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111 comments to “Nicki Minaj Takes To Twitter To SLAM Journalist For Calling Her "Unprofessional!"”

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  1. 101

    She "don't need nos how or any audience…." SO she doesn't need her fans, just God???? Ok. Just God alone - no fans, no audeince, no shows. How you going to survive Nikki???? I would not be surprised if Billy Bush and his side kick are unprofessional or rude - don't like them. BUTarrogance is NEVER attractive and frequently used by people who need to hide theor lack of talent or knowledge behind a fake front.

  2. k says – reply to this


    Re: kabuki girl – shout up you are reaching for something that isn't there,so you are making up some to fill that void,you are so sad.

  3. Chandler02 says – reply to this


    Nicki makes herself look soooooo bad! What a fool! She completely just proved these "reporters" right. Nicki is just trash.

  4. Chandler02 says – reply to this


    Re: Lilygirl27
    "11 tweets about it? For somebody who claims to not care what people think….she sure seems to care what people think. "

    EXACTLY! Lol.

  5. evieboo112 says – reply to this


    Re: Mark – no she made good points I mean come on don't act like you wouldn't do the same shit cause these gossip heads are one sided. I'm 100% behind her if she didn't wanna talk about it she should've just let that shit go… then to talk about her in the article maybe they're the unprofessionals.

  6. albouttalent says – reply to this


    I think Nikki should not try to compete with Mariah. Nikki has a gimmick not true talent.
    Mariah on the other hand is true talent, a real voice. How can Nikki judge when she doesnt really have a true voice. Nikki will be around for a while, however Mariah will be around forever

  7. Kc says – reply to this


    Burn nicki burn..ur 15 minutes is up

  8. Brie says – reply to this


    So after reading many of these comments, I think both sides need to calm down. I mean, seriously? Some people need to grow up and quit being so narrow minded. As for the topic at hand, I don't see a problem with Nicki responding to negative comments made about her. Most people would. People think because she is a celebrity she is no longer human. Wrong. She has a right to respond. She has a right to be bothered by it. Most people would be. She didn't want to talk about her beef with Mariah right after Amber got eliminated. So what? I like both Nicki and Mariah, and they are both talented women. It is the media that makes every little thing a celebrity does bigger than what it is. They want a story, and they jumped on the opportunity. Are celebrities just supposed to sit back and take everything? Should they be at risk of losing their reputations for not taking shit from the media?

  9. Joker says – reply to this


    Nicky Minaj could not be more irritating. She has somehow managed to make American Idol even worse.

  10. Kern says – reply to this


    I hate when people talk a bunch of bullshit then near closing end it with "…. because GOD…" or some holy statement in attempt to relate themselves with an ordained righteousness… BITCH NO!!! Don't bring him into this trying to make yourself look good. -_- SO FUCKING ANNOYING just like Nicki and her fake teeth rotting out of her mouth… Google it… its disgusting! She needs to floss why she is acting like she is better than people. Rude ass bitch.

  11. i love nicki says – reply to this


    The journalist asked an irrelevant question, which Nicki rightfully walked away from. As for Mariah, Nicki constantly respected her, stating that Mariah was someone she had always looked up to. However, Mariah clearly felt insecure in the presence of another, younger successful female, and felt the need to attack her.
    Nicki Minaj is NOT the one in the wrong here.

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