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Lindsay Lohan's Rehab Center Lost Its License Because A Patient In Its Care Tragically Passed Away!

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lindsay lohan morningside recovery unlicensed young man bulimia died

This is just so sad!!

Everyone is pulling for Lindsay Lohan to make a full and speedy recovery during her 90-day stint, but we just found out The Canyons star checked herself into a treatment center that is operating WITHOUT A LICENSE!!!

Even worse, Newport's Beach's Morningside Recovery lost its license after a young patient in their care died at the facility!!!

Morningside treated a 20-year-old man for bulimia and alcohol addiction, but the poor guy went into cardiac arrest while doing push-ups and passed away!

It turns out the facility wasn't even supposed to be treating patients with eating disorders in the first place, so the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs revoked its license!!

One person at the department admitted:

"Morningside cannot give any treatment… It is a violation of the State law to operate a residential drug and alcohol treatment facility in California without a license. Morningside does not have a license."

Whoa!! This development is so unexpected and tragic!!

We aren't sure how this will specifically affect LiLo's court-mandated stay, but prosecutors never signed off on the Newport rehab center and they're in the process of investigating it more fully!!

The family of the young man who died filed a lawsuit against Morningside, alleging the facility was derelict in its duties by not transferring him to a hospital!

We cannot help but wonder if they will give Lindz the care she needs!!

[Image via WENN.]

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16 comments to “Lindsay Lohan's Rehab Center Lost Its License Because A Patient In Its Care Tragically Passed Away!”

  1. 1

    Are we really surprised? Things just don't go Lindsays way because she doesn't follow the RULES.

  2. 2

    How come the 12-Step religious AA/NA cult's "HIGHER POWER" didn't save the patient that OD'd at the treatment center?

  3. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    GET LINDSAY OUT OF THERE ! Let Lindsay go where she feels it's best for her to get help .
    This place seems like a joke . Let LL go where they have a good standing record for helping with Professionals who know what they are doing . That would be fair .

  4. 4

    GOOD! If this is true, then the prosecutors will get to pick where she goes. It is obvious that she, her lawyer and her entire family are living life without a clue. Someone responsible needs to make the decision. She had a yet another chance — she blew it yet again!

  5. lala says – reply to this


    I bet she knew, probably did it on purpose so she gets pulled out and the lawyers spend more time arguing while she remains free.

  6. 6

    It's not tragic, and I, quite frankly, don't give a single shit about this stupid skank getting treatment. You can't cure stupid, and that's what she is. You don't speak for anyone but yourself, you pathetic, ugly homo.

  7. 7

    she is a worthless piece of crap that takes too much room in this world. When is this idiot going to go away a NEVER come back?

  8. 8

    Re: TaylorTFair – She WANTED to go here.

  9. 9

    he was bulimic and an alcoholic… is it really surprising he died? They were treating him for Alcohol addiction, not his greedy gross bulimia.

  10. Go To Jail Already says – reply to this


    "She checked herself into a treatment center"? You CANNOT check yourself into a treatment center that has no inpatient services. This place ONLY has outpatient services and off site sober living houses. THATS IT!!……so if Lindsey is there, the only thing she did was MOVE in to shared sober living house. There is NO WAY the Judge will sign off on this facility!! Send her @ss to jail on the 90 day sentence and make it mandatory for ALL days to be served!

  11. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: princess pop – Lindsay wanted to go to Luken

  12. @v@ says – reply to this


    Another personally sponsored flustercluck. Qu'elle surprise. She thinks she's Queen Victoria rather than a probationary jailbird.

  13. THE FUCK U SAY! says – reply to this


    Re: Pansy Hunter[/re] PANSY HUNTER, what a sweet, cutie-pie name you have. What a bitter & unhappy person you are just because you have NO power to control the planet or God. PEREZ, this is the finest article I have seen you publish in my time w/you. It is time for REFLECTION when you see that genuine people seek out your site & spend their time commenting/complaing to the world that Perez Hilton just isn't MEAN ENOUGH.. SHE IS OUT-OF-HER-MIND because her BRAIN chemisty is a whirlpool tempest. She is scared shitless, she OBVIOUSLY has no one around her that can act in her best interest & HELLER HAS OPENLY BETRAYED LINDSAY LOHAN, MALICIOUSLY LIED TO THE COURT and has established his total indifference to PROTECTING and serving Lindsay in ways that are REQUIRED by the ABA. JAIL HELLER; HOSPITALIZE LINDSAY IN AN APPROPRIATE *MEDICAL/PSYCHIATRIC* FACILITY: STAT! STAT! STAT! MOVE IT, MOVE IT, MOVE IT!!!

  14. HIGHER POWER says – reply to this


    The reason the Higher Power didn't save the young man that died is because the Higher Power can only work WITH PEOPLE: NOT FOR THEM. The patient died because Morningside grossly MISREPRESENTS their facilities and services. MORNINGSIDE has NO approriate MEDICAL services, staff or protocol. EVEN THOUGH THEIR WEBSITE CLAIMS THEY TREAT SEVERE MENTAL ILLNESSES INCLUDING BIPOLAR DISORDER AND SKITZOPHRENIA. THEY ARE A SHAM AND WILL BE CLOSED DOWN SOON. …told ya so.

  15. 15

    i dont want lindsay where people are tragically passing away thats no good let her go where she can smoke at least …

  16. readabook says – reply to this


    Re: perez posse SUPERFAN 777 – Perez and everyone else… please get your facts straight….the young man was already discharged from Morningside's facility into a higher level of care. He did not pass away while admitted at Morningside. It is a shame that people will believe everything they read instead of doing their own research. So sad that our generation has produced so many idiots.