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Too. Close. For. Comfort. LiLo's recent Morningside Recovery drive-by could prove to be very costly, and we aren't just talking about all the money she w… Read more…

41 comments to “Lindsay Lohan DOOMED AT DAWN — Mean Girl Must Enter Rehab By 6 AM Or Face Another Arrest!”

  1. So what. says – reply to this


    she's flying to LA, where she'll only have to serve 10 minutes of jail time and boom, she's free. is she really stupid? or really smart?

  2. teeter totter says – reply to this


    I thought that facility had it's license revoked two years ago and cannot provide rehab!

  3. Daniel says – reply to this


    what a fuck up!

  4. dotdotdot says – reply to this


    don't go to rehab lindsay! Hope they send her to jail

  5. Celebrity Justice! says – reply to this


    Why does this bitch get until then??? She should be thrown in jail now!

  6. 6

    She should be bloody grateful that she has rehab as an option as her butt is supposed to be in jail. I'm surprised they're letting her stay at an unlicenced rehab anyway and when she first made the deal it was for a lock-down rehab, that's what the court agreed to, and it was since dscovered there is no such thing, so she should be going to jail. Period. This keystone cops thing she's leading everyone on is ridiculous. Throw. Her. Ass. In. Jail!

  7. 7

    She'll get out of this mess again w/nothing. These courts should just throw her ass in a womens prisons instead. Enough is enough. She has turned her nose up to the law & never follows it. She thinks she can get away with something else. Time to do the right thing & throw her ass in a prison & throw away the key. Never to hear from her again.

  8. 8

    But but but….you said she was going to JAIL! and stuff….i could almost FEEL the excitement when you posted about her going to jail for not being in rehab…and now she has 12 hours? are you mad? lol oh Lindsay, queen of fucking everything, keep doing you boo!

  9. 9

    somebody cuff her to a bench already. strip search. shower. baloney sandwich.

  10. Lori08 says – reply to this


    Scott Weiland went to a lock down rehab…they do exist. No excuse for her not to be where the court ordered her to be.

  11. 11

    the Lohans are GRIFTERS who use chaos and mis-direction to steal stuff and evade the law.

  12. lil says – reply to this


    How can she go from one rehab to another unannounced? There is usually a month long waiting list everywhere! But she just walks in?

  13. DEAR LINDSAY, says – reply to this


    Linds, It's Jack Strangers. VERY concerned about you. Heller fuck-ered you over big time on MorningSide, it was a terrible idea & it probably saved your life not to go in, but Heller totally screwed up your legal things and the only way we can get your problems solved is BY FOLLOWING THE LAWS. You will be arrested & thrown in jail for a long time if you do not show up to a hospital by tommorow morning. You have NO TIME to find a new rehab, you have to check into a HOSPITAL or if you CAN get into the place your dad wants you to go, BY TOMMOROW, you have to be PHYSICALLY PRESENT in an IN CUSTODY facility. Lindsay, the other choice is that they're coming after you. Not one cop saying "please". A whole bunch of law enforment officers will SEIZE you, handcuff you, maybe shakle you. You will NOT recieve appropraite medical care for your issues in jail. It is YOUR CHOICE HOW YOU WANT THIS BULLSHIT TO END. Go to a fucking hospital, while you still have the choice and the chance to go.

  14. Kristen says – reply to this


    Just send her ass to jail already!!

  15. 15

    Re: Lori08 – Didn't know that! Then she needs to go there, like the court ordered. This other stuff she's pulling is just insane. "Give me an inch I'll take a mile" is her motto I think. I find it insulting to the rest of the population that she can get away with this crap time and time again. They say the judge is 'stern' has 'had enough' and 'isn't going to put up with her crap' then every time, they do put up with it, wag their noodle finger at her 'tsk tsk tsk' and off she goes. I don't think they need to throw away the key as someone else suggested. She's not comparable to a murderer (not yet anyway). But she certainly needs some real consequences to her actions.

  16. jhanvey says – reply to this


    Even better than sending her to jail or rehab, people should just forget about her! The press and tabloids should stop taking pictures of her and stop doing any reporting about her. Taking her fame away would be the best and most painful punishment for her.

  17. 17

    I'm thinking FASHION SHOW on her way to surrender to the cops.

  18. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: DEAR LINDSAY, – I would more say that Morningside *uck-ered Heller and Lindsay both over by not revealing the license thing. So much shady these days.
    Check in somewhere, LL.

  19. karen says – reply to this


    They're so fed up that they're giving her another chance. Be there by 6AM. I want to not to show up just to see what these lazy prosecutors do next.

  20. 20

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  21. Tay says – reply to this


    Re: jhanvey – I agree 100%! She is a spoiled little brat who thinks and apparently is right about the law not aplying to her…

  22. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: DEAR LINDSAY, – So very well said , I agree with you !

  23. @V@ !!! says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – Is it not Mark Hellers JOB and PURPOSE to investigate if a "rehab" facility meets the requirements of a court order?! It took me less than 5 minutes @3am last night to investigate this facilty and CLEARLY ESTABLISH it was inappropriate for Lindsays sentence and needs. I live 3000 miles away from Newport Beach, i was exhausted, blurried eyed and just a nerd on a cellphone. IT WAS HELLERS JOB TO SECURE AN APPROPRIATE FACILIITY. THE CRITEIRA FOR HER SENTENCE WAS, IN NO WAY, ENCRYPTED INFORMATION!

  24. Danielle says – reply to this


    I actually dont blame her… All the other times she gets away w everything…

  25. 25

    whereever she is shes smoking i bet comon lindsay theres no where else to run …we are all on ur side hun

    ill actually miss her because we wont know what shes up to in there will we?

    maybe shes jetted off somewhere

  26. Rossetta says – reply to this


    None of these facilities, smoking or non smoking are lock down. She would have to be on a psych HOLD to be detained..So it is that or jail. Or more of this nonsense about East coast vs. west..The jail system really does not want her and all the headaches..Our tax dollars on this shit?? Let her stay free range and see how long she lasts. She is her own worst enemy and very clueless.

  27. DAMN STRAIGHT, DANI! says – reply to this


    YOU HIT IT ON THE HEAD! Lindsays current failure to uphold her legal sentence IS in a (large) part (IMO) due to LEARNING, all her life, that she could do whatever she wanted & OTHER PEOPLE would pay the consequences for her choices. It is UNQUESTIONABLE Lindsays brain is running on AUTO PILOT and her body is in sync with the PROGRAMMING she learned from her PSYCHO-ASS desperate & ever-frantic mother - who somehow taught Lindsay that life is created, erased & can be molded as if it were soft clay by using manipulations of hostilty/charm to Rule The Kingdom Of Cyber-Space/Internet Amazing-Movie-Star-Galaxy. At this stage, these behaviors, IMO - Lindsay has lost touch/ abilty to correctly interpret -with real meaning/logical & logistical understandings of what is happening around her. She has controlled her solar system in cyberspace for years & it isn 't working anymore. She has NO REAL LIFE SKILLS. She is like a frantic 6 yr old, HER LAWYER BETRAYED HER BIGTIME!!! *Linds, it's Jack Strangers, please call your DAD! HE HAS A LOT OF LAWYERS WHO KNOW ABOUT YOUR CASE & UR PROBLEMS. please.* - - - - (…she's gone cyber-borg on us. This isnt a joke & the gifted will comprehend it's meaning, implications & expectorants. She is dangerous. She does NOT think other people, in real life, are "REAL."

  28. 28

    "Drawing a line in the sand" is never a good idea. Try wet concrete.

  29. 29

    I hate to say this! But I would not be surprised if she staged a suicide attempt. It would give her more time and "sympathy"

  30. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    This is a shame . Lindsay Please get to the rehab you want . Come on LL you can do this .
    Don't let them track you down and have more problems to deal with . Have your Dad meet you there so you're not alone in this . Do something while you still can . Make the right move Lindsay

  31. 31

    Dumb bitch will never learn will she? Seriously? I just don't understand why they don't lock her ass up for the 90 days in jail. She is a spoiled brat that does not deserve luxury. She deserves a dirty cell with a toilet and sink nothing else…a little lice and some bread and water. I am sure that will sober her ass up. She is terrible actress did you see her in scary movie 5? it was horrible. And she looks older than me and I'm 42. Quit smoking…omg heaven forbid they take those away.

  32. PROBLEM W/PUNISHMENT I says – reply to this


    Securitygirl[/re] Ur feelings are understandable & I lay my sword at your feet & boldly declare with conviction: You maybe right. Some people learn very effectively via PUNISHMENT, but I think it's pretty clear that Lindsay is MORE than a CASE of Champagne bubbles OFF. I don't think she is mentally capable of UNDERSTANDING WHY SHE IS BEING PUNISHED, or comprehend the BAD LAW BREAKER = U PUNISHED 4 IT connection in her mind that is so obviously scrambled & dysfunctional. She doesn't get it. She hasn't talked to her attorney in days (according to media reports), her "Rep can't be reached" has been standard for days, & last I knew, Lindsays Rep was Heller's KID, who bailed on lilos ass in Brazil. She's not capable of comprehending the concept of punishment & what it is intended to achieve. So, who gains ANYTHING out of torturing her w/no genuine results? If our society turns back to the days where entertainment was watching fellow citizens be ripped to shreds & devowered by lions in our social arenas… Well Lindsays suffering would be the least suffering of all. Punishment is only ever effective when the punished can UNDERSTAND WHY they are being punished & what they are expected to do differently in the future. Shes clueless; she has never been punished before in her life.

  33. dee says – reply to this


    you know, i really did feel kind of sorry for her on letterman and almost shed a tear as david was telling her he cares about her and her safety. she cried a little too. but now, i think it might have all been an act. i'm having a hard time feeling sorry for the girl who gets too many chances.

  34. 2 Mr. Hilton, says – reply to this


    How ya doin' tonight, Perez In-The-SpringTime? What a ride, huh? I know I'm actually lying down but I swear, I'm also totally vibing, like failing into a picture… with Sandra Bullock, in that movie Speed, where she's been tortured, yet stable -enough- all day, forever. She goes through all this trauma and drama, and she like never had even driven a city bus before, the character, I mean. Undoubtedly Ms. Bullock herself had lessons, but our heroine was totally winging it.. Ok, got through the bus,, then a bomb deal strapped on her, i think..and then the train. And here we are, On The PereZ Express, the last few miles of the long ride of the trainwreck Lindsay Lohan Special.. I'm tired of being handcuffed to the pole in the out-of-control/only-going-one-way train scene. Really tired. Perez, perez, …when, oh, when, is Keanu Reeves going to dash in and save me? — — —thank you soooooo much. *jjf*

  35. 35

    i now have sympathy for lindsay because i see how acute her issues really are. regarding her mother, her father, she needs to be as far away from these people as possible.

  36. 36

    How is she still alive? I am surmised.

  37. Randy Schmetzer says – reply to this


    agree, she should rot since years in jail, why does she get all the time the celeb treatment? -got it, she's probably an expert at bj's…..

  38. 38

    i think shes just scared she has been tramutised by the last rehab incident where the woman attacked her now she has to go thru it all again so shes scared … lindsay itll be ok nothing to fear just go thru the doors hun …

    im on ur side lindsay…

  39. TO NO BASKETCASE says – reply to this


    Re: jeanmichelbasketcase – Knew you had it in you. Peoples perspectives charge when they discover really important pieces of a big and confusing puzzle. Pioneer Pals salutes you, dear poster, for the wisdom we have witnessed you procure from these boards…and all because YOU WERE WILLING TO LEARN. AWESOME to see Dude! …or, Dudette! Now you know something's really "wrong" with her brain, not just her piggy-piggy choices. She made a GREAT choice in KICKING HELLER DEEP INTO A FLOODED SEWER. Delighted, we are. It's an extrodinarily beeau-t-FULL day here in Hawaii today, ..for many many reasons and sunshines. happy, happy happy. Aloha, aloha, aloha to all.

  40. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: @V@ !!! – If they weren't given a list of acceptable facilities, then a normal adult would pick their own 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices and then let Heller submit to prosecuting attorney for approval. Unless, of course, Lindsay weirdly and disinterestedly washed her hands of her own life & future and paid Heller to do it for her so she didn't have to bother; what with all the clubbing, partying and coachella and all to squeeze in before she's put away. Again. Wouldn't you research an choose your own facility, but under advisement from medical professionals who would know facility reputations?

  41. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: @V@ !!! – I guess any lawyer would do it if asked, because it's billable hours, plus they try to help where they can as clients are troubled.