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NSync's Lance Bass On One Direction: At Least One Of Them Is Gay, And It Could Kill Their Career!

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Whoa!!! Say WHAT?!

'N Sync's Lance Bass was a guest on yesterday's Rubin Report and the topic of discussion was Jason Collins becoming the first openly gay active athlete in a major American team sport!

It was no easy feat, but Lance thinks it could be even HARDER for a member of a boy band whose whole business strategy is built around catering to sexually interested young women buying merchandise, concert tickets, and albums!

In the web series (above) Lance argues that, statistically speaking, someone in One Direction is likely gay!!

Which member is it? Lance of course won't speculate and it doesn't even matter!!!

The point is, despite the Larry Stylinson shippers, no member of 1D could easily out himself because there could be destructive consequences for everyone's careers!

We'd like to think that we aren't the only Directioner who would continue supporting the band regardless of their sexual orientation, but we understand how an announcement might affect record sales… or jersey sales for that matter!!

The majority of Jason Collins's friends, fans, and colleagues applauded the ballplayer's courageous emergence from the closet, but several detractors — like ESPN's Chris Broussard — publicly cast judgment!

Ch-ch-check out Lance's views on close-minded Christians who use The Bible to spread intolerance and homophobia (below)!

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22 comments to “NSync's Lance Bass On One Direction: At Least One Of Them Is Gay, And It Could Kill Their Career!”

  1. 1

    If you look at the boy bands of the 90s only 2 or 3 are gay, so who knows if someone in One Direction is gay. Not a big deal anymore.

  2. Pedro says – reply to this


    I call bullshit, Lance has always said this about other boybands. Jaymi from Union J is openly gay and sexuality is having no negavite effects on the group.

  3. caramel drizzle says – reply to this


    Re: Pedro
    I agree with Lance. And sadly, it is a big deal for some people. Also, boybanders are geared toward a specific audience so I applaud Jaymi from Union J. He is the exception, NOT the rule. At first, they tried to pull Jaymi off as straight.

  4. 4

    I think they're all gay.

  5. Charlene says – reply to this


    Funny how Perez is sharing this, given how he bullied Lance into coming out in the first place.
    Those 24 hours were Perez's handiwork.

  6. Cord says – reply to this


    If your gay, you will likely get aids and die.

  7. tacogirl says – reply to this


    OF course it would be bad. You live in a bubble of gayness Perez. BOY Band…get it?…BOys and girls. Very young girls, crushes on Boys?……Yes, it exists

  8. 1Dfan says – reply to this


    I disagree with the money or your life scenario when it comes to Louis and Harry/One Direction.

    Are sales the only thing that matters?

    The problem is not that they are gay, they seemed to be fairly out in early 2012, the problem is the over zealousness in which they were forced into the closet.

    Once they broke America, boom 18 year old Harry is a manwhore sleeping with 410 people a year and Louis is so loved up," with his "gf" that 1D management was calling her the sixth member of One Direction.

    Plenty of bands have sold don't ask/don't tell and been successful. It's strange how this is being handled because Harry is now actually being marketed as a sex addict and bisexual–anyone/anytime/anyplace, 12 stranger a night and Louis is still so "loved up" they gave his unknown college student "gf" top billing at the last two celebrity events he attended with her.

    Well, at least his unknown "gf's" fame grab seems not to be suffering, even though to fans it appears Louis clearly is. And Harry.

  9. 9

    mind your tongue, Lance

  10. Kevin says – reply to this


    I believe you are born straight or gay, it is not a choice, and I knew by age 5 I liked girls, so when I say this, it is not about homophobia, just about the math: Lance clearly flunked math. I tend to believe the long-believed 10% of the population is gay, and that would mean that 1/2 of a member is gay, so Lance, statistically, you are 100% wrong.

  11. Jenna says – reply to this


    Just because Lance turned out to be the gay one in N'sync, doesn't means all boy bands have gay members. Backstreet Boys and 98 Degrees are boy bands and they are certainly not gay.
    And about 1D if any is gay, we would never know until their career isn't as successful. Lance Bass came out after boy bands weren't that big anymore…

    Oh and for the person who said Harry Styles is gay and they are trying to hide it under that whole manwhore image… I must said his PR does a great job ’cause I do believe it, LOL. I do think Harry is one sexy … can't get enough of sex man, haha! But time will see and if you are right, I will be like WTF?!

  12. Linnéa says – reply to this


    You know what I don´t get? How can it be ok to insist someone is gay, when they themselves say that they´re not? To me, that is reversed homofobia, and just as bad. Support people for what they are. If someone comes out as gay, support that. If they say they are straight, support that. It shouldn´t even be up for discussion! The so called Larryshippers think that they support Harry and Louis by "making" them come out. Well, what if they all actually are straight? What people are doing is called bullying, and just because they´re famous they´re supposed to just take it? It´s like being in a school where everybody is discussing your sexuality. Except, for these boys, the school is the whole world. Stop it and just support them as people and performers!

  13. sophie says – reply to this


    Lance is crazy crazy crazy and he will never ever ever see the sun

  14. Ellecarolina93 says – reply to this


    Calm down people. This is just another instance where Perez changes someone's words to create drama for his column. Leave Lance be, he didn't say anything.

  15. Lauren says – reply to this


    Yeah, not all boybands have gay members. I think all the One Direction boys are straight, despite what larry shippers say. If one of them did end up being gay, I would still love One Direction just as much though.

  16. Whatsername says – reply to this


    What about Backstreet Boys or Take That?? None of them is gay

  17. Kristie says – reply to this


    I am a HUGE directioner and I seriously wouldn't care if any or all of them were gay. I love them to bits no matter what gender they fall in love with. People who are that narrow minded to think that being gay is wrong… I have no words to express how sorry I feel for them.

  18. 18

    No-one in One Direction is gay. This is speaking as a gay Brit. It's my opinion, I don't know them, I could be wrong. But there's a massive culture difference between America and Britain. Europeans have always been more comfortable with platonic male affection, and while Americans have embraced bromance a lot more on recent years, Brits are way ahead in terms of being flirty and touchy-feely without it meaning anything sexual. I have loads of straight friends who act way more gay in public with each other than my gay friends. It's just a more comfortable world nowadays in which people can express themselves with less fear of others questioning their motives. Whenever I see these memes/gifs of OD grabbing, holding, kissing etc, I never think- "Oh, that must mean something sexual!" I'm not even a fan btw, they're good looking guys with one or two catchy-yet-generic songs, but I can't even stretch to wishful thinking- they're all straight.

  19. Johanna says – reply to this


    Re: klownboy – *applauding* Yeah, I mean I live in Sweden and reading stuff like this just makes me want to LOL, in lack of a better word. People from America would probably think that 80% of the swedish male population is gay.

  20. Peter Hamilton says – reply to this


    I think his gayness has affected his math skills. Just because he was one gay guy out of five, doesn't translate to another bad boy band which has 5 members having a gay member. Talk about self absorbed. Statistics, my gay man, is based on huge pools, not a small sample of YOUR life. Statistically speaking, Lance, 20% of the population is not gay. So WTF are you babbling on about???

  21. Susan Doyle says – reply to this


    Gay or not!!! they are makin' great songs!!! had a chance to watch them perform in Ziggo Dome… almost had a chance to grab liam… see the photos i took at

  22. 22

    Re: caramel drizzle – Who in the fuck is Union J?