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Game Of Thrones Piracy Gets A Verbal Smackdown From U.S. Australian Ambassador!

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game of thrones slaps

Game Of Thrones isn't just one of the most exciting shows on TV- it's also one of the most stolen!

And Jeffrey (not Joffrey) Bleich, U.S. Ambassador to Australia has had enough! He wrote:

"One episode was illegally downloaded about 4,280,000 times through public BitTorrent trackers in 2012, which is about equal to the number of that episode’s broadcast viewers…

As the Ambassador here in Australia, it was especially troubling to find out that Australian fans were some of the worst offenders with among the highest piracy rates of Game of Thrones in the world…

I realize that fans of Game of Thrones who have used illegal file-sharing sites have reasons. They will say it was much easier to access through these sites, or that they got frustrated by the delay in the first season, or their parents wouldn’t pay for a subscription, or they will complain about some other issue with copyright laws.

But none of those reasons is an excuse – stealing is stealing. Buying a book in a store costs more and takes longer than stealing it from your neighbor’s house, but we all know it is the right thing to do and it allows authors to make a living and write more books.

So please celebrate UN World Book and Copyright Day by doing the right thing – Tyrion Lannister will thank you for it."

Nice! We couldn't agree more! You want your favorite show cancelled because it only gets HALF the ratings it deserves? No way!

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12 comments to “Game Of Thrones Piracy Gets A Verbal Smackdown From U.S. Australian Ambassador!”

  1. nationalenqurer says – reply to this


    "you couldn't agree more " ? Huh ? , wait, huh ? Weren't you Perez sued for stealing pictures off the internet and posting them on here ??????
    Pot , meet kettle.

  2. 2

    lol at him on his high horse. bet he's watched plenty of stuff for free. people will always take the FREE option if available. please get real, mister.

  3. debtee says – reply to this


    I personally don't watch this show but as an Australian, I will say that we are sick to death of waiting up to a year to watch shows that the rest of the world have already seen.
    Our TV networks are a joke and treat us like we are stupid.
    The season ender for Downtown Abbey just aired last Sunday, we have known for months the ending to the season, as it was all over the net from England and America and they SPLIT the ending, so we had to watch t over two weeks, when it was a one episode for everyone else. Crazy grab for ratings.
    So although I don't download via these websites, I can understand people not wanting to wait so long and taking matters into their own hands. Clearly the US ambassador doesn't watch the Tv in Aussie land.

  4. Ash says – reply to this


    Rating in Australia count for nothing if the show airs in America. Only australian-grown-and-aired tv shows can be infuenced by the normal tv-ratings there. Unless all the GOT viewers fly over to USA and watch their show there it won't matter how many viewers there are down under. If the ratings tank in USA, international viewers don't count.

    Not that the ratings are tanking at all. Just saying that this particular argument is void.

  5. BellaGOTLover says – reply to this


    An article online ….

    On whether online piracy of Game of Thrones hurts HBO

    "I'm not sure it does. I think it really raises the profile of the show and raises the profile of HBO in general. One of the HBO directors for Game of Thrones, a guy called David Petrarca, actually said, 'No, it's great. It really helps the show's cultural buzz, and it does not impact the bottom line because HBO has more than enough money to keep making the show.'

    "So what this is, is, this makes HBO the center of a cultural conversation about illegal downloading, about streaming content, about the production of content and distribution of content, which is probably somewhere they really want to be."

  6. Blah Blah says – reply to this


    I'm a big fan and have both the first and second season on bluray - at £30 quid a pop. To watch it on sky tv (which is the only place you can watch it in the uk) @ £21.50 a month add a tenner if you want HD the cost soon mounts up. I will be buying the third season as soon as it comes out on Bluray however, i'll also be downloading them aswell because its such a good show! I think of it as borrowing. Because i'm only gonna buy them anyways!

  7. illegal downloader says – reply to this


    There are those still out there who believe erroneously that you can charge someone anything you want for an idea. For 0s and 1s and bits of light. But the truth has always been that you can only charge someone what you can make them pay with guns and with threats. I'm not threatened so I'll continue to do as I please, which is download as much as I want at any time I want.

  8. olivia says – reply to this


    Or you could get the book for free from the library?

  9. ashely k. says – reply to this


    how about this for a change?

  10. 10

    Too much wrong with this post to even begin to respond…

  11. Guillermo says – reply to this


    I have the 5 books, not only in spanish (native language) but also in english. I have also bought the audiobooks for the first 2 books (which everyone knows are not specially cheap). In order to watch GoT on live TV I have to pay like 40€ for not one but many channels that I won't be watching at all, and guess what. If I can't be at the exact time the show is broadcasted, then I have to wait for the second chance if they happen to have one… That, in my honest opinion, is begging users to download the show from the torrent.

  12. Raul Gonçalves says – reply to this


    if there was a way to pay for just HBO without having to pay for duzens of other channels that I´m not even gonna watch to, I would gladly do it, HBO deserves it. But sadly I don´t have the money to pay for cable (wich is extremely expensive in my country)