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Guess he really built her a bar after all! Despite reports of relationship issues, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are most definitely ON! The two were … Read more…

105 comments to “Johnny Depp Publicly HOLDS HANDS With Amber Heard At Rolling Stones Concert! It Is ON!!”

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  1. lili says – reply to this


    Oh, I can see. Is it Captain Jack and Kraken or Barnabas and Angelique?

  2. Mi says – reply to this


    Ahahaha! so it was true!!
    And all those obsessed denying denying denying, over and over again, this relationship. Dismissing all the things that indicated since a long time ago, that they were in fact a couple, WHAT THEY'RE GOING TO SAY NOW?

  3. ana says – reply to this


    Re: Mi – Yes, after Amber pursuing and chase and pursuing Johnny, yes they are together. But Johnny is VERY sad . We can see it in the pics

  4. Sara says – reply to this


    Does anyone thinks it's interesting their body language? Maybe i'm reading too much into it but I have never seen Johnny hide himself like he does with Amber. I mean he has his head down trying not to get his picture taken when we all know it is him while Amber has her head held high (not like at Pettyfest) and her hand is clutching his which tells me she very much wants everyone to know they are in fact together. Good for her but I've never seen Johnny like that with his former girlfriends. What do you guys think?

  5. lili says – reply to this


    Re: Sara – I completely agree with you. Johnny is not happy and he didn't want a relationship with her

  6. 6

    i thought she was a dyke?

  7. Sofia says – reply to this


    what a Gorgeous looking couple!

  8. angel says – reply to this


    Amber has a bad vibe

  9. Mia says – reply to this


    Re: lili
    Hahaha, its true. I think, she is the Kraken

  10. ana says – reply to this


    Re: Sofia
    Yes, he is and she was

  11. Sara says – reply to this


    Re: lili – It just makes me think that he is not comfortable yet going public and maybe those rumors of her demanding they go public or they are over have some validity to them.

  12. jj says – reply to this


    Re: shaygirl1309
    She is and and she is also a homewrecker

  13. lili says – reply to this


    Re: Sara
    For me, Johnny no longer wanted this relationship but she forced him in many ways including herself make everything public. And that would be bad for his children. Johnny is a zealous father

  14. Haha says – reply to this


    Suck on that ya ugly jealous lesbos! It must hurt that every pretty lady in hollywood that says she's a carpet muncher ends up with a meat stick. Good for them.

  15. Adam says – reply to this


    Re: Haha
    Currently she is just cute little

  16. Sara says – reply to this


    Re: lili – Yeah I have a feeling he doesn't want the attention because of his kids and he wants to protect them from all the media craziness. I'm sure they are still dealing from the aftermath of their parents separating. Regardless how long they were apart before they announced publicly.

  17. Chris says – reply to this


    Re: lili
    It makes sense to me, because Amber was desperately dropping several hints that they were together, then if she was so desperate, it was because he didn't want to stay with her anymore

  18. Chris says – reply to this


    Re: ana
    I have the same feeling that he is not happy, in fact he looks very sad and tense these last days. It must be because Amber was houding him to stay together and make their relationship public

  19. Jady says – reply to this


    Re: Sara – You don't know a thing about him, mate!
    He always do the same around paparazzis (just google his recent pictures, like when he go out of a medical center, or even when he was with Vanessa Paradis). He always put his head down, a serious expression, go in separated ways with his partners, etc, etc. Nothing special with his attitude here…or sorry, there's one REALLY special thing here: he held Amber's hand in public. and that sure doesn't happen a lot!

  20. Adam says – reply to this


    Re: Jady
    No, he never puts his head down. he is serious but always looking ahead

  21. Mel says – reply to this


    c'mon, this cheap girl and cheap actress is with Johnny?

  22. Sara says – reply to this


    Re: Jady – Yes when he is alone he puts his head down. I'm talking about when he is with his girlfriends, especially in the car he is always looking up expect when he is with Amber.

  23. lili says – reply to this


    Re: Jady
    NO, HE NEVER puts his head down. And he went alone to the show, but she chased him again in the backstage and they left together

  24. Angel says – reply to this


    Re: lili – yes, they were not sitting together at the show

  25. April says – reply to this


    Re: lili – So they came separate but left together? Interesting

  26. lili says – reply to this


    Re: April
    yes, and they just left the show together because she chased him and insisted on leaving the show with him. She wanted everybody could see that they were together

  27. Alsoarrivedtogether says – reply to this


    They also arrived together. Stop talking nonsense, people
    Just see these clips:
    h t t p : / / w w w . y o u t u b e . c o m / w a t c h ? v = X q B w 9 V E Y j b g
    h t t p : / / w w w . y o u t u b e . c o m / w a t c h ? v = A J C w N 5 S M Z l U

    And according to "sources" that's how they were inside the concert:
    "…An onlooker tells: “Johnny and Amber were really touchy-feely when they arrived in a limo.
    “They spent the night hand-in-hand and Johnny was really keen to introduce her to his mates.
    "He’s a big fan of the Stones, especially Keith, and hung around near his dressing room to chat after the show.
    "The party was really A-List so people just let him and Amber be. It was a great atmosphere.”…"

  28. wendil says – reply to this


    Re: Sofia – So true.,both are beautiful…but I don't like her for him..she is gorgeous but dangerous

  29. wendil says – reply to this


    Re: ana – Yes..he is hiding his face,and she look at him saying..what are you doing? he doesn't want this relationship..maybe he only wants ..,you know,somebody to..well.Maybe all those rumors about he named a beach in her honor and all those things are made up by the media…something weird is happening here

  30. LAYNE says – reply to this


    OH YUCK! Johnny is making the biggest mistake of his life. He is so in love with this nobody, wanna be hooker. I think he is making a fool out of himself by being with this chick. She is way too young for him, it is just gross. He knows it is wrong, hence the hiding of the relationship. I don't think they ever broke up, I think they have been keeping a low profile because they both know that nobody approves of them as a couple!

  31. Michelle says – reply to this


    amber is not aging well at all. She's pretty but when she is all dolled up she looks 10 years older than she really is. I hope she isn't doing that on purpose so people don't notice the age difference. Also I've noticed that women that date much older men tend to age faster. Very weird! I also think that this relationship has been on the down low and Amber wanted to go public but Johnny didn't so she's been dropping hints but wearing his t-shirt and his jewelry around town so everyone knows that they are together. But now that it is out I wish them both the best. And I agree on the body language thing, Johnny generally doesn't hide like that with his former relationships.

  32. Hmmmm......oooooookay says – reply to this


    I will openly admit I'm jealous…. But seriously this union worries me a bit. Johnny is an A-lister who associates with big-time people in Hollywood that can make or break a career with just one phone call. IMO I think Johnny should date someone who's at the same level he is, that way there's no worries of who MAY be using who. Sure Amber is a very beautiful girl (not so in Hollywood standards) but underneath it all shes a second rate co-star actress who bases her career off her looks. Plus not to mention, again IMO, she seems too showy - especially in that picture of them above in the car. And about the whole lesbian/bi thing, I can assure you most of the gays will wont her head on a platter now. Isn't that what happened to Anne Whats-her-name after pitching Ellen Degenes (sp?) to the curb for a dude? And IMO I don't buy into the whole "Bi", look you're either gay or not. There's pitching for both sides of the team. Sorry for my rant but that's just the way I see it. And in all honesty I don't think they will last. Mainly because what their relationship seems to be built up on - him; on the rebound and some sort of mid-age crisis and her; some-sorta flip flopper. Oh and yeah yesterday Amber was seen, alone, at some flea market in West Hollywood buying an antique mirror….

  33. Depphead says – reply to this


    interesting to think about it Amber is twice the age of Lily Rose. :-/

  34. Radar says: says – reply to this


    Radar pretty much said that these two were fooling us around all the time!!
    They have been "secretly serious" the whole time. Spending time in other cities (and his island) to wouldn’t have to deal with paparazzi and could keep their relationship for under wraps as long as possible!!

  35. Yousef says – reply to this


    Re: LAYNE – she is not too young for him she is pushing 30 now and she looks like a woman in her 30's she is not a teen who acts like a child

  36. Michelle says – reply to this


    Re: YousefRe: Yousef – So when Amber was born Johnny was making Platoon and getting ready to star in 21 Jump Street and was engaged with Sherilyn Fenn and that's not too young for him? She just turned 27 she is not pushing 30.

  37. T says – reply to this


    Johnny never tried to hide with his other girlfriends like he's hiding now. I think she's the one who's pushing this relationship out into the open. You can tell by the way he's trying to hide that he's not ready yet. He has his kids to think about. It was different before he had kids but now he knows whatever he does, and that includes who he dates, not only affects him but his children as well. IMO I don't think this relationship is going to last very long. It's going to end badly for all involved. I don't care for this woman. Johnny has not looked happy lately and I think Amber nagging him to make their relationship public is the reason why. It looks like it's going to be the kind of relationship he had with Kate Moss all over again.

  38. Michelle says – reply to this


    Re: T – I completely agree! Oh man Kate Moss!!! Oh the memories of that relationship have been burned in my mind. Gosh I never could understand why people think Kate is the love of his life. Those two were a train wreck together. Even Johnny said it wasn't healthy and best thing they did was leave each other. oh Amber better learn quick cuz hopefully Johnny will have learned from his past relationships.

  39. M says – reply to this


    I love the stink eye look she's giving him in all the car pics.

  40. April says – reply to this


    Re: M – Haha it's like she's thinking why are you hiding?! I finally got you to go public with me and you are hiding your face!

  41. me says – reply to this


    Re: T
    this is also what I can see. I agree with you

  42. Ang says – reply to this


    ugh…she totally has him under her spell and he's whipped..u can clearly see that he is NOT happy w/her.some1 needs 2 smack some sense into him asap and he needs 2 dump her and seriously wtf is wrong w/him dating a bi woman.oh well, they're both going to Hell.

  43. Me says – reply to this


    For me this photo tells all, Johnny didn't want this relationship. And he is not happy with her. I'm also sad because I care about Johnny, he is a person so kind and sincere and Amber is just the opposite of it

  44. Angela says – reply to this


    Ugh I'm already over this relationship. Wishful thinking but can they please break up already so Johnny can get with someone on his level and we can all be happy about it.

  45. Andrea Barros says – reply to this


    Wake up johnny! This girl doesn't like You! You probably will lose many things if You stay with her again. He has A big obsession by her… You can Buy many things, beauty, cars, houses, horses, but Never love and friends. Lets drink together, i'm crazy and Very happy person like You. Ah … I love only man!

  46. 46

    He does like them young so deal with that one. Although no one ever believed me before and attacked me a long time ago on here. So where is all the truth now. Will it ever come out how much he is facinated with young ones? Lily Rose should protect her friends that come over. He is not to be trusted around any young woman. Or girls…

  47. Michelle says – reply to this


    Re: Teenybits – Are you implying he would try to date one of Lily Rose's friends? Dude that's not cool

  48. tega says – reply to this


    I am reading some of the comments here about Johnny not wanting to be with her. There is video of them arriving togetherso why would he go there if he didn't want to be there with her? I think he just looks uncomfortable b/c he hates paparazzi and doesn't want to give them any shots. The reports are that she was tired of having to hide herself gave him an ultimatum. Interview with her for the Rum Diary she said she did a few auditions but he was the one who gave the final say on who he wanted for his leading lady so he must have liked what he saw in her. One downfall I see here is the age difference and I wonder how how she will mix into his circle of friends and his music but I wish them well and happiness.

  49. tega says – reply to this


    Forgot to mention Johnny sas said many times his is very shy. During an interview for the Tourist he said he still had a hard time askiing Vanessa out to dinner after 14 years together so I I think this could also be be a big reason he keeps his head down.

  50. Me says – reply to this


    Re: tega – no at this time is different because he is so sad too

  51. Corinne says – reply to this


    I don't like Amber. She used and betrayed her former girlfriend, twice

  52. Hmmm......oooooookay says – reply to this


    Re: Corinne – I agree with u Connie! That's what it seem like to me too.

  53. D says – reply to this


    I'm his age and have children her age who are having children

  54. Dave says – reply to this


    I've met Johnny once, he's a good person with a good heart. Amber is not like him, she is selfish, jealousy and spoiled. Honestly she is not so pretty

  55. tega says – reply to this


    Well I can say this. I have never seen Johnny put himself in front of lady whether it was getting into the car, decending the stairs, sitting down pulling the chiar out for her. but this time he was definately in a hurry to get into the truck. Amber had to basically climb over him to sit next to him and she's not hiding her head anymore. Reports from backstage say he was happy but he doesn't look happy outside. Then again, he didn't look happy at the live Q&A in Los Angeles earier this month either. He is filming the new movie now so maybe has a lot on his mind. He definately lost a lot of weight.

  56. tega says – reply to this


    Well, I can say this. I have never seen Johnny put himself in front of a lady but this time he was definately anxious to get into the truck. Video of them leaving shows Amber getting in behind him and crossing over to sit next to him and she's not hiding her face anymore. In fact, it looks lke she purposely sat in the spotlight. He didnt look happy at the live Q&A for THR on 4/17 either and he has lost a lot of weight. Maybe he did it for the new movie but you can see in his face and neck. Hope he is ok.

  57. koma says – reply to this


    Re: Teenybits – Why do you complain that people don't believe in what you tell them. As a friend of the circle (which you claim to be) you told people that thing with Amber is a big LOL and people wouldn't know who he is really interested in.
    So what is your explaination for this; looks pretty much official to me.

  58. tega says – reply to this


    Sorry for posting the same thing kind of twice at 56 & 57. I was having problems with the website.

  59. 59

    She's a D-list whore who wants to work this relationship to her benefit. He's an idiot. Sooner or later she'll miss the taste of vagina and go back to women.

  60. Yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Michelle – Oh shut up who cares anyway if they love each others and there is noage in love and please don't talk like if he's the first one to date some younger chick almost all of the hollywood ppl doing that

  61. Yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Pansy Hunter – yea he is an idiot just because he is inlove with her!! What a world

  62. 62

    Re: Yousef – Michele must be some middle aged lady who follows him around to try to get to him and showing up at his friends musical events just to get a ticket in with him. Hey Michele you will never have a go at him. You would have to be younger and thinner and a lot more pretty. Being a hanger on will not get you closer it only means he will run out the back to avoid you.

  63. koma says – reply to this


    Re: Teenybits – Still waiting for your answer/explaination. Bet you don't have one because you were simply trying to make yourself important. Big LOL!

  64. Stella says – reply to this


    Jerry (the bodyguard) realy looks miserable in this pic.

  65. Chopped Liver? says – reply to this


    At 46 I guess I'm just too old. It never will end. Middle age and older men mostly seek out younger women. Especially those men with power and money. I might as well accept it. It's the way it always has been and the way it always will be. (Shallow dick leading A-holes). So throw me in the landfill in the committed relationship department and give me all of the other parts of my life to fully live out. I'm sick of this crap. Men are jerks. Especially the lookers with money.

  66. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Chopped Liver? – Lol, you're not even close to too old. Find speed dating in your own age group, and then go live and have a blast. I used to play at singles clubs and parents without partners gigs for my second job, and there was a whole lot of coupling going on underneath those salt and pepper hairdos.

  67. 67

    Re: Hmmmm……oooooookay – i could not agree with your comment more, you hit the nail on the head with this story. In my opinion, this is what it is, peoples interpretations of their romance do not matter or even really make sense on here. The media has given us a dozen different stories in the last 8-12 months and everyone thinks they have Amber and Johnnys relationship figured out. First off people should not care so much or have such emotional opinions, leave that to people close to them. Second if you are jealous dont be; cause all hard facts lead to this not lasting lol. And as a member of the LGBT community I hold nothing against Amber and her sexuality and it is unfortunate that most will not stand like I do. Also tearing Amber down for looks, talent and who she is just because of who she is dating is not cool. WE DO NOT KNOW THESE PEOPLE!! Age gap relationships happen everywhere, all the time. C'mon!

  68. engel says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Please, don't delude yourself. Johnny is not ok with her. He even left the car with her when they arrived. People who were there didn't see her on the show with him in the audience. They only saw Johnny. And he was sad and very tense at the Q&A because she was hounding him to stay with her.

  69. engel says – reply to this


    Re: Yousef – Amber is not gay, bi or straight, she only loves herself and nobody else. Johnny doesn't love her, she only is the person who was close to him when he was feeling alone. And she is very smart and took advantage of the situation. That is the love story between them

  70. engel says – reply to this


    Re: Stella – I also noticed that. Jerry is his bodyguard for a long time and he has already become Johnny's friend, and he knows that Johnny is not ok with Amber and for sure Jerry knows she is not a good person, but what he can do

  71. engel says – reply to this


    Re: Corinne – I also agree with you and Amber used and betrayed her last girlfriends, Tasya and Marie

  72. Michelle says – reply to this


    Re: Teenybits – Middle aged? Lmao! I'm 28 you dumbass!

  73. You'redeluded says – reply to this


    Re: engel – Stop lying. In the comments right here, is the extract about the eyewitnesses who saw them together, and say they were really "touchy-feely" and “They spent the night hand-in-hand and Johnny was really keen to introduce her to his mates.".
    Stop deluding yourself!

  74. 74

    Anyone else think it's convenient that she got back together with him right before her next movie comes out? She's not a good actress at all and I doubt anyone would be interested in the movie, without her being tied to him. Dating or even rumored to be dating Johnny Depp gets her the interviews she wants and the media attention she craves.

  75. Alec says – reply to this


    Re: ickynicky – The media is her true love

  76. engel says – reply to this


    Re: You'redeluded – Sorry, but you are the deluded. Sweet story coming from the media…….

  77. engel says – reply to this


    You'redeluded - sorry, but you're deluded (hahaha). Sweet story from the media………

  78. tega says – reply to this


    Re: engel – So you don't find it odd they were both leaving medical centers withon one week of each other? Johnny out the back door last week with security Guard Jerry and his sister Christie and then Amber the day after the concert? Amber's picture of that was just posted today.

  79. Michelle says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Does anyone know if it is the same medical center?

  80. engel says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Sorry for the double post.
    Yes I know, and I think this fact precipitated Johnny to go public with their relationship that restarted less than a month. I don't know what led them there, I just know it happened during the night and all of them were in a hurry there. And whatever it happened, was not a good thing for Johnny and Christi because everyone including Jerry were with an expression of great concern and sadness

  81. Jordan says – reply to this


    It's hard to believe that Johnny is dating with Amber, because she is everything he hates. Those who knows Johnny will understand me, she is the typical Bambi, bastard and wendigo

  82. Amy says – reply to this


    Why do you hate so much Amber? Why do you say that Johnny doesn't want her and doesn't want to be with her? That's really nonsense and ridicolous. If he didn't want her, all he has to do is breaking up with her and that's it. Nobody forces him to stay with c'mon. But if his thing with her lasted until now and if he tried his best to win her back again after they were done for a while this means only one thing: he want her so bad! If he gave up to do a public appeareance with her it means he loves her and don't wanna lose her ’cause otherwise he would have taken another path and it's normal that he tried his best to avoid paparazzis. He often acts like this. He's not Brad Pitt or George Clooney, he doesn't like the attention focused on his private life and on his relationships in general, so that's why he doesn't look comfortable with Amber. It's just because he has respect for his former girlfriend Vanessa and don't wanna hurt their children with lots of pictures of him with Amber. Don't you think that their children could suffer seeing him looking happy with a different woman from their mother? Maybe he just wants to be discrete and if him and Amber weren't happy together then they wouldn't stay together and he would have never come out with her in public if their thing is not serious because it wouldn't have any sense.

  83. Amy says – reply to this


    Then I wanted also to say that he put down his head only because a journalist got close to him on the side to photograph him and indeed there are some side pictures of him that have been taken. Paparazzi tried to photograph him by every angle. In front of the car and on the side and I think it's normal for him who likes privacy to be annoyed by them. He didn't want to give them any photos or any satisfaction. Then he has two children to protect and less public pictures of him with Amber are taken and better is for them who could really suffer to see him happy with another woman. His discretion is normal for an apprehensive parent. I know a lot of separated parents that keep their new relationships discrete to not hurt their children and they try to make them seen the least possible. Don't you think that if his children see pictures online of him hand in hand with another woman could suffer and maybe cry? And Johnny is just trying to reduce them this suffering trying to keep his relationship with Amber as much discrete as possible, but he came out with her in any case, so you can't say that he doesn't care about her, but children come always first and they're always parents priority, no matter what. But his relationship with Amber changed ’cause he's not hiding as he did completely for about a year. Now he's coming out with her, so just give him time and respect his discrete ways.

  84. Amy says – reply to this


    Re: engel

    engel, why do you say that they weren't sitting together at the concert? Were you there and have any proof? Sorry but I don't know if you're saying the truth because I don't think you were there but there are witnesses who told journalists that he and Amber were together holding hands for all the night and their report have been proved to be true by the pictures we saw, while you can't prove at all your tale about it. And anyway, even if was seen alone in the crow (but still doubt it) I think it's again because he wants to be discrete and reduce the suffering to his family. But look, I think you're lying because reports are different and they've been proven to be true and moreover it wouldn't have had sense for him to stay alone all the time during the concert and hold Amber's hand at the end of it. If he didn't want to make public see that he was with her he would refuse of holding her hand until the end or if he would have never gone there with her, c'mon. You're just jelaous maybe. And I think he could look disgruntled because maybe he has some private problems since he's going often to that medical center. Maybe these problems are serious and get him worried, so we can't judge.

  85. Dorothy Gibson says – reply to this


    I agree with N04 Johnny never hangs his head in photos so why now whats he hiding,he dose not look happy at all, she will leave him again if it did"nt work the first time or the second whatever makes him think it will work the 3rd time. I do think Johnny"s a great guy but as the old saying goes "theres no fool like an old fool"

  86. Giddymare says – reply to this


    Johnny dose not look at all happy here,you know if it did"nt work the first time or the second what ever makes them think it will work a 3rd,she will leave him again and go off she"s just between girls and knows she can tag onto Johnny,I do adore Johnny and want him to be happy with someone that really loves him but it"s not her an old saying comes to mind "theres no fool like an old fool" and Johnny get your act together a lot of people out there love,but you are being a bit silly now!!!!

  87. tega says – reply to this


    I think Amber is getting a bad wrap. When they worked together they obviously made a connectionw. I watched the movie (many times) and I think it was the best kiss and sex scene (almost) he has ever done but that's just my opinion. She has talked about things in his trailer and said they watched old movies together. I I think him and VP were on and off for a few years now. The pictures of Vanessa visiting him while filming POTC4, the Tourist and the meeting on the boat while he was filimg Dark Shadows threw me off but the more I look at the pictures on the boat now they do look a llittle weird. He has his arm around her shoulder, not hugging her like a couple. People are always going to believe what they want to and Amber is going to have to live with that if she wants to be with him. There is a really great video on You Tube "Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Love Me Tonight" which I suggest some of you people watch before judging her as a man stealer. He reslly seems to like her but again, that's just my opinon.

  88. Annette says – reply to this


    Re: Jordan – I don't know Johnny and I don't know Amber, but I can feel and I can feel that Amber has not a genuine and beautiful heart

  89. Annette says – reply to this


    and … well … I know nothing and I wish the best for everyone … but I know that last week Amber was deeply upset and took lots of pills and she had to go to the doctor, so …. maybe …

  90. keyla says – reply to this


    Re: Annette – You don't know Amber, but you know that she was so upset that she took pills and had to go to the doctor?
    Don't you think you're contradicting yourself here?

  91. Annette says – reply to this


    Re: keyla – Sorry, but I'm not. I don't know her but I know what I've heard

  92. April says – reply to this


    Re: Annette – Where did you hear she took pills? I would like to believe she wouldn't be that desperate to keep a man.

  93. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Annette – So…are you telling us now that Johnny, his sister and Jerry could have rushed out to the medical center last week b/c Amber took pills and not b/c of his mother (as was a possibility here and if so, I hope she is ok) and maybe that's the reason he finally gave in to going out in public b/c she was so unhappy??? Huh?? If you "heard" things let's hear it b/c you've opened a lot of questions here. You've got some esplainin' to do here, Lucy.

  94. Pauline says – reply to this


    Re: tega – I'm also curious. The guy who works with me told me the same thing about Amber. Tega what or who is Lucy, I am French and I don't understand, if you don't mind to tell me? Tx

  95. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Pauline – Pauline - the phrase comes from and old sitcom here in the US called I Love Lucy which starred Dezi Arnez and Lucille Ball. Desi Arnez was peurto rican, I think. His name on the show was Ricky Riccardo and his wife was Lucy and she got herself into all kinds of funny situations that he had to explain herself out of and he had broken english, which is where the "esplainin" comes from but the way he said it was funny. I was trying to make a joke but forgot we have a language barrier herre. Sorry.

  96. Pauline says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Ok, thanks

  97. Pauline says – reply to this


    I'm still curious, mostly because in France everyone who knows me and knows that I am a fan of Johnny and Amber are telling me the same thing about Amber that Annette said. I think it's true

  98. Sara says – reply to this


    Re: Pauline – So are you saying the pills rumor is in France? Because here in the States I haven't heard anything like that.

  99. keyla says – reply to this


    Re: Sara – It's not the first time a rumor like this comes up. It already circled around last fall (Sept./Oct.). Then she was said to have taken pills at some hotel room. But i tend to believe it's "wishful thinking" by a jealous JD fan with a serious mental problem.

  100. Sara says – reply to this


    Re: keyla – Yeah I read on a different board that someone said they knew Amber and her sister and said she/he was no longer friends with them because Amber plays games and took pills last fall to get attention I guess. But that was only on a message board. I haven't heard it through the press. So I'm thinking it's either a jealous fan making up stuff or maybe she/he does know Amber. I dunno it just has desperate written all over it.

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