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Lindsay Lohan's Daddy Leaks Private Rehab Plans! Where Is She Headed For Counseling??!

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lindsay lohan michael lohan rehab drama

Will Michael Lohan ever learn when to butt out??!

Probably not, but we're not complaining!!!

While it was said that Lindsay Lohan would be going to New York's Seafield to complete her 90 day court-ordered rehab stay, Papa Lohan has confirmed that it is actually between Morningside in Newport Beach and The Lukens Institute in Palm Beach.

However, being the loving father that he is, Michael isn't so keen on Lindsay returning her old stomping grounds at Morningside. Instead, Michael would MUCH prefer daddy's little girl go to Lukens, but apparently lawyer Mark Heller will do just about anything to prevent that from happening!

So WHY is Lindsay's not-so-trusty lawyer so against Lukens?!

In a private email, Michael explained:

“Lindsay has communicated to me and even the owners and clinicians at The Lukens Institute in Palm Beach that she wants to go there, but Mark Heller cut a deal to get a referral fee if she goes to Morningside in Newport Beach. IRONICALLY, the same rehab who has had mutiple legal issues and even leaked that she was going there about a year ago but never did. But just today, they called a tabloid to leak it again. Just look at my twitter and the dirt on this place, then look st Lukens.

And although the City Attorney will sllow Lindsay to go to Lukens, Mark Heller lied to her and said she she is not approved. Why? Because Lukens doesn’t pay off people like Morningside does! If Lindsay wants real treatment and the best treatment, she will go to Lukens like SHE WANTS.”

Confused yet??! US TOO.

Something smells fishy, but we don't know where to look!

This is more madness than even we can swallow.

If anything we would think LiLo would WANT to go to Morningside because they allow their patients smoke and we all know how important her ciggys are to her!

Seriously though, we're not sure WHO to believe or WHERE Lindsay is going for her 270 costume changes to treat her addiction.

Yet, what we DO know with absolute certainty is that this mayhem does NOT seem like the ideal way to start the looonnngggg road to recovery.

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23 comments to “Lindsay Lohan's Daddy Leaks Private Rehab Plans! Where Is She Headed For Counseling??!”

  1. 1

    The Lukens Institute's treatment programming IS NOT 12-step religious AA/NA cult based; she should choose Lukens…

  2. jay says – reply to this


    yeah he will learn to butt out about the same time you do.

  3. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Let Lindsay go where she wants to go . LL has to be the one there and really Perez must you keep it up about LL smoking . That is a hard habit to break . LL is not going to rehab to quit smoking Perez . If Lindsay has to detox everything in rehab then Let the girl Smoke !
    Perez you really pick on her Karma Dear Karma

  4. 4

    Throw this fucking idiot in jail already.

  5. nik says – reply to this


    I though it was because they wouldn't let her keep the Adderall

  6. vjb says – reply to this


    I went to Morning Side. It is now closed

  7. TO Michael says – reply to this


    We wish you the best during this stressful time. Not sure if you saw what went down on "team L's homepage" earlier today. It has been deleted but clearly shows she is very unhappy and distressed and "acting out". Just want to send you hope and let you know many prayers are being said for the healing of this situation. We know our efforts to stop the proliferation of misinformation and addressing cyber-bullying events & issues has resulted in many problems for her. It is not our intention to hurt her, but to ignore or cover-up the situation is beyond unacceptable, for obvious reasons. Good luck. *jjf*

  8. To Michael says – reply to this


    If it is true what you say about Heller, and I am more inclined to believe it than not; It would be a great humanitarian act for you to see to it that Mark Heller goes down BIG TIME and goes to prison for what he has done. He doesn't have to 'take care of Lindsay" but he should set aside if he won't help her… and he has not. He has faiiled to protect her and get her the treatment she so obviously needs. The whole world knows that she is very mentally ill, delusionals and many other very public things that have made it unquestionable that he is not only guilty of malicious malpractice but he is one sick sociopathic mother fucker who seeks fame & fortune at the risk of your daughters life. And that bastard has the nerve to take to media to say that Lindsay is a victim of everyone else in the world …and he is her savior. Take him down Michael! Few are more harmful to society than a sociopath with a professional license. And Lindsay isn't HIS only victim. *jjf*

  9. TO MARK HELLER: says – reply to this


    FAME -You're going to live forever- Pioneer Pals: Building A Better Today, Today. *jjf*

  10. OH, HELL NO!!! says – reply to this


    Michael, I am LIVID. Preliminary investigations into Morningside are sickening. They claim their medical staff is basically.. we got some guys that "oversee" the facilty. I suspect you know that is even WORSE than a plastic surgeon "training" his janitoress in injectable procedures & lazer applications over a week-end & leaving town - leaving her in charge of the office to see patients. IMO: Lindsay needs ATTENDING physicians in her treatment center and a PSYCHIATRIST in addition to PhDs & other people who have EXPERIENCE in issues that are similair to her own. This faciltiy, as it has presented itself/it's program is NOT at all APPROPRIATE for your daughter's needs and Heller is a demon for doing this to Lindsay. Dude, you have a HUGE case against HELLER & he will continue to fuck over the ill, the weak & the confused UNLESS HE IS STOPPED. Your case against him couldnt be more stacked in your favor. Go, Daddy, Go! You're baby girl is DYING. *jjf*

  11. I AM VERY UPSET! says – reply to this


    Your daughter, not You're daughter. I have been knocked almost speechless by this new information. However, in my experience when I recover from being knocked speechless by EVIL events… I tend to bounce back, and bounce back and bounce high with A HELL OF A LOT TO SAY. If this post is redundant, it is because the post I sent in about 15 mins ago hasnt come up. Get him, michael, chain the devil.

  12. TO TaylorFine, says – reply to this


    I sent you a long post 1/2 hr ago. It hasnt come up, i may have cut the connection too early, who knows? I'm exhausted. But, please hop over to 'LL misses flight to LA" on E online to bring yourself up to speed. Hang in, hang on, and hang loose with an open mind. Mz. Lindsay Lohan and her 'issues' are about to set precedent. GO, DADDY, GO!!! YOU AND THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST ARE HER ONLY CHANCES.

  13. Thank you, Perez, says – reply to this


    All are flawed, but in this, you have done an honorable thing. Thank you. Please ponder what it all MEANS.

  14. TO MICHAEL, says – reply to this


    DEAR MICHAEL, I hope I make sence and u can make sence of typing flaws because its about 3am and its been months since ive had 7 hr of sleep in a night. Ok, just made a pot of coffee and I'll be on board, here in Perez in the SpringTime … But just got hit with CNN contact-info RE: Y O U …and ..very pleased you have upper-medias attention. You HAVE TO KEEP YOUR TEMPER WITHIN THE LIMITS THAT SOCIETY CONSIDERS ACCEPTABLE. Passion seduces, but hysterics repel. Are you watching this site now? Can you kick me some type of confirmation that you are recieving my desperate SOS signals to you, that you KNOW you got BIG BRASS AND GOLD BOLD BALLS BACKING YOU UP? Perez, can u contact Michael and tell him, READ THE BOARD. You have POWER Michael… Just kick me a "m, ok" on a post here and it will kick my adenal glands on, which I need. I'm so tired. But in HOURS, you have to convince the court to send her to a MEDICAL FACILITY instead of jail. PALS suggest, get a white T shirt and in the biggest letters that will fit on it, write "PLEASE!" in big bold, thick, black or red letters and SHOW UP IN COURT, IN FRONT OF MEDIA.. Be sure all those paps see you STRONG & IN CONTROL. FOR CRYST SAKE, ALL SHE NEEDS IS A GIFTED HEALER! ASK, in a way that DEMANDS a PUBLIC ANSWER. yeah? *jjf/et al*

  15. 15

    they are all playing the system like a fiddle.

  16. 16

    Re: TaylorTFair – This is Lindsay's mom. You pathetic enabler.

  17. SO INCREDIBLY UNLIKELY says – reply to this


    Re: jeanmichelbasketcase – Although Taylor comes across as an enabler, she's been on these boards for a while and Taylor is NOT shitty, NOT hostile and although some of her information is not accurate, she isnt a mean-spirited, nasty & hateful BITCH like Dina is. No one with hate and vengence in their soul like Dina festers and over-flows with could be consistantly well-mannered and kind in spirit. Taylor might be lilos little sister…but Taylor is NOT Dina. Dina has VERY limited self-control and has NO interest in LEARNING and would NEVER engage in DEBATES. DINA IS A ONE WAY THRASHER. Not an innocent on the boards, trying, willing and ASKING to LEARN.

  18. JJF says – reply to this


    Re: SO INCREDIBLY UNLIKELY – Thank you so much for having my back WOW !

  19. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: jeanmichelbasketcase – So Sorry to disappoint you but I am not Dina nor try to be .

  20. Sista, says – reply to this


    Re: JJF – You have a kind heart. But, I don't have your back Taylor, I just back up my own truths as I know them . . .and there you were in the middle of it all. I have been up all night, about ten hours of sleep in the 52 hrs before that and I am going to start seeing spiders in the air and all over my walls if I don't konk out. Its almost 9am in califor, 6am here and I am NOT going to google or check on her status until after I sleep. I'll get bonkers myself if I don't. I've done all I can, its all up to the courts and her dad now to yank her from the jaws of the starving crocadile NEE: MARK HELLER. I hope I sleep for 22hrs, it happens sometimes. I did all I could…i can't go on another 4 minutes. Love to you my sweet cyber-sista. You have given me joy and hope.

  21. TO MICHAEL LOHAN, says – reply to this


    THANK GOD SHE LEFT MORNINGSIDE!!! They would have killed her. — — Go, Daddy, Go!!! –HELLER IS GOING DOOOOOWWwnnn!!! *jjf*

  22. BUCK says – reply to this



  23. ArtV says – reply to this


    Please let her be found dead. Give us all the break we so desperately need from this nonsense.