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38 comments to “Manager Scooter Braun Reveals Astonishing Claims About Justin Bieber's #MusicJournals!!!”

  1. Ryan says – reply to this


    He constantly has the need to prove himself to people who trash on him, I think he is a talented young man and very successful for his age, and I'm a 23 year old guy and straight lol, why so much hate for this guy ? He seems cool and very nice if you give him a chance and listen to his songs. You base your opinion of him on all stupid stories you read on websites and believe them all, he isn't perfect at all but come on we all smoked weed it's not a drug it's a plant :) he'll be fine, some weed won't make him become another Lohan don't get your hopes up

  2. llcooljfan says – reply to this


    Good to read something nice about this kid, he is at least focusing on his music with this whole stuff going on around him, he handles hate and all drama in a special way, if I was hated so much I don't know how would I deal with it. Let's hope the album will be good because he is a singer, that's what you should focus on not only his private life.

  3. Mark says – reply to this


    I don't mean to hate on the Biebs. More power to the kid. No matter what is or isn't true about his attitude or behavior, his accomplishments are still impressive as heck. But, can ya please get a reality check in your comparison of Bieber writing teeny bop pop songs to Beethoven composing friggin' epic symphonies. This comparison is mind blowingly ignorant and ridiculous.

  4. 4

    In all fairness, they could be 90% crap

  5. xander says – reply to this


    The only thing he needs to do now is focus on his music and make it great, because that's the only way to shut his haters and all this negative press he got since that girl dumped him. He's a great artist to me and I've listened to some of his songs from Believe, he came long way since 'Baby' trust me. I would be sad seeing him go totally downhill just because of the girl messing up with his mind and doing real drugs(because weed isnt a drug) and just lose all he worked so hard for, hoping he won't mess up and will surprise us with new music

  6. SexyMcFabulous says – reply to this


    Michael Jackson wrote 200 for every album he ever did.

  7. Brandon Scherrer says – reply to this


    The information given about Beethoven composing ”160” songs throughout his lifetime is the biggest bullshit I have ever read. Maybe Perez Hilton writes articles for the teeange audience, however he should not assume that we are imbeciles. Did you just pull this one out the hat to impress readers or something?

    Beethoven had composed very few songs in his lifetime, (songs are those that include voice if you didn't know), much less than 160 - however he had composed undoubtedly hundreds of compositions. I'm also outraged that you compared the two. Beethoven never had the luxury of clicking some buttons and creating ”music” - he tediously sketched out masses of parts that could take years to complete, futhermore, he was deaf during the the majority of this career - how dare you put the great Beethoven down against Justin Bieber, and claim that Justin's work in one tour exceeds the genius of the entirety of Beethoven's lifetime. What utter bullshit, this article is obviously written be someone with no brains.

    Brandon Scherrer

  8. 8

    No insult to Beibs (can't stand his music but I'm sure if I was 13 I'd feel differently)…but comparing him to Beethoven is basically the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. Ever. Beiber is popping out catchy pop songs that will be forgotten ten years from now…Beethoven was a musical genius who wrote some of the world's most famous symphonies that are still widely recognized today. Its just…two entirely different types of writing.

  9. Brandon Scherrer says – reply to this


    Re: pdrocksmysocks – I agree with you completely man! :-)

  10. 10

    Two songs a day? they must be good.

  11. Renee says – reply to this


    It is a very sad day for humankind when Justin Bieber is compared to Beethoven. And then for Bieber to be hailed a more accomplished child prodigy than him?! I'm sure that in 150 years his music will be hailed as some of the greatest compositions ever. And Beethoven's "Symphony 5" obviously is a heap of shit compared to Bieber's own 'Baby"… not

  12. Annoyed says – reply to this


    This is such bullshit. To me, this sounds like he's just jotting down some lyrics. Not music or melodies or anything. He's not writing "songs," he's drafting and writing down his thoughts. BIG DIFFERENCE. And who is to say the lyrical content of these songs will be any good? On his next album, I can guarantee there will be 7-8 different writers on the songs as well as 3-5 producers (Bieber doesn't PRODUCE his own music nor does he orchestrate it). He isn't writing anything but mumbo jumbo thoughts. It's NOT music. He just wants good publicity. I keep a journal as well to write short essays, poems, and whatever else. Does this make me a musical genius? HELL NO. The quality of the ENTIRE COMPLETED SONG is what matters.

    Do NOT compare him to Beethoven or any classical music composer because they are TRUE musical geniuses! Ridiculous!

    I can just hear one of the songs now: "I was 3 hours late to..2 or 3 shows. But baaaabyyyy that's ok because I had my joint. Oh baby, myyyy joint."

    Give me a break kid.

  13. alli says – reply to this



  14. Sarah says – reply to this


    You are a fucking idiot. That… was by far the most ignorant line you've ever published on this website. I can't even… I can't even comprehend how someone could be so ignorant, uncultured, and uneducated (especially when you constantly put yourself in the position to critique and post music; at least have the decency to learn about it a little).

    First of all, as Brandon mentioned, Beethoven didn't have the luxury of clicking a few buttons to write "music" (and even had he had this, it'd still be better than any Bieber-bullshit). Second of all, the man was writing SYMPHONIES FOR ENTIRE ORCHESTRAS (containing at least 50 INSTRUMENTS), STRING QUARTETS, PIANO SONATAS, CONCERTOS, etc. Third of all, many of these pieces contain multiple movements and last well OVER AN HOUR. Further, these were incredibly complex and well thought out masterpieces, not just 2 minute catchy tunes with voice.

    Shame on you and your ignorance. Shame on you for even comparing this genius to someone that finds three phrases like "baby, baby, oh" and repeats them over and over again.

    Oh, and I highly doubt we'll be listening to Bieber 200+ years from now….

  15. Alexis says – reply to this


    HE'S NOT BEING COMPARED TO BEETHOVEN. My hell some people will find whatever negativity they possiby can to bag on this kid. They weren't comparing their MUSIC they were simply stating the stats of songs written by the both of them. Shit.

  16. Anon says – reply to this


    Re: Alexis – That is a comparison… comparing stats of songs. In fact, Perez even suggests that "Justin Bieber is basically the most accomplished musical prodigy EVA."

    Yes, that right there was a comparison between Bieber to Beethoven. In fact, he even concludes that Bieber is essentially above Beethoven.

  17. 17

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha—-that is all

  18. 18

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…that is all

  19. MichJB says – reply to this


    Any idiot can write the six or seven lines of a crappy pop song. How many of these are complete songs with the music composed? I'm sure this journal looks more like a grade schoolers doodle pad than a musical sheet.

  20. Logan says – reply to this


    Does it really matter? No offense to Justin but a large portion of his recent music is the same repetitive europop dance bullcrap that's been on the radio for years. He doesn't diversify in his music, which is his biggest problem. Don't get me wrong, I do like his music; I consider Fall his best song. But he's no Michael Jackson and he never will be. Michael always did something different and the world followed suit. If Justin wants to be taken more seriously as an artist, and be a better one at that, he needs to start taking risks with his music.

  21. Daydreamer says – reply to this


    You seriously just compared apples to oranges. Beethoven COMPOSED complex material that you probably wouldn't be anle to wrap your head around. Justin Bieber wrote lyrics. I'm sure he's not the only musician out there who does the same. The kid is talented, but stop creaming your pants and going all stupid for him.

    And speak your age - it's weird seeing you write or speak like a teenage fangirl.

  22. TheBiebs says – reply to this


    Re: Ryan – OMG bless your words idk u but I have so much respect towards people like you.

  23. 23

    oooooo oh baby
    i looove you baby
    you make my girly heart go pitty pat
    oooooo i got the bling
    you know i love that thing
    ooooooo oh baby

    repeat as needed

    that's one, took 20 secs

  24. Biebfan says – reply to this


    Some people call these poetry.

  25. bonju Patten says – reply to this


    Yeah HE wrote the same song 200 times. That's what you meant to write, PH

  26. 26

    QUALITY over quantity. And don't EVER…EVVERR Compare him to the amazingness that is Beethoven. Ever.

  27. 27

    Re: Brandon Scherrer – Preach it!

  28. 28

    Re: pdrocksmysocks – He composed music I STILL listen to.

  29. wannabe_mj says – reply to this


    Its funny how Justin Bieber notices all the celebrities that tweet him, but only a few beliebers.

  30. megan schuurman says – reply to this


    wow justin is so cool she 's so good in the music and dancing.-xxxxx- megan belieber

  31. Emily says – reply to this


    Beethoven composed some of the most beautiful and touching symphonies to ever grace a stage, and Bieber writes the lyrics to trashy pop songs. It disgusts me that this article even implies Justin might be on par with Beethoven, because nothing he writes could ever come close to what Beethoven has written and accomplished. It's the quality that matters, not the quantity.

  32. J Johnston says – reply to this


    Re: bekbek – Thank you for pointing that out, Mark. Bieber is nothing compared to Beethoven. It is a laugh to even attempt to compare them. No one will remember Bieber in 5 years. Well I will go more than that let say 10 years. Beethoven is still a genius. Today that over about 127 years after his death. Bieber will never last.

  33. 33

    Much as I would like to believe this, all that he's been doing whilst on this tour is partying and hanging out with his wannabe rapper friends… definitely NOT focusing on "the music".

  34. viper_lux says – reply to this


    Ok…Perez please don't be juvenile, only fools compare Beethoven to a teenager with no BA Degree in Music, quit being pathetic, no way JB is a prodigy, most of his lyrics are composed by anonomys writers, and Frank Ocean, so he has no creativity, saddly his manager is bluffing , since Island Def Jam Records also many big time music industries higher talentless folks, instead those who attended a music courses or private universities are often ignored because big business and too much sexy dances & lean bodies, so entertainment is a mockery of real music. #SHAMEONYOU

  35. Marie says – reply to this


    Wait, hang on. Did Perez just compare Beiber to Beethoven? Seriously?

  36. LION says – reply to this


    ridiculous comments!



    Envious FUCKING

  37. LION says – reply to this



  38. Katie says – reply to this


    Id hate to admit it because Justin is such a douche bag now but he really is a modern day music prodigy. the fact that hes never had any musical lessons is amazing. as much as I hate him I respect him musically because of how talented he is. and I think if he would just applied himself better and had some better influences in his life he could of been the next Michael Jackson.