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Lindsay Lohan is at it again! The rehab queen is apparently trying to avoid checking in on May 2nd DESPITE the threat of jail time. Even though her re… Read more…

20 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Cooking Up Scheme To Delay Rehab?! Will She Ever Check In?”

  1. 1

    A source (that doesn't exist) revealed… (fake)

  2. @v@ says – reply to this


    She could have been almost done by now. She is her own torture master, through & through. Drama, drama, drama.

  3. Yuna Lee says – reply to this


    Im so sick of this cook head drama! she needs to disappear. there is nothing interesting about Lindsay Lohans life. She's done! She's an addict and liar!

  4. 4

    I called it. She WILL NOT GO TO REHAB. the judge will hold her in contempt and she'll do 15 minutes of jail time. Just another way of saying FUCK YOU to the judge, and she's going to get away with it AGAIN.

  5. 5

    Time to throw her ass in jail for a long period of time not hrs or a day or two for months. She pretty much has been saying to the court all along what she had on her finger nail in court. I usually try and give someone the benefit of the doubt but she really is beyond that. She will not stop doing exactly what she wants and needs to be taught there are consequences for your actions. As frustrating as she is, she doesn't deserve to die and that seems to be the only direction she is heading to right now.

  6. PANIC NOT says – reply to this


    Re: jeanmichelbasketcase – You called it and ive been saying she can't get ACCEPTED into a rehab. But here's the deal. There are all kinds of advocacy type groups that are all over this case and it's errors and flaws. If lindsay goes to jail and serves less than 90 days in custody the jujdge and anyone in the LA DA'S officeinvolved in this case is GOING DOWN FOR IT, IN A VERY BIG AND PUBLIC WAY. They WILL NOT BE RE-ELECTED AGAIN. Further, this mindless child has a 2 year probation, psych councelling, random drug testing, random searches & community service to fullfil. Failure to comply with the terms of her NEXT probation is YET ANOTHER PROBATION VIOLATION THAT WILL SEND HER TO JAIL. Further, the IRS CAN INDITE HER. If she gets out of jail without serving her sentence, shes going have A LOT of press about it and what Brokaw had to say about her a few days ago is NOTHING compared to what really big guns will have to say about the judge & DA's office if she walks. Trust the jujdge & DA's office are not going to RUIN their careers over kissing this sociopathic tartlet's ass.

  7. ADRENALINE JUNKIE says – reply to this


    The girl needs drama in her life. Its like people who go to slasher/chainsaw horror movies for the RUSH they get from being on edge. Shes also big media junkie & she seeks to keep her name in the news & keep gossip sites fulls of stories and pictures of her. I think the hardest thing for her being locked up is going to be when she cant check her cellphone for stories & comments about her and giving up ciggies and adderall cold turkey. She's just so use to getting out of trouble by threatening the "trouble makers" with lawsuits and libel/slander against them. She and her mom have had a system that served them well for years, but NO MORE. THE WHITE HOUSE IS FOLLOWING THIS CASE. MANY, many people are being held accountable for holding Lindsay Lohan accountable. You think the First Mommy is going to just sit on her hands and let that junkie & habitual drunk driver & sociopath go free? You think the First Mommy is going to let her daughters see that happen in a country where her hubby is KingBoss? Hell no. Guareented. More than the State of California wants and NEEDS to lock her up and take away her car keys.

  8. lovestruck90 says – reply to this


    We all KNOW damn well….that IF she ends up in jail its gonna be for 5 to 7 days MAX and she will be released for the jail being too over-crowded.

  9. 9

    her rich friends cant buy her freedom

  10. 10

    Re: PANIC NOT – I couldn't disagree more. I don't believe in the LA justice system at all. This girl wrote FUCK YOU to the judge on her finger and was photographed. Did the judge or any other officers of the court not see that picture? She's gonna skate.

  11. Fair enough says – reply to this


    While I can understand why you think she isn't going to be dealt with appropraitely I also think that A LOT has happened since the FU fingernail. She has shown an enormous amount of disrespect/contempt for the court. It is my belief, (but I am just a human who tries to figure out life as its happening,) that her contempt for the judicial system has become a very POLITICAL problem. There will be social OUTRAGE if she walks & many people involved in this case are elected into their positions -if she walks, they're done. I would not have a stroke from the shock of her going to jail & getting out early but it would really cause a lot of problems for a lot of people. Plus, she will never get through a 2 year probation unless she changes drastically. I also believe if all else fails, the IRS will put her in prison for willful tax evation. She did it for years, so there is no, "its a mistake" excuse. I just cant believe that the US is gonna let this sociopath run free & DUI & clip babystrollers for the rest of her life. I would have to kill myself if I found out society has deterioted to such a mindless functionality. Guess we'll see in about 72 hrs. Thanks for the debate without hostility.

  12. Bloom says – reply to this


    She must be on some kind of powerful drugs if she thinks this is going to work. I mean, what excuse does she have to ask for more time? *Please, your honor, i have to throw myself a birthday party. I'll go to rehab, my blessing, after my birthday party.* Im not a california resident, but it's just not believable that a judge would go for an extention when shes had alot of time to find a place to live out her blessing. She is just crazy. She should go mental ward.

  13. Rich Friends? says – reply to this


    Re: perez posse SUPERFAN 777 – You are right that her rich friends can't buy her freedom. However rich friends can buy her a competant, honorable attorney. But, they have'nt. It appears LL's rich friends don't go deeper than "fun times" and photo ops. It's sad.

  14. 14

    Re: Fair enough – More contempt than a big, public FUCK YOU? I don't know who you are talking to, and I don't know the election politics of the situation, but if history is any indication of future events, she sees no punishment whatsoever. REHAB IS NOT PUNISHMENT. It is a place people go to, usually by their own volition, so they can get overcome addition. This chick has NEVER said she WANTS to go to rehab, it is just a superior choice over jail incarceration. Why the judge would give her all this time to get herself together, so she could go to a music festival, is beyond me. It doesn't look too good for the justice system from where I'm seeing it. at best, from a legal stance, she'll get jail and released for overcrowding in two seconds. Why did the judge give her all this time to play?

  15. teeter totter says – reply to this


    This is why I no longer do jury duty ( and I have a lot of ways to avoid, starting with a genuine medical excuse).
    Although I do seem to recall that all of her court appearances have been before a judge only and not a jury, good for her, bad for us.

  16. teeter totter says – reply to this


    PS - The last time I sat on a panel (but did not get picked for duty) was for some perv in Santa Monica who exposed himself to and then raped some hooker. I do not need this (but it was fun to spend the day in SM and the courthouse has to be the only one that has copies of the most recent Hollywood Reporter). Plus is a close walk to 3rd Street Prom.

  17. manicure &rehab cures? says – reply to this


    I have no disagreement with what you say. I am not an attorney, but I do know a lot of them and my understanding about the fu manicure is that it was not discovered IN COURT it came up in photos the next day. It was impossible to PROVE it was INTENDED for the courts so no issue was made out of trying to file contempt of court charges. I was stunned by her choice to do that. From listening to lawyers talk about lohan case, the courts &attorneys try just about anything they can to avoid trial. Cost, and what i "gathered" is that la was hellbent on her getting a sentence & they prefered a guarenteed sentence than risk losing from going to trial. I too think rehab is a blessing and a chance a lot of people dont get. However, i "gather" lohan refused to take a jail sentence, but agreed to 90 day rehab. Since rehabbing her drug/alcohol issues was the goal, they went for it. She wont make it rehab and i suspect that since her plea deal was based on her doing 90 days in rehab, there is going to be more to this case yet to come. She is a thoughtless selfish person who thinks her drug/alcohol are NOT a problem. IMO, she should go to jail for ALL of 18 months and then go to rehab on her own time.

  18. YOUR QUESTION says – reply to this


    [Sorry, i forgot to answer your last question. It is my understanding the judge gave her time because she had to be ACCEPTED into a rehab program & with her violent hx, her attitude & 5 failed rehabs she was going to have some serious issues in finding a rehab. Which seems to be the case. Its been like 6 weeks, her legal team has had time to call every rehab in the US by now. Noone wants her. She doesnt want to be there, she doesnt think she has a problem & most rehabs are 30 day programs so she doesnt fit in to their programs. Her violent tendencies put a rehab at risk for law suits from other patients who should NOT be exposed to such a violent and apathetic rehabber. SHE also is sue happy and caused BIG problems for Betty Ford Rehab when she snuck out came back drunk & assualted a worker there. She is a big problem and I dont think anyone knows what to do. The acceptance of a 90day LOCKDOWN rehab was SLOPPY on the courts part, as it appears the State of California agreed to a plea deal THAT DOES NOT EXIST.

  19. 19

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  20. HEADS UP, LINDZ, says – reply to this


    Ok, linds, getting down to the wire. I know that you may very well have a rehab & all is lined up. However, in the event it is true that you don't have a rehab you have a very important decision to make. You have to have an answer as to jail or rehab on/by May 2. Since you just published a picture of you picking up a very powerful automobile & u have 2 duis, (& we know u waz drinking in the wreck event,) the judge just really CAN'T give you any kind of extention to postpone your sentence because to do so would be for him to condone u going out clubbing and then getting behind the wheel. If u dont have a rehab, you have 2 options, go to an appropriate HOSPITAL for treatment for ur medical issues OR go to jail for PUNISHMENT for your crime. You need to make this decision BEFORE you show up in court. You can't pick jail & then 3 days later decide you want to go to the hospital. It doesnt work that way, ok? You need to make a decision. God be with you, child. Wishing u health and recovery.