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Penn Badgley BLASTS The Culture Of Fame; Calls Tom Cruise & Other Fame-Soaked Celebs NUTS!

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Our lovely, scruffy-haired Penn Badgley is waxing intellectual once again.

While the majority of Gossip Girl fans were fine suspending disbelief for entertainment (it's not like the CW hit ever said they were Mad Men), Penn apparently represents those who thought it was TOO rooted in fantasy to take it seriously.

He tells New York Magazine:

"The end was strange for me, for all of us. Because the characters did all end up together. That has been my problem with television—you start with something real, and it eventually becomes, against all odds, How do these six people still hang out every day? It’s fucking crazy. It’s impossible. I mean, those six people—why do they even keep hanging out? Because they have to, because they’re on a show. So you start to figure out these asinine ways to keep them all together. Eventually, you have this group of kids circumventing the FBI, dealing with ghosts. And that’s not anyone’s fault. That’s not the writers’ fault. It’s just the nature of television. And that’s why after so many years of working in it, I was, 'Seriously? I cannot do this anymore.' It’s not to discredit whatever success I have, but right now being famous, being successful, whatever, it exists in this giant gray area."

Dude makes a great argument.

But again, some things are just meant for carefree entertainment. If you're signing a contract to be on a show called GOSSIP GIRL then you have to know what you're getting into and expect nothing less! LOL!

But Penn's really just weaving his observations and we can't blame him for that. We wouldn't want to!

Besides, boy's got a bigger bone to pick.

While he lives the bohemian lifestyle, he critiques those who soak in the fame, saying:

"It’s just like, so many famous people should be embarrassed. I don’t want to be on record saying my agent—my team is great—but an agent at this stage now would be encouraging me to just do something to be strategic. Do something to keep the momentum going. And frankly I just don’t think it’s that important. Working is not important—doing something is not important. I have a lot of time. I’m young. People forget that. Because it’ll drive you crazy if you’re too aware of it. I mean, I think the cases of Tom Cruise or every celebrity that goes a little nuts—I think one of the things they go a little nuts about is, they probably have gone in for it a little too hard. Because they’re a little too aware of it."

He's got a point… as always. Sigh, but we love him for it!!

Penn will be exciting our eardrums in his new film, Greetings from Tim Buckley, due out in theaters on July 4!

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer!

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15 comments to “Penn Badgley BLASTS The Culture Of Fame; Calls Tom Cruise & Other Fame-Soaked Celebs NUTS!”

  1. D says – reply to this


    Your headlines are always make things sound way worse than they are. It's kind of embarrassing.

  2. Polly says – reply to this


    I expected something completely different from the headline, lol
    anyway, good for Penn.

  3. jbc says – reply to this



  4. 4

    You're such a stupid fucker. You really are. You have a hideous face, too. Just stop breathing, asshole.

  5. 5

    Whoever picked this guy to be 'Dan', was so right.

  6. texasannie says – reply to this


    " And frankly I just don’t think it’s that important. Working is not important—doing something is not important. I have a lot of time. I’m young."

    young and rich, dear. he's been fortunate to be on a hit show, many actors, just as talented and handsome as he NEVER make it. NEVER. no matter how hard they try. he's also incredibly rich due to this show and has a skewed view of life for many now, so of course he feels the need to sound like a prick. I know he doesn't mean too and thinks he's being low key and humble, but he's being the exact opposite. What a douche.

    Hopefullyl age will help him mature and realize how lucky he is. Not many his age just don't have to work.

  7. texasannie says – reply to this


    also, I have to say. I don't understand why so many of you come on this site just to dog on Perez. Don't come here and read any of it if it bothers you so much. what's the fucking point? I don't agree with many things he says, but I still like the entertainment news. Just don't come here if you don't like him.

  8. bnietzsche says – reply to this


    ikr? it's like people come here specifically to blast Perez, yet they don't realize they're keeping his site running. lol idiots. there are other celebrity gossip sites… no one is forcing you to keep coming back to this one

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    He sounds grounded, and he's surrounded by the friends, his t.v. money, and culture of his own youth. A lot of that will fall away as his buddies go on to establish families, and his work will likely take on more importance as he'll come to want to contribute. Cruise is a mega movie star; Top Gun did that. He embraced it and built a future for himself. You deal with the cards you're dealt.

  10. sara says – reply to this


    totally agree with Penn Badgley!

  11. anna says – reply to this


    I love Penn Badgley! because it is beautiful, hot, talented and not afraid to speak her mind.

  12. 12

    Oh god, what a whiney bitch.

  13. Mrs.L says – reply to this


    Re: texasannie – I agree with you 100% this guy is a douche why dont he just stop acting. First he critizing the show that he was on for five year which is a mircle that any show stays on that long so what if the show sucks you do your job keep your mouth shut and keep moving like everybody else on that show did. Now you are critizing people like Tom Cruise who happens to love his job which is acting, is it his fault that he became a movie star because people go out to see his movies. He is so sickening with is so called new found Bohiemiam lifestyle, this guy just can't help being a prick. PS. never say never to doing another TV show. you may need the money unless you marry your girlfriend and live off her hers.

  14. ellen says – reply to this


    no use lying! he spoke the truth.

  15. 15

    Hey a normal person! He's grounded. Respect!