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Lindsay Lohan was gonna blog from rehab, but now she’s saying no, no, no! We had previously heard that LiLo was planning on giving us the inside scoop … Read more…

14 comments to “Lindsay Lohan's Rehab Blog Gets SHOT Down! Still Needs To Find A Facility!”

  1. 1

    She is such an asshole- I can't stand her-

  2. natti says – reply to this


    doesnt sound good! she only has today to find somewhere i would suggest the one her dad used if she cant find anything

  3. 3

    Ha! that complete bullshit blogging story was obviously made up by her father. And I love how you say it "could" land her in jail. she'll get 10 minutes of jail. end of story.

  4. No way says – reply to this


    I dont know HOW people fell for this blogging story in the first place. Not a chance in hell that rehab would allow a patient to publish anything on the net from rehab. Its unlikely she would be allowed to get on the interenet at all. Wake up people: America is the land of liability. A rehab has obligations to protect peoples privacy. Linds aint right in the head. It was BS from the start that she would be in a rehab and be allow to tell her story on the internet. If she said anything about any other rehabber, the rehab would be sued for kazillions of dollars. The idea of rehab is to focus on recovery not go to avoid jail & then do whatever the hell you want to. A quality rehab is full of classes, therapy & structured activities that are MANDATORY. You wouldnt go to a movie theater to see a movie and then go to the bathroom & spend the next 2 hours sitting on the toilet listening to your IPOD. Lindsay is to be sequestered from the outside world while in rehab. Its what its about. Rehab does not let the patient make the rules. Rehab is ALL about teaching the patient, "NO! You are NOT God!!!" She won't last a week. When she walks out, she breaks the law, breaks probation and will finally get a long jail sentence for it.

  5. Lies, ALLLL LIES!!! says – reply to this


    More nonsense. They don't let you blog from rehab. Thats so dumb its unreal. Like a rehab would let a rehabber talk about what goes on in rehab. Also, the "i'll blog about art and fashion." No, that won't work either. They would have to approve her work before it went out and they have better things to do. One hour on the net in a rehab and the nurses would notice lindsay was foaming at the mouth and smashing her fist into the monitor. And now, 270 outfits story. Rehabs are usually 2 to a room and your closet is basically a large locker, not a two story 1800 sq foot walk in closet, with attacted dressing room and 24/7 on site beauty parlor & stylist shop. I hope all these last minutes crazy-ass stories Team Lindsay is frantically circulating in media educate people to how desperate & mentally ill this woman is. 270 outfits? Show up to rehab w/ 23 suitcases? Who would she be dressing FOR inside a rehab anyway. BULLLLLSHHHHIIIIIT, Lindsay.

  6. OBSESSED says – reply to this


    She wants internet in rehab so she can read what other people are saying about her, not so she can keep in touch with her 14 fans. Lindsay is behind almost every story out there in lower-end media and once shes taken away from the internet these ridiculous storys about her big plans and offers for work are going to stop. Comments on her stories will not be as vulgar and nasty and insane. Mom willl probably try to keep the media circus going but it should be contained to one ring in the shadows. I am sooo excited for tommorow. And Friday, lots of parties, everywhere, all celebrating Lindsay is in custody and off the internet and, please God, at least for one three day week-end, NOT A WORD FROM LINDSAY LOHAN. Good luck Lindsay. Hope you find sobriety, sanity, health and healing.

  7. SoNo says – reply to this


    If she doesn't have a rehab where she has been cleared for admission and accepted by the rehab by now, it aint going to happen. One must remember shes been a failure at 5 other rehab attempts and she was a trouble maker in some of them which TARNISHED the reputation of the rehab. Rehabs don't just want a patients money in order to exist, they NEED a patient to BE SUCCESSFUL in their rehab attempt. The next rehab, XYZ Rehab, Lindsay walks out of, to go straight to a bar, will result in the public saying XYZ rehab is a rip off, a sham and a crock. There is so much more to Lindsay going to rehab than Lindsay showing up at a rehab. She will hurt the reputation of any rehab she attends, because with her current attitude, she is SURE TO FAIL and it will be a public fail and a public story that her rehab and her rehab facility is just a rip off, just a sham. She disgraces EVERYTHING she is involved with and leaves a long trail and high piles of stinking droppings behind her.

  8. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    Dear Taylor, i dont know what you know and what you've seen on other sites but L. had a big melt-down on what she calls the Team Lindsay Home Page. It was up for hours but the site just took down her very hostile & racist contributions & it is clear she's lost it big time. She can't get on a plane. If there is so much as ONE person around her that is sane, she will be admitted to a hospital and go the psych ward treatment route. It is what she needs. If you saw what happened, you must know this is true. She is very, very, very CRITICALLY ILL and dangerous. If you are not aware of what happened, i am not going to explain it here. I do NOT want to hurt her. Now is a good time for prayers. Stand by. *jjf*

  9. JJF says – reply to this


    Re: To Taylor, – I missed this one girl ! What on earth is this about ?

  10. TO taylor, says – reply to this


    Re: JJF – Totally pinky-swear- I will withhold no information from you and will answer your questions, but I can't right now and this isn't the place. It's a semi-controlled crisis at this point and things need to go calmly and smoothly and many people know about her "condition" but are kindhearted and wish to NOT call attention to it. The goal is to get her in custody and that should be achieved within 20 hrs or less. Until then, "don't poke the bear". When she's in custody, i'll explain. Pray. Maybe nagging God will motivate him to give us a miracle, just to get us to shut-up about her. Blessings, Taylor.

  11. HMM says – reply to this


    Re: TO taylor, – JJF Shocked Perez didn't get this one

  12. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    Re: HMM – Oh, he KNOWS. Perez is a much better man than you give him credit for. He made a choice to be kind and compassionate. Taylor, new habits take TIME. I could be wrong, but I think Perez has learned something that is now very important to him from hosting this drama. Time will tell if it takes root and blossoms.

  13. to Taylor, says – reply to this


    Oh, Taylor…. It's baaad. Please pop over to the Daddy story to bring yourself up to speed. I am both numb and overwhelmed by the evil stimuli throbbing in this case. This is so twisted. Mark Heller fucked Lindsay over big time, he is indifferent to sending her to her death… and is out to spin gold and fame out of surface efforts. I am fucking SICK TO MY SOUL that anyone could do this to a sick, confused and helpless little girl.

  14. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    Dear Taylor, Please go to LL misses flight from LA on E online.