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Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley PRAISED By Judge For Snatching Starlet "From The Precipice!"

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lindsay lohan chapman

The world has pretty much collectively agreed that it's a straight-up MIRACLE that Lindsay Lohan made it safely into the Betty Ford Center to begin her 90-day sentence in lockdown rehab before a warrant for her arrest was issued, and apparently, the judge handling her probation violation case, Jim Dabney, agrees!

So much so, in fact, that he told the woman who made it all possible, Shawn Chapman Holley, that she single-handedly SAVED her client from certain jail time!

As we all know, it was looking pretty grim for the troubled starlet when she ran away from the unlicensed-for-treatment Morningside Recovery facility the morning she was due to begin her stay, all while her lawyer at the time, Mark Heller, was in the courtroom lying through his teeth about how "ensconced" she was "in the bosom" of the facility! Luckily, LiLo was smart enough to call the attorney she fired and beg her to be taken back on as a client, which led to her making it back into Betty Ford and in compliance with the court by the skin of her teeth!

According to new reports, Judge Dabney was so impressed with Holley's quick maneuvering that he told her this morning:

"You snatched her from the precipice."

YEAH! That's the UNDERSTATEMENT of the century, we'd argue!

Of course, prosecutors are still investigating the facility to determine whether or not it's suitable for the sentence, especially given Lindsay's history of leaving the grounds - and assaulting a staffer - during her 2010 stay! There's also been some questions over the duration of the programs there, which apparently only are offered in 30-day increments…meaning that Lindsay would just be repeating the same program three times!

But according to sources, the only reason she could leave the first time around was because she was situated on the residential portion of the grounds, and this time around, she's being carefully monitored in the hospital section. Furthermore, Holley is adamant that Lindsay will be on a different program than the 30 day standard, meaning she'll be in compliance with the court order!


And Holley managed to get this all taken care in record timing, while Haller had over a month and STILL screwed the pooch!

We just hope Lindsay realizes how much time, effort and patience has gone into what is now an EXTREMELY sweet deal, and doesn't eff it up all of her attorney's hard work!

[Image via WENN.]

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6 comments to “Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley PRAISED By Judge For Snatching Starlet "From The Precipice!"”

  1. Boo says – reply to this


    She is NOT a starlet. She is a washed up child actor. If she doesn't get her act together, she'll probably never get another Hollyweird job. Just my humble opinion.

  2. @v@ says – reply to this


    How is Heller, who is representing her to the court in good faith, supposed to know that she went AWOL after she went in? Anyway, if she's complaining about Ford now as per your other article, this shows that it might be because she has to stay in the hospital due to her sentence of lock down conditions instead of the residential facilities like she was probably in before. Holley would know the ins and outs of the CA system, so she was just doing her job. Lindsay put herself on that precipice. It's all billable hours.

  3. Msladymich says – reply to this


    There is only one reason for this lawyer to keep taking her back, she must genuinely love Lindsay. God girl, get your shit together, people are pulling for you!

  4. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! says – reply to this


    WAY TO GO! — Re: @v@, Heller was suppose to KNOW that she PHYSICALLY - ACTUALLY HAD BEEN 'ensconed in a bosom', because HE SHOULD HAVE PHYSICALLY SUPERVISED HER SURRENDER INTO HER CUSTODY SENTENCE BEFORE he took to the courts to impersonate Charles Heston w/ an ad lib scene from 'The Greatest Story Ever Told' movie. …Further, Perez, THIS IS A VERY, VERY WELL DONE ARTICLE. You have a well-known media name. And now GrifterGate gonna bring lookey-loos into your circus more, so kick it up in quality & socially responsible journalism mixed w/ intrique & inquisitions for all to subtley indulge in. Extremely impressed w/ ur editorial decisions in regards to this article. A+, for this one. — *jjf* –

  5. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! – An article said she did check in; and then subsequently decided to leave.

  6. 6

    YAY! A vote of confidence from an INCOMPETENT judge who allows a celeb to mock the justice system. And Shawn, oh Shawn. You have failed miserably and yet you're back to fuck up and prolong the drama some more. Bravo! Lindsay is right: SHE DOES NOT NEED REHAB. Duh! SHE NEEDS JAIL. Period. But good ole Judge Idiot and Attorney Shawn Folly keep getting paid while they bask in the spotlight. BARF. Word to Judge Dabney: YOU REPRESENT THE WORST OF ALL THAT IS WRONG WITH OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM. Shame on you.