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Divorce dramz?! Who cares when you have a new daytime talk show to prepare? Bethenny Frankel will surely be cheering up soon as her nationally syndica… Read more…

18 comments to “Bethenny Frankel's Talk Show Premiere Date Announced! See The NEW Promo HERE!”

  1. 1

    If Anderson Coopers show and even Jeff Probst talk show didn't make it for another season, I don't know how Beth and Ellen DeGeneres figure this show will last. The few moments of a very few shows I saw was all about BF talking about herself. She is hard to look at and hard to listen too. I give it the season and then cancellation.

  2. 2

    GROSS! What a mess of a woman…

  3. 3

    i won't be watching!!!! she has lost me as a fan forever for the following reasons:

    1. her skinnygirl beauty products were CRAP. I tried to like them because i liked her so much but honestly they suck. its like dont market yourself as someone who is looking out for us and trying to give us the same quality as high end beauty products for low-end prices, cause at the end of the day the products were awful AND overpriced!!!

    2. she couldn't make her marriage to jason work, even for the sake of her daughter. does she not realize she is OLD?? once your married and have kids is when you MAKE IT WORK no matter what it takes! and i know the problem was her, just from watching her "bethenny after" show, she picked fights with him over the STUPIDEST THINGS

    3. she is too self-absorbed. even her bethany after show was painful to watch, crying for hours to her psychiatrist about her childhood. its like HELLO everyone has troubles in their past but we grow up and GET OVER IT.

    4. I can just tell she is a greedy selfish bitch.

    So yeah, I guess the answer to her "can i have it all" tagline is NO YOU CANT. not if you're not willing to work for them and make sacrifices, which she clearly wasn't. now she is trying to steal custody of bryn from jason??????????????? that was the last straw. over this biatch. jill zarin was RIGHT.

  4. susieserb says – reply to this


    Re: skybluesounds


  5. 5

    When no one watches who will she defriend or break up with?…Bryn?

  6. 6

    There is nothing likeable about this woman. She isn't that pretty, funny or entertaining. When she tries to be funny, she goes into the cliche I'm from New York and I'm in your face and it's cute. It's not cute. Maybe a few people in New York like it, but the rest of us, think you're a moron.

  7. 7

    Re: whatupperez1 – Nailed BF! She I haven't watched anything she has done in a few years but she wore being a trainwreck like a badge of honor. Like it is very New York and sophisticated to not be able to have an adult relationship w/ the same sex, opposite sex or any family members.

  8. 8

    I know my friends and I have talked about it, we won't watch. Totally team Jason and Brynn. Total team Jasons parents and Jill Zarin and Bethanys mother. Bethany is gonna get her Karma big time.

  9. erickhughes1 says – reply to this


    Ellen is using her to say all the mean things she can't say on her own show since it would be too big a risk in offending her viewers……Bethenny took the bait like the greedy egotistical bitch she is……I'm still team Jill Zarin

  10. 10

    Can her gays and single fat gurls turn this into a hit?

  11. 11

    I was one of her biggest fans, but I'm done. How she could inflict pain on her daughter, is beyond me. Someone from her alleged background should have tried to stay in a marriage,especially to a man like Jason. Two years and she couldn't take any more? Beginning to wonder if her history is BS!

  12. 12

    plus I was STUNNED to hear her actual age. this woman looks like a late 40s housewife and always has done.

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  14. 14

    I really agree with everyone below. I really don't like her and don't think her show will last very long.

  15. Fairmaiden says – reply to this



  16. KC says – reply to this


    When she got married two years ago, I wrote on her blog that the marriage will only last for two years! I was right! It was so obvious!

  17. Linda says – reply to this


    Please don't drag us through the mud to have to see her on her talk show. I won't be able to stomach it. No one cares about her anymore. She really has shown her true self and it is gross. I really feel for Jason having to deal with this woman and unfortunately he will have to deal with her for a very, very long time because of their daughter. Well we all see you for who you really are Bethenny so don't think we are stupid and you are pulling one over on us. PEOPLE DON"T WSTCH so this will get cancelled sooner rather than later!!!

  18. laloba says – reply to this


    I for one will not watch this show. If it's anything like her road show, I'll pass. Miss Frankel is NOT remotely funny. The way she callously treated Mr. Hoppy, the absolutely disgusting way she treated his kind, (tragic past) parents, the mean way she refused to allow her in-laws to spend time with Brynne, tells me that this is a very calculating,cold hateful, and severely mentally ill woman. ,She is fake, self-absorbed, and I'm willing to predict that she will do most of the talking. She has no filter, as she was raised in a cave, and she will undoubtedly be as offensive as she has always been.