT says – reply to this


    Re: Snow Glow – Well, you are beyond ignorant, you are stupid. Tom Brokaw has NO NEED to defend himself. Lindsay Lohan HAS NO DEFENSE for the numerous crimes, arrest, rehab failures, probation failures, social disdain, comeback FLOPS, blacklistings from parties, hotels, Hollywood, lawyers. She just got publically kicked to the curb and called an undesireable criminal by the only people who were willing to give her a chance and her latest career is sitting at home in a bra with her robe open tweeting, "wanna play with me" for a karaoke app that belongs to her younger brother. Because her soft-porn film is a dud that noone wants to see. Why don't you tell me again how much respect you have for Dr. Hawking and his work. LOL. ROTFLMAO. LOL. ROTFLMAO.

  14. Not to fair says – reply to this


    Lindsay was Invited to be there . What is the big deal ? Once again here we go with Media judging Media personalities . Did Tom spend any time talking with LL ? Is it fair to have someone judge you without getting to know the TRUTH . So Lindsay has some issues under her belt does that make her a bad person , NO . Who is so perfect that they should judge ?
    Others just have not been caught YET .

  15. Shirley says – reply to this


    Tom, be serious Tom, she has as much class as most of the correspondents.

    You disappoint me, I thought you were a gentleman.

  16. 16

    hasn't tom brokaw watched news lately? they don't have any actual "journolist" anymore. they just read the talking points from the WH site. you have to watch Fox and read papers from Europe to have a clue whats going on in America.

  17. 17

    I agree with Brokaw…
    That being said, Brokaw is easily one of the arrogant humans alive.

  18. 18

    Re: BEYOND IGNORANT – Stupid is beyond ignorant? LOL I have not defended Lindsay Lohan, although I never understand the hatred for her, I feel sorry for the girl. But, I stand by my comment. I don't have any respect for any current "journalists" or newsreaders. They are arrogant, overpaid prima donnas, and Tom Brokaw is no different.

  19. LoL says – reply to this


    "we doubt President Barack Obama will let the old man's comments ruin his one night of fun!"
    One night of fun? Have you tried adding up all the family vacations or the number of famous people that he hosts at the White House for no reason at all? I think he has more than just ONE night of fun a year. Just saying!

  20. Talk to her? says – reply to this


    Re: Not to fair – The issue isnt that she wasnt invited. The point is it was inappropriate for her to have been invited to a White House social event in the first place because of her drunk drivings and other crimes that the little lassy is welll known for. Brokaw doesnt have to talk to her to know she is "junk"" Her legal files and the fact she cant get through probations, show up in court on time and her flagrant disregard for others makes her an inappropraite person to be invited to the Presidents house for a party. What lindsay does is NOT NORMAL for a kid her age, ive seen that defense before, we just havent gotten caught defense. I cant imagine that you and your friends also have numerous duis, job losses, 5failed rehabs, 6 failed probations & owe about a million dollars to businessess and friends that you fucked over because you'd rather spend ur money on expensive chothes and coke than fulfill your promises to pay people what you owe them. Shes been to court over 20times in 6yrs. That isnt what other people do. Why do you try to promote this sociopaths behavior is normal? It is not. Lindsay is a deviant..

  21. BULLSHIT GLOW says – reply to this


    Snow Glow[/re] Yes, stupidity is beyond ignorance. Ignorance is the lack of knowledge. Stupidity is trying to pretend you have knowelge when you dont & you SHOULD have the knowledge, or have the knowledge but refuse to use it because you are so arrogant you think u know things without ever learning about them. You attempt to back peddle on your statements, YOUR post stated that Browkaw shouldnt make so much money or be in TV because all he does is read the news and he has a speech impediment. that is clearly written above. I dont even liike browkaw, but he is extrodinarily accomplished for a journalist. His arrogance, well at least her earned some of it. Lindsay is so arrogant and full of herself, but she doesnt really have anything to be arrogant about.. and, YOU ARE stupid. It was explained that brokaw does more than read the news, and here u are, using that same defense when u have been corrected & encouraged to google so u would KNOW what u were talking about. Bottom line, you wrote he wasnt attractive and he has a speech impediment so he shouldnt earn what he earns or be on TV. Thats a really twisted thing to say and disablility advocates would whip your ass given a chance. THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU SAID. its fucked thinking.

  22. 22

    Re: BULLSHIT GLOW – OMG! Lots of laughs! First of all, you have to stop being so "other directed". Awards mean crap, even in science, and believe me, I know. Tom Brokaw is "extraordinarily accomplished"? Says who, you? And I should stop having the opinion that I have, because I have been corrected, by whom, you? And, I never said he wasn't attractive, I just said he should be able to speak clearly, an obvious pre-requisite for a job on television where you are reading the news! Either you know him, or have nothing to do this weekend!! But Tom Brokaw earned millions that he didn't deserve, IMO!!!

  23. TO SNOWED IN says – reply to this


    U WROTE: "Newsreaders should be attractive … too much to ask for millions?" Do u think u can convince someone something u wrote, right in front of them isnt REAL? & always the LOL, like u think intelligent answers are laughable. Studying soociopaths is MY JOB.Awards mean CRAP? why is it that its only people who dont have any awards or more than a high school education think awards &honorary degrees are crap? u know awards, even in science dont mean anything? U know this HOW? Yes, i said he is accomplished, who says so? His HISTORY says so. U bother 2google? The guys does more than read the news. When a dozen or more Universites bestow honorary degrees on u, when Presidents of countries sit down to talk w/ u…THOSE THINGS ARE CONSIDERED accomplishments, whether or not YOU value education or politics. You blow shit out of your ass & cyber-laugh instead of trying to PROCESS and UNDERSTAND information that is given to u. U dont have to like or respect Brokaw, but ur position that ALL journalist are garbage is insane. People r indiviuals & make their own choices. U group a of bunch of strangers in a little pigeon hole when u dont even have information about them. Fine w/me if u feel brokaw doesnt deserve his millions.. Lilo didnt deserve the $ she got from E-trade either. u wrote brokaw didnt deserve his $ because he had a speech impediment & only reads the news. Now go lol over all that. Then, READ A BOOK.

  24. 24

    Re: TO SNOWED IN – Honorary Degrees, let's talk about them. Most people EARN their degrees, why should Universities just hand them out? You make my point for me. Should the Olympics give out honorary gold medals? Let's look at some of the recipients of honorary degrees. Mike Tyson. A high school drop out, a violent man who bit Holyfield's ear during a fight, and was convicted of rape, and sentenced to prison. He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Central Ohio State. Do you still think that honorary degrees are the equivalent of academic accomplishment?

  25. SNOW BLOWER says – reply to this


    Do you think Brokav never EARNED a degree? u r not wrong that Un. shouldn't just hand out honorary degrees, & they dont just hand them out. I have no idea re:Tyson, &have no interest in studying him. U keep deflecting from my original complaint about ur post that was the attractive/speech impedment issues. I NEVER said or suggested IN ANY WAY that honorary degrees are equivalent to earning a degree. Of course they are not. You can not USE an honorary degree. Further, brokaw being invited to talk w/ numerous presidents and being the only american journalist allowed in Germany to cover the Berlin Wall story is more of an accomplishment than being bestowed honorary degrees. Why cant you stay on the subject? U seek to deflect the real issues by twisting things, &accuse me of writing points that I NEVER MADE. Why does it bother you so that Brokaw is respected & very wealthy & considered a HUGE success in his chosen field? Hes also been married to the same woman for decades & decades. That more than suggest he is an honorable man who keeps his word. What is it about brokaws genuine success that bothers u so that you keep coming back to these boards to try to back-peddle ur original statements? Lindsay Lohan is a SOCIOPATH who shits all over society. One would image HER failures are more at issue in this debate than Brokaws hard-earned success.

  26. @v@ says – reply to this


    It's too bad that even Brokaw, along with his colleagues, is going off about Lindsay Lohan instead of making some serious public hay about the real stories that they all should be investigating and uncovering. Start by reading Matt Taibbi @ Rolling Stone and go from there. Where was the story about what happened to Ron Paul at that farce of a convention?

  27. 27

    Re: Talk to her? – First why would Tom comment on a guest that was invited ? If the President found it fit to invite Lindsay , then WHO is Tom B to add in his 2 cents ? There was no report of Lindsay acting up at the dinner and yet Tom feels the need to bring up "dignity " Sorry but not very Gentleman like . Once again uncalled for !

  28. 28

    Re: Talk to her? – You say "Why do you try to promote this sociopaths behavior is normal? It is not. Lindsay is a deviant "
    Lindsay is not a sociopath , LL is a person that cares about others which a Sociopath does not
    Lindsay is not a "deviant" Really what has LL done for you to call her a deviant ?
    Yes she has messed up . Her probation violations are questionable not fact . I can explain this in more detail . When will people let Lindsay live her mistakes down and start new . LL has a label on her now that people would rather believe because it is easier to believe negative than anything positive she has done

  29. DELUSIONS says – reply to this


    Re: TAYLORTfair – Im sorry to have to say this but you are just nuts yourself. You need to educate yourself to what Lindsays behaviors and CRIMES have been for the last 6yrs. SHE MOST CERTAINLY IS A SOCIOPATH. you are absurd to call her crimes, her drug/alcohol dependancies, her dozens of lawsuits, both criminal and civil, her hysterics on set, her compulsive lying and stealing, drunk drving s. Screwing friends and businesses out of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS…..etc…etc…etc.. THOSE ARE NOT MISTAKES, THEY ARE CHOICES THAT AN INCREDIBLY SELFISH AND SOCIOPATHIC 26 YEAR OLD WHO HAS BEEN TO REHAB FIVE TIMES KEEPS CHOOSING TO MAKE. You are deeply out of touch to believe Lindsays CHOICES are just what everyone does, but doesnt get caught. I assume you break laws, have 2 DUIS, are a junkie, screw people u know out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, been fired for misconduct? You just havent gotten caught, right?

  30. more DELUSIONAL says – reply to this


    u have a very child-like mind. u seem to think everything IS ABOUT LINDSAY. Brokaws SUBJECT of conversation WAS NOT LINDSAY. He was speaking w/ a politics magazine about WHY HE DOESNT WANT TO ATTEND THE WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENCS DINNER. He was giving his REASONING of why it no longer represents what it was originally intended for. You think EVERYTHING IS ABOUT LINDSAY. It isnt, her name just shows up because it is Lindsay that pollutes things and then it gets out what a fucking jerk she is..and then u come on the boards and try to play it all down by playing the VICTIM CARD and calling her SOCIOPATHIC CHOICES "mistakes"…claiming we the public, do the same things, we just dont get caught. Thats INSANE! brokaw is being celebrated all over for being the one to admit the elephant in the living room just took a shit all over the couch. &now Lindsay is calling brokaw a BULLY, WHEN LINDSAY IS A HUGE, CRUDE, VULGAR, MEAN CYBER-BULLY. She will go down in history for what SHE DID, not what her PR team wants u to believe. U need 2 see a shrink.

  31. WHAT POSITIVES says – reply to this


    Oh, people just WANT to believe the negative, not the positive about lindsay. WHAT POSITIVES? i remember 3years ago when she went to court HUNDREDS of people were commenting on blogs in POSITIVE ways, shes young, her parents….blah, blah. LOTS OF PEOPLE WERE POSITIVE FOR LINDSAY. And look what SHE HAS DONE in the last 3 years. Where is anything POSITIVE she has done? She talked about helping poor babies in foreign countries…YET, when a hangbag resell business offered to MATCH THE MONEY THAT HER OLD DESIGNER PURSES could fetch from resell, and THE COMPANY WOULD DONATE ALL THE MONEY TO CHARITY…LINDSAY DID NOT DONATE EVEN ONE HANDBAG. Not one. She does NOT give to charity, she TAKES CHARITY. Charlie sheen got her a part on his show…what did she do? She held up production and then took what she wanted from the set WITHOUT PEERMISSION. thats called STEALING. YOU NAME 2 THINGS THAT LINDSAY HAS DONE THAT ARE POSITIVES. JUST 2. WHAT HAS SHE DONE? Lindsay also doesnt pay her taxes like she should, FOR YEARS. That screws our whole country over. People hate her for GOOD REASONS, Taylor. But why you like her and defend her against known legal facts…that is a mystery.

  32. ITS VERY ODD says – reply to this


    Its very odd, taylor, that you seem to have all this compassion, forgiveness, and kindness TOWARDS Lindsay. At first it appears you are a kind, sweet-hearted, forgiving, compassionate person. But, your kindness/forgiveness seems to only apply TO Lindsay. Why dont you have kindness/compassion/forgiveness and second chances for Tom Brokaw for his "mistake" of what he said. Where is ur compassion for Perez Hilton whom you like to be shitty too? If Lindsay can hit babystollers, not pay taxes, dui, screw lots of people over for tons of money, steal & lie to cops, and you think thats all ok, WHY ARE YOU SO JUDGEMENTAL AND HOSTILE to all these other people who are not doing the illegal and socially harmful things that Lindsay has does. Doesnt make a lot of sence, does it?

  33. Thank You, Taylor says – reply to this


    Seems you can't come up with even 2 things that are positive things/contributions to society that Lindsay Lohan has done/achieved in the last 3 years. I do believe that your contributions and arguements here have undoubtledly helped anyone sitting-on-the-fence about how they feel about Lindsay to make a decision on how they feel about her. You need psychological help, Taylor. Your weird thinking is gonna screw up your life if you don't address your delusions. We wish you well. - - - - Pioneer Pals: Building a better today, today. - - Thank you, Tom Brokaw.

  34. Lol says – reply to this


    Lindsay Lohan: The elephant in the living room that shat all over the couch.

  35. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: TAYLORTfair – Never saw you sticking up for Lohan's poor lawyer Shawn Holley when she spent thousands of hours working to keep her nasty butt out of jail but then allegedly wasn't paid for it.

  36. A SHRINK ? says – reply to this


    Re: more DELUSIONAL – WOW pretty harsh . I see the trend on here . If you do not Bash Lindsay , then you are "nuts" "child like mind" " needs to see a shrink" Sorry to say but I am none of the names listed . I comment on people who Start the Judging with Harsh words for no reason . I do not use vulgar names in my post because there is NO NEED for them .
    LL was accused of stealing Where are the charges ? Her probation is broken because some dude with dollar signs in his eyes claims LL hit him coming out of a bar Oh thats right NOTHING came out of that case . Because I would like to see a better Society does not make me nuts and if you think that is wrong well then it is YOU who needs to see a Shrink

  37. ODD ? says – reply to this


    Re: ITS VERY ODD – If saying that Tom B is not demonstrating a Gentleman behavior is Hostile then I suggest you look up the word "Hostile" .
    I do not know "all these other people " who are not doing illegal things to comment on

  38. No Thank You says – reply to this


    Re: Thank You, Taylor – I think that Lindsay doing a documentary on human trafficking is a pretty positive thing . I also give her credit for being one of the first celb's to Always comment on t when a disaster happens asking for Prayer's or saying something compassionate to the victim's . You make think that is nothing but its more than some Cleb's do . Yes I find it Positive when people reach out to others

  39. Delusions says – reply to this


    Re: DELUSIONS – Are you saying that not one person on here including yourself has Never gotten behind the wheel after a drink at a party ? No , speeding tickets ?
    never once in their life tried an illegal substance ? Everyone is always on their best behavior ?
    Not to mention everyone is out doing good deeds everyday ?
    Interesting because there are more Dui, road rage , violence cases then ever before .
    Lindsay's crimes are magnified because she is in the public eye .Yes people try to cash in on her for nothing more than Dollars . Oh lets not forget Everyone pays their taxes on time . Come on really

  40. WHAT? says – reply to this


    WHAT are you talking about that her probation was violated because some guy with $$ in his eyes came out of a bar? Her RECENT probation violation was because she LIED to the cops about being the driver in a car accident where SHE hit a truck, WHERE ALCOHOL WAS FOUND ON THE SCENE AND WAS REPORTED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT AS LOHAN HAD ALCOHOL ON HER BREATH. This would have been YET ANOTHER DUI (while on probation) but Lohan LIED to the cops and said HER ASSISTANT WAS DRIVING. she also has been violated for testing POSITIVE for cocaine while on ANOTHER probation. My issue w/ ur post is that you COMPLAIN ABOUT HISTORY. And try to EXCUSE LINDSAYS NUMEROUS CRIMES & TWISTED BEHAVIORS by claiming OTHER PEOPLE do what she does, they just dont get caught. 6 years of CRIMES, lying, stealing, etc..etc.. IS NOT A MISTAKE, Taylor, ITS A DISEASE!

  41. WHAT? says – reply to this


    WHAT are you talking about that her probation was violated because some guy with $$ in his eyes came out of a bar? Her RECENT probation violation was because she LIED to the cops about being the driver in a car accident where SHE hit a truck, WHERE ALCOHOL WAS FOUND ON THE SCENE AND WAS REPORTED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT AS LOHAN HAD ALCOHOL ON HER BREATH. This would have been YET ANOTHER DUI (while on probation) but Lohan LIED to the cops and said HER ASSISTANT WAS DRIVING. she also has been violated for testing POSITIVE for cocaine while on ANOTHER probation. My issue w/ ur post is that you COMPLAIN ABOUT HISTORY. And try to EXCUSE LINDSAYS NUMEROUS CRIMES & TWISTED BEHAVIORS by claiming OTHER PEOPLE do what she does, they just dont get caught. 6 years of CRIMES, lying, stealing, etc..etc.. IS NOT A MISTAKE, Taylor, ITS A DISEASE! Re: Delusions

  42. WONT PLAY says – reply to this


    Im not going to play with you taylor. Your logic is twisted and all you ever do here is try to downplay Lindsays crimes. U ask where are the charges for her stealing? That was YET another probation violation, where she took a necklace from a store. What is wrong with you that you seek to dismiss LL CRIMES by claiming other people do the same thing? You write, who hasnt driven after drinks…who hasnt…blah blah. Driving home after having wine w/dinner out is not the same thing as drunk driving while ur flying on coke and hijacking a strangers car w/people in it. and then, while on probation for dui, she duis AGAIN, & as mentioned above, her latest car wreck she was drinking while driving AGAIN, while on proobation. Your post are NONSENSE and I am tired of trying to get you to take LEGAL FACTS into consideration. You are like arguing with an Alziemers patient. Say whatever u want here. Everyone else ignores ur delusional bullshit anyway.

  43. ONE LAST THING says – reply to this


    The documentary on human trafficking was OVER THREE YEARS AGO. Further some people publically voiced how offensive they found it that LL was using this as a means to boost her career. Honestly, she didnt do the journalistic work, she showed up on camera BECAUSE IT WAS A GIG. As for her tweeting about tragedys, she does that for PR, if she actually gave a shit she would DO SOMETHING MORE than send out a tweet while sitting on her stoned ass. Or she could send in money instead of getting filler in her face, blowing up those lips to 4287 psi, or yet another set of hair extentions. Love her, Taylor, im not trying to make you hate lindsay, im trying to let you know you cant erase or dismiss HISTORY because you love her. Shes a huge drug-addict FUCK UP for six long years. That is NOT normal. However, if the world starts filling up with people like you & Lindsay who see NOTHING WRONG with compulsive antisocial crimes…then the future will call sociopathology NORMAL. Blessings to u, taylor. Ur so lost.

  44. WHOAAAA says – reply to this


    Re: WONT PLAY – WHo on earth do you think you are to judge me .
    You are angry and hostile because I don't buy into your Bull. I asked you where was Lindsay charged with stealing ? It is Hearsay . If LL was charged with a 3rd Dui it would be all over the place How valid can your claim be on her latest Dui if there is NO charge !
    I could give a Rats arse what you think of me . I know who I am just because I don't agree with YOU makes you feel the need to call me names ? That shows what kind of person you are . I have NEVER called you names remember that !

  45. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: ONE LAST THING – Funny you mention her doc was 3 years ago . Well her DUI's were 4 yrs ago and you act as if it was yesterday . So now you are saying everything LL does is never with good intentions its just another gig . Odd I have yet to see other actors get involved with Human trafficking . Are you trying to say that Lindsay is not sincere in anything she does its all about the PR ? You would know this because you have spent time talking to Lindsay personality to find out how she really feels ? Or do you just go by what your read .
    How on earth would you know LL sincerity ? BTW name calling shows a lot about you .
    When people don't agree with you, you start with insults and names Hmm thats Intelligent right

  46. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: ONE LAST THING – Funny you should mention Lindsay's Doc being three years ago . Her Dui's were four years ago yet you act as if it were yesterday

  47. YOU ARE MISTAKEN says – reply to this


    Re: WHOAAAA – First of all I am not judging YOUR SOUL I am judging the VALIDITY of your post here. You say you are not buying into my bull, but my "bull" is based on LEGAL FACTS. And there you go with the stealing thing again when that was a legal case that ll was violated for and she pled to it. THAT IS A FACT. I am not hostile, i am disgusted that you keep saying that legal charges and information in court documents are HERESAY. im not sure what name I called you, but I assure you it was in regards to your public logic/arguement which is totally inconsistant with legal FACTS. I think u need a fresh opinion, u continue to argue that things are heresay when i have posted the FACTS that are public records. PLEASE take your cellphone to a family member, a teacher or spiritual leader that you trust and ask them to read this thread and then ask them if they think you are right and it is me that is crazy. Please, you are confused and cannot see what you are doing. You say the same thing over and over again when available FACTS easily prove you are in error. Just show someone this thread and ask them if they think your logic is valid. Good luck, taylor.

  48. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: YOU ARE MISTAKEN – Where are the FACTS ?
    Was Lindsay charged with a Third Dui ? Stealing? Hitting a baby carriage ? Where are these facts ? LL had to plea to something while on probation by Legal advice . You claim to know the facts so well . Where are they ?

  49. CONSIDER THIS says – reply to this


    You made point her last legal charge for dui was years ago, but I act like it was yesterday. The issue is the huge mess she is in TODAY is because she didnt appropriatley MANAGE her duis from years ago. Further, I HAVE TALKED to Lindsay A LOT and found her to be terribley INSINCERE in her genuine concern for others. Real Humanitarians don't do ONE THING, ON CAMERA, THAT THEY GET PAID TO DO and then CEASE their humanitarian efforts. Taylor, you are very young and dont seem to understand how the real world works. Thats ok, but you wont learn about how the real world works if you continue to blantantly deny facts and make things up in order to create the world you wish existed. And if I called you a strong name it is because i have tried to present LEGAL CASES and ADMISSIONS OF CRIMES that Lindsay has copped to and u keep coming back here and saying legal facts and pleas that lindsay HERSELF made are heresay. I have been polite but sometimes when people REFUSE to even take in facts they are given, over and over, it can be effective to say something like, "HEY STUPID, LOOK AT THE LEGAL FILE" because you need to shock them, or offend them enough to get them TO PAY ATTENTION. Just ask someone, AN ADULT, whom you trust to evaluate your printed logic on these boards. Then LISTEN to their accessment of your LOGIC. You dont make logical sence, taylor. You are full of hostility and bullshit defenses against FACTS.

  50. ? IS UR GOAL? says – reply to this


    WHAT IS YOUR GOAL HERE TAYLOR? why do you come on these boards? If you think you are HELPING Lindsay, you are not. In fact, you are making things WORSE for Lindsay when you take to public media to try to BE SUPPORTIVE but you end up coming across as a crazy person who is flying on emotions and you end up making Lindsay look worse by your comments that provoke responses that lindsay undoubtedly is horrified by. You might be hurt if you knew how Lindsay felt about YOU and what you start-up on these boards. You think you're doing her a favor, but I'm pretty sure if Lindsay was to say anything to you it would be, "SHUT THE FUCK UP TAYLOR!" YOU are NOT helping her AT ALL. So, why are you here posting nonsense about her? WHAT do you think your accomplishing? Even if everything you say is TRUE, IT CHANGES NOTHING. Hollywood and most of the U.S. population has already decided shes gone too far. Also, there WERE witnesses to the baby stroller incident, i am familiar with the eye witnessess testimony (and video) and I found the eye witnesses testimony CREDIBLE. First you dismiss and distort legal facts, then u argue something is a lie because she wasnt CHARGED and FOUND GUILTY…so there ARE no legal facts. What are YOU doing here and what are you trying to achieve? U dont need to answer me, but try to answer those questions FOR YOURSELF. I KNOW LINDSAY. OK. I PERSONALLY HAVE A SIGNIFICANT RELATIONSHIP WITH HER. OK? DO YOU?

  51. Noone HAS to plea says – reply to this


    This is for the post that said Lindsay HAD to plea because of legal advice. NO ONE EVER HAS TO PLEA. It is called legal ADVICE not LEGAL DICTATORSHIP for a reason. So, now its all Lindsay s LAWYERS fault? you a basketcase there.

  52. GOAL ? says – reply to this


    Re: ? IS UR GOAL? – Ok Now you are going to tell me you have personally talked with Lindsay and LL wants me to STFU ? Surely you jest

  53. Relationship says – reply to this


    Re: ? IS UR GOAL? – What do you consider a significant relationship ?
    The way you come on these boards with a variety of negative statements about LL's character ?Yet you call this a relationship ? What is your goal ? Why would LL want to talk with someone who feels as you do about her ?

  54. GET A GRIP, TAYLOR! says – reply to this


    I DID NOT STATE that LL told me to tell u to STFU. u should read a post, twice, & THINK ABOUT IT WHAT IT ACTUALLY SAYS, instead of glancing at it & inferring things out of it. 2)most of your post here show that u are EXTREMELY uniformed about what LLs ACTUAL LIFE IS, u seem 2 live in her past. 3) The type of relationship I have w/her.Its an honest relationship from my end. I do not believe genuine relationships are all about LYING to & ASS KISSING ur friends. If a truth is hurtful, unflattering or even unkind, it is still the TRUTH. 4) If u knew virtually anything about LL besides what u read on blogs & make up in ur own mind u would KNOW what my relationship w/her is. Thousands of people know about me&Lindsay & u have been directed to resources before THAT INFORM who i am & what our relationship is about. 5) i do not wish to be unkind but u are like argueing with an Alzeimers patient & I have more important things to do than trying to teach a pig how to sing. Believe WHATEVER you want to believe. People who are as messed up in their thinking as u r, aren't an asset 2 me. I am a hard-core activist. U r wasting my time. Go write Lindsay a fan letter. I'm not responding anymore to u twisting my post into accusations that I never made. Good luck. Show someone what u did here and get their opinion about your logic/thinking. PLEASE.

  55. taylor? says – reply to this


    i dont see anywhere where anyone called you names. Lindsay WAS charged and convicted of with stealing a necklace out of a venice jewelry store and she was violated on her probation for this theft SHE PLED TO. You are loaded out of your mind, or deeply impaired if you are under the impression that your lawyer can make you plea to something you didn't do, let alone something you do. You do have real problems with knowing even basic facts about Lindsay's real life and legal cases. She was not CHARGED with a third dui, but her wreck in 2012 has many witnesses, police reports and cops testifying she reeked of alcohol and alcohol was found near her car after the accident. You are clearly very confused, why you think lindsay had her probation violated because some money hungry victimizer came out of a bar…? You seem very interested in her, but almost everything you say about her is wrong. I agree, you should show someone what you wrote because its not at all sane. You go by nicole on another site? Your kinda messed up in the head. Your post are bizarre and full of mistakes.

  56. Twisted says – reply to this


    Re: taylor? – I go by no other name but this one . You twist everything I say .I know nothing about you and Lindsay nor where I can read about it . You never mentioned .
    YOU are the one that said "you would be hurt to know what LL thinks of you " Now hmm what does that imply ? Who is Twisted ? There is Nothing wrong with the way I think or my logic .
    If you think having a relationship means to bash LL truth or not , well there are more ways to get your point across then to call them the list of names you call Lindsay . I do not care what you think of me . We just do not think alike its not a big deal really

  57. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    "nuts" , "crazy " Child like mind " Twisted " Only to mention a few , Are not names to you ?
    Oh and BTW
    In U.S. law, no contest means the defendant is still claiming no guilt, but no longer contesting the charges brought.

  58. CLARIFICATION says – reply to this


    THE POST READS: "You MIGHT be hurt IF you knew…" Then "I'm pretty sure IF (IF!) Lindsay WAS to say". -I don't think that someone saying you have a child-like mind or saying UR THINKING is twisted is calling YOU names. I think of people calling others names as maliciousness, like calling u a whore or a fat pig or something gratitutiously mean,said only to insult you. My descriptions of how i see your thinking play out here is NOT calling you names, in my book.u seem to have a short memory about some things. As far as pleading NO CONTEST as not an admission of guilt, it is an acceptance of the charges,is pretty close to saying ur guilty, it certainly IS NEVER seen as an innocent plea. Go ahead and write pep-post to convince Lindsay her crimes are just little boo-boos that jealous people blow out of proportion. Im sure ur acceptance of her CRIMES/DOZENS of lawsuits, criminal/civil and the fact that she has screwed a lot of people out of money SHE owes them., ur acceptance of these things maybe all she needs to STOP them. ??. hope u feel that way if some drunk driver puts u in a wheel-chair then refuses to pay the restitution the courts have ordered to compensate u with. If lindsay can dui, rip people off, lie to cops, not pay taxes, & behave in ways that get her blacklisted & evicted from hotels& thats all ok…then EVERYONE gets to act like sociopaths with no consequences…and NO COMPLAINTS FROM YOU, when YOU end up being the victim of a sociopaths selfish choices.

  59. CLARIFICATION says – reply to this


    Re: CLARIFICATION – I never said all Lindsay does is ok . I said time and time again that she is a Media Target . Her probation violations are questionable . If you bang against LL car and say she hit you while LL is being crowed by pap's you should get paid ? To reference "hope u feel that way if some drunk driver puts u in a wheel-chair then refuses to pay the restitution the courts have ordered to compensate u with." is just a sick demented thing to say . All based on what if's ! Lindsay NEVER hurt anyone . Does LL need to get her life back on track YES ! Bashing her does not Help either . Try some Empathy for a change

  60. FINE TAYLOR says – reply to this


    U seem to think "hurting someone" only applies to physically harming someone. I think when someone screws small businesses out of $70K+ for services render on credit but never paid, that is HURTING small business owners. I think her getting the tech at Betty Ford fired for doing her job then slandering her was hurting someone, the tech had a young son. I think when u hold up production on a film for tens of thousands of dollars because you're being a brat or 4 hrs late to work, i think that hurts people. Lindsay plowed into the back of a dump truck, w/alcohol on her breath. If that would have been a small honda w/kids in the back someone could have been killed. She had 2 previous DUIs at the time. A studio car was following her because she insisted on driving her own car, even though production company provided a car to escort her. Does she HAVE to kill someone/put a kid in a wheelchair before her drug/alcohol & driving combo r considered a problem? I dont want to argue w/ you. I have had a lot of compassion for ll for yrs. I am incapable of empathy for her, since empathy means you have been where they are -I do not break laws, fuck people over for 5cents, much less hundreds of thousands of dollars & I dont make up stories &submit them to media then complain the media wont leave me alone. do what u want Taylor but I believe ll needs to realize she is way out of line, for years. Not a victim of the media SHE CREATES. Or jealous people out to get her.

  61. DID YOU SEE IT? says – reply to this


    Taylor, did you see the photos of what her rented porsche looked like from the accident last year? She totalled the car. It was a cumpled mess in the front. She was blessed she hit a dump truck. If you look at those photos and then imagine a driver w/two DUIS and reeking of booze at the scene…. Do you have children taylor? Look at those photos and ponder how forgiving u would be if a driver w/ 2 duis and reeking of alcohol had hit YOUR HONDA, with YOUR kids in the back…. How forgiving would you be if that would of been your kids that took the impact of her smashing her car into your honda. You look at those photos and look at your small child, or neice or nephew….and remember she had 2 duis in the 5 yrs before she had this accident. It was no fender bender and she WAS drinking. Thats why people HATE lindsay.

  62. See It Yes says – reply to this


    Re: DID YOU SEE IT? – Of all people who talks facts you are speaking hypothetical . First I do NOT think drinking and driving is ok at all . YES I think Lindsay should address and fix this problem . Yes her car was wrecked and Yes if LL is drinking and driving she may hurt someone . Lindsay states that the driver cut her off I have driven in CA and YES this can happen . Who to believe ? The facts state that LL had a bottle of alcohol in her car and on her breath Yet was not given a sobriety test nor charged with Dui . Where does this make sense? Something wrong here ? Yes LL needs help but Bashing LL or anyone does not help the matter . You of all people know the power of reasoning with someone

  63. FAIR says – reply to this


    Re: FINE TAYLOR – I admit I know nothing about small business owners and Lindsay's debt . Betty F tech stated LL got psychical with her over a drug test . There are plenty of other tech's and assistants she could have called for help or to witness this event . This was not the case . The tech tried to SUE ! Movie Studio's have insurance to cover losses they under pay actors and pocket Millions .
    Empathy: the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another of either the past or present without having the feelings, thoughts, and experience fully

  64. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: See It Yes
    Iam not fighting with you at all . Just talking ,no harm in that

  65. TO TAYLOR says – reply to this


    Thank you for your post saying ur not fighting with me. I am not fighting WITH you either. I call such communications debates and while your perspective and facts often do not match my own, that is one of the things that make you interesting to me. Further, i am deeply impressed by your ability to communicate without cyber-screaming f*ck you's or calling me a fat whore. I admire your abilities to not run away from a debate just because someone makes point that your information contains errors. I also think you do have a kind heart, even if it applies to lindsay a lot more than to people on these boards. I sent in a post before this one, but dont see it. To let u know, i was in contact w/LL about 7hrs ago and she is still alive.

  66. EMPATHY/SYMPATHY says – reply to this


    That is an interesting definition you have of empathy. All i can tell u is psychologist & psychiatrist use the word empathy differently. Empathy in the professional world of psych is used to describe a been-there/done-that/so I-feel-ur-pain/can relate. u are not alone, many lay-people think as you do, much to the annoyance of docs because the diiference means a lot in the world of psych. So, anyway, the reason LL didnt have a blood alcohol/field sobriety test is because SHE LIED to the cops and she stated to cops that she wasn't driving. They believed her and didnt test her, because they dont test passangers in wrecks for blood alcohol levels -unless, perhaps they're dead and think a b.a.l. somehow relevant. btw, yesterday u asked why LL would want to talk to me. I think its because she is facinated by the fact I stand up to her and blast her w/the truth. People may like having their asses kissed but they don't respect ass kissers. That, i think, and the fact that I've got more dirt on her than the moon has craters. Nothing like having secrets on someone to get them to pay attention to ya. It's a love/hate thing, mostly hate on her part, most of the time, but she doesnt walk away & its been incredibley educational, if not exhausting and very upsetting at times. Have a nice day, taylor.

  67. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: TO TAYLOR – Hey now that is the Master Jedi I know about ! Thank you , I enjoy debating with you . I find you interesting as well . I really don't get mad at you I kind of think it's a Banter between you and I lol …….I am glad to hear Lindsay is alive and well but tell me did she by chance tell you to tell me STFU ? LOL Talk with you soon

  68. Betty Ford says – reply to this


    In regards to ur claim about the BF tech, all I can tell you is that I was pretty involved (not physically) in that ordeal & unless u were in the thick of it, theres a lot u couldn't know. The tech did not threaten to sue until AFTER lindsay got her fired & LL did some dirty tricks to blame & discredit the tech. Tech had a lot of compassion & understanding that Lindsay was very ill from her addictions & she eventually dropped the charges. There was a lot of "dirt" on that story that was avialable to the general public but it was buried & one had to look for it. well, less than 48 hrs to go until court. I think the whole thing is complicated because the courts agreed to a lockdown rehab 90 days in custody plea agreement and now it has been discovered in US to hold a patient locked up in a private rehab is basically a kidnapping/hostage situation, so we'll have to see what DA/judge has to say about it. The goal is to rehabilitate her over just good old punishment. IMO: She needs MEDICAL attention, detox and diagnostics before anything. To solve a problem it's very important to comprehend the problem first.

  69. NO ON STFU says – reply to this


    She most certainly did NOT say that. I feel confident LL is very happy that you go to bat for her. What I was referring to is that she MIGHT feel that way, at times, because you come on the board and say something, maybe with an error in it AND MY RESPONSE of tearing your arguement to shred and then my adding in facts, incidents and points probably displeases her, to say the least… It isn't YOU, its that if you didnt write what you write, I wouldnt write what I write and its me she desperatly wants to STFU. Taylor, Lindsay reads these boards all the time, pretty much never fails to check in, often. She DOES know about you & I'm confident she appreciates ur genuine care & support. You are free to talk TO HER HERE & as long as she has internet, she, her lawyer, the DA's office and all kinds of people who pretend they're not watching WILL SEE IT. I encourage you to ADDRESS HER here on the boards. Her heart would soar to the moon if you sent her a note directly encouraging her recovery. Shes a sweet, little, lonely child inside that big mess, too.

  70. EMPATHY says – reply to this


    Hi Taylor, just checking back in to keep up. I re-read your post on empathy. The first time I read it, it came across as a laymans definition or a definition for sympathy. This second go around it hit me differently. It actually is a VERY SOPHISTICATED definition that applies to those who have activated "six sence". There has been an astronomical awakening in "humans" of being in touch with their "psychic" abilties which includes this type of empathy-transferance. I am gifted/cursed in this ability myself. Ever see Steven Kings, "The Dead Zone"? I can do what Christopher Walken does in the film. It aint as fun as one might think. I've lost friends and deeply upset people at parties when I've blurted out their private information thinking it was a memory I HAD about THEM, when it was a private memory of theirs and it freaked them out, thought I was the devil, or something. anyway….could you tell me where did you get that definition from? And, …no taylor, not the red dress, wear the blue one you wore to church last Easter. (..just kidding, i don't control the "gift". )

  71. What a maroon says – reply to this


    Well, thats embarrassing. Six SENSE. I can barely see my screen. Also, i had a head injury 4 years ago that set my speech, reading/writing back to that of a 6-7 yr old. I could not read five letter words after the accident. I would try to say something like, 'im want to go shopping for tuna salad makings' and it would come out, 'im going pickleing for stores.' It was an incredible experience & sometimes i miss it because a lot of stuff was knocked clean out of my head and i lived in a world of having NO EXPECTATIONS because I didnt know what to expect. It was a beautiful way to live and a trip to the produce department was a magical & mysterious adventure. Hmm, in the dead zone movie, dude had an accident too. I think its because when you knock expectations out of your head all you have to live with is whats happening in the now. I do miss those days of being ignorant & enchanted by the littlest thing. Oddly, i still have great difficulty spelling EGG, its always….wait a minute…eeg…or…egg.. ?. Weird as shit after 4 yrs. I love life.

  72. Gifted says – reply to this


    Re: EMPATHY – I do believe people have a six sense , they just don't understand it or blow it off as something else . Iam glad that you can admit you have this . Most would not say or would be scared to . The brain is a mysterious thing , like how we do not use all of our brain . I believe people who don't believe in such things need to be more open minded to enhance their life for possibilities they may have never dreamed of . Kudos to you you interesting thang !

  73. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: NO ON STFU – I will post my theory /view of Lindsay on another thread. You may agree , you may not . We will find out

  74. Hi taylor, says – reply to this


    Thanks for the kind words. FTR: I am pretty secretive about my SuperHero SuperPowers. The only reason I told you is because everyone else has moved on from this story and I am invisible. Our culture has abandoned intuition for books that teach about what other people think & experience. I adore reading & big fat textbooks but its important to think for yourself & come to a comprehension that there are just tons of things that are not discovered and/or understood in the world. Tell you the truth some of the dumbest peoplee I have ever known are MDs. A lot of them think those few extra years of schooling & memorizing books…well they cop a 'tude that they have learned it all & don't need to think or be curious anymore. I have been fortunate to be associated with some docs that are aware of 'second sight' & this was a mighty fine thing because if one lets on to unusual experiences to the wrong doc they'll slap ur ass on antipsychotics. I see ur going to write ll & Im glad to see that. Taylor, we dont have to agree, its much more interesting when we don't. I have years of experiences & lots of formal schooling but the world changes constantly so I know, I dont know shit. I wouldn't bet $50 that the sun is going to rise tommorow. Then again, if it didnt come up, i really wouldnt be upset about losing the money. Take care.

  75. QUESTION 4 TAYLOR says – reply to this


    Please let me know where you found that definition of empathy and what year the publication was copywritten for the source that you used. If you want to read an interesting book (that made me cry) try "Second Sight" by Judith Orloff. M.D. She is a psychiatrist who also has the 'gift' and was extrodinarly fortunate to be raised around a family who did not assume she was psychotic because of her 'oddities'. I cried because her story was so very close to my own and I felt totally understood and normal after reading it. I was raised around a lot of MDs, but back-in-the day most docs didnt believe in ESP. I learned by my teens not to talk openly about odd phenomena that happened to me. This book made me feel like I had found my tribe. Hope u look into it.