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Snoop Changes His Tune On Homosexuality And The Rap Community!

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snoop revises gay rap

Now THIS is exactly what we like to hear!

While Snoop Dogg Lion has always been vocal in his support of the LGBT community, he recently raised some eyebrows during a recent interview by offering a very limited perspective on the possibility of homosexuality being accepted by the rap and hip-hop community!

However, it appears that the Reincarnated version of Bob Marley has re-evaluated his perspective on the matter, and in a new interview, now asserts that with the continuous merging of so many genres in the music world, as well as the political and cultural progression toward acceptance and unity, there may very well be openly gay rappers and hip-hop artists much sooner than later!

As he explains:

"In the near future it will happen because everybody is open for everything. It's so much race relations going on. It's so much unification going on in music and in life in general. We have people crossing up and becoming a part of each other's culture."


Times are changing, folks! What may have been unheard of even just two or three years ago is now HAPPENING!

Just look at the groundbreaking, brave Jason Collins, and what he will surely do for the professional athletic world!

We're just delighted to see that Snoop is open to educating himself and WILLING to consider alternative perspectives!

These are the ideals that will only continue to make the world the happier, more progressive, and EQUAL place we ALL deserve for it to be!

Thanks for taking a stand, boo!

[Image via WENN.]

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9 comments to “Snoop Changes His Tune On Homosexuality And The Rap Community!”

  1. Rose says – reply to this


    Your career is over if you say otherwise.

  2. Spence says – reply to this


    I feel that people should be able to love/have sex with whoever they want, as long as it's not a child or animal. That said, if members of the gay/lesbian/transgender/etc. community ever want to be truly accepted, they need to stop calling attention to every single slight, actual or perceived, against them. Just be who you are and live your life. Everyone else takes lumps, be prepared to take some yourself. Everyone else doesn't get exactly what they want, so don't cry foul when you don't either.

  3. lala says – reply to this


    Re: Spence – Couldnt agree more, and what Snoop said before was probably quite true…as much as Perez might want to scream burn the heathens.

  4. 4

    Perez, from one gay man to another, you have got to stop polarizing the gay community against straight people.This witch hunt you're on right now has gotten out of control. I know it's probably not fair, but as a public figure, you are a huge voice of the gay community and if I was a straight person I would be really turned off by the gay community from all of the things you keep saying. You're not only speaking for you, you're speaking for us. You make the gay community seem so uptight about everything, when that couldn't be further from the truth. It is clear the tides are changing in this country and that we have numerous allies that are personally fighting for us so that we can enjoy the same rights that they enjoy. Gay people will not get same sex marriage legalized; straight people will. So let's stop the straight vs gay bullshit you've been trying to instigate and instead let's be GRATEFUL for all of the overwhelming support the straight community has given us. Laws are changing right before our eyes, so why is there so much hate coming from you left and right?

  5. Spence says – reply to this


    Re: joethehobo – Well said, sir.

  6. lala says – reply to this


    Re: joethehobo – Well said :) i was totally neutral before i started visiting this site, and i still am. But i do quite often have moments of annoyance or anger because of Mr Hilton, before common sense comes back. But he should just stop getting involved, he only hurts your cause.

  7. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: joethehobo – If one pays attention to the system of western civilizations, one notes that there are now quotas to be met forcing networks to include gay characters in literature and television. If they do not jump through the hoops, there's the devil to pay. I frankly am tired of both the homosexual and heterosexual agendas, objectifying sexuality of 'all children'. I read today they have been sexalizing the characters in the childs game, Candyland. It's not just Perez though, it's all over social media.

  8. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Re: joethehobo – Joe, as a straight senior female, I think your comments are really well thought out and expressed.
    By the way, why does this guy keep changing his name? Just curious. TY.

  9. 9

    Oh the changes from being a Dogg to a Lion.