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Move over Jennifer Lawrence! We might just have a new frontrunner for the wonderfully naughty role of Anastasia in the highly - and we mean HIGHLY - anti… Read more…

34 comments to “Minka Kelly Rumored To Be The New Frontrunner For 50 Shades Of Grey’s Anastasia!”

  1. 1

    I don't even know who Minka Kelly is but I just googled her and she is 33 yrs old. That's at least 10 years too old to be playing Anastasia, who was a senior in college when she meets Christian. Keep looking.

  2. Catzear says – reply to this


    TOO OLD!

  3. Jen in NY says – reply to this


    I think she looks a little too old and too pretty. I feel that she should be a little more plain. The arched eye brow, high cheek bones and tanned complexion isn't what i visualized personally. She seems too groomed, lol, if that is possible.

  4. Lauren says – reply to this


    Every brunette gets rumored at some point or another for fun and it's getting annoying! Most of them do NOT look the part at all. Minka is too old, too tan and too sultry to play Anastasia. They'd never cast her. Emilia Clarke or Felicity Jones should definitely play Anastasia.

  5. LCD says – reply to this


    She is too old, she and Alex pettyfer no have nothing to be Christian and Anastasia.
    Ian Somerhalder and Emilia Clarke are the perfect couple Grey and Ana or Matt Bomer and Alexis Bledel but I think Alexis likes 22 years old girl

  6. 6

    How the hell can Alex Pettyfer be in the running? Christian Grey is a MAN Alex Pettyfer is still a child! He was born in 1990 for christs sakes!!!!!! Christian Grey is at least 35 in the boks right? I can't remember its been awhile since I read them, but still! Alex Pettyfer is WAY too young!!! Anastasia is only 22 or 23 in the books, they are not supposed to be the same age! Alexander Skarsgard needs to be Christian Grey!!!! The man is walking SEX and he's already expressed how much he'd love to play that role!!!! I really don't care who plays Anastasia, as long as Alexander Skarsgard gets the role of Christian.

  7. Calamity says – reply to this


    OH HELL NO! This girl is a snake. She is NO good for the part.

  8. JJ says – reply to this


    I agree she's very pretty but seems older than what Anastasia is. I think Lily Colllins would be a much better fit.

  9. Jessica says – reply to this


    i personally think i would make the better choice :P and im awkward…..score

  10. danielle says – reply to this


    she's too old… terrible choice

  11. Fran says – reply to this


    Okay. -So far no one they have picked are good for the part. I see Ryan Gosling for Christian Gray- pure sex and perfect swagger. Not sure about Anastasia. So far they have picked girls who are too pretty and too old.

  12. 12

    I can't wait for this movie to go straight to DVD. As in, a domestic abuse informational DVD they hand out at Planned Parenthood.

  13. Cran says – reply to this


    She's a beautiful woman, but she's not Ana. Let's be honest here. She looks her age - in her 30s, and not the college age that Ana is.
    Alex Pettyfer is way too young looking - he's got a bit of a baby face/Backstreet Boy look. You need someone that comes off as a sophisticate handsome - like Ian Somerhalder or Matt Bomer
    They have to go with an unknown for the girl and then they can go with a guy who is a bit more well known.

  14. Tay says – reply to this


    hell no too OLD……BTW CHRISTIAN IS 27 NO 35 in the books ….. matt bomer and felicity jones-alexis bledel. or maybe ian

  15. Jerkface says – reply to this


    Wow. Minka's PR team must be desperate to get her some attention if they are spreading 50 Shads of Grey rumors. This chick can't possibly be in the running. She's way too old, for one, and she is not a good actress at all. Sorry, but I'm calling BS. No one would destroy any chance of financial success for their film by putting Minka in a lead role. Not gonna happen. Guess she'll have to settle for more pap pics with her dog in the park.

  16. vanessa says – reply to this


    Re: Tay – felicity jones is perfect…

  17. 17

    no no no!!! She is too old to play her i think Emilia Clarke is a great choice and def Ian Summerholder as Christian mmmmmm yummy lol

  18. Joco says – reply to this


    Emilia Clarke=Anastasia Steele
    Henry Cavill=Christian Grey

    They are perfect for the roles.

  19. Just Curious says – reply to this


    Kristen Stewart!!!!!

  20. Jamie says – reply to this


    Minka is very pretty but she is too old and does not look the part for Ana. Minka has a sexy look about her and Ana is described as being very shy and innocent in the first book. Ian Somerhalder needs to be Christian. He IS Christian everything about him especially that sexy smile.

  21. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    This women is my age she is too old to play that part, nor does she look young enough to play that part. From what I understand of the Anastasia character, isn't she supposed to be in her early 20's and a virgin?

  22. Trisha says – reply to this


    Oh come on! You can tell she's already had work done and her skin already has that older person hue. Although she would be the perfect no-list actress for something like this she doesn't fit the character (from what I've seen about the book). Plus, she always has that damn 'cat that's wallowed the canary' smile on her face. I would vote for Alexis Bkedel. She still looks young but isn't.

  23. kitty says – reply to this


    wow her pr team is good. who really believe this story? Botox face looks older than 33.

  24. kitty says – reply to this


    p.s Nicole kidman would be just as bad choice as Minka cankles jerpers

  25. 25

    Henry Cavill or Matt Bomer for Christian Grey.
    Not Minka Kelly or Alexis Bledel for Ana, they're both too old.
    They should cast an unknown for Ana, and I think they will.

  26. Analise says – reply to this


    Although i love minka, I dont think she would be a good Ana she is too pretty, Ana is supposed to be pretty but also plain, i think emilia clarke is the best choice

  27. What says – reply to this


    "Helloooo, Minka can DEFINITELY pass for ten years younger! Girl is flawless!"

    That's a bit of a stretch. Let's be real. She's pretty, but she definitely looks her age, especially without make-up and all of the smoke and mirrors that define her appearance. She can't pull off a 20 year old, which is too bad. She is not a good actress AT ALL, but I'm sure she could easily bite her lip and talk about her "inner goddess" every five seconds for the film.

  28. Gemini says – reply to this


    I'm not watching the movie if its her. shes to old for the part!

  29. 29

    how about, NO! id rather have them audition someone unknown first then we'll judge

  30. Nena says – reply to this


    Re: Jamie – Kristan Looks Older Then Her.!!!!

  31. Marie says – reply to this


    I saw this one girls Facebook pic while looking for an old friend. She is how I picture Ana to look. She had the blue eyes, chestnut hair and the simple beauty that Ana possesses. She's not supermodel gorgeous but isn't that part of Ana's insecurity? I agree that Minka and all of these other girls are too pretty and it needs to be a no name. Her name was Lisa Denton if you get a chance to look.

  32. Meranda says – reply to this


    Minka is exactly who I picture as Anastasia!! She is perfect! And Ian somerhalder as Christian!!

  33. camigirl says – reply to this


    I think Minka Kelly can play Leila for the next roll, Ana has bright blue eyes someone with those natural colors like Alexis Bledel which I know she can play the roll well of innocent Ana but may be a challenge for the racy scenes. Amanda Seyfried can totally pull of the much more S&M ordeal just she will need to go dark brown. Also for Christian I see Matt Bomer or Man of Steel hottie Henry Cavil. I think Ian is a good choice with his natural grey eyes himself but I've scene him countless times in Vampire Diaries and I don't get me wrong love him I know he's like a Christina Grey himself. (dreamy, dark knight **) but I find his voice a little of a bore at times I want to see someone else play the roll that can deliver. And for Mia please don't get Lucy Hale. She's lovely but don't see her too much as bubbly Mia and Blake Lively would of been the perfect Kate. Ahhh… too excited for this movie can't wait to see official cast. Hope it doesn't disappoint.

  34. Dana says – reply to this


    she is super hot… I would love her in it… and Alex (he is too sexy)