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Met Gala 2013: Worst Dressed!

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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

The Met Gala is the perfect opportunity to take risks and really be fashion forward.

Though sometimes, people step a little too far, getting a little too forward with their outfits!

Sorry but we're not into it!

CLICK HERE to view the gallery "Met Gala 2013: Worst Dressed!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery "Met Gala 2013: Worst Dressed!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery "Met Gala 2013: Worst Dressed!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery "Met Gala 2013: Worst Dressed!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery "Met Gala 2013: Worst Dressed!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery "Met Gala 2013: Worst Dressed!"

[Image via Getty Images.]

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26 comments to “Met Gala 2013: Worst Dressed!”

  1. 1

    is this from the sears collection kayne looks removed from the situation

  2. shanghai says – reply to this


    Think pregnancy is affecting her brain at least the fashion sense part. This is awful. Cannot stand her but she usually dresses well but since pregnant each outfit is worse that the last!!

  3. getrealzzzzzzz says – reply to this



    PEREZ are u kidding

    All these outfits are a lifetime better that any of your disgusting outfits u wear where u show ur old fat flabby abs, Ur style is hideous. U have nbo credibility when it comes to this, its just for fun right? hahahaha cus u know ur the worst dressed of all time

  4. Vicky says – reply to this


    oh Kimmy, sweetie, its time to embrace the long flowing beautiful pregancy dress.

  5. stewart says – reply to this


    i like the print, but the design extremely cheap on kim. :( atleast her makeup looks gorgeous

  6. 6

    ….And the fing fact she is breeding just doesn't terrify you, but her dress disappoints, I don't get it. I would let Charles Manson Babysit before I would let a Kardashian even look at my child.

  7. 7

    Are there any pictures Kim is with KW that he doesn't look like he is looking for a train to jump in front of???

  8. 8

    It's not a bad dress or a bad print - for a very very skinny tall woman. Poor Kim desperately needs some help. She's literally the worst dressed famous pregnant woman ever.

    Why can't she just wear clothes designed for pregnancy but still fashionable? Short and curvy women can't wear everything, anyway.

  9. Ouroboros0427 says – reply to this


    He's not going to stick around. Single mom.

  10. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    Actually, I think Kim looks nice….and JLo should not be on this list her make-up and dress looks really nice even though I must admit the hair is eh…. But what the heck are these people going too a costume party? The makeup is just terrible of most of them. Nicole Richie what is up with that gray hair? I actually busted out laughing when I saw Kristen Stewart she looks so out of place and I don't know what is going on with the facial expression but it made me LOL!

  11. Horribly BAD! says – reply to this


    She looks terrible and Kanye looks like a zombie! Her ass is bigger then her belly…. why is she so unhappy and dressing so badly? She's full of herself and controlling.

    Enough of this Media Whore

  12. 12

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  13. 13

    OMG that dress looks like a great grama house smock! Kanye looks miserable and disgruntled as usual.

  14. 14

    I was wondering where all that 70's curtain fabric went…. now I know.

  15. 15

    OH MY GAWD !!!! Doesn't this woman have a full-length mirror??? Dreadful.

  16. Shhh says – reply to this


    That dress would have looked BEAUTIFUL on Amber Rose..
    Just sayin'.

  17. Rfeast says – reply to this


    Why does not she stay at home like a good mommy to be, she looks awful. she looks like a sack of potatoes.. and Kw is another one that I can't stand, so full of ego (ugly gay) this two are going to disaster. Why are they bringing an innocent to life??

  18. 18

    all I see is a depressed black man regretting the day he let a fat midget porn whore TRAP him by getting up the duff.

    she looks like a ten acre rose garden covered in dog shit.

  19. 19

    Wow - was this disaster Anna Wintour's idea. What a mess — one HORRIBLE look after another. Time to put her out to pasture if this was her idea. Really embarrassing for the fashion world.

  20. 20

    There are SO MANY on your worst dressed list!! some of them look just fine! It was a punk theme - all in good fun. The fashion did not have to be overly serious or formal.

  21. 21

    Wow kim kardashian was looking ugly as hell

  22. Marlene Emmett says – reply to this


    WHAT was KIM thinking?
    YOU don't wear a floral print bedspread when you're 6 months pregnant.
    This girl supposedly has "Style sense"? Well it went down the toilet when she had a
    bout of morning sickness!!
    Catherine Zeta Jones when she was pregnant knew how to dress.
    Reemember the black crepe,empire gown she wore.??
    She looked classic & Sexy. AND BEAUTIFUL.

    KIM looks like a JOKE.

  23. Cat says – reply to this


    how can you looks at the car wrecks Gwenyth Paltrow and Anne Hathaway and say with a straight face Kim Kardashian was the worst. But I love how Kanye can make an appearance for the met gala. He should be ashamed of himself for not sticking up for the woman carrying his child and taking a beating from it.

  24. jules says – reply to this


    Ricarrdo doesn't hate Kim these sites do. Anna Wintour wore a Floral dress that look like a long tee shirt with an added piece of white material at the bottom and yet I have not heard one negative comment about her wearing a childs dress. Kim's dress looks elegant compared Anna Wintour wore. They are not spinning this story for what its worth cuz Kanye came out in a Kilt and serenaded Kim so to me he could letting everyone know he doesn't CARE if he's invited again. Kanye I think is great at sending subliminals

  25. 25

    Don't blame Kim's horrible fashion on the pregnancy.
    Did you see the episode where Kanye had Kim get rid of
    everything from her closet and he was going to
    choose what she wears??!!! He is the worst stylist on the planet.

  26. Hayley says – reply to this


    Perez, you suck at this. The theme was punk, which means pushing boundaries and not giving a shit. Get out of your box a little.