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Amanda Bynes Following In The Footsteps Of Britney Spears! But Can She Be Placed Under Conservatorship?!

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amanda bynes conservatorship

While Amanda Bynes' recent, increasingly worrisome behavior can easily draw comparisons with some of the same problems that Britney Spears faced back in 2007, it appears that unlike the now-recovered pop sensation, the 27-year-old comedienne has yet to act out in a fashion that would warrant her to be placed under a court-ordered conservatorship!

In fact, until her behavior has the potential to injure herself or another, it seems that legal experts are convinced that as far as we all should be concerned, Amanda's behavior is pretty much on par with the majority of residents in New York City!

As legal consultant and alternative sentencing expert Wendy Feldman explains:

"There are two main standards that courts look at as far as conservatorships. The first is the person a danger to themselves — Spears was and demonstrated that often — and the second is whether the person a danger to society. Britney Spears was, and to her two children as well. Amanda seems to have a serious mental illness, but that does not meet the standard in court. There is no record of suicide attempts or drug overdoses, and in public, she is a loner."

And attorney Larry Bodine agrees:

"Amanda doesn’t qualify for an involuntary, emergency commitment in New York because she’s done nothing that is likely to result in serious harm to self or others. You could say she’s acting like a typical New Yorker – making goofy videos, wearing odd hairstyles, talking to herself, staying up all night, tweeting and spending money like water. It’s a free country."

In fact, sources close to her go so far as to say that she was RESPONSIBLE for moving from El Lay to NYC - because now she's free to behave as she wants, without having to worry about endangering lives behind the wheel of a vehicle:

"She has made one smart decision though. She got off the roads in Los Angeles and moved to New York where she can take the subway and not endanger others."

And thank goodness for that!

We just sincerely hope that Amanda accepts that the concern many are expressing for her comes from a place of love, and that she gets herself the help she needs on her own accord, before something happens that gives others the authority to do it on her behalf.

You're in our thoughts!

[Image via Twitter.]

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17 comments to “Amanda Bynes Following In The Footsteps Of Britney Spears! But Can She Be Placed Under Conservatorship?!”

  1. ghassane ghf says – reply to this


    leave the girl alone , she's fine

  2. Myles says – reply to this


    Yeah so she can be reprogrammed at Mt Senai. Hollywood disgusts me, MK ultra bullshit

  3. Rox says – reply to this


    "talking to herself, staying up all night, tweeting and spending money like water" shouldn't be regarded as "typical" behavior…She should probably be assessed for bipolar-mania

  4. 4

    Carson Daly keeps calling you on this! Perez, didnt you say you wouldn't talk about Amanda anymore?????????????

  5. Rose says – reply to this


    Seriously, can Perez Hilton be brought forth on charges? These photos are not unattrative and bynes has rights to defend herself against false charges (the latest being the police were at her place on Wednesday, when they were not). She put red lights in her place and was captured doing a joint. This is a daily occurrence for rhianna. So what? It is like Perez has a personal vendetta against this young woman. The pictures he posts of himself, are far worse. Should he be committed? I think he should be sued.

  6. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: Rox – You'll have to incarcerate half the population.

  7. 7

    you are suppose to be her friend? some fucking friend you are you asshole

  8. Lacy says – reply to this


    Brit 2.0? I think NOT! Amanda is not nearly as "huge of a celebrity as britney was. Secondly… the paps were stalking brtiney…. i don't think i've seen any celeb get hounded the way britney was back then… unlike amanda who is putting all this out there herself! Stop giving the girl attention. She wishes she were britney!

  9. 9

    I like Amanda and my opinion on the matter is… Now that she's "retired" from acting, which she spent years doing when she was growing up, maybe she's just trying to live her life. So she supposedly drank, smoked weed, made mistakes… Don't we all? She is young and beautiful and I think she should be allowed to enjoy herself and spend her money any way she pleases. If America doesn't like it, then consider this to be an open letter inviting Amanda to live in Canada where maybe she can have some peace. Of course I hope she doesn't have any mental issues, but it is not our place to judge her. People have expressed their concern and Amanda is aware of this, so I think now it is time for people to back off.

  10. chanel says – reply to this


    She is thriving on this attention. Stop giving her press and publicity for her bizarre behavior. If no one paid attention to her nonsense maybe she would stop.

  11. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: Collechka – Perez would stalk her there too.

  12. jeff says – reply to this


    She looks like she has some nice ass titties :P

  13. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: jeff – Go write on bathroom walks.

  14. TrendCartoons says – reply to this


    My comment is my cartoon blog about Amanda Bynes and what she and Lindsay Lohan can teach us at

  15. 15

    no shes following in the footsteps of demi with the demification…

    sending half naked pics of urself from what appears to be a public toilet cant not be considered normal

  16. 16

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  17. Muchie says – reply to this


    You can't compare Britney and Amanda. Britney had a mental illness which is why she got put under a c-ship