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Selena Gomez Is Such A Tease; Unveils SeXXXy Peek Of The Come And Get It Music Video!

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selena gomez come and get it picture

She's almost ready for us to REALLY come and get it!!!

And Selena Gomez wants to make sure that when we DO get her new music video for Come and Get It, we'll be prepared for one hot, near-nekkid ride!

The sultry songstress tweeted:

WHOA! Guess her Disney days really are behind her!

Gurlfriend knows how to work that water!!!!

We're not sure her Wizards of Waverly Place fans will be old enough to enjoy, but we'll bet Justin Bieber will be one happy shirtless boyfriend!

[Image via Twitter.]

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27 comments to “Selena Gomez Is Such A Tease; Unveils SeXXXy Peek Of The Come And Get It Music Video!”

  1. Daniela Santiago says – reply to this


    she can not sing

  2. bnietzsche says – reply to this


    i'm so sick of seeing and hearing about her

  3. Coco says – reply to this


    Well I'm a big fan of wizards and Selena I'm will be 13 so I mean we all get bigger she is so talented she can sing live that his for all who say she can't sing she is good at acting to and I really can't wait for her video to come :)

  4. LC says – reply to this


    Since everyone common sense knows that's she a joke and that she's a terrible singer, she's obviously gonna selling sex along with using Justin Bieber to appeal her idiotic fans.

  5. barbie girl says – reply to this



  6. annoyed says – reply to this


    hears a thought if u beleve she cant sing then STOP CLICKING ON HER NAME
    if ur sick of seeing or hearing about her DONT CLICK ON HER PICTURE OR NAME
    i mean like how boring does ur life have to be to sit around and wonder what the person u hate is doing. i hope that every last person that is hating on selena has a HORRIBLE lifestyle i hope u guys feel all the hate and pain that ur guys send to her. BACK THE FUCK OFF AND LET HER DO WHAT THE FUCK SHE WANTS TO. im not even a fan of selena but come on grow the fuck up u immature fuckin brat and while ur at it get a life. cuz at the end of the day she has one while youll are on here talking shit she is partying and being selena bitches. SOOOOO GETTTT AAAA LIIFFEE UU ANNNOOYYING LIIITTTLLE BRRAATTZZ

  7. joel says – reply to this


    she is ready to flop

  8. daniela says – reply to this


    she's and autotune is like a couple. They cant live without each other. she is so bad singing live

  9. HOmez says – reply to this


    Slutena Homez

  10. Justinothershit says – reply to this


    She's starting to remind me of Rhianna.

  11. ashley says – reply to this


    Re: bnietzsche – then don't listen and see bitch

  12. bnietzsche says – reply to this


    Re: ashley – kind of hard when all perez posts is her fat baby face

  13. #1 Selena Gomez fan says – reply to this


    Re: bnietzsche – Well if u r then shut up, get a life and stop searching for her cuz i'm sure she hates u too!

  14. #1 Selena Gomez fan says – reply to this


    Re: Daniela Santiago – Ya know jerk, THINGS who say that ’bout other people actually can't sing cuz everyone knows that Selena can sing and is a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better singer than u will ever be. Also, I can sing waaaaaaaaaaaay better than u and I'd love to hear u sing, which i'm sure will sound HORRIBLE, like Bridgit fat Mendler.

  15. #1 Selena Gomez fan says – reply to this


    Re: Justinothershit – NEVER compare pretty Selena to ugly Rihanna!!

  16. Leslie says – reply to this


    Trying to make that baby face look sexy is all sorts of eweeee. Just no. She looks like a little 10 yrs old singing "come and get it." Eweeeee.

  17. #1 Selena Gomez fan says – reply to this


    I'm so glad that she's growing up cuz I want to be just like her when i'm famous soon and will be a singer, dancer, and actress!!!!

  18. aaa says – reply to this


    Re: #1 Selena Gomez fan
    I dint search for her she was just on the side of the page to be click on ;)

  19. Dar says – reply to this


    Re: LC – Calm yourself. Why so much hate?

  20. u says – reply to this


    Re: #1 Selena Gomez fan
    Aria Grande sing better than her, she should get more fame than her. Selena Gomez only have a lot of fame because of Justin Bieber.

  21. D says – reply to this


    Re: bnietzsche – Yet you comment on a post about her? You realize that by clicking on the post and even commenting, that's another reason for Perez to post about her again? This site gets money thru ads. The more posts you click on, the more ads you see, and therefore they get money. Want less Selena posts, then stop going to the posts. Duh.

  22. 22

    she looks fierce…get over it losers…and for those saying shes famous cuz of JB why isnt that other girl jasmine villegas famous? she was with him and never made it big ….duhhh love Selenas voice….NOONE out there really sings well ..ill stick with Sel..at least she is likeable

  23. J.j. says – reply to this


    Re: bnietzsche – if you're tired of hearing and seeing her then why do you look her up or come to this website

  24. BritneyBith! says – reply to this


    Re: Leslie – Okay fucktard what kind freaky as 10 years old do you know who look like that? Gosh you're such a homo

  25. Dilara says – reply to this


    And then people call Miley a slut. O plz Slutina you are so fake pretending to be sweet….

  26. dan says – reply to this


    i just dont like her when she sings because she cant sing. i really like her but she annoys me when she pretend be a singer

  27. ew says – reply to this


    just another disney girl…