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Big Brother Canada Finale Ends On A Scandalous Note After A CRAZY Voting Mishap! Watch HERE!

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One lousy vote never changed anything, right? WRONG! Just ask the cast of Big Brother Canada!

The live finale for the first season of the show saw Jillian MacLaughlin and Gary Levy competing against each other for the grand prize, but unfortunately their fate was in the hands of a jury member who didn't quite understand the rules of voting!

Topaz Brady claimed she was "150%" sure when she locked in her final ballot, however that didn't appear to be the case as she was STUNNED when host Arisa Cox said she had chosen Jillian!

Ch-ch-check out the voting snafu (above)!

Apparently, Topaz thought they were supposed to be voting for who they wanted to ELIMINATE instead of who should win, and she actually meant to give the nod to Gary!

But like we said, it's only one vote, right? Well not exactly, as Jillian went on to win… BY ONE VOTE!!!

The controversial finish certainly had our neighbors up north buzzing as Gary CLEARLY would have won! But as they say, rules are rules!

Either Canadians are the MASTERS of reality TV drama, or Topaz needs to pay better attention, eh! LOLz!

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23 comments to “Big Brother Canada Finale Ends On A Scandalous Note After A CRAZY Voting Mishap! Watch HERE!”

  1. ParisHilton says – reply to this


    Topaz is a stupid bitch. She was 150% sure that she was making the right decision and did. Jillian deserved to win… not someone who got evicted and returned in the final 5. You should only have one life in Big Brother.

  2. jnp says – reply to this


    Both deserved to win, I feel bad for Gary, imagine being this close to the prize and then lose it because of your bff's voting error … brutal

    Gary is amazing, he's a great role model for bullied kids! He'll be just fine I'm sure!

  3. bac says – reply to this


    Topaz spent most of the finale concentrating on herself — preening, looking at herself in the monitor, trying to be "cute" on camera. Was not surprised she effed up her vote. She wasn't paying attention to direction or rules. And I'm 1

  4. ET Wanker says – reply to this


    Jillian is a deserving winner. Both are really. Gary may have had two lives, but it's not like that has never happened before on Big Brother. It's BIG BROTHER and part of the game. I liked Peter up until he told Jillian NOT to use her HOH wins as a crutch. WTF? She deserves credit for her wins. For a smart guy, Peter i a big fucking dummy. Go back to youtube, SORE LOSER.

  5. CC says – reply to this


    This is why Canada should have a public vote like the rest of the world (except America) instead of leaving it up to the housemates to decide…
    It would make the show much more entertaining.

  6. watcher says – reply to this


    Canadians are not the master of reality TV. This poor excuse for a program was shown on a channel with a viewership of about 2% of the viewing public. A pale imitation of BB USA. Doubt if 98% of Canadians knew it even exists.

  7. bluebunny27 says – reply to this


    She should have said she was 50% sure instead of 150% … I loved that moment since i wanted Jillian to win over Gary. Turned out alright. she deserved it more anyway since she had played a better game and Gary was given unfair advanatges …. :-)

  8. dawn says – reply to this


    Re: watcher – Honestly as someone who watches American BB I was impressed they managed to add some new elements too it so it wasn't a straight clone of the other big brother.

  9. dianne says – reply to this


    Re: ET WankerRe: CC – What is with the name calling and F words?

    You are the sore loser!!!!

  10. Terrible! says – reply to this


    Of course she says "150%" over and over again then it turns out to be a "mistake" vote. That show is terrible and completely rigged for rating purposes lol ..terrible acting! hahaha ..I seen a clip of this on the youtube homepage so I googled it to see what was up and came across Perez's clip of it.. Canada shouldn't even bother trying, and this is coming from a Canadian!

  11. Kath says – reply to this


    Gary clearly was the winner. How did Jillian not see that? She should have gave up her fake title as the winner. Gary deserved to win. He was an amazing player and won so many other competitions other than just HOH. He was fun to watch, while Jillian was a bore. If she had a heart and wasn't just thinking about money, she would have gave the winning prize to him.

  12. 12

    It doesn't matter who deserved or didn't deserve to win. In order for Big Brother Canada, or any Big Brother game to work, the jury's opinion has to be the number one priority. Topaz wanted Gary to win. It's that simple. I've seen countless times during a live vote in the diary room where a contestant will say, "I vote to evict ___." "Oh wait, I mean ____." And the second vote is counted instead.

    This was a major, major miscarriage of justice and credibility for a new show that already had its credibility on thin ice after some questionable twists introduced by the producers, (one of which also screwed Topaz earlier). What an awkward way to end a season to the fans who watched this show three times a week for 10 weeks. The true winner was Gary Levy and Jillian's name will always have an asterisk by her name whenever someone mentions the first season of Big Brother Canada. I really, really liked the thought of having Big Brother twice a year, now, but after the way the powers that be decided to slap its fans in the face by keeping a mistaken vote in tact, I don't know that I could invest in another season again in fear of some other thing like this happening again.

    Topaz wanted Gary to win. It's that simple. She even stood up on live television BEFORE the last few votes had been read and said she wanted Gary to win. There's absolutely no reason why her vote couldn't be corrected. What a huge failure from the Big Brother Canada producers.

  13. cmh says – reply to this


    I am Canadian and damn proud of it!! I will be honest though when I say that Canadian television shows are terrible, especially reality tv shows that are knock offs of American shows, for example Canadian Idol and Canada's Got Talent, so I like everyone else was skeptical when there was a Big Brother Canada. Being a big fan of the American version, I didn't think it was going to be good at all, and try too hard to be just like the American one. Well…I got say Canada hit the nail on the head of this one, and blew the American version out of the water! It was fantastic, the cast was brilliant and it was soooo different from the American one. As for the finale, I wanted Gary to win. Yes, he got a second chance, but he didn't ask for it, Canada voted him back in. He had the same chance of being brought back in as any of the other house guests in the jury at that time. It was a popularity vote and he won. You can't hold that against him. I do believe a re-vote should have been allowed under these circumstances, regardless if 'rules are rules.' I don't believe its right that Gary lost out on $100,000 and the other prizes because of someone else's stupidity. But I guess coming in second with a $20,000 prize isn't too horrible.

  14. soso says – reply to this


    Excuse me but Jillian did not deserve to win……………she should feel pretty bad for winning like that…………by the way Big Brother Canada never again……….

  15. sam says – reply to this


    Jillian did not deserve to win.. she had no strategic plans, she floated thru with Emmet.
    Jilliam said on camera she was defeated and wanted to just go home and not care about the money but Emmet gave her assurance to continue onward…. My opinion, Gary should have come second and Emmet first (had Emmet was final two w/ Gary

  16. micha says – reply to this


    I watched this entire series as well as every us big brother. this was very well done many new twists and exciting personalities, emit should have won, but if not him jillian was my next choice.

  17. Team glitter says – reply to this


    Jillian MacLaughlin is a manley looking whiney bitch, anyone who watched the live feeds would understand that Topaz was actually one of the best players in that house.. she got nervous and made a stupid mistake!
    Glitter Gary will always be known as the first winner of big brother canada, Jillian may have won the money but he won the game!

  18. Josh says – reply to this


    Re: CC

    I couldn't agree with you more. I like the interactivity the original format of the show has.

  19. KC says – reply to this


    Re: cmh – "I am Canadian and damn proud of it!! I will be honest though when I say that Canadian television shows are terrible, especially reality tv shows that are knock offs of American shows, for example Canadian Idol and Canada's Got Talent, so I like everyone else was skeptical… "

    Can't speak for the above mentioned (I don't watch the American versions either), but I enjoy Top Chef Canada. — my 2 American pennies

  20. D says – reply to this


    This result was the ultimate jaw-dropping shocker…jillian did not deserve to win. She was a LIAR who could never keep her word. Topaz must feel like a complete idiot. Glitter Gary deserved to win - although I think he kind of overplayed the gay card a little!

  21. Dreadrea says – reply to this


    Alright……..all those people saying Canada shouldn't have bothered??? That was by far the most jaw opening thing I've seen on BB yet. A incorrect vote… Are you kidding me? My face looked like "Danelles" everytime Dan would blind side her. I was rooting for Gary because I believe he had to face way more opposition. Including, getting the whole house to appreciate his glitter. With that's said, a locked votes, a locked vote and Jillian played a strong game too. But the way Gary handles the mishap was amazing.

  22. hb says – reply to this


    Topaz did it on purpose !!! its so obvious by the look of her face…and I dont understand why gillian dint give it up if she knew by the numbers of votes that she dint win… i mean how could she accept it!!!! and topaz his so dumb she did it on purpose she a real B%#$" !!!

  23. Archie06 says – reply to this


    Re: cmh – it does not matter cmh that topaz meant to vote for Garry. She screwed up just like millions of professional athletes do every day. As a Canadian think about the famous goal that the Edmonton's Oilers Steve Smith scored against his own team when he tried to pass the puck but hit his goalie's stake and but deflected into the net. That's life.