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Michael Jackson's Close Friend Opens Up About King Of Pop's Alcohol Abuse

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Michael Jackson can’t seem to rest in peace!

And apparently, the King of Pop had a hard time resting before his tragic death as well.

We already knew that MJ had major drug abuse issues, but now his close friend and the godfather to his children, Mark Lester, claims that MJ’s wine consumption was also through the roof leading up to his passing.

According to Mark, Michael drank six bottles of wine a day in the weeks before his death. Bottles that Mark brought him.

Mark said the following:

"He sobered up enough to struggle through the This Is It speech, which he just about got away with."

MJ convinced Mark to smuggle him the liquor, saying that he needed it to help him sleep. This is the same reasoning he used to get doctors to give him high-strength medications that would essentially knock him out.

So so sad. We still can’t get over how terrible this whole ordeal has been, and continues to be, as piece-by-piece the whole story slowly comes together.

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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12 comments to “Michael Jackson's Close Friend Opens Up About King Of Pop's Alcohol Abuse”

  1. 1

    There is a fine line between needy and greedy. This trial is a travesty. What a waste of taxpayers' money! The Jackson family really are a bunch of skinflint. It's very sad to see MJ's kids dragged into this mess. Last year, Joe Jackson and a French crook manipulated them to pose with their illegal line of tribute fragrances which has failed miserably by the way. See the shocking pics…

  2. Mr Pete says – reply to this


    If Katherine really cared for the kids, she sure as hell would not have wanted to go ahead with this circus
    First off who is the biological father to those children
    and would he have any say on what's happening ?
    Since the Jackson family has wanted to open up files, and records about Michael
    will the families of the young children Michael molested get a chance to go after his estate?
    And will McCauley who has not done anything lately, and could use some publicity decide it's time to fess up and tell about how Michael got him drunk and forced him into having sex ?

  3. RC says – reply to this


    Re: Mr Pete – God you are an idiot. He was found not guilty.

  4. theoz says – reply to this


    Re: RC

    O.J. was found not guilty as well. Does not mean he did not do it.

  5. 5

    Just sad. I know he loved his kids dearly and bless them. It's time to move on for the family. He sought out these dangerous habits for years. I'm not saying he was a bad Dad, but he wasn't the best he could be. RIP Michael

  6. Heather Jane says – reply to this


    This is pure and utter bullshit. Another tabloid gossip rag who wants to earn a bit of cash off MJ. Not ONCE has he EVER done anything like this. At the time with "This Is It" started, he was already on medication to help him work and get through the rehearsals, how could he possibly have any drink??? This so called "Godfather" speaks bull shit. The godfather to MJs kids is, Macaulay Culkin. So whoever reads this pile of crap, don't believe it, because some people are so naive.

  7. Heather Jane says – reply to this


    Re: michellt – Actually, he was one of the dad's you would ever met. He did EVERYTHING and anything for his kids. More than some parents do for their own.

  8. Meg says – reply to this


    Re: Mr Pete
    Mr Pete, I agree with your comment about Katherine. However it has been confirmed multiple times that Michael Jackson fathered those children. Why is it so hard for everyone to believe? Just because he's Michael Jackson, he can't have done anything as normal as fathering his own kids? You only have to look at those kids and then look at old photos of Michael, to know that those are his babies. Paris Jackson looks exactly like any child born of Debbie and Michael would.
    Secondly, he didn't molest any children. Two times he was taken to court, two times he was cleared. In the eyes of the law, and in the eyes of everyone who has enough brain cells to actually THINK about it and look at the evidence, he is innocent.
    Thirdly, Macaulay Culkin has stated multiple times that not only had Michael never behaved inappropriately towards him, but also that he refused to believe Michael was capable of anything like that. So sh.

  9. Meg says – reply to this


    Re: michellt
    'I just want to say ever since I was born, Daddy has been the best father you can ever imagine. And I just want to say I love him so much.' — Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson Memorial 2009
    It doesn't matter what we think. It matters what his children think.

  10. Meg says – reply to this


    Re: Heather Jane
    THANK YOU. Pretty sure this guy is from the same family that sold private family photos of the Jackson children for huge amounts of money? Ch,yea. I think he's probably another David Gest-type 'close friend', i.e. a bloody parasite feeding off Michael's memory with any possible link he can.

  11. Lara bailey says – reply to this


    I hope when I die all the people I trusted with my secrets come out and air them for all the world to see. Wow, mj was surrounded by people who truly did not care about him, even in death.

  12. O says – reply to this


    Mark Lester is two-bit hack. Perez, don't quote him for a story. hasnt anyone told you? it's old fashioned to disrespect MJ these days. Heed!