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You know all those cushy checks Mean Girls brings in from constantly playing on TV? Well, Lindsay Lohan won’t be getting her hands on them anytime soon… Read more…

10 comments to “Lindsay Lohan's Losing Every Cent Of Her Paychecks, Thanks To Rehiring Shawn Holley!”

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    Now that she won't be getting the money, she probably will fail to do whatever it is she's supposed to do for it, kind of like how some of the people who get their paycheck garnished quit their job. That's the type of person she seems to be.

  2. 2

    Oh no, I feel so bad for her! NOT!!!!!

  3. @v@ says – reply to this


    Contractually ensuring that what should happen actually happens is what any smart litigator will do. Once bitten, twice shy. Some people live up to their obligations voluntarily, and others have to be contractually obligated before it happens.

  4. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Re: ickynicky – Well, the story did mention residuals from Mean Girls showing on TV and maybe others, but yes you have a point. However if she does not do work of some kind, she will not be able to eat or pay her rent either, let alone Shawn.

  5. Simple Simon SEZ, says – reply to this


    The lawyer isnt after Lindsays money. It's an informal conservatorship. Holley aint after getting lindsay's money anywhere near like the Smart BarE-Sista, Miss Holley, dun be getting those checks AWAY from Mama & Papa Lohan. Kudos for Sista Holley for pulling another man's baby out of the deep drowin' whirlpool. Lindsay's parents don't just use her; THEY CONSUME HER. ..Then throw her chewed, live & suffering carcass into the dark hole they had ready for it. Shawn Holley: Rock On with Your Bad Ass Self!! –*jjf/et al* (next time ur in Hawaii, luau's on We.)

  6. TO SHAWN HOLLEY: says – reply to this


    Dear Miss Holley, It's Jack. It's after 1am in hawaii, so don't expect you to get this for a while…but I can't sleep because Linds soul …I can feel it and she's so hurt & scared & she doesn't understand why everybody is mad at her because she has tried sooo hard to be everything her Mama told her she WAS and what she was suppose to be. I can feel how lost she is & my heart is cracking & creeking. I want you to know that I willl PROTEST any sanctions taken AGAINST Lindsay for FLEEING MORNINGSIDE. I think there is the REAL LINDSAY STILL ALIVE IN THERE…and SHE FLIPPIN' KNEW…HER SOUL KNEW…SHE WAS WALKING INTO HER DEATH. Let us not PUNISH INSTINCT, when: THE INSTINCT WAS PROVEN RIGHT! She's a sweet loving little girl, when SHE can be REACHED. SHE IS STILL IN THERE!!! -(pot pies!) -thank you. -*jjf*

  7. 7

    Shawn is a FRUAD who has done everything wrong; keeping the drama and legal fees going. Sad, pathetic, fame-whoring ambulance chaser. Shame.

  8. SEZ WHO? says – reply to this


    Re: michaelz – Still at it Dina? Of course it is you. No stranger is going to seek out bashing an attorney -who has an excellent reputation amongst her peers& community. What could you possible know about Shawn Holley that you come into social media with so much passionate declarations against someone you don't know anything about? Further, Holley wasn't chasing an ambulance, SHE WAS CHASING A HEARSE with a LIVE body in it. Holley twarted Dina & Hellers attempt to throw Lindsay into a ditch of maggots. Shawn Holley SHOULD LOOK INTO WHAT KIND OF LIFE INSURANCE POLICIES LINDSAYS PARENTS HAVE ON LINDSAY AND WHEN THE LIFE INSURANCE POLICY WAS PURCHASED. Something REALLY WRONG about Dina calling Heller a sweetheart -in media- just hours after Heller just about killed her daughter and/or set Lindsay to jail and/or got Lindsay shot up and taken down by SWAT. Munchausen Sydrome. Dina would rather be famous for Lindsay's illnesses & psycho shit, than have Lindsay heal and have all the media blitz about her insanity JUST STOP. MUNCHAUSEN IS WRITTEN ALL OVER DINA…DINA JUST HAS-TO-BE FAMOUS. HAS TO. MUNCHAUSENS SYDROME. Her daughters DYING IN MEDIA is what DINA'S LIFE IS ALL ABOUT NOW. MUNCHAUSEN SYDROME IN DINA - ANYTHING –JUST ANYTHING — FOR ATTENTION.

  9. DROPPED A LETTER says – reply to this


    Sorry, that's MUNCHAUSEN SYNDROME. Gee, i hope that's right. Ive looked at the word so much it doesnt look right. Thats so weird when that happens.

  10. APPEARS I B WRONG says – reply to this


    Re: michaelz – well, i just saw a post of yours on another thread and it appears you DONT like Dina, so it doesnt look like you are Dina. However, i found your post to be unusually passionate AGAINST the person that kept Lindsay from being HARMED by her lawyer Heller & MommyDearest. Would you please fill us in a little more about WHY you think Holley is an ambulance chaser & why you think Shawn Holley screwed everything up? I am most sincere in my curiousity. What is bad about Holley, specifically?