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Lindsay Lohan’s Father Claims Piers Morgan Interview Was Orchestrated By Lindsay’s “Evil” Mother!

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the lohan drama trifecta

Trying to keep up with Lindsay Lohan’s personal and family drama is proving to be incredibly difficult, to say the least!!

First there was the whole rehab mix-up. That led to Lindsay’s parents, Dina and Michael Lohan, pointing fingers, and now all of the sudden it seems like Lindsay’s parents are the sources of more dramz than Lindsay herself!!

Which may have actually been the case for years, according to LiLo’s interview with Piers Morgan.

But NOW, Michael Lohan claims that ENTIRE interview was complete hogwash and totes orchestrated by Dina.

Michael Lohan said the following about Lindsay’s interview:

“It was more like an interview with Dina. She (Lindsay) didn’t mean any of it. I think by now we all know that Dina puts her and my other kids up to it.”

Lindsay didn't mean ANY of it?? Really??? We just don’t know who to believe anymore!! What is going on here??? Also, as parents, shouldn’t Michael and Dina be focusing on helping Lindsay get better rather than fighting amongst themselves?!?

But wait, there's more! Michael went on to further bash his ex prove his point, saying:

“Just like when they (Lindsay and Dina) were in the limo together and Lindsay accused Dina of doing cocaine, drinking, not letting her out of the limo and stealing $40,000 from Lindsay. Then (name redacted) had the nerve to get Lindsay to go public and say that she lied, when it was all on tape. Dina is a sick woman and I feel sorry for her. She continues to do this and just create more chaos in their (the kids’) lives. Not only is she the root of all the problems but she is the root of all evil in our family.”

Ummmm, the “root of all evil”!?!? Sheesh, isn’t that a bit dramatic??

But we guess that drama is what this fam is made of. That’s sure what they’re making it sound like! They may even have the Kardashians beat at this point, ha!

We’re sure Dina will have something to say back to Michael about this, so stay tuned, LOLz!

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10 comments to “Lindsay Lohan’s Father Claims Piers Morgan Interview Was Orchestrated By Lindsay’s “Evil” Mother!”

  1. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    WOW Lindsay's parents should really stop point fingers and focus on Lindsay. Now is not the time to be blaming each other , really what good does this do ? Both of them had a hand in the way LL was raised . Who is more to blame than the other does not matter . What matters is now and getting LL back with her life !

  2. 2

    He should stop trying to help her. I believe that girl is better off in prison where she's forced to sober up and get her life together.

  3. danielle says – reply to this


    he's such a loser… a feel sorry for the girl…for having those parents…

  4. 4

    Daddy Lohan, Grifter.

  5. Lindsay says – reply to this


    I blame Dina and michael! I didn't even drink ONE margarita on Cinco de Mayo yesterday. Bastards it's all your fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. tris says – reply to this


    michael is a fucking cokehead he doesn't even know what he's talking about i can't believe this makes news

  7. 7

    I'm no fan of Michael Lohan's but I just go back to thinking about Dina's interview with Dr. Phil….can we pound that? **shudders**

  8. @v@ says – reply to this


    He's not contributing to Lindsay's well being at all by doing this. His eye rolling public venting at Dina still appears to trump everything. Whatever professional gigs 27 year old Lindsay decides to do or not do is truly none of his business. He doesn't like what Lindsay had to say about him, so hence this, imo. Sad. I thought the interview was honest.

  9. SOONER IS BETTER says – reply to this


    ML, new intel has altered what Pals believe your genuine motive has been in taking to media to made public record of your tissy-fits against Heller for being incompetant & now going after dina in media when it is neither wanted or desired for public consumption. The entire point is this story that you made a huge effort to contribute to media that dina is evil and behind lindsays destruction. Those things are true, but WE know for a fact you are not without blame & that your recent media efforts to persuade public of your passions for lindsays recovery, without actually doing the right thing, but screaming about it in public, has shown what phase of the game the Grifters are currently playing out. If you want any chance of a reduced prison sentence for this set-up of another "Lindsay is a victim; DESERVES COMPENSATION from THE COURTS, this time. Well, you need to be the FIRST in line when the DA's office opens their doors after lunch. Many involved in The Grift On The State of California are turning themselves & their intel into the DA. Last guy there gets the most prison time. You have an important decision to make.

  10. 10

    NEWSFLASH: It's not a question of "is dad evil or is mom evil." The reality is BOTH are evil. Bottom line: TWO EVIL, DESPICABLE PEOPLE created an evil, delusional, entitled daughter who gets away with murder because our justice system is a JOKE. And the evil parents milk their disgusting, drug-fueled drama for all it's worth. Dina is a pig who should've had the kids taken away YEARS AGO. Michael is worse.