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EXCLUSIVE! Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer LIED To Her So That She'd Go To Morningside, Or So Claims Daddy Michael!

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lindsay lohan michael lohan rehab secret email

A Lannister Lohan always pays his debts gets what they want…

And Lindsay Lohan (and her 270 outfits) do NOT want to go to Morningside Recovery, gosh darn it!

So WHY did Lilo settle on Morningside instead of jetting off to her rehab of choice AKA the Lukens Institute located in Florida?

In an exclusive new email written by Lindsay's Daddy Dearest Michael Lohan, the Lohan patriarch claims Lindsay's lawyer Mark Heller pushed Lilo into agreeing on Morningside by claiming it had already been judge approved, and that she'd be arrested if she didn't go!

Mike alleges:

"Lindsay had no idea that Morningside wasn't approved, and for GOoD reason. Just google them and you will see why! Heller lied to her. He made her believe Morningside was approved. When in fact he cut a deal with them and that's why he raced out to California to go to court to try to change things. It was approved he would have just called from New York and told them which rehab he wanted her to go to.
Its not her fault. This poor kid was a mess before she left because she didn't want to go there. Heller and Dina eere pulling her in one direction
(THE WRONG ONE… Morningside) and I was trying to pull her in the right direction .. (The Lukens Institute) Heller told her if she didn't go she would be arrested. I have her text messages saying so.
Hopefully now, the court will sanction Heller,especially since he got away with the Gavin Doyle situation, when he told Gavin to lie to the court.
Hopefully he will get what he has coming to him and Lindsay will get put in. The Lukens Institute where she wanted to go all along. A place she will get the right treatment and finally get better."

Ugh what a NASTY, legal mess!

But even though the judge apparently deemed the Newport Beach, CA rehab facility as an acceptable place for Lindz to stay (at least until more investigation proves otherwise), it seems Lilo may get her (and her father's) wish after all because Morningside reportedly has lost its license.

And we're pretttttty sure you can't claim to be a patient treatment facility without an operating license…

At least we'd HOPE that to be the case!

[Image via Retna LTD.]

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13 comments to “EXCLUSIVE! Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer LIED To Her So That She'd Go To Morningside, Or So Claims Daddy Michael!”

  1. karen says – reply to this


    She's got nothing to worry about. The judge & prosecutor are going to let her stay there, maybe have her look for another place while she's there. Let her go to Florida, whatever. When she kills someone in a hit & run, do the citizens get to run the judge & DA over w/ their cars?

  2. Joe Fresh says – reply to this


    She and her "people" had how many days to figure this out?
    She chose to go and party in Brazil and Coachella and such instead of taking care of her OWN matters and not leaving it up to someone else.
    Now all this drama surrounding this.
    I say she had MORE then enough time to figure out what was going on and she chose not to take care of it herself.
    I say throw her in jail for being a stupid bitch who acts like a child.
    The California justice system should be embarrassed and ashamed on how they keep letting this girl slide.
    If this was any other person they would be thrown in jail - over crowding or not. Talk about HUGE double standard.
    This girl makes me sick. She seems to think she is entitled but in reality she is a washed up looser who either needs to 1- dissapear, 2-die

  3. Jason says – reply to this


    Do NOT trust anything Mr. Lohan has to say.
    His only interest is to profit from Lindsay.
    By any means, and by any manner.

  4. @v@ says – reply to this


    Why would she be 'pulled' in any direction, by anybody? It's HER deal. Not her mom's, not her dad's, and it's between her and her lawyer. It's also up to her to do her homework on which facility offers what, and then submit, and it should happened WEEKS ago.
    Also, alll these accusations in the media of kickbacks flying around…when one could allegedly exist in either case. I know I wouldn't want to be accusing a lawyer of such a thing when it could come back to legallly bite one in the hiney. Oh, and noticed the compete excusing and enabling in the above 'it's not her fault.' Yes, it is. It's all completely her fault, every little bit of it all. SHE is responsible to cement the facts with the lawyer and the court. SHE is. No one else.

  5. 5

    Michael knows Heller cut a deal with Morningside bc he cut a deal with Lukens. The judge should have decided where Lindsay would go. WTF is wrong w/ the court system in Cali?

  6. Mark Heller says – reply to this


    Lindsay depends on her lawyer to do what he is paid for ! Mark Heller advised LL what to do . Oh Should LL not listen to lawyer ? BULL This is not Lindsay's fault . It's bad advice from Mark Heller for what ever reason . If this is for his financial gain he is a disgrace .

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Mark Heller – The lawyer isn't going to be in the choice of facility for 90 days. She is. You would think she might take an interest and shop for the most suitable one for submission. She's not a child, and as such, anywhere SHE is going to be staying for that length of time should surely be up to her. HER. Heller's job is to submit that choice. It looks like she allows herself to allegedly be used so long as she doesn't have to do any work. She can get to Coachella on her own, get someone else's private jet on her own, and she can pick a facility in about half an hour.

  8. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Mark Heller – Plus, her lawyer looks to be doing his job. He's probably had to be a legal Gumby, bending this way and that in unnecessary panic for her while she changes her mind every hour the day before she's to go in. She appears to be the issue.
    Heller gets her latest pick approved before deadline, and then she allegedly walks? Pffft.

  9. Heller says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – If I hire a Lawyer and he knows what the Court order is to meet the requirements of the Judge as an acceptable rehab . I would be Paying a lawyer to make sure any rehab I mentioned would meet those standards . If Mark Heller led LL to a rehab he would get a kick-back from that is wrong . If he Heller is being paid he should KNOW which rehab has a License and advise his client

  10. TheTruthKid says – reply to this


    "You can fix what's broken" true, but in Lindsay's case "You can fixed which is fully broken and has no chance of being fixed." Why don't they understand that? Jail will screw her up even more, and rehab wont do anything besides make her feel like shit and make her learn nothing, she was one of the biggest actors when she was a kid, that's why she is messed up, try being famous at such a young age, it's hard, this is why she fell to this and became a 'monster.'

  11. 11

    i dont think its a lie to say if u dont go to rehab ull be arrested that was the truth she has to go or otherwise she gets into trouble and ends up smoking in jail

  12. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Heller – If a rehab's in business, I think everybody would assume that it has a license to operate…but didn't she show up at another in CA and then decide that she doesn't need rehab? That's neither her nor there, because that is the court agreement to avoid jail time. She can think whatever she wants, but she has to check in somewhere toute suite.

  13. 13

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