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15 comments to “twitter-if-somebody-texts-you-and-you-don%e2%80%99t”

  1. MB says – reply to this


    OR maybe you don't care for the person who sent it, and some people aren't worth the time or energy? Perhaps if you don't have anything nice to say, it's best to be mature about it, and not say anything (further) at all, or your account will be suspended permanently (instead of temporary) for "violation of the terms of service" you had to agree to, again, because some fruity looking kid (with bad taste), who you don't know from a hole in the ground, will report you, again, and it'll be taken out of the sight of people who might actually matter to you? I don't know….

    Sometimes, it simply doesn't matter :)

  2. TG says – reply to this


    Or maybe they have a life.

  3. 3

    I think what you mean is if they don't text you back then they don't want to talk to you or consider whatever else is going on in their lives more important. It doesn't mean they "fail," it means whomever they are not responding to is not a priority to them.

  4. Jason says – reply to this


    Who the fuck are you to put a time limit on such a thing and to imply that it's a FAIL if we don't?? You lame, pathetic loser!!

  5. SalCee says – reply to this


    …or maybe they are out living life. Lame.

  6. SalCee says – reply to this


    How do you even live up to this standard with a new baby?

  7. 7

    I call bs. Pick up the phone and call if you need a response. I can't stand texting.

  8. 8

    yeah sure cause I let an email or txt message dictate me when I like to answer. if you call me and speak to my answering machine I call you back when I like and not when I hear the message - same goes for written things - in business it's a bit different but even there I don't check my mail frequently - I am free and not a slave or has my skin a different colour than caucasian?

  9. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Well, I don't text so it is a non-issue with me. As far as email, since I am retired, every other day is good enough to check it. If someone really wants to get ahold of me, they will call me on the phone.

  10. Anna Capps says – reply to this


    I think you are too needy. You are obviously attention-hungry, and would actually be a pretty like-able human being if not for your constant need for the limelight. I enjoy your site, and I visit it often. A lot of times in between reading celebrity gossip I come across one of your Tweets or whatever, and I think I speak for the majority of the population when I say "We don't really CARE." We do not know you personally. We are hear to read the stuff on this blog, and we are cool with that alone. We like you for what you do for us. It's extremely obvious that you are having a personal issue with someone which you are venting to the world about. We don't care, Perez. I'm sorry. There are simply bigger fish to fry. It's not personal, trust me. So why? Just send the person an e-mail, ANOTHER text, call them, or show up. If you really care for someone you should speak to them if you feel distance. Life is far too short to worry about small-minded things like text messaging. Jesus Christ. #sickofeffingperezisms

  11. Anna Capps says – reply to this


    P.S. Being the "aspie" that I am, I would like to point out the fact that I used the word "hear" rather than "here" in the previous comment. Thank you and good night.

  12. 12

    noones forced to text back if they arnt texting back either u didnt ask a qs or they thought u were done texting or they didnt want to text back there is no rule says someone has to text back

  13. 13

    i find if someone isnt texting back then u ask them a direct qs and then if they still dont text back then yes then u whine and make up perezisms … there is nothing more annoying than texting someone has to stop texting back at some point …its like torture the beep beep then the rubbishy message … stop texting first then u wont have to worry why someone hasnt text back … usually i just text this if im concerned " are u alive text me back or call or ill contact the police and say ur missing" that normally works.

  14. el guapo se les va ! says – reply to this


    maybe they are not getting back at ya ,because 3 words can change the world and you are too much brain for them to handle ?
    some people had shelter life's and don't have that much experience ,
    on allot levels !
    You can not put timeframe on the level of intelligence or experience some these people have !
    i had women get mad at me for telling them the truth ,say things like , hated sex with me , say they hate me ,and
    i had women ignore me but in the end THEY ALL call me back and say i miss your smile I MISS YOU !
    i never been ignored for long ,because time is the master ,
    im onekind ,IM LUCKY GUY they end up call me simply because i am the truest bastard they will ever encounter ,
    even if they ignore me they cant take that away ,that being total fact !
    so please quit living in fantasy !

    time is the master NOT YOU IDIOT !

  15. 15

    Re: el guapo se les va ! – Your enter key stuck??