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Has Kim Kardashian Gone Too Far???

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Plus, a very helpful tip!

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19 comments to “Has Kim Kardashian Gone Too Far???”

  1. Evi says – reply to this


    I don't think you should criticize a pregnant woman for her weight. But kudos for your gorgeous figure Perez!

  2. Chlo says – reply to this


    I don't get all the bitching about her weight. SHE'S PREGNANT! Let her eat whatever she wants. She can worry about getting back in shape after she has the baby.

  3. Bridge says – reply to this


    This did come across a little offensive, the woman is pregnant after all.

  4. jamie says – reply to this


    Give me a break - she's pregnant! She's probably already eating healthy because I'm sure she's weight-conscious… but pregnant women gain weight… it's natural. And i think it's in incredibly poor taste for everyone in the media to constantly criticize her for it. COME ON PEOPLE!

  5. maggie says – reply to this


    She is so short the weight looks very extreme on her and the camera ads the infamous 10 lbs….that said I agree she needs to watch it. she is over 30 and the baby weight doesn't come off easily. I would estimate she has gained 30-40 lbs which is above the recommended 25-30. I gained 70 lbs with my 1st baby and has to work my ass off with a personal trainer and chef and breastfeeding to lose it. Next baby? Only gained 25 lbs since I didn't eat everyhing in sight. Be healthy is the best advice.

  6. kayce says – reply to this


    jesus christ, stop being such a misogynist — let this pregnant woman be pregnant! when your body can grow, host, and bear a baby, you can judge kim's mmmmk?

  7. Mendi Mayhem says – reply to this


    What's that on your lip? I'm thinking either herpe or meth sore?

  8. Ki says – reply to this


    Is PEREZ HILTON seriously giving KIM KARDASHIAN

  9. tellit says – reply to this


    1 your lucky if she don't slap you, and 2 who gives a rats ass if she is pregnant people, when you are pregnant it isn't an excuse to eat whatever the hell you want, a pregnant person only needs an extra 300 calories. So pregnant or not, she's WAYYY to big, and if she donn't watch it she will be that size forever, hell she'll have to wear the wide load sign

  10. Kiki says – reply to this


    Is PEREZ HILTON seriously giving fitness advice to KIM KARDASHIAN?? That is preposterous. He loses a bunch of weight to get healthier and all of a sudden thinks he is a health and fitness expert, even though he is still/especially disgusting now and she is known for having one of the hottest bodies. Also, just b/c he has a baby (who gave him a baby!?) does not mean he knows a single thing about pregnancy. Get real.

  11. OCVSD1 says – reply to this


    i so agree!!

  12. Rene says – reply to this


    See now all the criticizing, actually BULLYING, is what is driving her to these extremes. On a normal basis, continually bashing someone about their weight will get to them. But she is pregnant, cut her a break and leave her alone, it's not your body therefore not your problem. How can we preach against verbally bashing and bullying others yet though we contributing to it.

  13. 13

    its clear shes not pregnant

  14. Parov Bailar says – reply to this


    all you people have no idea why this is an issue. The problem isnt the weight gain. The problem is the way she dresses. If she was more conservative and wore what society deems as appropriate for a pregnant mother, this wouldnt be an issue. The problem is she continually wears things that shouldnt be worn by anyone, let alone anyone pregnant, but does so to gain exposure to the public and you people write about her. She is from the camp that bad publicity is good publicity simply bc it makes her relvant and in the news bc she has zero talent. All you morons continue to care. If no one cared about her, she would dissapear.

  15. CARITINA says – reply to this


    As a mom i can tell you that being pregnant s not an excuse for gaining that kind of weight, she is indeed really fat and that's not healthy at all.

  16. Catie Menzie says – reply to this


    Kim K sucks!

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    oh fu…don't try to compare yourself to this whore.

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