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Amanda Bynes Slams Jenny McCarthy Too! Actually Calls Her 'Ugly' And An 'Old Lady!'

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jenny mccarthy amanda bynes feud

What the flying f*ck.

Anyone who calls Jenny McCarthy "ugly" needs a serious eye exam!!

But that's exactly what Amanda Bynes did during another Twitter rant.

Following Jenny's ill-advised tweets Wednesday night — ones that showed genuine concern for Amanda after she heard word from an unreliable source that cops were knocking down Amanda's door — Amanda decided to lash out on the industry vet by tweeting:

"@JennyMcCarthy I need help? What are u talking about? Aren't u 50 years old? I'm 27, u look 80 compared to me! Why are you talking about me?"

"@JennyMcCarthy you're ugly! Police weren't at my house old lady! Shut the f–k up!"

What is up with this "ugly" thing!?! It's apparently become her go-to word to shame people who have offended her, which may or may not shed a light onto what's really ailing Miz Bynes.

Jenny read Amanda's tweets and offered an apology, saying:

To which Amanda replied:

Is your head spinning from all the flip-flopping too??

We always enjoy a person who can easily forgive. We just wish this wasn't paired with the BIZARRE actions we keep seeing from Amanda herself — including those TOPLESS pics she posted on Twitter.

Amanda, we're not sure what happened that led to this string of unusual acts, but we hope you know that you have always been beautiful, most importantly for your kind and HIGHLARIOUS personality.

We miss that girl!

[Image via WENN/Twitter.]

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22 comments to “Amanda Bynes Slams Jenny McCarthy Too! Actually Calls Her 'Ugly' And An 'Old Lady!'”

  1. Rose says – reply to this


    You are unconscionable Perez. Bynes is tired of being attacked by false stories and she apologized. Perhaps you could 'learn' something about posting false stories about people. Or condemning them, like you have over comments bynes has made, example, the whole drake thing. What you suggest to zac is far worse and you do so almost daily. P.s., McCarthy is lewd.

  2. 2

    She's entitled to her opinion, you intolerant fuck. Just because you don't agree with it doesn't mean you're entitled to bully her via your crappy site. I don't think McCarthy is ugly, but she did her looks no favors when she got those awful cheekbone implants. At least she doesn't have an ape-like, over-sized head topped with nasty, greasy, thinning hair.

  3. Rose says – reply to this


    By the way, you are such a freaking hypocrite, when you posted robin thick's nude video you were all over the nudity and wanted male nudity too. Bynes showed NOTHING in these shots, you are just gunning for her, because you want to bet noticed. I hope bynes never forgives you.

  4. 4

    jenny mccarthy is fucking goooorgeous. nuff said

  5. 5

    I'll have to agree with Amanda on this one. Is Jenny kidding? she needs to start acting her age. She's ALSO an embarrassment. Pot meet kettle.

  6. Barret says – reply to this


    Hahah this is hillarious. It reminds me of many of my female friends who would always talk shit about girls they didn't know. Then they would actually talk to them and be all friends and take back what they said. I guess it's a female thing because I've never once see any of my male friends do anything so crazy

  7. vinnie says – reply to this


    It's called mania- somebody get her some lithium! She looks like she's been up for days…

  8. societyisfucked says – reply to this


    It's sad that you have had to ride the coat tails of d and f list celebrities to even get some sort of attention. What's even more sad is that you aren't even on the level of infamy because even with all of your shitty posts, most of the world doesn't know you…shit without the weight you just look like a saggier uglier version of clay from soa (without the leather). Amanda bynes has serious issues, but you sir take the cake. Ugly can't be fixed when it's to the bone Perez, no matter how much weight is shed or spray tan applied you will always be ugly until the day you realize you are not your ego nor this fake bullshit persona you try to represent yourself as…

  9. Pam says – reply to this


    I think Bynes is so full of herself….

  10. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: societyisfucked – He can't do this. He's pretended over and over again he's going to stop being a bully. Even if it 'appeared he stopped' he'd still be a bully faking it. He road the coattails of girls like Amanda and resents the fact he will never be Amanda. Haven't you noticed he never attacks men with the vengeance he saves for young women?

  11. 11

    What!? That is crazy! I happen to also think Jenny McCarthy is hysterical! Makes sense since she and Melissa McCarthy are cousins.

  12. Simply says – reply to this


    Oh my, the amount of people that "hate" Perez, yet still take the time to come onto his site and leave him a hateful message must be both amusing and hilarious! He's probably getting a kick out of it!

  13. 13

    Ha! This is funny both are out of control…. Jenny is a mom of a child with special needs and acts like such a sultry slut. Amanda is just crazy.

  14. Jenni says – reply to this


    It looks like Ms. Amanda is suffering from the good ol' quarter life crisis. Maybe she's scared she's peaked?

  15. 15

    "You're beautiful, I was lying"… I can't stop laughing. At the same time, I hope she gets help.

  16. 16

    and the unravelling continues .. jennys not ugly shes cute coming from someone who it appears to be in a public toilette half naked with no hair i wouldnt even worry about it …

  17. 3FootBump'O'yeyo says – reply to this


    Forbes just posted an article on how her parents might be able to apply for a "guardianship" (NY's conservatorship), but you know she would fight it with attorneys because she "ain't do nothing wrong", so she thinks. Any press is good press? Not the type of article I would want Forbes writing about me if I had the Olsen twins dough (do they count their millions together, or separately? Which one is the little Tanner girl?) Juaquin Phoenix, or River? I hope it's the schizo that is making her such a stuck-up twat though. Scary for her family for sure.

  18. Jen says – reply to this


    So in that pic of Amanda she reminds me of Peanut that Jeff Dunham has but she is not purple hahah

  19. Hawaii Haouli Girl says – reply to this


    Ignore the haters Perez. Obviously Ms Bynes is "not herself" and tweeting topless pics is just the beginning. It'll get worse before it gets better, I'm afraid! Been there w my lil sis and it got UGLY! Only when she began thinking ppl in TV were spying on her and finally she began to make 'threats' - that's when we finally were able to help her! So far..manda is only threatening to sue… But it'll worsen! Just wait n watch.

  20. praylipton says – reply to this


    I look forward to the day that Perez will become crazy. It's gonna be too funny!

  21. April A. says – reply to this


    I've said it before and I'll say it again .. Amanda Bynes is a crazy, delusional bitch who needs to grow the fuck up. Her biggest insults are calling people UGLY. Really?? It's like she reverted back down to middle school. Perhaps she's lashing out that way because she never really learned how to grow into a proper adult during those years, so she is stuck in this world where she obviously has issues, doesn't know how to act, and can't stand hearing that she's acting crazy or wrong. I think she needs some friends. And anyone who thinks she looks good in these pics is equally delusional. Her tits look awesome, but the rest of her looks like some trashy meth fiend streetwalker. Nasty.

  22. 22

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